Season 1 Episode 3


Episode 3 – Rest in Pain


Audrey Horne awoke early Monday morning. The night before she laid out one of her sexy, tight-fitting dresses out on the chair in her room. Her alarm woke her up at 5 and she quickly got out of bed and to the bathroom where she spent the next hour getting ready to see her special agent. At 6:30 she was in the lobby of the Great Northern, keeping an eye out for the dashing agent, knowing full well that he would probably be coming down for breakfast sometime soon.

She was standing next to a pole in the dining room when she heard the voice of Agent Dale Cooper.

From the hallway, Cooper, wearing his FBI-issue suit and tie, was talking into his tape recorder. “Diane, 7:15 a.m. I’ll be heading to the sheriff’s after breakfast. Then we’ll be going on to Laura Palmer’s funeral.”

As Cooper entered, Audrey moved to the main entrance. “Good morning, Colonel Cooper!” she announced, saluting the agent.

“Just agent, Audrey, Special Agent,” he replied with a smile.

“Special Agent.” Audrey replied, a huge smile across her face, fantasies running fast in her head.

“Would you care to join me for breakfast?” Cooper asked her.

“I’m in a hurry.”

“For what?” Cooper started walking to an empty table when he took a whiff of the beautiful Audrey Horne. He turned to her. “Audrey, that perfume you’re wearing is incredible.”

“Do you really think so?”

“Yes I do.” Cooper said, taking a seat at the table near the windows. “Please, have a seat,” he offered Audrey. He then removed a pen from his jacket. “And would you write your name down for me.” He handed her the pen and a napkin from the table.

“Okay,” Audrey said, more than happy to oblige the agent.

Audrey wrote her name on the napkin, as Cooper watched. From his jacket, he removed the note that had been slipped under his door and then compared it to Audrey’s handwriting. He looked up at her. “Audrey, there’s something you’d like to tell me.”

“There is?” she asked, her heart pacing. She knew she had been caught.

“You slipped this note underneath my door the night before last.” He showed her the note.

Hoping to get away with it, she answered, “I did?” She looked at Cooper who only stared at her, a sly smile across his face. She knew he knew. “I wanted to help you. For Laura.”

“You said you and Laura weren’t exactly friends?”

“We weren’t friends, but I understood her better than the rest.”

“What is One-Eyed Jack’s?” Cooper asked her.

“It’s a place up North. Men go there.”

“What about women?” Cooper probed, already knowing the answer, hoping that Audrey could give him a bit more information.

Audrey was slightly embarrassed now. Here she was about to talk sex with Special Agent Dale Cooper. Her heart was beating hard and fast. “Uh, women…you know, work there.”

“Did Laura work there?” he asked flatly.

“I don’t know. Laura worked at my father’s department store.”


Audrey nodded. “He named it after himself?”

“Where at Horne’s Department Store?” Even before Audrey answered, Cooper had the answer in his head. He just needed confirmation.

“At the perfume counter.”

There it was. The connection. “So did Ronette Pulaski.”


Changing subjects now. “Audrey, that rightward slant in your handwriting indicates a romantic nature. A heart in that years. Be careful.”

Audrey smiled. “I do?”

As she spoke, Cooper noticed two people walking into the dining room. It was Truman and Lucy. He had forgotten about the meeting this morning. After the dream last night, he had slept very well, and awoke refresh and ready to go. The dream with the little man was in the back of his mind until now. And he knew he had to get rid of Audrey.

“I’m going to have to ask you to leave now. Police business,” he told her gently.

“Thank you for talking to me,” she answered and then stood up and left.

The same waitress from yesterday morning came up to the table as Truman and Lucy sat down at the table.

“Trudy, two more coffees please,” he said to the waitress. He then turned to the newcomers. “Harry, Lucy, it is an absolutely beautiful morning.” He then turned back to Trudy. “Shortstack of griddle cakes, melted butter, maple syrup lightly heated, slice of ham. Nothing beats the taste sensation when maple syrup…” he slapped his hands together, looking at Lucy, Truman, and then back to Trudy, “…collides with ham.”

“Griddle cakes, slice of ham.” Trudy walked away to put the order in at the kitchen.

Getting down to business, Truman asked Cooper bluntly, “Who killed Laura Palmer?”

Cooper sipped his coffee. “Ahhh….” he said and then placed it down. “Harry, let me tell you about the dream I had last night.”

Truman asked, “Tibet?”

“No. You were there, Lucy, so were you. Harry, my dream is a code to be broken. Break the code, solve the crime.”

On the way over, Truman had told Lucy to write down everything that Cooper told them. And she was trying her best. As she wrote she said to herself, “Break the code…solve the…crime.”

Truman and Cooper turned to Lucy who know looked up. She gave them a small smile, feeling embarrassed.

“In my dream, Sarah Palmer has a vision of her daughter’s killer. Deputy Hawk sketched his picture. I got a phone call from a one-armed man, named Mike. The killer’s name is BOB.”

“Mike and Bobby?” Truman asked him.

“No, it’s different Mike and a different BOB. They lived above a convenience store. They had a tattoo, FIRE WALK WITH ME.” As he said the words, he moved his hand across his face with each word. “Mike couldn’t stand the killing anymore, so he cut off his arm. BOB vowed to kill again so Mike shot him. Do you know where dreams come from?”

Truman, confused, and lost, only answered, “Not specifically.” Lucy and Truman shook their heads no.

“Acetylcholine neurons fire high voltage impulses into the forebrain. These impulses become pictures, the pictures become dreams, but no one knows why we choose these particular pictures.”

“Well, what was the end of this dream?”

“Suddenly, it was 25 years later. I was old, sitting in a red room. There was a midget in a red suit and a beautiful woman. The little man told me that my favorite gum was coming back into style, and didn’t his cousin look exactly like Laura Palmer, which she did.”

“What cousin?” Truman asked, now totally lost.

“The beautiful woman,” Cooper answered. “She’s filled with secrets, sometimes her arms bend back, where she’s from the birds sing a pretty song, and there’s always music in the air. They midget did a dance, Laura kissed me, and she whispered the name of the killer in my ear.”

“Who was it?” Truman asked, leaning on the table, ready for Cooper to spill out a name. He was ready to go and arrest somebody.

As he spoke, Cooper realized that he couldn’t remember the name of the killer now. Not only had he forgotten about the dream when he awoke this morning, and now as he describe it, it was all so very vivid as if he had just been seeing it again. But somehow, the name of the killer had vanished from his memory.

Cooper took another sip of his coffee and answered Truman, “Ahh, I don’t remember.”

Truman fell back into his chair. “Damn!”

Lucy did the same as Truman and also said, “Damn!”

Cooper was still as excited as before. The dream was still the answer, he knew it. “Harry, our job is simple. Break the code, solve the crime.”

Just then Truman’s radio erupted with buzz. Truman picked it up, “Yeah…you hang on, I’ll be right there.” He looked up at Cooper and Lucy. “That was Andy. There’s a fight over at the morgue.”

Cooper nodded. “Albert.”

Cooper’s breakfast had just arrived and he looked down at the buttery grill cakes and hot ham. Damn! he said to himself knowing he had missed out on a good breakfast. He took a sip of his coffee and then picked up the ham, as Lucy and Truman stood up. The three people left the dining room, Agent Cooper scoffing down the piece of ham from the breakfast.

It hadn’t been a very good morning for Andy. Not at all. He hadn’t slept very well and was called in early to the morgue to assist Albert and his team. All night, Albert had done some work, but it was slow-going. He was ready to do some of the real work when Dr. Hayward and Benjamin Horne came into the room and saw that Albert was about to drill a hole into Laura’s head.

“What in the hell are you doing?” Hayward yelled at Albert who looked up, removing his goggles.

“About to do some drilling!” Albert yelled back, the drill still rolling. He flipped it off and moved around to the front of the body.

“We’re here to pick up the body to prepare for the funeral,” Hayward said, as Andy picked up his walkie-talkie, knowing that things were about to get bad. He called to Truman as the two men continued to argue.

“I have work to do. And who in the hell are you?”

“I’m Dr. William Hayward. Friend of the Palmer family. Who the hell are you?”

“Special Agent Albert Rosenfield, FBI. And I have work to complete!”

The two men were face to face with each other now and Ben Horne stepped in. “Benjamin Horne, family friend. We need to take the body to the funeral home, Mr. Rosenfield,” he said with a calm business-like voice.

“You will not take this body anywhere with you! Not until I have found everything that I need to find. You want to find out who in the hell killed this girl? Then I have work to do!”

“The funeral is today, Agent!” Hayward shot back.

“I don’t care if the President is coming to town on a donkey!” Albert said flatly, a smile across his face. “I have orders, and my orders are simple.” He spun around and went back to the body, taking a surgical tool, about ready to cut near the neck, figuring he would wait to do some drilling.

“Don’t touch her!!” Hayward yelled back at him. Albert look looked up and walked over to Hayward again.

“You’re the most cold-blooded man I’ve ever seen. I’ve never in my life met a man with so little regard for human frailty. Have you no compassion?”

“Oh, I’ve got compassion running out of my nose, pal. I’m the sultan of sentiment. Dr. Hayward, I have traveled thousands of miles and apparently several centuries to this forgotten sink hole in order to perform a series of tests. Now I do not ask you to understand these tests, I’m not a cruel man. I just as you to get the hell out of my way so I can finish my work. Is that clear?”

“We’re here to conduct Laura Palmer’s body to the cemetery. If you think that for one minute we’re going to leave here without her…” He grabbed Albert by the jacket. “…you’re out of your mind!”

Albert grabbed Hayward by his jacket now and they jerked each other back and forth, staring into each other’s eyes.

“Alright, alright, alright. Alright! Alright…” Benjamin said as he and Andy tried to pull the two men apart from each other. After doing so, he gathered his composure and removed his glasses. “Now, uh, Leland Palmer couldn’t be with us today but I know I speak for everyone, the Palmer family included, when I say that, uh…, we appreciate and understand the value of your work, but as their representative, I…I must insist that we consider the feelings of the Palmer family as well.” He placed his glasses back on.

“Mr. Horne,” Albert started. “I realize that your position in this fair community pretty well guarantees a venality and sincerity, and uh….a rather irritating method of expressing yourself. Stupidity, however…” Albert tapped the surgical tool on Ben’s arm, “…is not a necessarily inherent trait. Therefore, please listen closely. You can have a funeral any ol’ time. You dig a hole, you plant a coffin. I, however, cannot perform these tests next year…” he now slammed the tool on the table, “…next month, next week, or tomorrow. I must perform them now.” Albert moved over to the original tool that he had been about to use when the two men walked in. He placed his goggles on his head and continued, “I’ve got a lot of cutting and pasting to do gentlemen, so please, why don’t you return to your porch rockers and resume whittling.”

Albert turned on the drill and began to put the drill into Laura’s head.

“That does it!!” Hayward yelled, moving quickly to the plug and removing it from the wall. The drill came to a stop. “I’m taking charge of the body and you don’t touch Laura from this moment on!”

“The hell you…” Albert removed the goggles and slammed them to the ground. They bounced twice and landed against the wall, as he rushed to the front of the table to meet Hayward. They grabbed each other’s jackets again and jerked back and forth, just as the room dividing curtain flew open and Cooper and Truman walked in.

“GENTLEMEN!” Cooper yelled.

“What’s going on?!” Truman yelled, as the two men released each other.

“Thank God!” Albert moved to Cooper and grabbed him by the arm. He pulled him over to Hayward and said, “Cooper, this old fool is obstructing a criminal investigation. Cuff him!”

“He won’t release Laura’s body for the funeral. He’s not human!”

Truman stood next to Hayward now. “What’s the holdup?”

Albert turned to the agent. “Please, Cooper, I do not suffer fools gladly, and fools with badges, never. I want no interference from this hulking boob. Is that clear?”

Truman moved to Albert. “I’ve had just about enough of your insults.”

“Oh yea, well, I’ve had about enough of morons and half-wits, dolts, dunces, dullards, and dumbbells…and you, chowder head yokel, you blithering hayseed, you-you-you’ve had enough of me?”

“Yes I have.” And with that, Truman pulled his right arm back and hit Albert across the jaw. He wasn’t expecting it and the blow pushed him spinning and landing face to face on top of Laura’s body. He looked over at the body, moving his jaw ever so slightly. His entire head hurt.

“Oh, that’s nice. How appropriate,” he said sarcastically.

Truman moved to Albert, but Cooper stepped in. “Wait in the car, Harry.”

Truman stared at Cooper and then Albert. He turned and walked out, anger building.

“Thee ol’ rustic sucker punch, huh? A hail of bullets would be nice!” Albert called after him.

“That’s enough! The sheriff didn’t mean anything!!” Cooper told Albert.

“He hit me!” he replied, surprised by Cooper’s comments.

“Well, I’m sure he meant to do that. Albert, I want you to release this girl’s body to her family immediately. I want your test results by noon. Those are orders.”

Albert stared at Cooper, angrily. He then turned and walked out of the room.

Hayward walked over to Cooper and nodded. “Thank you, Agent Cooper.”

Hayward then turned and walked out the room. Cooper and Ben made quick eye contact, but said nothing. Nothing needed to be said. Ben followed the doctor.

Cooper walked to the body of Laura Palmer. Her arm was now laying off of the table, hanging there from the impact Albert had on the table. He looked down at Laura and her left arm. He picked it up and slowly placed the arm back on Laura’s cold dead body.

Across town, Leland had his sleeve rolled up and a nurse was giving him an injection to help him relax. They both were watching TV:

“…Invitation to Love….starring Morton Hadley as Chet, Selina Swift as Emerald and Jade, Evan St. Vincent as Jared Lancaster…”

That’s when the doorbell rang and the nurse stood up to answer it.

Leland continued to watch the TV: “…and Jason Dembo as Montana….”

The show faded into Jared sitting at a desk writing a letter. “…My darling Jade…and Emerald…Because of my financial difficulties, I have decided to end it all tonight….I hope you can find the strength to go on without me. Your loving father, Jared.”

Jared’s voice was interrupted by the sweet-sounding voice of another person. “Uncle Leland…”

At first Leland didn’t hear the voice calling him. He just stared at the TV, watching Jade say, “Daddy, please I know you’re in there!”

Suddenly, Leland realized that he had been called. He turned to see a dark-haired young lady with large red glasses. Immediately he knew who she was.


“…Jade…what a surprise….”

Maddy nodded and smiled at Leland. The man turned the TV off and then walked over to the newcomer.

“Maddy, is it you?”

Maddy nodded. “Uncle Leland, I am so sorry…”

The two hug each other and Maddy began to cry. Leland felt the tight hug of Laura’s cousin and for a moment, he thought it was Laura again. He closed his eyes, trying to remain in the moment, but it would soon pass.

In downtown Twin Peaks, Norma Jennings sat at a booth with Wilson Moonie, a parole officer for the prison.

“I’m sure Hank appreciates your unwavering devotion. Your husband has been a model prisoner.” He had been showing her a picture of Hank and now removed it and placed it inside a file folder. “An inspiration to God and inmate alike. He greets the day with a smile and confound adversity with a kind word. Hank’s parole hearing is scheduled for tomorrow, baring unforeseen circumstance. With your full support, before the board, he could be released shortly thereafter. Any questions?”

Norma was not happy about his parole. Not at all. “No,” she said bluntly.

“Will you help find the job that Hank needs to effect a successful parole?”


“How exactly?”

“I own the Double R, Mr. Moonie.”

“Well, you’re quite a girl, Norma. I bet you get all kinds of Romeos in here begging for favors. How do you keep them from your door?”

“I usually tell them I have a homicidally jealous husband who’s doing 3 to 5 for manslaughter, but expect to be a productive member of society real soon,” she answered sarcastically.

Moonie nodded and then smiled. “That should conclude our session for today, Mrs. Jennings.”

Norma nodded, hoping and praying that Hank wouldn’t get good news tomorrow.

After the incident at the morgue, Harry and Cooper drove out to Leo Johnson’s house near a small lake in the area. They pulled up near his rig and started walking up to him. As they did, Cooper looked out at the lake. “Look at that! Ducks on the lake!!”

A group of ducks were swimming near the shore making a few splashes and quacking at each other.

“So fill me in on Leo Johnson.”

“Well, Leo is one of those guys you keep on a list, and keep your eye on. So far, we haven’t caught him with the paws in the cookie jar.”

They come upon Leo who was chopping wood in the backyard.

“Morning, Leo,” Truman said.

Leo stopped and looked at Cooper. “Who the hell is he?”

“This is Special Agent Cooper, FBI. We’d like to as you a couple of questions.”

Going back to chopping. “So ask.”

“Leo, is that short for Leonard?” Cooper asked, trying to break the ice.

“That’s a question?” Leo shot back.

Cooper made a face, and figured small talk wasn’t Leo’s kind of thing. “Did you know Laura Palmer?”

“No!” Leo split a log.

“How well did you know her?” Cooper asked, hoping to trap him.

“I said I didn’t,” Leo answered.

“You’re lying…” Cooper replied, smiling.

“I knew who she was, alright, everybody did!” He split another log.

“Do you have a criminal record, Leo?” Cooper asked.

“Nothing you can’t look up.”

“Illegal u-turn, April 1986; drunk and disorderly, November 1987; September ’88, aggravated assault, charges dropped.”

“I paid my debt to my society.” Crack— another log was split.

“Where were you the night of Laura Palmer’s murder, around midnight?”

“On the road. I called my wife Shelly around that time from Butte, Montana.”

“She’ll confirm this?”

Now aggravated with the questions. “She will if you ask her.”

“Well, that’s all the questions we have for you right now, Leo,” Cooper told him.

“Good,” Leo told him slicing another log in half.

“However, I may have a few more questions for you later,” Cooper told Leo. “Don’t go too far.”

Leo placed the axe down and turned around as the two cops turned and walked away. He watched them walk up to the sheriff’s vehicle and drive away.

He wiped his forehead with his arm and wondered where his shirt was. He had to find it.

With a cigarette in his mouth, Bobby was dressed and ready to go to funeral. He stood in the dining room, looking up at a crucifix of Jesus. He stretched his arms out, imitating the crucifix and then slowly brought his arms closer to the object, as if ready to grab hold of it.

Behind him, his father walked in and said, “Robert!”

Bobby spun around, his eyes wide, his heart beating hard.

“This may be a good time for a brief discussion.”

“You want to talk about cigarettes, today?!”

“No, but put it out. It’s a filthy habit, especially for a varsity athlete.”

Bobby took one last puff and then put it out on an ashtray on the table. He took a seat next to his father.

The major began. “I have attended my share of funerals, too many. Anytime a man dies in war, he dies too soon.” He placed his hand on his son’s shoulder, annoying the hell out of Bobby. “Laura died too soon as well.

“Yeah, she did,” Bobby told him, nodding his head, thinking back to Thursday night when the two of them were laying on the couch in the basement.

“But we have a responsibility to the dead, Robert. Responsibility is the lynch pin of our society. Each man responsible for his own actions. Each action contributing to the greater good.”

Bobby pulled out his cigarette lighter and started to play with it. He opened it, started the flame and then closed it again. “What’s the good of putting someone in the ground?” He lit the lighter again as his father spoke:

“It’s man’s way of achieving closure. The ceremony begins understanding and the will to carry on without those we must leave behind. Robert, in your life, you must learn, you will learn, to carry on without them.”

“Great…” Bobby placed his hand above the flame now, moving it up and down.

“I realize you experience an ongoing disinclination to enter a meaningful exchange. This leads to stalemate…the desire on my part to pour certain wisdom upon you. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, sometimes it the best course available. Son, don’t be afraid. We’ll all be there together.”

Bobby closed the lighter, surprised at what his father just said. “Afraid of what?”

“Well…the funeral.”

“I’m not afraid of any damn funeral. Afraid? I can hardly wait!!” Bobby was now getting louder. “AFRAID?! I’M GOING TO TURN IT UPSIDE DOWN!!!”

He yelled the last part, as Briggs tried to keep his composure.

From the hallway, Bobby’s mother entered, with a huge smile across her face. “Everybody ready?”

From Leo’s, Truman and Cooper drove back to the station and were walking down the hall when Hawk came up to them.

“Deputy Hawk,” Cooper said.

“Agent Cooper, there’s no sign of the man with one arm,” he told him.

“Keep trying, he’s out there somewhere.”

Hawk nodded and then split up. Truman and Cooper go to the conference room and Truman told him, “If anyone can find him, Hawk can.”


“The best.”

Cooper smiled. “Ohhh….”

They enter the room. Albert was seated at one side of the table next to a TV monitor.

“Okay, Albert, what ya’ got?” Cooper asked.

“Enough forensic spade work to save your butt and get mine out of this god-forsaking burg.”

Cooper and Truman sat, facing Albert.

“What ya’ got?” Truman asked him.

Albert turned to him, a smirk crossing his face. He then looked down. “Okay, first of all, contents of envelope found in Palmer Diary, cocaine.” He threw a small packet to the table for them to inspect. “Toxicology results also positive. News flash: the little lady had a habit.

“Next we got fibers of twine imbedded in her wrists and upper arms.” He threw another packet at the men. “Two different kinds of twine. Fibers of twine found at railroad car match the sample from her wrists. The same twine was used to bind the wrists of the Pulaski girl. Conclusion, she was tied up twice and at different locations on the night of her death. Once here…” Albert pointed to his writs, “…and once here…” he now pointed to his upper arms “…like this…” He now placed both his arms back behind him.

Cooper sat there, his mouth slightly open. He whispered, “Sometimes my arms bend back…”

“Here we got traces of pumice found in standing water outside the railroad car.” Albert threw a small packet to the table. “Soap industrial strength. I found identical particles in the back of Laura’s neck. It’s not her home-use brand. My conclusion, the killer washed his hands and then leaned in for a kiss like this.”

Albert placed his hand up in the air toward his face and then leaned in, as if to kiss an imaginary person.

“Good Lord…” Truman said to himself.

Albert turned to the TV monitor and hit play. “Distinctive wounds found on Laura’s neck and shoulder appear to be claw marks. Bites of some kind.”

“An animal?” Truman asked.

Albert turned and pointed. “Look, it’s trying to think.”

Cooper only stared at Albert, keeping quiet. Albert turned the TV off and continued, “Finally, a small plastic fragment from her stomach, partially dissolved by digestive acids.” He threw another packet to the table. “I’m taking it back to the lab for reconstruction as the local facilities give new meaning to the word ‘primitive.’ I note with some interest what appears to be the letter ‘J’.”

“Good work Albert,” Cooper told his agent.

“Couple more days with the body and who know’s what else I might have found.”

Andy came into the room and announced, “Sheriff, it’s time.”

Truman stood, “Excuse us. We…have got a funeral to get to.”

Truman left the room and Cooper was about to when Albert stopped him.

“Cooper, may I have a word with you alone?”

Cooper stopped, and then closed the door for privacy.

“There’s one more item. It’s a report concerning the physical assault on my person which you witnessed this morning. I think you will find that it’s quite accurate. Requires your signature.”

Albert handed the paper to Cooper who quickly scanned it over.

“Albert, I’m not going to sign this.”


“Albert, I hope you can hear me. I’ve only been in Twin Peaks a short time, but in that time, I have seen decency, honor, and dignity. Murder is not a faceless event here. It is not a statistic to be tallied up at the end of the day. Laura Palmer’s death has affected each and every man, woman and child because life has meaning here, every life. That’s a way of living I thought had vanished from the Earth but it hasn’t, Albert, it’s right here in Twin Peaks.”

“Sounds like you’ve been snacking on some of the local mushrooms,” Albert said sarcastically.

Now more serious. “With your behavior towards these good people, consider yourself lucky I do not file a report of my own that could bury you in the building so deep in Washington, you’d never see the sun.”

Albert pulled back, now angry. He collected his paperwork and left the room as quickly as possible. Now alone in the room, Cooper looked down at his watch and then pulled out his recorder.

“Diane, it’s 12:27 p.m. I’d like you to look into my pension plan options regarding real estate investment. I may look into purchasing a piece of property at what I assume will be a very reasonable price.”

And with that, Cooper shut off the recorder, placed it back in his jacket pocket and then smiled.

While Cooper and Truman were talking with Albert, Big Ed Hurley was waiting for his wife to finish getting ready, and waiting for his nephew to drive up. He was looking over the large collection of small knickknacks on the shelf when Nadine came running up to her husband. She gave him a huge hug and then a kiss.

“Love me,” she told him.

“You bet.” He touched the item he had been focusing on mostly. “This is a new one?”

“Yes, isn’t it beautiful?” she asked and then pulled away. “How do I look?”

“Well, you look fine, Nadine.”

Nadine moved back to him. “Oh Ed….last night was wonderful. Oh my darling, Ed….you came back to me. Now I feel like we’re really together again. At high school, I used to watch Norma and you at the football games. She was so pretty and you made such a handsome couple. But I knew, even though I was just a little nobody, just a little brown mouse…I always knew inside…once you got to know me…that we would be together…forever…” she said to him hugging tightly, tears on the verge. She laid her head on his chest, just as a motorcycle pulled up. “That’s not your bike, is it Ed?”

“It’s James.”

“James who?” At first, Nadine didn’t realize what Ed had actually said. She was lost in her own memories, when suddenly she came back to reality. “Ohhhh….” now realizing who James was.

James entered the house and saw the two in each other’s arms.

“We don’t want to be late. Are you ready?” Ed asked James.

“I’m not going.” James stood in the foyer, about ready to dash out the door again.

“It’s Laura, James,” Ed told him.

“I can’t…I just can’t!” He turned to the door.

“JAMES!” Ed yelled at him.

James walked out of the house.

Audrey pressed her ear hard against the door, trying to listen into what was going on in her father’s office. She had slicked back her hair for the funeral and was wearing a black dress.

“I don’t care what the doctor says!” Ben’s muffled voice could be heard. “If you keep indulging him this way, he is never going to change.”

“I don’t think we should be discussing this while Johnny’s in the room,” Sylvia told her husband.

“Johnny, Johnny doesn’t even know what day it is!” Ben spat back.

“We have to be patient, Ben.”

“You be patient. I have been waiting twenty years for some sign of intelligent life from him…”

Audrey moved away from the door and then walked down the hall. She came upon a small panel with a ring imbedded in it. She pulled it and it came loose. She walked through the small hole in the wall and came upon a removable panel.

She had seen and heard a number of things growing up by coming into this small cubby hole.

Through the walls, she could now hear slightly better.

“…clear above this, Sylvia, I have my limits.”

“Don’t I know it.”

“Lies all straight and in my general directions.”

“You can…”

Audrey removed the panel from the wall, exposing a small peephole. She could see Dr. Jacoby and Johnny through it. He was talking to Johnny quietly, motioning to the large Indian headdress he was wearing.

“Taking it is the specialty of the house. Sylvia, I’m going to make it extremely simple for you. We can’t take Johnny to the funeral in that ridiculous getup!”

“Gotta go…” Jacoby told Johnny.

“Then let the great Dr. Jacoby see what he can do!” Sylvia told Ben.

“No…no…” Johnny refused to let the doctor remove his headdress.

“You do it then…”

“Am I going to have to call Dr. Jacoby every damn time I have a problem with Johnny?” Sylvia asked.

Slowly, Johnny removed the large feathered headdress from his head, showing long black hair that fell to his shoulders.

“Thank God! Alright, let’s everyone just get in the car!” Ben told his family.

Audrey quietly slid the panel back and made her way to the hallway.

A large crowd of people surrounded the coffin of Laura Palmer as a cool breeze through Twin Peaks. The family had decided to just have the funeral at the graveyard, no service, no viewing, just a funeral. Quick and easy, more importantly, fast. It was just too hard on Leland and Sarah that having multiple services, one at the church, a wake service, and then one at the graveyard was just too much. Ben had specifically asked Reverend Clarence to keep the sermon short, and that he did.

“I am the resurrection and the life. He that believe’th in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. And who shall ever live’th and believe’th in me shall never die. For none of us live’th to himself and no man die’th to himself. For if we live, we live unto the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord. Whether we life therefore or we die, we are the Lord’s. Blessed be the dead who die of the Lord. Even so say’th the spirit. For they rest from their labors. The Lord be with thee. Let us pray,” Clarence bowed his head now.

Cooper was glancing around, looking at faces here and there, hoping to see someone, or see something that might help him solve this case. Was the killer here? He wasn’t sure, but something, something deep down inside, told him that the killer was here, among these gatherers.

He looked over at Audrey who smiled at him. He returned the favor. He glanced over at Bobby and Mike and then to Sarah and Leland. Nothing out of the ordinary, he decided. He then looked back at Bobby who was eyeing someone behind the crowd. He turned around to see James Hurley standing next to a tree. Might be trouble, he said to himself.

“…Oh God, entrust this child, Laura, to thy never failing care and love and bring us al to thy heavenly kingdom. Through the name, thy Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord, who live’th and reign’th with thee and the Holy Spirit. One God now, and forever. Amen.”

The crowd looked up and back at the pastor.

Leland wiped away a tear and simply stared at the coffin of his only child.

“I baptized Laura Palmer. I instructed her in Sunday School and I, like the rest of you, came to love her with that special love that we reserve for the headstrong, and the bold. Laura was bright, she was beautiful, she was charming, but most of all, Laura was, I think, impatient. She was impatient for her life to begin. For the world to finally catch up to her dreams and ambitions. Laura used to say that I talked too much.”

The pastor smiled every so slightly thinking back to a time after church when he was talking to the Palmer family. Laura was only 6 or 7. She pulled on his robe and he looked down at her. He immediately noticed her big blue eyes and she had a very serious face. He bent down to her level and then asked, “Yes Laura?”

Calmly and bluntly, Laura said in her 7 year old voice, “You preach too much.”

“Laura!” Sarah Palmer cried and grabbed hold of her daughter. “That was very rude!”

The pastor gave a large laugh and put his hand out to her cheek. “You think I preach too much, Laura?”

Laura nodded, braving the pinch on her shoulder from her mother. “You talk too much…”

“Laura!!” Sarah cried again.

The pastor laughed again and looked up at Sarah. “It’s okay, Sarah. I do talk a lot.” He turned to Laura. “Come here, sweetie.”

Laura walked to the pastor and he spread his arms out. Laura smiled and the two hugged.

From that day on, Laura and the pastor would joke about the lengths of his sermons. Today, he knew that he would never hear Laura reprimand him for a long Sunday Service, ever again.

“…I’ll not make that mistake today. Just let it be said that I loved her and I will miss her the rest of my days.”

The crowd grew silent as the pastor finished his short sermon. And then from the crowd came a single voice.

“AAAMEN!!! AMEN!!” Johnny yelled, holding a book of Peter Pan close to his chest.

“Thank you, Johnny,” the pastor said, nodding his head.

People still were not moving, which the pastor found odd. People were usually quick to leave a funeral, but for some reason, no one was moving.

Then another voice cried, this one louder, “AAAAAMMMMMEEEEENNNNNN!” It was Bobby Briggs.

He moved through the crowd to the center of stage near the casket. “What ya’ looking at?! What are ya’ waiting for?! You make me sick!” Bobby yelled at the crowd. “You damn hypocrites make me SICK!!! Everybody knew she was in trouble, but we didn’t do anything. All you good people, you wanna know you killed Laura?! YOU DID!!! We all did and pretty words aren’t going to bring her back, man, so save your prayers!! She would’ve laughed at them anyway!!”

From the other side of the crowd, James rushed forward and Bobby followed suit. Mike Nelson joined Bobby as the crowd dispersed and the cops and Agent Cooper ran to where the kids would meet.

“You are dead man! You’re dead!” Bobby yelled as Cooper and Ed held James back, and Truman and Briggs held Bobby. Hawk was pushing on Mike.

“You’re dead!!!” Bobby yelled again.

“That’s enough, Bobby, that’s enough!” Truman yelled back, pushing on Bobby.

“You are dead!!” Bobby yelled again. Now trying to wrestle away from his father and the sheriff, he yelled, “Get off of me!” He turned back to James. “You are a dead man! DEAD! You are a dead man! DEAD! GET OFF OF ME!!!”

As everyone else watched the commotion, Sarah and Leland only stared down at the casket of Laura Palmer, hardly noticing that anything was actually happening. Leland started to feel weak, his legs started to wobble and he wanted to lay down. He had to lay down. He stared down at the coffin, knowing full well, that this would be the last day of his life with Laura. He couldn’t handle it anymore.

“Oh my baby, Laura….” With the need to not let go, and yet lay down, Leland fell face forward onto the coffin of his daughter. Sarah screamed as Leland fell and the mechanical system to lower the casket came on. The coffin started to drop into the hole in the ground with Leland on top.

Sarah dropped to her knees as Truman yelled, “Leland!!!”

Reverend Clarence called out, “The whole thing has gone haywire!!”

Sarah looked down at her husband who was crying, moving up and down with the casket. “Don’t ruin this too!”

“My baby, Laura…my baby….” Leland continued to cry as the casket continued to move up and down in the grave.

Truman and Cooper reached down to grab Leland but couldn’t quite touch him.

The system continued to move up and down and then lowered deep into the grave, all while Leland held on, crying, not wanting to let go of his only child.

Shelly was entertaining two customers at the Double R Diner. In her hand she held a napkin dispenser and then with her other hand she made the figure of a person walking with her index and middle finger.

“This is the father…” she motioned to her hand. “…and this is the daughter in the coffin…” she now motioned to the napkin holder. With her right hand, she fell onto the napkin dispenser “…BOOM….” and started moving it up and down next to the counter.

The two men howled with laugher.

Just a few feet away, Big Ed, Deputy Hawk and Sheriff Truman sat at a booth. Hawk and Truman sat at one side, and Ed sat opposite of Hawk.

“I’m telling you, Harry, he’s just not going to figure this out,” Ed told the sheriff.

“Ed, that’s a bet I’ll take for the check.” Just then, Cooper entered the diner. “He’s right on time!”

“Harry, careful who you trust. He’s just not one of us.”

Cooper walked to the table with the three men.

“Cooper, take a seat!” Truman offered.

“Harry, I got your note,” Cooper said to him. “Hawk, Big Ed.” They each nod to him.

“How would you like some fresh huckleberry pie?” Truman asked as Ed waved at Norma.

“I would love a slice of pie!” Cooper said, as Norma walked up to the table. “Norma, slice of huckleberry pie, heated, vanilla ice cream on the side, coffee.”

“Coming right up.” Norma glanced at Ed and smiled. Ed returned the smile.

Cooper watched all of it. “Big Ed, how long have you been in love with Norma?”

Big Ed was taken back. His mouth dropped open and he glanced at Hawk and Truman.

Truman smiled. “Ed, looks like pie and coffee’s on you.”

Ed took the check from the table.

“Okay, what you fellas call me in to talk about besides the highlights of the dinner menu?” Cooper asked.

“Better tell him,” Ed told Truman.

“Somebody’s running drugs into Twin Peaks from across the border. We’ve been working this for six months trying to set up a bust: top to bottom, nobody walks.”

“Who’s targeted?”

“Jacques Renault, bartender at the Roadhouse. We figure him for the middle man. Now Ed’s been doing some undercover. In fact, the night you got into town, he was staking Renault out. We think Renault slipped him a mickey.”

“Felt like somebody hit me with a log splitter,” Ed added.

“Ed, I didn’t know you were a deputy,” Cooper said, surprised.

“He’s not,” Truman answered.

“Well, that’s a little outside your jurisdiction, don’t you think?” Cooper asked Ed.

“Somebody selling drugs to high school kids, and I figure that’s everybody’s jurisdiction.”

Truman backed up Ed. “I call Ed in when I need him. He’s not the only one I call.”

Norma now arrived with the pie and pot of coffee. Cooper immediately picked up a fork and cut into the pie. He took a bite.

Truman said, “Thanks Norma.”

“Enjoy,” she said walking away.

“Mmmm….this must be where pies go when they die….mmm….” Cooper said enjoying the taste. He then looked up at the sheriff. “Okay, Harry, would you please tell me why you really called me in here.”

“Cooper, you’re gonna have to go along with me on this. Even if it sounds a little weird.”

“I’m with you.”

“Twin Peaks is different, a long way from the world. You’ve noticed that.”

“Yes I have.”

“That’s exactly the way we like it, but there’s a…back end to that that’s kind of different too. Maybe that’s the price we pay for all the good things.”

“What would that be?” Cooper was intrigued by where this discussion was going.

“There’s a sort of evil out there. Something very, very strange in these old woods. Call it what you want. A darkness, a presence. It takes many forms but it’s been out there for as long as anyone can remember and we’ve always been here to fight it.”


“Men before us, men before them, and after we’re gone.”

“A secret society?” Cooper’s eyes were wide.

“Why don’t we take Agent Cooper for a little ride,” Truman told the other two.

“Where to?”

“The Bookhouse…” Truman said. Ed, the sheriff and Hawk each raised an index finger to their temple and dragged it down their face. It was their secret sign for the Bookhouse Boys.

Cooper had quickly scarfed down the rest of the pie and Ed paid for it. They drove out of Twin Peaks and into the woods. Not long afterwards, they came upon a cabin with a few cars and motorcycles in front. They got out of the sheriff’s Bronco and went up to the front where a man stood eyeing each of them carefully.

He nodded to Truman who opened the door for Cooper and the other three. As they passed through the door, each of them (besides Cooper) made the strange Bookhouse Boys symbol with their finger and temple.

“This is where we get together. Going on 20 years now,” Truman told Cooper, as they walked into an old bar with some tables to the side and a long bar going alongside the building.

“We meaning?” Cooper asked.

“The Bookhouse Boys! The coffee’s free.”

“I like the sound of that!”

Truman led Cooper to a compartment in the back where James Hurley and Joey Paulson were standing next to a guy in a chair who was tied up and gagged.

“Cooper, you know James,” Truman introduced.

“Agent Cooper.”


“This is Joey Paulson.”

“Joey,” Cooper said as Joey nodded. “Who is this?” Cooper asked gesturing to the man in the chair.

“Bernard Renault, Jacques’ brother. Janitor at the Roadhouse. Bernard came across the border this morning with an ounce of cocaine in his kitbag. I thought we’d ask him a few questions,” Truman told Cooper.

Joey removed the gag from Bernard’s mouth. He licked his lips, trying to get spit back into his throat.

“Did you ever sell drugs to Laura Palmer?” Cooper asked.

“I don’t sell drugs,” Bernard said in a heavy French-Canadian accent.

“How much does Jacques pay you to be the mule?” Truman asked.

“Jacques don’t pay me nothing. I’m no mule.”

“So that ounce you had that was for personal use?”

“That’s right…”

Cooper jumped in. “I guess you don’t get a whole lot of sleep at night then, huh Bernie?”

Truman added. “Your brother didn’t come into work the last few days. Where’s he been?”

“I don’t know. He got personal business,” Bernard lied.

“Who else is he dealing with?”

“Why don’t you ask him yourself? He be back tonight, in a minute.”

“He’s coming to work at the Roadhouse?”

“He’s the bartender, isn’t he?” Bernard answered, a smirk on his face.

Cooper leaned on the table. “Bernard, we got you tied up in a chair. You’re mixed up with your brother in a wide variety of felonies. What I want to know is why in the world would you tell us where and when to find him?”

Bernard just smiled.

Back in Twin Peaks, Jacques Renault was making his way to the Roadhouse. He had been up in Canada few days, taking care of a little business, that was true. The business, of course, was staying high at Partyland. As he neared the Roadhouse, he looked up at the roof and saw the red beacon light was flashing.

He stopped in his tracks, and then turned back around. Something was wrong.

He went down the street to the nearest pay phone at the local Cash ‘N Carry. He threw a quarter into the phone and dialed a number.

Leo was sitting at his table, cutting open the bottom of his boot when the phone rang. He stood up and answered it, “Yeah.”

“Leo…This is Jacques.”

“What’s up?”

“The light…the bust light’s on. Bernard’s in trouble.”

“Are you sure?”

“I saw it man! You got to get me out of here, Leo. Border run!”

“Where are you?”

“Phone booth by the Cash ‘N Carry. And I don’t like waiting.”

“Shut up, I’m on my way!” Leo slammed the phone down as Shelly entered through the backdoor and into the kitchen.


Leo grabbed a bag and his jacket. He headed toward the door.

“Where ya’ goin’?”

“You don’t need to know.” Leo went out the door and to his Corvette.

Meanwhile, Shelly placed her purse on the table and waited for the tires of Leo’s car to squeal away. She then removed a small handgun from the purse and walked over to a cabinet in the kitchen. She removed a small panel from it and placed the gun inside, next to the bloody shirt.

The night was closing in on Twin Peaks as Josie and Harry sat at the Packard home on the couch. Josie was staring at the ground and Harry knew something wasn’t right. Just above Truman’s head was a speaker to an intercom. They never heard it click on.

“Josie…Josie, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” she answered.


Josie took a drink from her wine glass and then stared up at Truman.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he told her.

She smiled and then turned to look at the floor again.

“Josie, there is something wrong. What is it? I want you to tell me.”

“Something horrible is going to happen. They want to hurt me. I know it.”

“Who? Who wants to hurt you?”

“Catherine…Catherine and Benjamin Horne.”

“What makes you think so?”

“I heard Catherine on the phone saying I’d never suspect. Just like Andrew’s death….”

“Andrew’s death was an accident.”

“Was it?” she asked him. “Catherine keeps the mill account books in her safe. Two books, different numbers.”


“I’ll show you,” Josie said, standing up. They walk to a nearby shelf and Josie pulled it open. Behind it was the safe.

“Andrew built this years ago,” she said, using the key to unlock the safe. “I don’t think Catherine knows that I know it’s here.” She then opened the safe. “Why do you think we have two sets of books?”

“The usual reasons would have something to do with stealing, maybe worse,” Truman answered, now looking into the safe.

Josie looked into the safe and then only pulled out one book, expecting to see two. She handed it to Truman, who glanced over it.

“There were two. I saw them. You believe me, don’t you?”

“Of course I do…” he told her and then after glancing down through the pages again, said, “There’s nothing unusual in this one.”

“There were two…I swear there were two.”

Only a few rooms away, Catherine smiled as she turned off the intercom and then walked over to her desk, the second book in her hand. She lifted a secret compartment and placed the book inside just as Pete walked in and saw her at the desk. He tried to back out unnoticed, but Catherine saw him.

He pulled back into the room. “Have…have you seen my tackle box?”

“The next time you and the merry widow want to take a peek in my safe, don’t go through so much trouble. Be a man about it, Pete! Ask me to my face!”

Pete looked at, feeling anger building. “Maybe, I’ll…check the truck.”

Back in the living room, Truman and Josie went back to the couch.

“You think it’s possible? You think somebody killed Andrew?” Josie asked.

“I don’t know.”

“I believe…what they want is to take the mill away from me. For Benjamin to have the land. If…if it was true with Andrew…you think they’ll kill me too?”

Truman moved to Josie so they were now facing each other. He cupped her face with his hand. “Josie, nothing is going to happen to you, not now, not ever, not while I’m around.”

The couple kiss gently first and then kiss again. The passion inside them continue to grow and they kissed again, Truman moving over Josie and they slowly fell into each other.

Of all the years as an FBI agent, Cooper knew that he should stakeout the grave site of the victim the night after burial. Someone would always appear, and sometimes it would be the killer, or at least he would hope it was.

Tonight, it was Dr. Jacoby who was the gravesite wearing a cape and a hat. In his hands he had a collection of flowers that he laid on the grave. He stood there, looking down at the tombstone as Cooper approached.

“Dr. Jacoby, I didn’t see you at the funeral today,” Cooper said.

Somewhat spooked by the voice, Jacoby answered, “I’m a terrible person, Agent Cooper. I pretend that I’m not, but I am…Oh, I sit and listen to their problems day after day. These people think of me as their friend. Truth is I really don’t care. I thought nothing, no one could ever reach me again. Laura changed all that. I couldn’t come today. I just couldn’t. I hope she understands…” Jacoby began to cry. “I hope she forgives me.”

Cooper and Hawk sat at the Great Northern drinking beer from bottles watching a small group of couples dancing to music. It was a nice night. The moon was out and people seemed happy.

“Do you believe in the soul?” Cooper asked the Indian.


“More than one?”

Unknowing to both Hawk and Cooper, Leland had stepped out onto the dance floor, his eyes closed, people dancing around him.

“Blackfoot legend. Waking souls that give life to the mind and the body. A dream soul that wanders.”

“Dream souls? Where do they wander?” Cooper asked.

“Faraway places. The land of the dead.”

“Is that where Laura is?”

“Laura’s in the ground, Agent Cooper. That’s the only thing I’m sure of.”

Suddenly a big band tune started up and the dancers picked up their pace. Leland looked up and smiled as he started to dance by himself in place.

“To Laura,” Cooper said raising his bottle. They touched their bottles together. “Godspeed.”

Meanwhile, out on the dance floor, Leland moved from couple to couple hoping to find someone who would dance with him. Each couple would turn away and make a face at this mad man.

“Will you dance with me, please?” he asked.

“No,” a couple said.

“Dance with me, please…dance with me…dance with me, please, please please.”

“Leave us alone, no, go away…”

“Somebody dance with me…” Leland said, beginning to hunch over, tears streaming down his face.

Cooper and Hawk stand up and move to the crying man.

“Mr. Palmer?” Cooper said to him.

“Leland…” Hawk touched his shoulder.

Leland stood up and placed his hands on the shoulders of Cooper and Hawk.

“Let’s take you home,” Cooper said.

“Home…home….home….” Leland repeated, as the two men carried Leland out of the Great Northern and to his quiet, empty house.

The little town of Twin Peaks grew dark this Monday night, as it put the body of Laura Palmer into the ground. The streets were empty and only the sound of crickets could be heard. The falls next to the Great Northern Hotel fell down to the rocks below, lights shining on them brightly. The cool air was pleasant and chilly. It was very quiet tonight, unusually quiet, in fact.

But no one noticed. No one noticed the silence of Twin Peaks. They were all in their homes, waiting and hoping that another girl would not be found dead in their little quiet town in the northeastern part of Washington.

The wind blew through the trees as animals moved from location to location, searching for food and for water, and keeping an eye out for predators. A rabbit jumped out of its little hole from a tree and looked around, searching for anything that might swoop down and grab him. He sniffed the air…nothing. He darted from tree to tree, still being cautious, but feeling safe, strangely safe. He sensed that his predators were not out tonight, at least not in the general area. The little rabbit found this strange, but he took advantage of it.

Tonight, he was safe from the owls.

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    Activists said rockets with chemical agents hit the Damascus suburbs of Ain Tarma, Zamalka and Jobar during a fierce pre-dawn bombardment by government forces. The Damascus Media Office said 150 bodies were counted in Hammouriya, 100 in Kfar Batna, 67 in Saqba, 61 in Douma, 76 in Mouadamiya and 40 in Erbin.

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    But Natacha Valla with Goldman Sachs in Paris doubted Italy’s complicated politics would permit Letta to drive through further unpopular measures. “In our view, it is unlikely that large-scale reforms will be approved in the coming months,” she wrote.

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    But many of Mexico’s factory and retail jobs pay as little as half what Troncoso and his street vendors can bring home each week. And too many architects, lawyers or other professionals earn about the same as the vendors or less, according to job postings by Mexico’s labor department.

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