Season 1 Episode 4


Sarah Palmer stood at the door of her dead daughter’s room. It was closed. Her hand rested gently on top of the old crystal doorknob. She stared down at it, wanting her hand to grab it and then turn, but afraid at the same time. This was the first time she had gone into her daughter’s bedroom since Thursday, and she was afraid what might happen when she entered it.

But something deep down inside her told her she had to open the door and look inside. She had to in order to just move on…to live.

Her hand felt the coldness of the knob and she tightened around it. She slowly turned it and felt the latch release and the door moved open by only half an inch. She took a deep breath, and pushed on the door. She stood in the same place as the door swung open and revealed Laura’s bedroom.

One hour later, Laura Palmer sat on the couch in her living room as Deputy Andy Brennan sat next to her with a drawing tablet in his hand with a charcoal pencil in his other hand. Next to her was Donna Hayward who watched the scene with curiosity. Across the room sat Harry Truman next to the large fireplace stared straight ahead, his hands around his mouth. Off to the side was Dr. Hayward who was called soon after Sarah’s visit into Laura’s bedroom.

Sarah had called the Haywards, and William and Donna made their way to the house, right after calling the sheriff’s station. They rang the doorbell and Maddy Ferguson opened the door.

Donna and William smiled at Maddy and told her “Good morning.” She let them into the living room to wait for Sarah to come down from the upstairs. Donna hadn’t seen Maddy for about 3 or 4 years. They had talked briefly at the funeral but it was uncomfortable between the two.

Five minutes after arriving, the Sheriff and Andy arrived and got down to work, getting as much information as they could from Sarah concerning who she saw.

“Yeah, yeah, his hair was long, filthy gray on gray, long hair…” Sarah described what she saw behind Laura’s bed as Andy’s hand moved up and down the paper, drawing as quickly as he could.

While Donna watched, she never noticed a dark-haired girl appear from the other side of the room with a small tray of white coffee cups and a sterling silver coffee pot. Maddy Ferguson leaned down and offered Truman a cup, and he took it with a smile across his face.

“I saw him…at the foot of Laura’s bed…he looked liked an animal,” Sarah continued to explain turning to Donna.

“Have you ever seen this man before?” Truman asked her.

“No, never. His face…my god…”Sarah began to tremble as she imagined the face in her mind again. She hated the face, and yet even as she talked and told Truman she had never seen the face, she knew that somewhere she had, but she just couldn’t put the pieces together. “…his face…”

From behind a small free-standing curtain in the room, Leland Palmer stepped out wearing pajamas and a robe. His hair was a mess…he hadn’t slept the night before due to the funeral.

“Sarah, did you tell them about the necklace?” Leland then looked at Truman. “You’re gonna love that one!”

“What necklace?” Truman asked.

“She’s had two visions,” Leland said holding up two fingers and then walking out.

“Go ahead, Sarah,” Truman encouraged the woman.

“Leland?” Sarah stood up and walked after Leland who was now gone from the room. “Leland?”

“Sarah?” Truman asked.

Sarah slowly turned to the sheriff and then started. “It’s night…a flashlight beam moves across the ground. A hand. A gloved hand lifts a rock…” She uses her right hand to try and show what she saw, picking up an imaginary rock. “…and takes out a necklace, broken in half. It was Laura’s.”

Donna listened to the description, her heart picking up the pace as she realized what Sarah Palmer was describing. Oh my God, she said to herself.

“Don’t fight it, Chet. You know as well as I, there’s still something between us. There always will be,” Emerald told Chet in Invitation to Love. She had been rubbing his head and now looked at her her greasy hand.

“For God’s sake Emerald, that may be true but I’m married to your sister now. It’s wrong,” Chet said removing his glasses.

Lucy Moran stared at the television, the eraser of a pencil in between her teeth.

“Well, you always said you could never tell us apart so…”

“Morning, Lucy. What’s going on?” Truman asked the secretary as he entered the lobby and stopped at the sliding window into her office.

Lucy looked up. “Uhhh…thanks to Jade, Jared decided not to kill himself, and he’s changed his will, leaving the Towers to Jade instead of Emerald but found out about it and now she’s trying to seduce Chet to give her the new will so she can destroy it.” As Lucy spoke, Truman and Andy looked down at her confused. “Montana’s planning to kill Jared at midnight so the Towers will belong to Emerald and Montana, but I think she’s going to double-cross him and he doesn’t know it yet…poor Chet…”

“What’s going on here?”

“Uh…Agent Cooper is in the conference room with Dr. Jacoby,” she said quickly, embarrassed.

“Thank you,” Truman said walking off and Andy took his place.

“Lucy, why couldn’t I spend the night last night?”

“Will you be having coffee Deputy Brennan?” Lucy asked bluntly.

Andy looked at her cold, stern face and then walked away, not sure why she was mad at him.

Dr. Lawrence Jacoby sat at the far side of the large table in the conference room while Cooper watched with interest and unease. The psychiatrist was performing a magic trick with two white balls. He held two balls between his fingers and then tapped it on his head. One of the balls vanished from site. He then opened his mouth to reveal a white ball in his mouth. Jacoby performed the trick again as Cooper stared straight ahead.

Finally Cooper asked, “Was Laura Palmer seeing you because she was addicted to cocaine?”

“Agent Cooper, I’d like to help ya, but uh…got a little problem here. Look, may-maybe there’s some sort of hula we can do around my doctor/patient confidentiality, huh?”

Tired of the games, Coop replied, “Is it safe to say she came to you because she was having problems?”

“Oh my yes.”

“Were her problems of a sexual nature?”

“Agent Cooper, the problems of our entire society are of a sexual nature.”

Jacoby stood up and walked to the blackboard that was just behind him. The map of Tibet from Sunday morning was still pinned up to the board.

“Tibet….you know, my abiding interests lie to the East as well, but only as far as Ha-va-i,” the doctor told him, smiling. “The ancient Hawaiians often turn to the soothing rhizome of the ginger plant to ease the pain of profound confusion. Which, more often then not, was sexual.”

“Ginger is non-addictive, cocaine is.”

“Look, the fact that Laura Palmer sought medication, no matter how dubious, was actually a positive sign.”

“Dr. Jacoby, I understand you cared deeply for Laura Palmer. Why is it that you won’t help us?” Cooper pleaded with the doctor.

Jacoby moved to Cooper at the end of the table. “My own personal investigation, I suspect, will be ongoing for the rest of my life.”

Just then Truman entered the room as Jacoby leaned forward and whispered to Cooper, “Laura…had…secrets….and around those secrets she built the fortress that well, in my six months with her, I was not able to penetrate and for which I consider myself…an abject failure.”

“Doctor, did Laura ever discuss Bobby Briggs or James Hurley with you?” Truman asked the man.

“No, they were boys….Laura was a woman.”

“She had sex with three men the night she was murdered. Were you one of them?” Cooper asked him abruptly.

The idea of having sex with Laura Palmer had passed through Jacoby’s mind a time or two. She was a flirt and often times he ended up in a cold shower after one of her visits. He tried his best to keep their relationship professional, but sometimes it had been very difficult. All Jacoby could answer was: “No.”

“Who killed her, Dr. Jacoby?” Cooper asked.

“The night after Laura died, I followed a man that uh…Laura had spoken to me about. He was driving a red corvette. I followed him to the old sawmill road and then I lost him. and that gentlemen is all I can tell you.”

The intercom on the conference table came alive with Lucy’s voice: “Agent Cooper, there’s a Gordon Cole on the phone. He says you’re expecting his call. Should I put him through?”

“Yes, Lucy, put him through,” Cooper yelled into the intercom and then turned to the doctor. “Thank you doctor, that will be all.”

Jacoby nodded and turned to the doctor.

“You’ll be in town doctor?” Truman asked, suspicious.

“Well, I’m planning a pilgrimage to Pebble Beach, but that’s not till the end of the month…hank loose howies.” Jacoby made a symbol with his hands, shooting up his index and pinky finger, a huge smile across his face. He turned and left.

Cooper turned to Truman, as he turned to the table to pick up the intercom. “Does Leo Johnson drive a red corvette?”


“How we doing on Jacques Renault?”

“There’s an APB on him. His brother made bail this morning. I got an all points on him too.”

Cooper composed himself as he leaned forward and turned on the intercom. He looked up at Truman. “Harry, this is my supervisor.” He pressed a button on the small box. “Good morning, Gordon! How we doin’?”


Truman shook his head and walked to the window to look out into the morning light.

“Laura Palmer.”

“ALBERT HAS BEEN VERY BUSY. THE TWINE HE FOUND IN HER UPPER ARM IS A COMMON HOUSEHOLD VARIETY, FINELY’S FINE TWINE!!” Cole’s voice at times seemed to make crackling sounds. To Harry, it sounded like he was yelling.

“And the twine on her wrists?”


“Bird bites?”


“Great, tell Albert we’re anxiously waiting his results.”


Cooper stood up, a little irriated at Albert for continuing with the small fight between Truman and him. “Gordon, here’s how it is!! You know Albert. In my opinion, Sheriff Truman displayed the patience of a saint not clocking him a day earlier than he did!”


“File it under F for forget it!” Cooper yelled, bending down to turn off the intercom.


“And you tell Albert that if he wants to pursue this, I’ll fight him all the way up the chain to Washington!” Cooper yelled as Andy walked into the room.


“I’ll talk to you later, Gordon,” he said, pressing the button on the intercom to hang up.

Truman looked over at Cooper. “Thanks, I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night.”

“Harry, the last thing I want you to worry about, while I’m here, is some city slicker I brought into your town relieving himself upstream.”

Andy handed over the sketched drawing he had made that morning while at the Palmer residence. Cooper looked down at man with long hair and he nodded his head. “This is the man I saw in my dream.”

“You saw this man?” Truman asked.

“I had an intuition that my dream and Sarah Palmer’s vision were connected. I didn’t go with you this morning because I didn’t want to influence her. I’m a strong sender.” Cooper then turned to Andy. “The eyes were a bit closer together.”

The intercom came alive again with Lucy’s voice: “Deputy Hawk calling in for Agent Cooper.”

Cooper picked up a nearboy phone. “Hawk….right…stay there…follow him if he moves.” He hung it up and told Harry and Andy: “Traveling east on highway 12, how long will it take us to reach the Timber Falls Motel?”

At the same time, Andy and Harry answered. The deputy said, “Half an hour” and the sheriff said, “Ten minutes.”

“Depends how you go,” Andy added.

“Hawk’s found our one-armed man!” Cooper said, excited.

Bella George pushed her motel laundry cart in front of the rooms at the Timber Falls Motel. She was co-owner with her husband and also the 4-room motel’s maid all rolled up into one. She did most of the work in fact, as her husband spent most of his time working the night shift up at the mill and sleeping during the day.

She stopped at one of the rooms and was about to knock when she suddenly stopped herself, a small voice in her head reminding her of the $200 that currently sat in her pocket that Ben Horne gave her each time he showed up at the motel. Bella never did see the woman, only Ben, and it was always the same room, and always the same $200, sometimes a little more, but that was very rare.

She pulled her hand away from the door and then turned making her way back to the main are of the motel now finished cleaning all the rooms but one.

She never noticed the car parked alongside the road, nor the dark-haired Asian woman taking photos of the motel.

Inside Ben’s room, he laid on his stomach on the bed while Catherine Martell sat over him rubbing his shoulders. On the television, Invitation to Love was on.

“I wish I could have seen Josie’s face, opening the safe for her lawman Romeo,” she said, a sly smile on her face. “To show him the double set of books, and all she finds is the one I’ve been slowly cooking.”

“Where’s the book that spells bankruptcy?” Ben asked her.

“Uhm, I have more than one hiding place,” Catherine snapped. “My desk upstairs.”

She glanced at the TV to see one of the characters say, “God forgive me.” And then one of the beautiful women on the show said, “Oh darling, don’t be so…”

“There’s a drop panel on the top drawer. Not even Pete the poodle knows about that one. I’m famished!” she said.

They each take a sip of wine as the show in the background continues to play.

“Let’s get one thing straight. I didn’t spend the evening busting up Amazon’s by dodging blow darts…” the character Montana said.

“I suppose room service is too much to expect of this rusticated mildew farm?” Catherine asked.

“You would prefer the Lumber Baron’s Suite at the Great Northern?” Ben asked her, referring to the largest suite in the Great Northern overlooking the falls. The price tag each night was a small $400.

“I’d prefer getting on with setting the torch to that damn mill.”

Back inside in Ben and Catherine’s room, Ben tells Catherine, “Now when the mill goes up in smoke. The headline that we’re after is Josie Packard torches bankrupt mill in insurance fraud. Not Giant Wienie Roast in the Woods.”

Catherine laughs and nudges Ben.

Outside, unbeknownst to Ben and Catherine, Truman and Cooper drive up in Truman’s police cruiser. Deputy Hawk makes his way to meet the two newcomers.

Hawk points over to the motel. “Harry, he’s at the motel. Room 101. Last name is Gerard.”

The men walk up to the motel and Truman draws his gun as he approaches the room. Cooper and Andy come up behind Truman. The agent draws his own weapon and comes up behind Andy who is closest to the door.

Truman knocks on the door. “Mr. Gerard, it’s the police. Open up!”

Andy begins to pull out his weapon, but ends up dropping it. The revolver discharges when it hits the ground. Truman and Cooper jump back surprised by the ringing shot. Cooper, surprised and frustrated, jumps up and spins, making a 360.

“Geez!” the agent yells.

Truman leans down and picks up the gun, giving it back to Andy.

The gunshot brought Benjamin from the bed and to the window. He peers outside the blinds trying to see what is going on.

“Gun play…sounds serious…” Catherine says, as Ben turns to her, his face serious.

Once again, Truman calls the One-Armed Man’s name. “Mr. Gerard?!”

Truman brings his leg up and kicks the door in. The men barge into the room, their weapons pointed forward.

They see an older gentleman standing by a closet door, wearing only a towel around his waist, and his hair wet.

“Don’t move!” Truman yells at him.

The man looks over. “Oh my God!”

“Put your hands where I can see them!” Truman commands.

Slowly, Gerard moves from the closet and reveals a mssiing left arm. He stands there half naked with his right arm raised and a small uprising where his shoulder blade ended on his left side.

Next door in the other room, Ben turns to Catherine, “You let me know if there’s any blood shed.” Ben is holding a small shampoo bottle with the likeness of Elivs Presley. He picks up his clothes off the bed and doesn’t realize that a small coin falls out of his pocket. However, Catherine noticed it hitting the floor.

“I’m going to give little Elvis a bath…” he says to her smiling, and wiggling the bottle in front of her.

He exits the room and walks into the bathroom as Catherine leans down from the bed and picks up the coin that had fallen from Ben’s pocket. She examines it closely only to discover that it was a $1000 poker chip from One Eyed Jack’s.

“What do you mean you don’t know him? You know this man!” Truman interrogated Gerard.

“No sir. I’ve never seen that man before in my life…” Gerard repeats. He examines the picture more closely. “…but you know something…he…he kinda looks like somebody…doesn’t he?”

Cooper jumps in. “Mr. Gerard, do you have a friend named Bob?”

“Oh, Bob Lydecker is just about my best friend in the world.”

“Why have you been at the hospital the past two days?”

“Bob’s in a coma.”

“There was a Lydecker assaulted three days ago outside a bar in Lowtown,” Truman added.

“That’s Bob,” Gerard said, nodding his head.

“Is you friend, Bob, a doctor?” the agent asks him.

“He’s just about the best dern veternarian in these parts.”

On the other side of the room, Hawk hangs up the phone and turns to the others. “He’s clean…no record, no warrants.” He tosses Gerard’s wallet to Truman who hands it over to Cooper. The agent scans the wallet quickly and then gives it back to the owner.

“Take a look at his car,” Truman tells Hawk.

As Hawk exits the room, Andy peers at a closed suitcase sitting on top of a table.

“Your middle name is Michael?” Cooper asks him.

“Named after my uncle.”

“How’d you lose the arm?”

“Car accident. I was on the road from Memphis to … uh… someplace. Selling pharaceuticals. Pretty good job.”

Andy presses on one of the latches on the suitcase and it opens up, shoes spilling onto the floor.

Truman shakes his head in frustration with Andy.

“Taht’s what I’m selling these days. Everybody needs shoes.”

“They’re all for the right foot,” Andy told the others.

“It’s my sample case.” Gerard had walked to the shoes and picks one up. “Yeah, two day delivery, guaranteed. Oh, and we could certainly take care of all your departmntal needs,” Gerard tells Truman.

“The arm you lost, did it have a tatoo?” Cooper asks the man.

Gerard turned to the agent, his face suddenly changing. “What’s this all about? I’m a shoe salesman.”

“Settle down, Mr. Gerard. He just asked you a question.”

“If you won’t tell us, we can find out. What did it say?” Cooper pressed the man.

Tears forming to his eyes, Gerard answers the man, “It said…Mom.” He breaks down crying, covering his face with his right hand.

Cooper and Truman exchange glances.

After getting all the information they needed from Gerard, the cops and Cooper left the Timber Falls Motel. As they walk to their cars, Harry looks over at Hawk who waves to him.

“Harry!” Hawk calls.

Walking over to him, Truman asks, “Whaddya got?”

“Car was already staked out when I got here. It was Josie Packard.”

Truman’s mind raced. What would Josie be doing out here? he thought to himself, trying hard not to look concerned. He looked up and down the road and then back at the motel.

Built in the 1950s, the Twin Peaks High School was buzzing this morning as the kids continued to make sense out of Laura’s death. Inside the girl’s bathroom, Donna Hayward applies lipstick to her lips as the door opens and Audrey Horne walks in, eyeing Donna the entire time.

The bathroom was long room with one side filled with stalls and the other side filled with mirrors and sinks. A large red diagonal line swept across the walls and the stalls.Audrey stops in front of one of the stalls and leans against it. She places her cigarette into her mouth and takes a puff. She releases the smoke through her slightly parted lips. Donna glanced over to her through the mirror and noticed she looked much like one of those old actresses from the 1940 movies.

The relationship between Donna and Audrey had never been too good. Of course, most relationships that Audrey had with any girls wasn’t too good. She got along with the guys just fine, but it was always tough with the girls. Most of the other girls were jealous of Audrey’s money and her looks, Audrey believed. It did make some sense to her. The relationship between Audrey and Donna was a love-hate relationship. During elementary they were friends, along with Laura. But as they grew, and as Audrey became more and more snobbish, or so it seemed to Laura and Donna, the girls started pulling apart.

“I’ve been doing some research. In real life, there is no Algebra,” Audrey said.

“Maybe you should run away and join the circus,” Donna said, a sly smile on her face.

“Escape?” Audrey asked. “I got a better idea. A tall, dark and handsome stranger falls madly in love with me. Takes me away to a life of mystery and international intrigue,” Audrey daydreamed.

“You mean the FBI agent? Dream on…”

“Maybe…or maybe he’ll relaize that I’m the woman of his dreams because I’m going to help him figure out who killed Laura.”

Donna turned around, surprised by the mention of Laura’s name. “Is taht so?”

“Yeah…and you’re gonna help me. Fact: Laura was seeing James Hurley behind Bobby’s back.”

Donna starts to comb her hair and answers, “What if she was.”

“So it is true. Fact: Laura had a sweet tooth for nose candy.”

“Well, I guess that’s not such a big secret.”

“I didn’t know Laura half as well as you, and I knew the score. Laura was wild. Come on, will you help me?” Audrey pleaded.

“What else have you figured out Sherlock?”

“The morning of the funeral, Dr. Jacoby is talking to my brother, Johnny, trying to get him to go the funeral. So he tells Johnny that Laura’s in a better place now…blah…blah…blah…and he knows that because…Laura was his patient.”

The news surprised Laura’s best friend. Donna knew there were lots she didn’t know about Laura but this was news to her. “Laura was seeing Jacoby?”

“It gets better. You ever heard of One-Eyed Jack’s?”

“Isn’t that western with Marlon Brando?” Donna asked.

“It’s a place across the border. They have girls working there.”

“Are you saying you think Laura was one of them?”

“I don’t know but if it’s true, wouldn’t you want to know about it?”

“Well, it sure’d explain a few things,” Donna answered thinking back at those times where Laura was gone almost an entire weekend somewhere. And the tremendous amount of money Laura would sometimes have on her.

“You know, I think about it…I think about Laura being in a place like that and I get all shivery…but it’s like a hold cold. Like when…you hold an ice cube on your bare skin for a long time.”

“Audrey, I’ll help you but whatever we find out we have to promise to keep it between ourselves. Our secret.”

“It’s a deal…and I know exactly where to start!” Audrey said as the school bell rang. “Did you know that Ronette and Laura worked in the same place?”


“The perfume counter of my father’s department store,” Audrey told her, throwing the cigarette into the sink, and slowly walking out of the bathroom, leaving Donna to her own thoughts.

Donna watched her go and then looked into the sink with the cigarette. She turned on the water dousing out the burning cigarette.

Norma sat just a few miles from the prison. She was shaking. She was nervous. And she sure as hell did not want Hank out on parole. But she had to be supportive, and deep down she regretted it. Tears streamed down her face as she imagine what might just happen to her life if Hank was released.

Her mind raced back to the parole hearing just a half an hour ago.

She had entered the prison and was patted down. She stood in a long cold hallway with two doors at the end of each side of the hall. Directly in front of her was another door, this one went into the parole board’s room. From the far side of the hallway a door opened, and Mr. Moonie who she had met a day before came walking down the hall.

“I’ve arranged for you to have a little chat with Hank before your hearing. He’s glad you are here. I hope I didn’t come on too strong yesterday,” Moonie said, thinking about the conversation they had the day before.

“I’ll be sure to tell him how helpful you’ve been, Mr Moonie,” Norma forced herself to smile.

From the same door that Mr. Moonie had come from, Hank Jennings walked into the hallway and immediately saw his wife. He smiled at her. And for a brief moment, feelings for Hank came rushing back to Norma. But as soon as they were there, she noticed the prison jumpsuit he was wearing and the handcuffs around his wrists, and she came back to reality.

“Haven’t seen you for awhile, Norma,” Hank said to her when he had approached. He was a tall well-built man, but not muscle-bound. Norma could tell that the years in prison had made him lose weight and also form a few muscles.

“Been kind of busy.”

“So, business is good?” Hank asked her referring to the Double R.

“Yeah,” Norma said, feeling her own body go numb as she looked up at Hank, and the memory of him giving her a black eye just a few weeks before he was arrested.

Hank leaned toward and Norma could feel his breath on her skin. She wanted to push away but stood fast.

“You’ve got to back me up in there, Norma. Please. I got to get out. They’re starting to put the zap on me big time. I know I have no right to ask of you and you have no reason to believe, but…I’ll change. I swear on my life, I have changed. Give me a chance to prove it to you,” he told her.

Norma imagined Hank spending all night last night rehearsing that speech in his jail cell. She almost laughed but couldn’t.

A logging truck pushed passed her as she sat in the car, wiping her eyes and trying to gain her composure so she could get back to Twin Peaks, to the Double R, and pray and hope that Hank Jennings wouldn’t come back home.

She started the car and pulled out onto the road as her mind turned to the actual hearing.

“I’ve replayed it in my mind a million times, and I just don’t have any answers. A car, in perfect condition, goes out of control. A vagrant, nobody knows, is killed…while sleeping by the roadside. Why? Why did fate deal me this hand?” Hank told the board. Wilson Moonie sat next to him at a large table. Norma sat in the back of the room against a wall listening the hearing. Three judges sat in front of Hank staring directly at him, papers in front of them.

One of the judges replied, “You were not incarcerated for an act of fate, Mr. Jennings.”

“I accept that…but it was fate. Maybe, in an odd way, even luck sent me to prison. Just as much as the car accident.”

“What is your point?” a second judge asked.

“I know I have a lot to make up for. For the life I destroyed and for another life…” Hank turned to his wife. “…I very nearly destroyed.”

The second judge spoke up a little louder and looked to the back of the room. “Mrs. Jennings, your husband would be facing a difficult reentry. How would you help him?”

“I own the Double R Diner in Twin Peaks. I can give him a job. The boss is tough, but fair,” Norma tried making the final statement a small joke, but it fell flat.

“And you would live together as man and wife?”

The question struck her hard. For a split second, she didn’t know how to answer. The images of Hank and Ed popped up into her mind. Before she could think of answer, her mouth opened and she said, “Well, he is my husband, isn’t he?” What kind of answer was that? she asked herself.

The first judge turned to Hank. “Well, we have what we need here. We’ll make our decision without the inmate present.”

“Will let you know by five o’clock today.” the second judge said.

The judges stand up and leave as guards escort Hank out the door. As they pass Norma, he looks at her and says, “catch you later.” A shiver ran up and down Norma’s spine as she looked up at his eyes. She never noticed the double three domino in his hands.

Norma stared ahead at the road and saw a sign that read Twin Peaks 52 miles. An hour and I’ll be home, she thought to herself. He won’t be paroled…he won’t be paroled…she kept repeating to herself.

But deep down, she knew what phone call she would receive tonight.

Just outside of Twin Peaks, Truman, Cooper and Andy pull into an old convenient store with two old gas pumps at the front. Next door to the store sat Bob Lydecker’s Veternarian practice.

As Cooper stepped out of the car and looked up at the buildings, he said to Harry, “In my dream, Mike said he and BOB lived above a convenience store.”

“Cooper, I’d think you’d be afraid to go to sleep at night,” Truman joked.

As they approach the building, Hawk smiles at a friend and high-fives the man. His friend says, “Hey Hawk! How are you?”

As the men talk, Cooper turns to Andy. “Could you go into the One Stop and get me some twine.”

“Okay,” Andy answers and walks off, as Truman and Cooper walk into the vet’s office.

Inside the office, the lobby was full of people with their animals. Cooper immediately noticed a large llama standing in the room and he smiled to himself. He turned to the receptionist.

“I’m Special Agent Dale Cooper,” he told the receptionist. “We have a few questions for you.”

The old woman looked up. Her gray hair was frazzled. “Yes?”

Cooper pulled out the picture of the suspect and showed it to the woman. “Is this Dr. Lydecker?”

“No, that’s not Dr. Lydecker,” she answered.

“Does Dr. Lydecker treat birds?”

“Why yes, of course.”

Cooper pulls Truman away from the window and they stand in the middle of the room.

“You know there are plenty other vets in Twin Peaks,” Truman said. There was actually only 3 more.

“Yes, but only one has a best friend with one arm. Harry…”

Just as Cooper is about to continue his sentence the customer with the llama walks between them and the llama stops in front of Cooper. It turns to the agent and stares at him, almost touching his face. Their eyes meet, and suddenly the llama snorts in front of Cooper and then walks on by.

Without hardly missing a beat, Cooper’s mind was still geared on the vet. “ the heat of the investigative pursuit, the shortest distance between two points is not necessarily a straight line.”

Andy walks up to the men.

“Andy, hand me that spool of Finley’s Fine Twine.” He scans the twine and then hands it to Truman. Cooper walks back up tot he receptionist.

“Mrs. Lumer, we’re going to have to confiscate your files.”


Cooper returns to Truman. “Harry, as clears the signs on the turnpike, the bird that attacked Laura Palmer is a client of this office.”

Bobby Briggs skipped out of school early to meet up with Shelly at her home. they sat in the kitchen, she wearing her Double R uniform and sitting on his lap. They were kissing passionately, when Shelly pulled away.

“Oh, I feel so bad for you. I was watching you at the funeral. My heart was aching. I wanted to hold you so much…” she told him and then kissed him again.

“That James Hurley. He was seeing Laura behind my back. I’m gonna fix him!”

“Fix me first,” Shelly said, kissing again.

“When is Leo due back?” Bobby asked, cautious.

“Don’t worry bad boy. I can hear his ‘vet a mile away.”

“Don’t mess around with this Shelly. Where is he?” Bobby was stern with her this time.

“He’s with his friend. That creepy Jacques.” Shelly keeps kissing Bobby, but his mind was elsewhere now. When she said Jacques’ name, his heart skipped a beat.


“That Canuk guy that works at the Roadhouse.”

“Leo and Jacques?”

“What’s the matter?”

Bobby pushed Shelly to the side and stood up. “Gotta think…I gotta think…”

“Uhm, well. Think later Bobby. I have to get bak to the diner in half an hour.”

“I gotta tell you something,” Bobby said turning to her.

“What? What is it?”

“Iv’e been on to this for awhile and I’ve been checking it out. It’s pretty bad.”

“Tell me.”

“Leo and Jacques are running drugs across the border…cocaine. And..and…the…they’ve been selling them at school.”

“I knew it! I knew Leo was messed up in soemthing!” Shelly said, angry.

“I think it’s even possible they were giving drugs to Laura.”

“Bobby, I have to show you something,” she said, standing up. She walks to the cabinet and pries off a panel. She removes the bloody shirt and shows it to Bobby.

“This was in Leo’s truck two days after Laura was murdered.”

“Are you sure this is Leo’s?”

She moves the shirt up to its collar and shows him the initials ‘LJ’.

“It has his initials sewn in the collar. He makes me sew them into everything.”

“Shelly…this…this could be the answer to our prayers,” he says to her indicating to the shirt.

“What do you mean?”

“You don’t need to know. I’m going to take this, okay? You never saw this. Say it. I never saw it.”

“I never saw it,” Shelly repeated, unsure of what Bobby was planning.

“Leo’s not going to be a problem for us anymore. Just stay clear of him…keep quiet.”

Shelly moves back to the cabinet and removes the gun that she also had hidden there. “I bought this.”

“Do you know how to use it?”

Shelly pulled open a few of the buttons on her uniform, revealing lingerie. She holds the gun to her chest.

“I thought you could teach me. Teach me, Bobby…” she tells him, her mouth smiling and her voice seductive.

Bobby smiles and spits out his gum onto the floor. He moves to her.

Back at the sheriff station, Cooper, Hawk and Andy walk in carrying boxes from the clinic.

“Fellas, take’em right into the conference room,” Truman tells them, and then turns to his secretary. “Lucy, I need you to go through these files and pull out all people who own birds.”

“How will I know they own birds?”

“It will say so on the cards,” Truman added.

“Okay, I’ll start going through files then,” she said to him.

In the conference room, Cooper, Andy and Hawk lay the boxes on the table. Andy looks to Cooper. “Agent Cooper, I’m so sorry I don’t know what happened. My gun just slipped out of my hand.” His voice was shaking as he spoke.

“Well, Andy, have you ever used your weapon in the line of duty?”

Andy shook his head. “No sir, I haven’t. I can’t explain what happened. I’ve been feeling a little high strung.”

“Well, it was lack of preparation. We’ll take care of that.”

Truman pokes his head into the room. “Andy, get some ammunition from the lock box. Meet us downstairs at the pistol range.”

Cooper pats Andy on the should and Andy walks off. He first walks over to Lucy and asks, “Lucy, did you hear what happened? I feel so dumb. I dropped my gun and it went off.”

“Are you all right?”

“Oh yeah..I guess so, but…”

“I would like to chat, but I am now under orders to examine these files,” Lucy interrupted the deputy. “So if you excuse me, please.” Lucy walks off and Andy watches her go, confused by her mood.

Hawk, Truman, and Cooper met downstairs as they walked through a few Christmas items that were stored in the basement to the pistol range.

“Laura Palmer’s murder was vicious and calculated. there’s no telling what we’ll encounter bringing a suspect to ground. After Andy’s mishap at the motel, I want to make absolutely certain each of us is comfortable and confident with our firearms.”

Cooper had been prepping his weapon and Hawk noticed it. “Nice piece.”

“Actually, it’s standard issue. I made a few modifications.” He turns to Truman. “How long has Lucy been upset with Andy?”

“Body language?” Truman asks.

“In this case, it was yelling through a megaphone,” Cooper joked.

Just then Andy walked in.

“Six rounds a piece to start with Andy,” Truman tells him.


“Care to tell us about you and Lucy, Andy?” Cooper probed.

“Geez, can you tell” Andy asked.

“Not too many secrets left around here,” Truman joked.

“She won’t speak to me, and I know why…and I don’t know why she’s doing what she’s doing. I just can’t figure her out.”

“Well, there’s no logic at work here, Andy,” Cooper told him. “Let that one go. In the grand design, women were drawn from a different set of blueprints.”

“Amen to that!” Hawk told them as he placed the ear protection device over his head.

“Amen! Hawk, Andy.” Truman said. They all then put the protective gear over their ears and Cooper yells, “Rapid fire!”

Hawk fires with a steady hand at the targets at the far side of the room. Just a stall over, Andy was barely holding onto his own weapon. He pulled the trigger quickly, the shots not aimed and flying into different directions. When all the shots were through, the targets were retrieved and the cops removed the protective gear. Cooper looks over the targets.

“Hawk, six for six. Two kills, high marks. Andy…” he looks over the sheet and sees no holes. “Andy, what we need is practice and lots of it. One hour, three times a week. Harry, you’ll supply the ordinance?”

“Whatever it takes,” Truman replied.

Andy and Hawk walk to the other side of the room, and Cooper turns to Andy, “Chin up, Andy!” The deputy nods, frustrated with himself.

“You ever been married, Cooper?” Truman asked. He pulls out his gun and checks it.

No, I knew someone…once who helped me understand commitment, responsibilities and the risks,” he said, and then pulled the protective gear over his ears. “Who taught me the pain of a broken heart.”

Cooper fires away at the target, his hand solid, his eyes unblinking. Truman also fires away and the targets are brought back to the men over the metal lines. They remove the gear from their ears. Before being able to look at the targets, Hawk says:

“One woman can make you fly like an eagle. Another can give you the strength of a lion. But only one in the cycle of life can fill your heart with wonder and the wisdom that you ahve known a singular joy. I wrote that for my girlfriend.”

“Local gal?” Coop asked.

“Diane Shapiro, PH.D. Brandice.”

Cooper whistled, impressed and then returns to his targets.

“Harry, one miss, five hits. Three kills. Excellent.”

He then hands his target sheet to Hawk.

“Only four hits?”

“Well, I put four through the eyes and one through each nostril,” Cooper told him, matter-of-factly.

“Nice pattern,” Hawk added.

Suddenly the intercom came alive and Lucy said, “Agent Copper, I’m looking at the file from Dr. Lydecker’s and for instance, I have here in the ‘A’s’ an Arky who’s a part poodle and part rottweiler, who lives on Maple and belongs to Mr. Rumple. Then for example, I have an Annette who’s an otter, who lives with a family near Elk River.”

“We wanted the name of birds,” Cooper told her.

“I know, but the files are organized alphabetically,” she said.

“Lucy go through the bird file,” Truman told her

“No, no you don’t udnerstand. They’re organized alphabetically in the names of the pet!”

Cooper suddenly realizes the work they will have in front of them. He shakes his head and looks at Truman. “We’re going to need some more coffee.”

“Thanks Toad, I’ll be sure and get this into my retirement fund A-S-A-P!” Norma told a regular customer who was now leaving the restaurant. As he exited, Shelly came walking in, angry.

She raised the counter-door and then dropped it behind her. The bang echoed in the diner and a few of the customers jumped and looked up. Norma looked over at Shelly.

“Shelly, you’re gonna scare the customers,” her boss told her.

“I’ve got one man too many in my life and I’m married to him. Sound familiar?”

“Maybe you should have a little talk with Leo?” Norma suggested.

“Leo doesn’t talk, he hits.” Shelly fiddles with her ring. “He was so great at first, you know. This flashy guy in his hot car. Then we got married and I find out all he was looking for was a maid he didn’t have to pay. I feel so stupid,” she told Norma, tears coming to the surface.

Norma hugs her employee. “Look at us, two men apiece, and we don’t know what to do with any of the four of them.”

Shelly smiled. “So how did Hank’s hearing go?”

“They’re going to decide this afternoon.”

“Have you told him you’re divorcing him for Ed?”

“When I saw him, I…” Norma started and then stopped. “He might not even get out this time around. I guess my plans are a little up in the air.”

“Yeah, well, I have definitely got plans for Leo.”

Suddenly James Hurley walks into the diner through the front doors and walks to a pay phone.

“You know what we’re going to do Shelly, tomorow?” Norma asked. “You and I are going to have a day of beauty. A manicure, a facial, we’re going to have our hair done. the works. We’re going to be the knockouts of the Double R. And it’s my treat!”

Shelly smiles, “Yeah.”


Over at the phone, James hears Donna answer the phone. “Donna.”

“Hi James,” she replies, using the phone in her living room. Behind her, her father is working in the kitchen and is wearing an apron.

“Donna!” he calls.

“Hold on,” Donna tells James and turns to her father.

“Who the heck ever heard of diet lasagna?” her father asked.

“Just a sec, Daddy. I’ll be right in, okay? It’s James.”

“Oh..” he answers.

She goes back to the phone. “Hi, we’re having this church pot luck dinner here tonight.”

“Well, tell him to get over here. I need help! SOS!!” Hayward called over the phone.

Donna laughs, “Okay…”


Back to James: “Would you like to come?”

“I don’t think I’d be very good company.”

“Well, I … I think we need to talk.”

The front door of the diner opens and James turns to see who had just walked in. He sees a dark haired woman walk up the counter. She wore big red glasses, but under the glasses, he saw Laura’s face. He glanced up and down her body…it was Laura…he could tell….

“Uhm…I found out some things. Audrey told me stuff and Mrs. Palmer saw something…”

“What?” James asked, still staring at the newcomer.

“Well, if you come over, I could tell you.”

“I’m going to get something to eat, and then I’ll be over in a little bit,” he told her.

“Okay, be..” Donna said and they hung up.

James walks to the woman at the counter and comes right next to her. He’s just staring at her. At first, the woman doesn’t notice but then feels his presence and turns to him.

“Hi,” she says, removing her glasses.

“Who are you?”

“My name’s Madeleine Ferguson. Laura was my cousin.”

“James Hurley,” he introduces himself.

“Laura and I hadn’t seen each other much…recently. I live in Missoula. Did you know Laura well?”

“I thought I did,” he said, smiling.

“Here you go. I got your order ready,” Shelly told Maddy.

“Thanks a lot,” Maddy replied.

“Mm-hmm,” Shelly answers and walks away.

Maddy picks up the food and then turns to James. “I’m picking up food for my aunt and uncle. Aunt Sarah can’t cook right now and Uncle Leland’s up half the night listening to old music and crying and stuff…but if I was cooking for them they’d be doing even worse,” Maddy laughed.

James simply stared at her, trying to wrap his brain around her.

“You think I look like Laura?”

“Yes,” he nods.

“We used to come visit Twin Peaks when I was a kid. It was great. We’d pretend we were sisters. I wish I’d known her better. It’s so sad. Well, it was nice to meet you, James Hurley.”

They shake hands. When they touch, James couldn’t help but feel he was holding his dead girlfriend’s hand. “Nice to meet you too.”

In the back of the diner, while James and Maddy shook hands, Norma’s heart fell.

“Thanks for calling, Mr. Moonie,” she said to the phone hanging up.

Shelly walks up to her, seeing Norma’s distraught face. “Are you okay?”

“Hank got his parole.” She looks down at the ground. “He’s coming home.”

Audrey walked into her dad’s office and sees him pedaling away on his exercise bike and talking on the phone at the same time. She stands in the back of the room, waiting.

“What’s that? No…I don’t know what you get when you cross a Norwegian and a Swede….Oh very good sir…very good. I can’t tell you how excited we are about bringing Icelandic investment to the great Northwest. Would you put my brother back on please?” Ben asked. He waited for a few seconds and then spoke,”Jerry, who the hell is that joker? You’re sure that he’s the boss? Just make sure they don’t start taking eggnog into the pilot. Jerr, I got the jet gassed up and on the runway in Seattle. User these guys through customs, make your connections and save me some of whatever it is that they’re having!” He hangs up the phone and smiles, “Yeah!”

Audrey walks up to his side now and he notices her. “Oh, Audrey. I didn’t hear you come in. what is it this time?”

“Daddy, are you ashamed of me?”

“Audrey, your uh…your my daughter,” Ben fumbled for his words.

“I was thinking about what we were talking about the other night when you were so mad.”

“It isn’t that I’m ashamed of you, Audrey. It’s just taht I’d wish I could depend on you more. Especially during a trying time like this.”

“Well, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. Dad, I want to change my life. I’ve decided I want to help you with the family business. I mean, one of these days, you’ll need someone to take over and obviously it’s not going to be Johnny.”

Ben laughs. “Oh Audrey! I wish I could believe you!”

“Daddy, please! I saw a friend of mine, cut down like a flower that had just begun to bloom. Life can be so short. There isn’t all the time in the world. I see that now and I want to change my life.”

“How exactly?” Ben asked, still not trusting her.

“Well, I don’t need to go to college. You can teach me the business and I’m willing to start at the absolute bottom.”

“Alright! We’ve got some guests arriving. You go upstairs and start making some beds,” Ben told her rudely.

“You still don’t believe me!”

“Alright, okay…” he stops pedalling. “Okay. Alright.” He gets off the bike and moves to his desk. “Where would you start?”

“Well, I think I should start at the department store. Cosmetics or something. Just part time at first till I graduate.”

“You really serious, aren’t you?”

“You have to start to think about the future, Daddy. Just like I am.”

“The future?”

“Our family’s future. Please let me be your daughter again.”

Those words tore at Ben’s heart just a little, and it was enough. He held out his arms, and said her name. They hug each other. As they hug, Audrey notices a black and white picture of Laura Palmer on his desk. The phone begins to ring, and they pull away. He goes to answer it.

“Hello, this Benjamin Horne.” After a couple of seconds, he covers the mouthpiece and looks at Audrey. “I have to take this, sweetheart.”

“Oh, okay. Thanks, Daddy.” She walks off slowly to the door and then turns back to Ben.

“Thank you, Audrey,” he tells her and she smiles. When she finally leaves, Ben goes back to the phone. “Where’ve you been?…Meet me down by the river in a half hour and be discreet.”

Ben hangs up the phone and wipes his brow with a small white towel. He stares down at his desk and the picture of Laura Palmer. He sighs deeply.

Andy announced, “Here’s a bird! Louis Armstrong, he’s a parakeet!” He seemed quite proud for finding another bird in the large collection of vet recorrds from Lydecker’s office.

“Put it with the others,” Truman told him, pointing to a pile of records of birds.

The intercom came alive and Lucy said, “Agent Cooper, I got Gordon Cole on the phone.”

Truman stands from his chair and stretches his back. They’d been sitting, looking through files longer than he could remember.

“Cooper here!”


Just then Hawk walks into the room with the FAX and shows it to Truman. “Take a look at this.”

They study the FAX and see a diagram and only the small portion of the item found in her stomach. The letter J was quite obvious.

“Something with the letter J,” Cooper thought aloud.

Truman added, “Poker chip!” He looks at Cooper. “One-Eyed Jack’s.”

“WALDO!” Andy yells, exciting by his new find.

The men turn to him and circle around his chair.

“Harry, Agent Cooper! It’s a mynah bird named Waldo. A mynah bird owned by Jacques Renault.”

Cooper grabs the file from Andy and studies it.

“I’ll get his home address!” Hawk says leaving the room.

“Gentlemen, when two separate events occur simultaneously pertaining to the same object of inquiry…” he slams his fist on the table…”we must always pay strict attention! Fellas, let’s make a house call!”

Bobby Briggs slowly worked on the lock into Jacques’ apartment with a few small tools he had stashed away in the basement. He had spent years practicing the art of opening a door with just a couple of tools and had gotten pretty good at it. After just a minute or two, he heard the door unlock and he walked in slowly into the dark apartment. He closed the door behind him and looked around the small apartment.

He had to find a place to put the shirt and walked to the kitchen. After rummaging around a bit, he placed the bloody shirt in a drawer.

That’s when he heard a voice, and his heart almost leaped from his body.

“Jacques! It’s Harry Truman! Open the door!!”

Bobby looked up and had to think fast. He turned and made his way to a window. He opened it up and started climbing out just as the cops broke down the door, catching a shadow falling from the window. Bobby lands on the street and runs off down the road as fast as his quarterback legs would take him.

Behind him, Hawk ran to the window and looked out. He could see something running away. “He’s headed around the side!” Hawk said.

“Go get him!” Truman told him. Hawk ran out the door, jumping into a patrol car and making his way toward Bobby.

Cooper started looking around the room, and told Harry, “Let’s get forensics, and seal this room, Harry.”

Cooper then turned to the kitchen and spotted a shirt hanging out of the drawer. He walked to as Hawk came onto the radio and told Harry he had lost him in the woods.

“Harry,” Cooper called Truman’s name, and positions the collar for Harry to see. “LJ. Leo Johnson. Leo Johnson and Jacques Renault.”

“That’s our connection!”

Near the mill on the river, Ben Horne parked his car in the woods and made his way down to the meeting place. Just as he comes through the clearing, he immediately sees a bright red Corvette and shakes his head. He approaches Leo Johnson from behind who is smoking a cigarette and looking out at the river.

Ben places his hand on Leo’s shoulder, scaring the man. He turns around, and Ben backs off just a bit, raising his hand to stop Leo from responding too violently. “Nice touch, Leo, nice touch. Bright red sports car for a secret meeting. Nice.”

“Don’t like it? Get somebody else.”

“No, no, no. Hank said that you were gifted. I believed him, but Leo…your whole approach…it’s misguided. Major career opportunities staring you in the face and all you can think about is car wax and chicken feed drug transactions.”

“Hey, I’m out ten thousand dollars! Maybe that’s peanuts to you. Not to me!”

“You’re in business with a couple of glue sniffing squish heads, Leo.”

“Renault brothers. I broke up their act. This is Bernie,” Leo points to the ground.

For the first time, Ben noticed a large object covered in canvas laying next to the tree. It’s obvious that beneath the tied up canvas was a body. They move to the corpse.

“Jacques’ back in Canada. We had a long talk. He’s staying there. Jacques was the brains in the outfit. Bernie made bail this morning on possession.”

Ben clears his throat. “Do we know if..uh..the late Bernard gave you up?”

“I told him if he ever did, I’d kill him.”

“Oh, did he?” Ben reaches for a cigar in the inside of his coat.

“Nah, he shouldn’t have trusted me but like I said, Bernie wasn’t too bright.”

“Okay, one last chance, Leo. Don’t disappoint me.”

“The mill?”

“Keep it simple.” Ben bites off the end of the cigar. “Insurance investigators should read ‘arson.’ Block letters about uh…six feet high?”

“The deal as we discussed?”

“The rest on delivery,” Ben told Leo as he slid a thick envelope into Leo’s hand. “Three nights, Leo, green light. Is that clear enough?”

Leo nodded his head.

Donna’s mind was racing as James and she walked through the woods to the place where they hid the necklace Laura had given James.

“But if Mrs. Palmer knows about the necklace…” Donna said.

“How? How could she know?” James asked her.

James lifted the rock and digs through the dirt. There was nothing.

“She said she saw it. She said she had a vision and she saw someone take it.”

“Donna…” James said her name, now realizing the necklace was truly gone. “Donna, it’s not here.”

“Somebody must have seen us. Somebody must have followed us here then.”

“How? How could Mrs. Palmer know?”

“Laura used to say that her mother was kinda spooky. She used to see things. She’d have these dreams…Laura did too.”

Suddenly an owl hooted into the night, and Donna and James jumped, looking up into the trees. They then turn back to each other. “Maybe we should tell somebody?” James asked.

“You mean the police?”

“Well, if it was the killer then he knows we know…”

“James, the police didn’t love Laura. Nobody loved her but us.”

“I keep thinking I’m going to see her. I think that…you know…I’m going to catch a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye. Sometimes it’s like I really do see her.”

“James, listen…We’re going to find out who killed her. this is about us. We have to do this for us, not just for her.”

Still kneeling on the ground, the two move toward each and and kiss gently.

“James, I want to be with you…” Donna told him, kissing him again.

They continue to kiss, James pushing down on Donna. She slowly falls backwards onto the dirty ground.

Josie Packard was wearing a long black gown waiting for Harry to show up. She was standing in the kitchen when the phone rang. She walked to the phone and picked it up.


“Josie, it’s me.” Harry was on the other end.


“We just got a break in the Palmer case. I can’t get away.”

“I miss you..I need to talk to you.”

“I want to talk to you too, but…” Truman paused as he made a decision to ask her the question that had been bothering him. “Josie, were you at the Timber Falls Motel this afternoon?”

Josie’s mouth dropped open just a bit, and her mind raced. She couldn’t think of what to say, nothing sounded right. Finally she decided on, “I…I have to go…Call me tomorrow….good bye…” she told him, hanging up the phone.

She leaned up against the wall and sighed nervously. She would have to come up with an answer for him soon. She took a breath and walked into the kitchen where Pete sat on a stool at the counter sorting through the mail.

“Blow the whistle, Josie! It’s quitting time!” he said, smiling.

“How did the shift go, Pete?”

“Oh, cut some wood, made some lumber. I’m so tired, I…”

Josie interrupted. “..could eat a horse?”

Pete laughed loudly.

“I make you a turkey sandwich?” she asked him.

“Oh, that’s fantastic, Josie. Uhm, is Catherine asleep?”


Pete smiled big. “Good, then give me some mayo with that. Josie, hum, how do you feel about fish?”

“To eat?”

“No, to catch! See, the Fishing Association…their annual duals are coming up and I’m defending champion and this year, they are adding a mixed doubles division and I thought…well, if…if you were interested…” Pete tried to get the words out but he was nervous, as nervous as the first time he had asked a girl out. “What the heck?! Would you like to partner up with me?”

Josie walks over to Pete and places the sandwich in front of him.

“Wow, Pete, I don’t know the first thing about fishing.”

“Oh, Josie, there’s enough fishing in me for the both of us. Well, what do you think?”

“Sure, Pete, let’s give it the run of the money!”

Pete, happy with her response, replies, “Josie, you’re my kinda gal!” He hands her the mail and picks up the sandwich. “I’m going to hit the hay.”

“Sweet dreams, Pete.”

“Sweet dreams, Josie.”

Pete walks off and Josie starts going through the mail looking for anything with her name on it. Finally she came across an envelope with her name and opens it up. She could tell it wasn’t a normal letter by the size of the envelope and by what was in it. She pulled out a single page. It was a drawing of a domino – 3 dots on each side.

Her heart stopped.

Josie Packard left the drawing on the counter and quickly walked into the library, hoping to escape, hoping to get her mind off of that image that was now stuck there. She took a few deep breaths, just as the phone started to ring. She jumped and turned to the phone. Cautiously, she moved to the phone, expecting to answer it, only to hear Harry on the other end.


The voice that answered was not Harry Truman. It was a voice from the recent past…a voice that she had almost forgotten up until she received the domino picture. “Did you get my message?” the voice asked.


A few hours away in the state prison, Hank Jennings leaned up against the wall sucking on the domino. “Catch you later.”

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