Original Airdate: April 12, 1990


The show opens up with Dale Cooper hanging upside down in the doorway of his Great Northern Room 315. The opening dialogue is Cooper speaking to Diane about his room and also about his troubling thoughts about the actual killer of John F. Kennedy and what really happened between the Kennedys and Marilyn Monroe. Cooper and Audrey speak briefly over breakfast at the Great Northern. Cooper orders a damn fine cup of coffee, two eggs over hard, bacon super crispy, and grapefruit juice. Audrey explains that Laura helped her older brother who is a 27 year old and still in the third grade. He has emotional problems that run in the family.

At the Sheriff Station, Cooper meets the normal group stuffing their faces with do-nuts. He tells Truman to speak with James and then tells him he needs to urinate. After coming back from the bathroom, Dr. Hayward explains the death of Laura to Cooper and Truman. His findings are:

TIME OF DEATH: midnight-4 a.m.
CAUSE OF DEATH: loss of blood
EXTRAS: bite marks on tongue and shoulders, marks on arms as if she was bound
SEX: had sex with at least 3 men in 12 men (Jaques and Leo for sure)

At Leo’s, Shelly tries to get to work, but Leo forces her to wash more of his clothes. Within the bag of dirty cloths, she finds a bloody shirt. She leaves to work once Norma arrives. Leo explains that he is going to be checking up on her later that day.

Back at the station, Cooper and Truman interrogate James and show him the video from her camera. Cooper then shows him the reflection of his motorcycle. James explains that they had made the video 3 Sundays before. James says that Laura wanted their relationship to be a secret. He also tells him that she took cocaine and had recently started up again a few days before. Something had scared her and she wouldn’t see James, he explains. He goes into the story about how he saw her the last time at Sparkwood and 21. James says that the “did not exactly” have a fight. Cooper shows him the necklace of half a heart and then asks him what happened on February 5 and who has the other half of the heart. He remembers back when Laura and he was together and she tells him that she knows he loves her and then she breaks the heart into two.

Back at Leo’s, he is looking for his shirt and gets upset when he cannot find it.

Down in the jail cell, Mike and Bobby discuss the drug transaction and the money that they were supposed to give Leo for a buy. Bobby had already given him half and the other half was inside Laura’s safe deposit box and she had checked out on them so they were now in trouble with Leo. James and Hawk walks in and the two bad boys stare at him.

Quick flash of the video with Donna and Laura together on the picnic.

Fade to Donna coming down the steps asking about why her parents didn’t wake her up to go to the sheriff’s station. She explains to her mother the reason for going to see James the night before and the trouble that Laura was in. She then admits taht she is falling in love with James which causes her to feel like she has betrayed her best friend, Laura.

Cut to Truman and Cooper walking in the hallway where they speak with Ed whose head is hurting from the previous night’s fight. He explains to Truman how he thinks that Jacques drugged him. Cooper also explains that he does not believe James did it. Lucy interrupts to tell Cooper that Albert is calling. Cooper explains to Albert to come in quickly because the funeral is on Monday. He suggests for Albert to eat at Lamplighter Inn because they have pie there “that will kill ya.”

Jump to the general store and a toy train where Norma and Nadine meet each other. Nadine explains how she is going to make silent drape runners with cotton balls! “By God, those things will be quiet now!” she says.

Jump back to the station where James asks about her mother and being out of town. The first mention of the Bookhouse Boys comes up because James needs someone to watch his back. Downstairs, Cooper and Truman confront Bobby and Mike and explain to them that nothing better happen to James because if so, they would be coming for them. Truman explains how he feels like Dr. Watson once they leave.

At the Martell’s, Josie and Pete talk while he cuts open fish. She thanks him for standing up to Catherine at the mill. The door buzzer rings and Truman tells Pete that they are there to talk with Josie. They ask for a cup of joe and Cooper asks Josie some questions. She explains that Laura helped her with her English and that she had seen her last on Thursday at 6 when she left the home. Something was bothering her, she explains, and how she understood how Josie felt about her husband’s death. The phone rings and Josie leaves. Cooper asks Truman about how long they have been seeing each other: about 6 weeks, Truman says. Her husband died a year and a half ago. Suddenly, Pete walks in saying don’t drink the coffee just as they down some of it. There was a fish in the perculator. At hte phone, Catherine explains that Josie’s shutting down the mill cost them over $80,000. She hangs up and toasts to someone in the room. Josie returns to the two cops as Pete cleans the perculator.

Back at Catherine, we see her in bed at a motel with Ben Horne. They talk about the destruction of the mill and also sex. Ben suggests to burn the place down instead of waiting for bankruptcy of it.

At the Palmer’s home, Leland tells Sarah that she has a visitor: Donna. They speak briefly and then suddenly Sarah sees Laura in Donna’s face. She hugs when suddenly she sees a vision of a long gray haired man crouching at the foot of Laura’s bed. She screams and Leland runs in tyring to console her.

At the hospital, Hawk interviews Ronette’s parents and they hadn’t seen her that day after school They tell him she was a sales girl at the perfume counter when Hawk sees a one armed man coming out of the elevator. He follows him into a blue-lit room where the morgue is located and looses him.

At Ben’s office, Audrey slowly dances to strange music when he comes barging in turning off the music. They fight about her attitude and also the Norwegians. She explains that she had mentioned about Laura’s death and he tells her that they lost Laura two days ago, but he had lost her years ago.

Jump to the Briggs’ home where they are eating supper. Trying to be a caring father, Major Briggs tries to console James in his own way about the death of Laura and also his rebelliousness. Bobby lights up and his father slaps him across the face as opera music plays in the background. The cigarette lands in the bread at his mother’s plate. “We’re here for you, Bobby,” his mother says.

At the Double R Diner, Cooper tries one of those great pies and tells Shelly that nothing is a sure thing. Down the bar is the Log Lady who Cooper asks about her log, but not before Norma comes up and Cooper asks her about Laura’s work on Meals on Wheels. Cooper then asks for two more pies and Truman says he has the metabolism of a bumblebee. The Log Lady comes up and explains that her log had seen something on that fateful Thursday night.

Back at Leo’s, he prepares a ball for a drug transaction and then beats Shelly with a bar of soap in a sock.

At Donna’s, James and she have a dinner date with her parents and he asks for fruit punch to drink for dinner. Donna goes off to get the drink as James and Dr Hayward sit. The converse a little bit and James tells him about his parents and Ed and Nadine. Dr. Hayward gets up and the two lovebirds talk about talking after dinner and then hold hands. Outside, Mike and Bobby drive up and threaten to kill James.

Cut to Dr. Jacoby’s where he listens to the tape of Thursday, the 23rd. Laura explains she is in a wierd mood and that James is really sweet but dumb. She starts talking about the woods and the mystery man when Jacoby puts on the earphones and completely and begins to cry

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