Laura’s Secret Diary

Original airdate: October 20, 1990

By Courtney Angell (Gazette Contributor)


An eerie screaming, strange voice, and the sound of Jacques’ heart monitor with heavy breathing in the background goes on while there is a slow pan out from the bowels of the ceiling. Sheriff Truman steps in and is repeating the name “Leland”. Cut to a close-up of Leland with a blank stare on his face. He snaps to attention and waives his right to an attorney. Cooper, Doc Hayward, and Truman are in the interrogation room with Leland. Truman begins asking questions. Truman: “On Friday morning, March 3rd, did you go to Calhoun Memorial Hospital?” Leland: “Yes.” Truman: “Why did you go there?” Leland: “I was looking for someone.” Truman: “Who were you looking for?” Leland: “The man who killed my daughter.” Truman: “Did you know his name?” Leland: “No…(thinking) yes, I do now. Jacques…Renault.” Truman “What made you think he killed Laura?” Leland: “You arrested him.” Truman sighs, Cooper looks down. Truman: “Leland, did you kill Jacques Renault?” Leland: “He killed my Laura. Have you ever experienced absolute loss?” Cooper: “I doubt if any one of us is a stranger to grief.” Leland: “No, more than grief. It’s deep down. Inside. Every cell screams. You can hear. Nothing else. (Crying) Yes. I killed him! Yes, yes, yes!” Doc Hayward looks on with concern and sadness.

Cut to Hayward and Cooper walking in the halls away from interrogation room. Cooper: “He’ll plead temporary insanity.” Hayward: “He’ll need a psychiatric exam. I’ll tell you one thing, parents should not bury their children, anyone who’s been through what Leland has…” Cooper cuts him off: “Do you approve of murder, Doctor Hayward?” Hayward somewhat miffed: “No.” Cooper walks away, clearly agitated. Andy, in the background summons Hayward over to him. Doc asks Andy how he is doing, and Andy answers “Fine,” but clearly in a way that expresses he needs to talk. Doc asks what the problem is. Andy: “It’s kind of personal.” Hayward: “I’m your Doctor, Andy.” Andy explains that it is about his sperm test and even though he flunked, he wonders if it’s the kind of test that can be taken over again like a driver’s exam. He explains that he has been following the doctor’s instructions, i.e. wearing boxer shorts. Hayward: “Wanna give it another shot?” Andy: “Yes sir, I would.” Hayward hands him a small tube, and says he has to take a sample with him. Andy: “Now?” Hayward: “Put it in a brown bag, I’ll wait in the car.” Andy stares after him, holding the tube.

Cut to Andy peeking into the hall. When all seems clear, he begins to hurriedly make his way to the men’s room, Flesh World in hand. He knocks into Lucy who is carrying packages of coffee. As he begins to help her pick up the packages, she clears away the packages and discovers the Flesh World. She holds it up looking at him accusingly. She then looks at the men’s room and puts two and two together. She becomes extremely agitated, thrusts the magazine at him, and stalks off.

Still in the Sheriff’s station, Cooper and Truman are sitting down in the lobby discussing things, with Lucy in the background slamming things around telling the radio to “Shut up.” Truman tells Cooper that Judge Clinton Sternwood will be arriving that afternoon in his Winnebego. Cooper inquires whether the Judge is an outdoorsman. Truman: “Last of the frontiersman. They broke the mold. Cooper consults his personal electronic organizer: there is a bail hearing for Leland and Leo’s competency exam coming up. Truman wonders whether Leland will get bail, and Cooper says it will be up to the state prosecutor. Truman identifies him as Daryl Lodwick, also set to arrive that day. Cooper asks if they’ve heard from Hawk. Truman says he called earlier, and pulls out a paper with notes. He says, that according to Hawk, the county says that no one by the name of Robertson ever lived next to the Palmers. They have a current address on the last occupants, Calispel, Hawk will check up on them in the afternoon. Andy is seen walking quickly behind them, covering his face. As he passes out of view, it is clear that he has knocked into someone. The tube rolls out to under the couch. You can hear Andy, “Oh My God.” He comes rushing out, everyone, including Lucy are looking at him. He begins to look frantically under the couch. As Andy is under there, Cooper says, “Andy don’t move. Where did you get those?” Andy: “Don’t make me say where these came from.” Cooper: “Andy!” Andy: “Please, Agent Cooper, this is extremely personal business.” Cooper, confused, “Your boots!” Andy, relieved, explains that he bought them from Gerard the day before. Cooper observes that they are the same brand that were found at Leo’s. The Giant said there was a clue out there. Cooper states that they have to find Gerard. Andy interrupts wondering if he can go now, it’s extremely urgent, and he doesn’t know how much time he has. Cooper: “If you must.” Lucy glares at Andy as he is leaving. Cooper inquires to Harry as to what’s wrong with Lucy. We see Lucy flinging a pencil away after the tip has broken to use a new one.

Fade to waterfall.

At the Great Northern. Ben is walking quickly down the lobby hall while an excited receptionist, Louie, is relating her news to him. It is rumored that M.T. Wentz, Seattle’s food and lodging critic, is coming to town. Nobody knows Wentz’s real identity, he/she travels incognito and uses cash. Ben, agitated at first at her high level of excitement, does show some interest that Wentz is coming to town. He instructs her to keep on the lookout. She excitedly says she will. He congratulates her for a job well done, and it’s not even 9am yet. She, clearly elated runs off.

Still at Great Northern, Jean Renault is seen waiting in Ben’s office. When Ben enters, he is a little surprised and not quite sure who Jean is. Jean introduces himself as someone who sells insurance to businesses like One Eyed Jacks. Ben immediately identifies him as Jean Renault, and asks what the occasion of his visit is. Are his premiums about to be raised? Jean says no, nothing like that and offers Ben a seat in front of a TV to which Jean turns on the vcr to produce an image of the bound Audrey. Ben leans in for a closer look and when he realizes what he is seeing he becomes enraged, and comes at Jean. Jean quickly explains that he is only the messenger. Ben wants to know who the kidnappers are and what the they want. Jean explains that they want a large sum of money. Ben asks how much, however Jean ignores that and states that he requires something else entirely. Ben snidely remarks that the kidnappers should take care of their own middleman. Jean states that Ben’s One Eyed Jacks is run by pick-pockets and fools, and that they are inept. Jean suggests that Ben needs a partner, to which Ben says he already has one. Jean: “do you want my help, or no?” Ben: “Yes.” Jean says there is one more thing, and it cuts to the tv screen that shows Cooper in his tuxedo at Jacks. Jean says he wants Cooper to bring the ransom. Ben: “That’s and F.B.I. Agent!” Jean: “Do you want your daughter back?” Ben says of course. Jean: “Cash. Partner. F.B.I. Man.” Ben: “This is supposed to be an equitable exchange?” Jean: “This could turn out well.” As Jean exits he says to expect a call the next day at noon. When he is gone, Ben enraged throws a chair and then picks up the phone: “Janet, find Agent Cooper for me, it’s urgent.”

At the Double R Diner. Norma is on the phone and clearly excited. Hank brings a tray over to Donna and tells her she looks pretty today. Donna says thanks. Hank wonders if it is a special occasion, and Donna says she is having lunch with someone she met on her route. Donna: “Bedpans and shut-ins, who’s to meet!” Donna, unimpressed, “You wouldn’t understand,” and leaves. Hank warns her not to spill the soup and kind of glares at her back as she is leaving. Norma approaches Hank excited. She explains that she just got off the phone with Louie at the Great Northern, and she has learned that M.T. Wentz is coming to Twin Peaks. Hank has no idea who that is, “Empty who?” so Norma explains. Hank becomes excited and opens the cash register to take some cash. Norma inquires as to what he is doing, and Hank tells her he is going out to buy some tablecloths and candles and other decorations to spruce up the Double R for the critic. On his way out, he suggests that Norma give Big Ed a call. She saddens, and asks why. Hank: “You’re still friendly, right?” and explains that if Wentz stops to get gas in Twin Peaks, Ed can send Wentz to the Double R. Norma says she’ll call Ed.

Streetlight changes from yellow to red.

At Harold’s apartment. Donna is there. Harold is pouring a drink and asks Donna what they should drink to. Donna replies, “To Laura.” They drink to Laura. Harold: “To Laura, in our hearts and memories locked.” He picks up a small red book and says, “Her diary.” Donna becomes interested in it. Harold asks if he told Donna he had it. She says no. He offers to read something from it. He says it seems appropriate. Donna urges him to. Laura’s diary: “But still, I’m afraid to tell her of my fantasies and my nightmares. Sometimes she understands me. Other times she just giggles and I don’t have the nerve to ask her why things like that are funny to her. So I feel badly again and shut up about it for a long time. I love Donna very much. But sometimes I worry that she wouldn’t be around me at all if she knew what my insides were like. Black and dark and soaked with dreams of big, big men and ways that they would hold me and take me into their control…” he stops reading and apologizes. Donna says there is no need. She then suggests that if the diary is evidence, shouldn’t they give it to the Sheriff. Harold adamantly says no. He explains that he has read it from cover to cover and that there are no solutions there. Besides Laura gave it to him. Donna asks why. Harold says that people come to him to tell him their stories about the world outside, and he writes it all down. A sort of living novel. Donna asks who tells him. He says friends and (looks at Donna sensitively) lovers. Then he suggests that maybe someday Donna could tell him her story. Donna smiles and looks a little embarrassed.

Cooper is in Ben’s office at the Great Northern viewing the tape of Audrey tied up. Cooper watches the video, upset. Cooper asks Ben why he didn’t alerts the Sheriff. Ben says that the people would kill Audrey if he did. Ben explains to Cooper the conditions of the kidnappers, $125,000 cash. He leaves out Jean Renault and his requests, however. Ben asks Cooper if he will bring the money to them.

Josie awkwardly enters the Packard house carrying several shopping bags and boxes. Pete greets her and they embrace. She says she keeps thinking about Andrew and what he would have done about the fire. Josie: “Thank goodness Catherine was here to handle everything.” Pete, upset: “Josie, Catherine dies in the fire.” Josie: “Oh God, no.” Josie expresses her shock and apologies and they hug again, Josie comforting Pete. Pete says they are planning the services, and that they haven’t found the body. He says in a couple of days they will go ahead and he doesn’t know exactly what they will be burying as the shot fades into trees blowing around.

At One Eyed Jacks, Emery drags a junked up Audrey into an office where Jean is sitting. Her face appears a little bruised up. Emery forcefully throws her into the chair. She is physically sensitive right now, and Emery seems delighted in her misery and taunts her. Jean: “Have you been mistreated?” Audrey (weak): “He hit me.” Emery (from cocky to nervous): “I did not hit her, if that’s what you’re thinking I didn’t.” Jean: “That was wrong. It will never happen again. As long as you are with me, do you understand?” Jean then says he spoke with her father that morning and that everything will be fine. He asks Audrey if she trusts him. Emery starts babbling, Audrey sees that Jean pulls out a gun and fires. Emery falls dead. Audrey begins to get hysterical, crying. Jean comforts her.

At the Sheriff’s station, Lucy is in the reception area preparing coffee when Andy approaches her carefully. “Lucy, we need to talk.” Lucy: “Deputy Brennan, I thought you preferred the company of your magazines!!!” Cooper walks in, and sends Andy outside so he can talk to Lucy. He suggests to Lucy that it would be better for everyone if she got everything out in the open. Lucy confides that Andy and her used to go out, that much, Cooper has gathered. She goes on to say that everything was great at first for a year and a half, but then she started to notice things like that Andy didn’t exercise, doesn’t own a sportscoat, and doesn’t wash his car. Cooper asks if Lucy did anything about this. Lucy explains that she after watching a television program, she discovered she needed some “me” time. During this period she didn’t see Andy and met Dick. He filled in where Andy was lacking. She dated Dick. Although most of his behavior was asinine, at least he was different. Cooper: “Are you still seeing this Dick?” Lucy says no. Cooper asks if she wants to get back together with Andy and Lucy says she doesn’t know. He then asks if she knows what she does want, and Lucy begins to cry and says she doesn’t know again and then runs off. Sheriff Truman is standing off to the side, and Cooper apologizes to him, explaining that he thought he might help. Truman, says it was a good thought, but he’s been down this road before. Cooper gets serious, and says that they have a situation. He requests the best man of the Bookhouse Boys, and that it would be better if Truman didn’t know much about it. Truman understands and promises to set it up for 9:30 at the Roadhouse. And is still pacing outside, for no one has told him it’s okay to come back in.

Thunder is rumbling, and there is a clear shot of the moon.

At the Double R, a large man in a black cowboy hat comes in. Norma and Hank immediately assume this must be M.T. Wentz. They descend upon him with courteousness, but he only wants a simple meal, and to know where the restroom is. Hank even sends Toad into the kitchen because he is making a mess. As Norma tries to get Toad away from the food in the kitchen , and the presumed Wentz is in the bathroom, Hank removes the man’s wallet.

Still at the Double R, we pan over to another booth that holds Maddy and Donna. They are both serious. Maddy thanks Donna for coming, she says she didn’t know if Donna was mad or not. Donna is cool and uncaring. Donna: “I’ll survive.” Maddy: “Donna there is nothing going on between me and James.” Donna: “What if there is? I mean, who said we couldn’t see other people. I certainly didn’t.” Maddy, in shock: “Are you saying you’re seeing someone else?” Donna then asks for Maddy’s help. Maddy, still, shocked, asks how. Donna says that Harold has Laura’s diary. Maddy, getting annoyed says she thought the Sheriff had Laura’s diary. Donna explains that Harold said that Laura kept another one and gave it to Harold. Maddy says they need to tell James about this. Donna says that if Laura did have another diary, she is going to get it with or without Maddy’s help, “Tell that to James.” More glaring at each other.

We pan back to Hank looking in the wallet. It reveals the man to be prosecutor Daryl Lodwick. Hank looks satisfied.

Lightning and thunder descend upon the town.

Sheriff Truman is sitting on a chair waiting in the Packard house. Josie walks in dressed in a black negligee. She removes the overcoat. She says she knows she paid too much for it, but she just fell in love with it. Truman seems interested yet distant. Josie says she heard the salesperson say that the only reason the store was still on business is because Josie Packard buys retail. She sits on Truman’s lap. He says he likes it, but is still distant. Ominous lightning fills the room. Josie observes that Truman is cold. He interrupts saying he’s got to know if she was really in Seattle. Josie, surprised: “Yes! Why are you so suspicious?” and leans in to hug him. She says to observe all the packages she got. Truman gets more serious and asks why she didn’t tell him she was going. She says he knew she had to get away, that she was afraid. Truman: “Afraid of Ben and Catherine?” Josie: “You know that.” Truman: “And now Catherine’s dead.” Josie, in shocked and hurt voice backs away from him “Harry! You don’t think that I…” Truman interrupts, “I don’t know.” Incredulous she asks if he really thinks that she could burn the mill and ruin everything of hers. Truman suggests that there is insurance money involved. Josie, hurt, begins to cry “My God. How could you? How could you think of such terrible things? Oh, but you hurt me so.” She covers herself and goes into the other room to sit on the couch. Truman approaches her, sits next to her, and holds her. Josie begins to come on to him, saying she wants him to take her. When he holds her face and asks why she didn’t tell him, she answers him with a kiss. She asks him to tear her negligee, and he does, and they begin to make love. Above them, in the window, when the lightning flashes, the Asian man that was watching Cooper appears, watching them.

At the Sheriff’s station the shot lingers on the coffee and doughnuts. It cuts to Lucy, sipping coffee, and appearing worried about the faltering lights in the storm. In walks Judge Clinton Sternwood. Lucy, happy to see him, greets him. Sternwood is equally happy to see her, but he observes some sadness in her. She confirms that and he hugs her to comfort her. Sternwood: “Life is hard, dear. Even though, it’s harder in most places than in Twin Peaks.” In walks Truman and Cooper. Truman greets the Judge and Sternwood, observes that Truman is having troubles with a woman. Truman introduces him to Cooper. Srenwood says that as soon as Sid parks the Winebego, she’ll bring the court docket in. He then suggests they break open a bottle of Irish Whiskey. On their way, the Judge asks Cooper how he finds Twin Peaks so far, and Cooper says it’s heaven. Sternwood replies, “Well this week heaven includes arson, multiple homicides, and an attempt on the life of a Federal Agent.” Cooper: “Well heaven is a large and interesting place, sir.” As they leave, Dick enters, and Lucy clearly doesn’t want to see him. He approaches her, and says that he hasn’t been able to sleep and needs to talk to her. She starts to become interested. He offers his help in their situation, then reveals the help he is offering is money for an abortion. Lucy becomes enraged. She gives the money back to him and tells him to never speak to her again, and tells him to leave. As she is crying in a locked room, Andy, leading Leland, walks by, and listens with some concern to her crying.

Cooper, Truman, Sternwood, Andy, and Leland are in the conference room at the Sheriff station determining whether Leland should get bail. It clearly pains Judge Sternwood to make a decision based on the state of mind Leland is in. He offers his condolences to Leland for the loss of his daughter, and Leland thanks him. Sternwood: “To see you under these circumstances is dreadful for us all.” Sternwood re-iterates that it is Leland’s intention to represent himself, and Leland says it is. Sternwood inquires as to where Lodwick is. Truman replies that he is overdue. Sternwood decides to leave the question of bail to morning. He then asks Leland if the facilities are adequate. Leland says they are and that everyone has been most kind. Sternwood says that they will then say goonight, and has Andy take Leland back to his cell. When they leave, Sternwood says of himself, Cooper and Truman, “I’ll speak for us all. We have hard jobs.” Sid walks in, saying they are ready to roll. Truman greets her. Sternwood introduces Sid to Cooper, and Cooper looks intrigued. Sternwood states that he and Sid are taking the Winebego to the Great Northern for dinner. He and Sid leave. Cooper asks Truman if Sid is Sternwood’s wife, and Truman says no, that she is the law clerk. Cooper is impressed. He then asks Truman if everything is set for that night. Truman assures Cooper that the man from the Bookhouse Boys will be there.

At the Great Northern, a string of beauty pageant contests appear to be getting ready for something. Ben seems to be making the moves on a couple of them, when an older lady approaches them and says in a stern voice, “Come on girls!” A small Asian man with long black hair, sunglasses and facial hair is standing watching Ben. Ben notices and performs a customary Asian bow of greeting to the man from a distance. The man bows back. Ben walks past him. Louie, the receptionist is checking the man in. His name is Mr. Tajimara. He speaks in a low gravely voice. She asks if which credit card he will be using, and he says cash. Louie becomes excited thinking this must be Wentz. She asks again where he has traveled from and he says Seattle. She recommends the Double R to him. When he leaves, she calls Norma and says she thinks that this is him.

At the Packard house, Josie introduces Pete to the man that was watching Cooper, and Josie and Truman, as her cousin Jonathan. Josie suggests Pete get her cousin some coffee. Jonathan is pleasant until Pete leaves the room, then he takes on a serious tone. He tells Josie that her work her is nearly finished and asks if she has sold the Mill and Packard lands. She says she needs Pete’s signature. He asks if it will be difficult, she says no. He asks how long, she says two days. He then says that Eckardt is expecting them back in Hong Kong. He asks if there will be any more complications. She says there might be a problem with Hank. He says he’ll take care of him. He asks if they are suspected. She says no. He asks what is going on with her and the Sheriff. Josie: “He means nothing to me.” Jonathan: “That’s not what I asked you.”

At the roadhouse, Cooper is waiting for his appointment. Truman shows up. Cooper asks if the man is there, and Truman says yes. Cooper realizes that Truman is the man that is going to help him. Truman asks if they are in any hurry, Cooper says no and offers to buy Truman a beer.

At the Double R there is a heavy knocking at the door. The restaurant is closed for the night. The knocking wakes Hank up. When he gets to the door there is no one there. The power cuts out. When lightning flashes, Hank sees a man inside the restaurant. He shines the flashlight on the man. It is Jonathan. Hank asks if he knows him, and Jonathan begins to beat Hank up. Hank tries to fight back repeatedly to no avail. After being thrown down several times, Hank says, “Listen, I think I’m just going to lay here for awhile.” Jonathan shines the flashlight in Hank’s face. He then gets on top of Hank and cuts Hanks thumb and presses it to his own and says, “Blood brother, next time I take your head off.” Jonathan then takes the flashlight and smashes it next to Hank’s head.

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