by Robert Giles (Gazette Reporter)

Written by Barry Pullman
Directed by Duwayne Dunham

Betty Briggs is in the Sheriff’s office with Harry and Cooper discussing Major Briggs disappearance. Betty explains that Garland has disappeared before but it’s always been work related. Cooper says it is hard to tell if this is the case. Betty asks him if Garland left suddenly and Cooper replies yes, he did. They were speaking by the campfire when Cooper left to answer the call of nature, but when he returned the Major was gone. Betty says being in the woods is significant because Garland talks about them constantly. Cooper asks her if the Major is “attempting to contact some element in the woods as part of his top secret work.” Betty reminds them that it’s classified. After Betty leaves, Cooper says, “Harry, the Major just didn’t wander off on some work related assignment. That flash of light I saw, is a powerful force that exists in those woods.”

Andy and Hawk enter with the station’s present for the Milford wedding (Dougie to Lana Budding). Harry says he still owes him a present from the last one. Hawk explains to Cooper, “I can’t believe he’s getting married again. Dougie’s weddings are a seasonal thing like the return of the salmon.”
Cooper gets a call from Gordon Cole with Cole telling Cooper he has his full support while the investigation is ongoing. He asks Cooper, “Is any of this true? Double homicide, stolen drugs, storming a whorehouse?” Cooper replies that “It’s all a bunch of hogwash.” Cole informs them a top agent from the DEA is being sent in to investigate the drug angle, Dennis Bryson, someone Cooper worked with on a joint case in Oakland.

Cooper meets with Agent Hardy and two other Internal Affairs agents in the conference room. Cooper says he has no defense. “I am completely confident in the rightness of my actions. Some of it occured outside of bureau guidelines, I will pay the price for that, but I am innocent of any criminal wrongdoing. If they wish to charge me, I will defend myself in a court of law.” Hardy pauses the proceeding to say he expects a Bureau man to stand up for himself, implying that Cooper is behaving cowardly. Cooper says he’s been doing a lot of thinking lately, getting closer to nature, learning to see beyond fear and look at the world with love. Hardy is bewildered by Cooper’s attitude and reminds him they could extradite him for murder and drug tarfficking. Cooper says these are events he cannot control. Hardy concludes by saying the next move is up to the Candian government and the DEA. He understands Cooper has just cracked a big case and has been under a lot of pressure, adding he might recommend a “full psychological workup.”

Nadine stops by Donna’s locker at school. Donna asks if either her or Ed had heard from James. Nadine says he hasn’t been around for a few days, then asks Donna if she’s still seeing Mike. Donna answers that they are not, then naturally asks Nadine why she would be interested in that. Nadine senses some “major chemistry developing” betwen her and Mike and when walks by and turns the corner, Nadine exclaims, “He has the cutest buns.” Donna asks Nadine how she can see Mike if she’s still “seeing” Ed. Nadine says Ed likes to stay in and Mike likes to go out and Ed asks like he is old enough to be her father,

James pulls into a bar called Wallie’s. Inside he meets Evelyn Marsh who lives nearby and tells her he is from Twin Peaks. She asks James if he knows anything about cars. She has had an accident in her husband’s Jaguar and would like to have it repaired. James offers to take a look at it.

Dick comes by to see Lucy at the station accompanied by Little Nicky, his charge from Happy Helping Hand. Nicky had just been fitted for a new wardrobe at Horne’s Dept. Store and they were seeing if Lucy would like to join them for a malted at the Double R. Andy regretfully informs them that Lucy is at the Great Northern helping out with the Milford wedding. Nicky gets visibly upset becuase he knows without Lucy, he’ll get no malted. Andy saves the day by offering to take them on his lunch break. Nicky gets excited while Dick doesn’t seem too thrilled with the idea.

Hawk, Cooper and Truman in Harry’s office:

Harry: So, what do you do if we can’t figure a way to get you cleared?
Cooper: Well, Harry, the Giant said a path is formed by laying one stone at a time…Have either of you fellas heard of the White Lodge?
Hawk: Where’d you hear of it?
Cooper: Well, it was the last thing Major Briggs said to me before he disapperaed.
Hawk: Cooper, you may be fearless in this world, but there are other worlds.
Cooper: Tell me more.
Hawk: My people believe the White Lodge is the place where the spirits that rule men and nature here reside.
Harry: Local legend, goes way back.
Hawk: There is also a legend of a place called the Black Lodge, the shadow-self of the White Lodge. The legend says that every soul must pass through there on the way to perfection. There you will meet your own shadow-self. My people call it The Dweller on the Threshold…but it is said if you confront the Lodge with imperfect courage, it will utterly annihilate your soul.

They are interrupted by the arrival of DEA agent Dennis Bryson. He enters the office wearing women’s clothing, telling them he prefers Denise now. He says he’s here to invetigate the allegations made by a RCMP officer that Cooper stole drugs being used by him in a sting operation. Denise says he’s going to get started right away and will meet up with Cooper at the Great Northern, where he’ll be staying and is anxious to tell Coop about his new life. After leaving Hawk comments, “That’s a good color for him.”

Nadine goes to see Mike in the weight room. Nadine sits next to Mike and starts doing leg presses with him, except Nadine’s lifting 600lbs. of weight like it’s a box of feathers. The coach enters and is suprised and impressed with her strength asking her fi she’s ever given any thought to joining the wrestling team.

Harry and Josie in the bedroom of Harry’s house:
Harry says it’s time for the truth and that he can’t be with her unless knows it. Josie describes her association with a man from Hong Kong, Thomas Eckhart. He took her off the streets when she was sixteen, teaching her about life and business. He was her father, master and lover. She was already afraid for her life when she met Andrew Packard (he and Eckhart were business partners) and agreed to marry him when he asked her. Andrew was able to protect her while he was alive. She believes Eckhart was responible for Andrew’s death. Harry asks about the mysterious cousin. Josie says he works for Eckhart and was taking her back to him, but she managed to escape from Jonathon in the airport. Eckhart has never stopped wanting her and regards her as his property. She would rather die than go back to him and she is now afraid Eckhart will now come after her and Harry.

Hank and Ernie return from their “hunting expedition” to One Eyed Jack’s. Norma informs Ernie that Vivian has gone back to Seattle and she thinks that’s where he should go too. He tells Hank this and Hank says it’s all for the best. They have 4 kilos to unload and he doesn’t “want to old ball-and-chain to get in the way…Hit the phone, hotrod, we’re on a deadline.”

Andy, Dick and Nicky are at the counter with pie and coffee, Nicky with his malted. Nicky shows he has a mischeivous side by blowing whipped topping in Dick’s face and when Andy reaches for a napkin Nicky spins his stool so that when Andy sits down it sends him flying into the floor.

At Evelyn Marsh’s house, James checks out the Jaguar. Evelyn says her husband travels extensively on business and thinks it would be a good idea to have the car repaired before he returns. James says he can repair it and Evelyn says he can stay in the room above the garage while he works.

Ben is sitting on top of the desk in his office watching old film footage of the ground breaking ceremony for the Great Northern, waxing nostalgic. Hank enters after the film finishes and Ben is spouting Shakespeare. Hank has come to bring Ben up to speed on what is going on at One Eyed Jack’s. Ben goes off, telling Hank about the hell he has been through in the past few days. Hank said Catherine died in the mill fire, but she’s alive and has cheated Ben out of the mill and Ghostwood Estates and describes being arrested for Laura’s murder as a “real business enhancer.” Hank tells Ben he no longer works for him and that Ben’s out at OEJ and that there’s been a friendly takeover. Ben surmises Hank is now working for Jean Renault and warns him that Jean is a psychopath. Hank gets rough with Ben when he refuses to accept the new order of things. “Life has changed.”, Hank says. “I want you to listen to me when I tell you that this is how it’s going to be.” After Hank leaves, Ben wigs out and acts more goofy than what can be deemed healthy, commencing to make shadow animals on the projector screen.

Cooper in his room at the Great Nothern, receives an audio cassette from his former partner Windom Earle concerning the chess deals they have been exchanging. With the tape is Earle’s next move.
Earle: Of course, you couldn’t help but take note of my emphatically traditional opening. I must say, your responding move was nothing, if not reflective of your predilection for the tidy and fastidious. See how my response to you begins to lead us towards a classical confrontation. But there’s doubt in your mind. What are my true intentions? How will you answer this time? Hobgoblins, Dale. Consistency, predictabilty, giving rise to patterns. We both know only too well how these patterns leave you vulnerable to attack. You with your wounds, I with mine. Let me paint you a picture. My knights will skirmish, lanes of power and influence will open through my bishops and rooks. Pawns will naturally be forfeit. I’m even prepared to sacrifice my queen, because I assure you, dear Dale, my goal will be attained at any cost, the king must die.

The Milford Wedding is held in the Timber Room at the Great Nothern. The mayor protests the wedding stating that Lana is just after Dougie’s money and his publishing empire. Harry escorts the mayor from the makeshift chapel so that the ceremony can continue. Cooper meets Denise at the bar and Denise is holding the bride’s bouquet asking, “How many of those girls were varsity wide-receivers?”. Cooper guesses, “Very few.”. Denise has bad news; he found cocaine residue in Cooper’s car and he believes it will match the lot stolen from the mountie. Cooper says it has to be clear that it’s a set-up. Denise agrees it looks like a frame, but he needs more than Coop’s opinion before he can help him. Denise tells Cooper about his change in lifestyle. He was working undercover, suburban surveillance and the dealer they were going to bust would only sell to transvestites. Denise played the part of the buyer and found wearing women’s clothes relaxed and described it as “a very confusing two weeks.”

Josie goes to see Catherine and finds her in Catherine’s study.

Josie: Your brother, my husband was killed by a man named Thomas Eckhart
Catherine: Tell me something I don’t already know.
Josie: You’re in terrible danger, Catherine.
Catherine: You helped kill my brother, tried to cheat me out of my land…utterly destroy my existence and now you want to save me.
Josie: I had to do these things to stay alive. I have no one to turn to now. I’ve got nothing and I’m at your mercy.
Catherine: Enough, let’s be practical. What do you propose we do?
Josie: I don’t know
Catherine: Then, I’ll tell you. From now on you work for me here at the house as a maid. You will move your things into the servants quarters. If you disobey me, if you lie to me, if you contradict a single thing I tell you, I will find this Thomas Eckhart and feed you to him by hand.
Josie leaves and Andrew Packard (alive and kicking) enters the study through another door.
Catherine: Happy, Andrew?
Andrew: Everything is going exactly as we planned.
Catherine: And now?
Andrew: And now, dear sister, we wait for Thomas Eckhart to come looking for his one true love…and when he does…
Catherine: We’ll be waiting for him.

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