by Robert Giles (Gazette Reporter)

Written by Harley Peyton & Robert Engels
Directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal

The giant chess pawn containing the corpse of Rusty Tomaski is carried of the gazebo in Easter Park. Harry and Cooper question a friend of Rusty’s nearby with Andy standing behind them. He said he was a roadie for the band Rusty was a member of. They were on a way to a gig when they had problems with their van. A strange man came out of the woods and talked with them for a while. He then asked them if they wanted to join him at his cabin for some beer. Only Rusty went with him and that was the last time his friend saw him. Harry asks the young man how to get a hold of Rusty’s parents. He breaks down, telling them that Rusty hated his parents and was staying with his uncle. Andy soon joins the young man in his sobs of sorrow.

Returning to the station, Lucy asks Andy to come over to her cubbyhole. First, she asks Andy what he knows about saving the planet then changes the topic to something else entirely. She announces that tomorrow is “D-day, Dad Day. In 24 hours, I will choose the father of my child: Deputy Andy Brennan or clothing salesman Richard Tremayne. She also announces that she is entering the Miss Twin Peaks contest and needs helps with her speech about saving their local forests. Andy gives her some helpful suggestions.

In Ben’s office at the Great Northern, he is undergoing a routine physical exam for his insurance company. Doc Hayward says he’s fine; it’s what’s in his heart he should be worried about. Ben understands that Doc has reason to doubt him because of his blemished character, but he inists he is only interested in doing the right thing. If this is true, Doc implies, then he should stay away from Eileen. Ben replies that he can’t “as long as the lie survives.” Doc claims it’s not that simple, there’s nothing good about ruined lives. Ben describes it as a “confusing and difficult process” but that he must continue and apologizes to Doc for it.
Wheeler interrupts them when he enters looking for Audrey. Doc leaves asking Ben to please be careful. Ben tells Wheeler that Audrey should be back any minute. Wheeler says he has to leave immediately because a friend and partner has been murdered. He has to leave for Brazil at once and gives Ben a note to give to Audrey once she returns.

Donna is doing some private investigating in the attic of her house. She finds her birth ceritificate and it has no father’s name on it. She also finds a photo album filled with old photographs, including many with her parents and Ben Horne. She is interrupted by a call from Deputy Hawk. Her mother receives the call and yells up to Donna to take the call, because Hawk says it’s important.

Harry and Cooper check on Major Briggs who is hard at work in the conference room looking over the Bluebook files.

Briggs: I’ve spent the night obtaining and perusing the Project Bluebook files regarding Windom Earle. I found it impossible to sleep after…Earle was the best and brightest among us, but when our attention turned from outer space to the wooded area surrounding Twin Peaks, he became destructively obsessive. Earle acted in an over-zealous and secretive manner, possessive of his assignments, finally violent. He was removed from the project.

He shows them a videotape of Earle: In the recording, Earle is talking about evil sorcerers, dugpas, who cultivated evil for the sake of evil. They could access a place where the cultivation of evil proceeds in exponentional fashion resulting in the furtherence of evil’s resulting power. This place is tangible and perhaps could be entered and utilized. The dugpas had many names for the place, but the main one was The Black Lodge.
Cooper admits that he thought Earle had originally come to Twin Peaks for vengeance, but he has been after something else all along, The Black Lodge. Cooper adds that they need to find out what the materials scattered on the table & the Black Lodge have to do with the Owl Cave petroglyph. Harry asks Cooper if he thinks there is a connection to which he replies that Windom Earle seems to think so. Harry and Cooper start going through the files from top to bottom while Major Briggs takes a walk in the woods to clear his mind.

Meanwhile, at Windom Earle’s cabin, Windom has been listening in on the discussion through the bugged bonsai that had been moved to the conference room from Harry’s office.
Earle says, “You know, Leo. The only thing Columbus discovered was that he was lost.” In his opinion, Coop and the boys haven’t even got started because Earle knows something that Cooper only suspects. Earle would like to ask Briggs a few questions and suggests to Leo that they too should go out for a good stretch and perhaps have a Project Bluebook reunion. While Earle talks, Leo picks up the device Earle has tortured him with unwittingly thinking he could use it against Earle at another time.

At the Double R Diner, a patron at the counter attempts to enjoy a slice of cherry pie, but is halted when her left hand starts shaking uncontrolably for a few seconds. In a nearby booth, Bobby and Shelley go over her speech for the Miss Twin Peaks contest. Bobby tells her he has been thinking about them. He admits he has not given her the attention that she deserves lately. He got over-involved with his work at the Great Northern and started walking around like he was more important than everyone else. However, when he saw her kissing that guy something exploded in him and he realized what was important, what really matters. He loves her and he wants to spend his time with that if it’s okay with her. She asks him what he thinks then kisses him warmly. Their kisses are stopped when Agent Cooper calls for Shelley claiming, like the call Hawk made to Donna, that it’s important.

Mayor Milford meets Lana at the Roadhouse, where they are setting everything up for the Miss Twin Peaks contest. The Mayor seems excited because the three judges are himself, Norma Jennings and Richard Tremayne. Tremayne will be a pushover in the Mayor’s opinion. They just have to get the two of them alone under the right circumstances. Under these, he will be bound to fall for her charms. The Mayor starts to fall for them himself as he describes them and begs Lana to elope with him, but she remains adamant that she will not marry him until after she wins the Miss Twin Peaks contest.

Cooper assembles Donna, Audrey and Shelley in the interrogation room at the Sheriff’s station. He describes how each of them received a third of the poem in a curious manner along with the invitation. Audrey says they all went to the Roadhouse but nobody showed up. Cooper asks if they had any encounters with someone bizarre or puzzling. Donna mentions the man coming to her house posing as her Dad’s friend. Shelley says she got a ten dollar tip for a cup of coffee. And finally, Audrey recounts her encounter with a strange man at the library who asked her to read the poem to him. Cooper asks Shelley if she recognizes the handwriting and she replies with great shock that it is Leo’s. Cooper says he wants all three of them to report to the sheriff at 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. everyday and make sure they do not go to school or work alone. “You’re in danger. We all are.”

Windom Earle tells Leo how he would have apprecited the dugpas, “ancient sorcerers bent on evil.” Leo is doing cleaning around the cabin and comes across the four playing cards with the pictures of the three girls and Cooper on them, pinned to the wall. He seems transfixed on Shelley’s face as if he desires a second chance with her. Windom tells Leo that Shelley has “fairly modern views on marital fidelity, but no matter she is still fit for a queen. Would you mourn her passing, Leo? I doubt it. Her death, Leo; Shelley’s imminent demise. It’s very simple really. Shelley wins Miss Twin Peaks, Shelley dies. Maybe you’d like to help.” Leo takes the device out of the pocket of his bathrobe. Windom sarcastically begs Leo not to use the device on him. Leo presses the button and much to his chagrin, the result is only more pain for himself. He falls to the floor shocked and writhing while Earle laughs maniacally at the unfortunate Leo.

Audrey returns to the Great Northern and heads straight for Ben’s office. She waves at Pete Martell who is hanging out in the lobby. Upon arriving at the office, Ben tells Audrey that he had an incredible brainstorm while she was gone, but she seems preoccupied by finding the whereabouts of Jack Wheeler. Ben continues by explaining that the Stop Ghostwoods movement needs a spokesperson with a highly visible profile and that Audrey could fulfill this role as Miss Twin Peaks. Audrey is not keen on this idea at all and finally gets her dad to tell her where Jack is. Ben tells he had to leave, a tragedy in Brazil demanded his immediate attention. She rushes off to catch him at the airport. Ben tries to stop her, but stops in front of his doorway. Suddenly, he senses something behind him and abruptly turns around.
Meanwhile, Pete is standing in front of the lobby’s fireplace, improvising more poetry about Josie, “Josie, I see your face.”, he exclaims. Audrey comes up to him and asks if he has a car. After he tells her about his truck, she drags him off to have him drive her to the airport at once. Before leaving, Pete gives a farewell wave at the fireplace.

In the conference room, Andy continues to examine the petroglyph sketch while Harry and Cooper discuss it.

Cooper: Well, the symbols suggest a time, seems clear
Truman: A time for what?
Cooper: I don’t know. First, I thought it was a signpost, perhaps it’s an invitation.
Truman: Or both.
Cooper: Where’s the Major?
Truman: He should be here by now. Andy, give Mrs. Briggs a call, see if the Major’s home yet.
Cooper parts the blinds with his finger and gazes outside.
Truman: What is it, Coop?
Cooper: Oh, just thinking about Annie Blackburn.
Truman: Well, bless your heart. I’ve never known your mind to wander.
Cooper: Harry, I’ve been feeling this way all day. I proceed as usual, my mind clear and focused, then suddenly, out of nowhere, I see her face and hear her voice. (Harry seems disturbed at this statement, recalling how he still sees Josie’s face from time to time in remembrance of his lost love) Naturally, I try to reorient myself, come back to the task at hand, but the image remains. Sometimes I actually feel dizzy.
Truman: A man in love is supposed to feel that way.
Cooper: Well, my symptoms suggets the onset of malaria, but I’ve never felt better in my life (Cooper realizes the recollections he has caused his friends and feels guilty for its effects on Harry) I’m sorry, Harry, that sounds foolish.
Truman: No, sounds lucky.
Cooper has an incident with a sudden shaking of his right hand on the blinds, but it passes in a few seconds.

While walking through the woods, Major Briggs encounters two fellows in a horse suit, one of which is singing “Home on the Range.” Suddenly, a tranquilizer gun emerges from the suit and launches a dart into the Major and he stumbles to ground as Earle takes off the horse head and laughs at the soon-to-be unconscious Major.

Cooper visits Annie at the Double R and suggests that she enter the Miss Twin Peaks contest. She says she can think of better ways to adapt to life outside of the convent. Annie senses something is troubling him and asks him about it. Cooper tells her that he is involved in a complex investigation requiring his complete attention but finds himself thinking of her more. She can relate because she has been seeing his face all day as well. Annie says she has faith in him, in them as she perceives it. He mentions that they are very much alike, that they think too much. She asks him if he would like to go bowling. Cooper asks about going dancing instead. She admits she doesn’t know how. Cooper smiles and says he’ll teach her and they steal kisses at the counter when he sees no one is looking.

Audrey and Pete arrive at the airport. Pete drives his truck in front of Jack’s departing plane. Audrey jumps out and starts waving her arms, imploring Jack to jis plane. He does so and gets out saying, “I guess a simple goodbye was out of the question.” She runs into his arms and tells him she loves him and he returns the sentiment. She admits she is a virgin and wants him to make love with her before he leaves for Brazil, adding it is his jet after all. Jack says, “Thank God for that.” and the two board the plane. Pete watches from a distance, teary-eyed from the tender moment and then he has an incident with a shaking hand, but subdues it with his other.

Earle has taken Major Briggs to his cabin. The Major is now fastened to a large archery target and Earle is armed with his crossbow, ready to interrogate him.

He asks the Major when he first saw the symbols at Owl Cave and what the cave painting means. Briggs refuses to cooperate, repeating that he is not at liberty to divulge that information. Earle says he has neither the time nor the patience for this and gives Briggs an injection to facilitate more gratuitous cooperation. Earle asks the questions again and Briggs replies he saw the symbols first in dreams. A dream he had where he was night fishing with Agent Cooper; there was a light with a guardian beyond it (of course, this actually happened but Major’s memory loss might have made it remembered as a dream). He continues by telling Earle the symbols say there is a time when Jupiter and Saturn meet, they will receive you at this time. The Major then starts to babble incoherently and Earle has to stop the questioning.

Catherine shows her brother Andrew the second box that emerged from the box Eckhart left for her. Andrew grabs a rolling pin, while Catherine asks her brother to give her some good news. He says the foreign investors are “chomping at the bit from Paris to Beijing”. Catherine comments on Ben’s movement to stop the development, but Andrew says that Ben cleared every possible hurdle when he was in charge of the development project. He tries a combination with the astological symbols on the surface of the box: one, Eckhart’s birthday, two, Andrew’s birthday and finally, the day the package arrived. Another box pops out of this box. Andrew places it on the counter and smashes it with the rolling pin. Inside this box is the smallest of the boxes and it seems to be made of solid stainless steel.

Annie and Cooper meet at the Roadhouse and begin their dancing lesson. They get comfortable and nuzzle closer together. She kisses him and tells him she wants more than his kisses. They are intrerrupted by the Mayor who is addressing the crowd gathered there and asking if the microphone is on. She continues by saying the convent invokes the image of helpless women, but she is not afraid of anything that he makes her feel or want. She decides she is going to enter the Miss Twin Peaks contest after all. She says, “It’s like a fairytale” to which he comments, “And you’re the queen.” Suddenly, the Giant appears and starts flailing his arms in the air without speaking as if to warn Cooper that Annie should not enter the contest.

Wheeler’s plane taxies down the runway and takes off. Audrey walks over to Pete’s truck dreamy-eyed from what went on inside the plane. She is upset because she finally meets the man of her dreams and the next thing she knows is he’s on a plane to Brazil. Pete tells her he’ll be back, he promised. She said he also promised to take her fishing, but he never did. Pete gets a sparkle in his eyes and tells Audrey, “There are many cures for a broken heart, but nothing quite like a trout’s leap in the moonlight.” He invites her to join him for a fishing excursion and Audrey accepts his kind gesture.

Back at Windom’s cabin, he is working diligenlty at his computer studying the cave petroglyph. Leo and the Major are wigging out, while Earle sings “When Jupiter and Saturn meet / oh what a crop of mummy wheat.” He continues, “Those planets our babbling Major spoke of are more than distant orbs, they are in fact a clock. A clock that tells the time and the time…the time draws nearer with each tick and tock. Dale wasn’t far wrong, the cave painting is an invitation of sorts, telling us when the revels begin, but what Dale doesn’t know is where to find it. For you see, the cave painting is not only an invitation, it is also a map, a map to the Black Lodge.”

Back at the Roadhouse, Cooper’s vision of the Giant ends while the Mayor still fools with the microphone, stating “There’s something wrong here.”

Then various locations of Twin Peaks are shown: the outside of the Roadhouse, the traffic light intersection from the pilot, outside of the Double R Diner, the halls of the high school, the halls of the Great Northern, the lobby of the Sheriff’s station and finally a spot in the woods. There is a circle of trees and in its center is a dark pool of liquid circled by a pile of stones. A bright light appears and a hand emerges from it and eventually the light disappears and BOB appears in its place saying “I’m out!” In the reflection of the dark liquid, is the red curtains from the room in Cooper’s dream and one can faintly hear the saxophone of the little man’s dance in the background.

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