The Giant (credited as ?????? in the rolling credits) warns Special Agent Dale Cooper at the beginning of Season 3. I believe these early clues are going to be essential to the rest of the season and may ultimately be a clue as to what is really going on.
I don’t expect to offer any answers in this article, but rather a summary of events and possible options that we could be looking at. With only 4 hours into Season 3, it’s extremely difficult to derive any thought out explanation of what we have seen thus far.

Let’s review the scene:

The Giant and Cooper are sitting in a room. Everything is in black and white and feels very much like Eraserhead. Both are sitting in chairs similar to chairs that are in the Red Room. The viewer never gets a full look at the room, instead the shots are focused on the characters and also a gramophone which sits behind Cooper. Behind them appears to be a wall of some sort  but it’s hard to make out if it’s a an actual wall or maybe even curtains.

“Listen to the sounds,” The Giant tells Cooper. Strange scratching-type sounds repeat over and over from the gramophone for several seconds. Exactly what the sounds are, we do not know. Initially to me, they sounded like bug sounds but the audio has been tweaked. A Reddit user in a group slowed down the sounds and suggests that it could be the sound of a slot machine arm.

The Giant then tells Cooper, “It is in our house now.”

Cooper asks, “It is?”

“It all cannot be said aloud now,” The Giant replies. 
He then gives Cooper several specific clues:
 “Remember, 430. Richard and Linda. Two birds with one one stone.” 
Cooper says he understands what he was just told (glad he does because we don’t).
Then the Giant adds: “You are far away.” 
At this point, Cooper vanishes. The next time we see Cooper it is as Mr C or Cooper’s doppleganger. The next time we see the “good” Cooper, he is sitting in the waiting room with the One-Armed Man/Mike. Mike informs him that someone is here — moments before we saw Hawk approaching Glastonbury Grove. This is just before Cooper meets up with the Eveolution of the Arm and later makes his escape from the Lodge. 
Each of the Giant’s clues are too cryptic with the knowledge that we have at the moment in the season. However, as is apparent, Cooper does understand what the clues mean. Let’s break them down in Black Lodge Style – reverse.
“You are far away.” 
The initial explanation is that Cooper is “far away” from some destination he needs to get to. This may simply be that he is nowhere near the Waiting Room anymore after 25 years of wandering from room to room. He has found himself in a far away place and The Giant needs to send him back to the Waiting Room where he can then make his journey out. This is the easiest explanation. This would explain why he vanishes immediately afterwards and then we find him back in the Waiting Room later in the episode. (Sometimes the simplest explanation is the correct one.)
“Two birds with one stone.” 
The phrase two birds with one stone as we know is an old idiom, and a bit of Googling results in a couple of interesting origins. 
In Greek Mythology, Daedalus is being held captive by Minos in a tower in Crete.  Daedalus can only see the walls and birds flying above waiting for his death. Daedalus decides to throw stones at the birds to kill them. He discovers he can throw a certain way in order to kill one bird and have the stone ricochet into another bird. 
I find the story interesting in parallels from the first two seasons and now the third. Twin Peaks has several references to birds – specifically owls. We also have Waldo in the first season who is killed. We also know that Cooper does not like birds. In Season 3, we see an owl flying overhead while Cooper is standing at the limo. When leaving the lodge, Cooper finds himself in what appears to be a tall building made of stone overlooking a sea (that later appears to be floating in space). The way the shot is filmed, I get the impression initially that Cooper has landed in a large tower in the middle of an ocean. 
Another possible origin that dates back to the 1600s is that it was used as a way of describing someone who didn’t quite prove his point in an argument — arguing two points to come up with a solution. The idea was that this was very difficult to do and anything the philosopher says should be viewed with question. 
As with anything David Lynch does, we have to figure out what is and isn’t important. We can get stuck in the weeds and not see the trees. We can find ourselves points that are pointless in the end. I think the use of this phrase by the Giant in reference to a debate is far-fetched. It is more likely related to how we use the phrase today – getting two things done at once. 
“Richard and Linda” 
I have no idea who Richard and Linda are. I’ve done several searches on the names and found a few things of interest:
1. There’s a story that dates back about 23 years regarding a husband who disappeared. His wife Linda discovers 23 years later that her husband has been arrested for identity theft. I can’t help but find the parallels interesting. 
2. The meaning of Linda is “sweet” and “beautiful.”
3. The name Richard means “brave” and “courageous.” 
4. There was a musical group back in the 60s. Their names were Richard and Linda Thompson.
“Remember 430” 
The Giant specifically spells out each number. FOUR. THREE. ZERO. Again, we have no idea what these numbers mean at this point. In Episode 3 of Season 3, we are shown a time as to when the transition will be taking place so that Mr C (doppleganger) will be sent back to the spirit world and the good Cooper will be released. 
At this point, I believe it is likely this is a time as in 4:30. PM or AM? 
“It is in our house now. It all cannot be said aloud now.”
The first words The Giant tells Cooper is that “it” is in the house now and that not everything can be said aloud. These are the most ominous comments made by the Giant and are not necessarily clues. 
The most obvious one is that not everything can be said aloud. If it could be then what’s the point of this new season. BUT let’s focus on the “it” in the first sentence. 
The Giant doesn’t say HE. The Giant doesn’t say SHE. He says IT. I believe the house that The Giant references is the location in which they are currently located – either the Black or White Lodge. IT is potentially a spirit that is now invading the place where they now are. Maybe IT has a name that cannot be said aloud now, otherwise, it will bring IT forth. Maybe IT is the mother that the American Girl speaks of later. Or perhaps is the monster that ultimately kills Tracy and Sam. 
Regardless of what IT is, I believe IT will become a critical piece in the final episodes as Mr C and the Good Cooper face off in what could be an intense spiritual battle. We know from Mike that one of them must die. And I believe it’s likely the one who dies will die in the lodge in a final confrontation. 


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