Part 14 opens with Gordon Cole on the phone in Buckhorn, SD. He calls the Sherrif’s Department in Twin Peaks. Lucy answers the phone and she sends the call to Truman’s office. Truman tells him that they found something in Laura’s Diary that could mean “two Coopers.” Cole thanks him for the information but can’t comment on the info.

Chrysta Bell and Miguel Ferrer in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Cut to Albert and Tammy in a nearby room. Albert is explaining to Tammy the very first Blue Rose Case in 1975. It occurred in Olympia, WA. Two young agents are at a motel to arrest a woman by the name of Lois Duffy. The agents hear a gunshot and they break into the room to find a woman on the floor dying from a gunshot wound in the abdomen while another woman drops the gun. Albert explains that the woman on the floor is Duffy. Her last words to them are “I’m like the blue rose.” “She smiles and dies and disappears before their eyes,” he explains. The other woman, he explains, is also Lois Duffy. She is screaming in a corner. While on trial, Lois hangs herself. We also learn that the two agents were Cole and Jeffries. Tammy explains that the blue rose means that the woman who died was not natural, “conjured”, “tulpa.”

Laura Dern in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Cole walks in announcing that it’s coffee time. He informs them Diane is on her way. Suddenly a window washer appears and the stroking of the window with the squeegee makes Cole’s hearing aid go crazy. Diane comes in and Tammy gives her a cup of coffee. Diane begins to smoke.

Cole asks Diane about the last night she saw Cooper. She doesn’t want to talk about it, but Cole presses, asking if Cooper mentioned Briggs. Reluctantly she says yes. Albert goes on to explain that they found Briggs’ body was found in Buckhorn and a ring was found. He tells her what is written on the ring. Diane looks surprised and she explains that she has a half sister named Janey and that she is married to Douglas Jones. She goes on to say that her name is Janey-E and they live in Vegas. She tells them that they are estranged and she hates Janey-E.

Cole asks Tammy to get the Las Vegas FBI on the line. In Vegas, an FBI man picks up the phone and Cole tells him to arrest Mr and Mrs Douglas Jones. The agent tells his partner, Wilson, that there are 23 Douglas Jones in Vegas. Wilson asks how they will ever find the right one. The agent yells: “Wilson, how many times have I told you this is what we do in the FBI?” The agent slams his hand against the desk.

Back in Buckhorn, Cole thanks Diane and she gets up to leave, looking distraught. Albert and Cole exchange looks. After Diane leaves, Cole tells Albert and Tammy that he was on the phone with Truman. He tells them that they are on to something in Twin Peaks indicating “two Coopers.” Cole explains that he had another Monica Bellucci dream. Albert replies “Oh boy.”

Cole goes on to explain his dream.

“I was in Paris on a case. Monica called and asked me to meet her at a certain cafe. She said she needs to talk to me. When we met at the cafe, Cooper was there. But I couldn’t see his face. Monica was very pleasant. She had brought friends. We all had a coffee. And then she said the ancient phrase: ‘We’re like the dreamer, who dreams and then lives inside the dream.’ We are like the dreamer that dreams and then lives inside the dream. I told her I understood. And then she said: ‘But who is the dreamer?’ But who is the dreamer? A very powerful uneasy feeling came over me. Monica looked past me and indicated to me to look back at something that was happening there. I turned and looked. I saw myself. I saw myself from long ago in the old Philadelphia offices. Listening to Cooper telling me he was worried about a dream.” We see a replay of the scene from FWWM. “And that was the day Philips Jeffries appeared and didn’t appear.” We are now shown the scene when Jeffries enters the office. “And while Jeffries was apparently there, he raised his arm and pointed at Cooper and asked me ‘Who do you think that is there?’ DAMN! I hadn’t remembered that. Now, this is really something interesting to think about.”

Albert agrees that he remembers that too. They sit there pondering the dream.

Cut to Twin Peaks where Hawk and Andy are preparing to go on their trip to Jackrabbit Palace. Bobby brings in four sandwiches – one of which is “just cheese” — that one is for Andy. Truman brings Chad into the room. Truman pulls out a pair of handcuffs quietly and Chad asks where they are going. Hawk tells him up the mountain and pulls a gun on him. Bobby and Truman grab Chad and arrest him. Bobby and Andy take Chad downstairs as Chad yells about being arrested. They leave the room.

Cut to an aerial shot of the forest around the town.

The police SUV pulls over on a desolate road and the four men get out. They begin their hike into the woods. After a bit of walking, they come upon an old road trail and Bobby tells them about some of his memories. They come upon Jackrabbit Palace – an old tall tree trunk. They put soil in their pockets and then begin their hike 253 yards east.

With Hawk in the lead, the men come upon white smoke billowing from the ground. They approach it and find a naked woman on the ground. It’s the same woman that Cooper saw in Part 3 in the Purple Room. Andy goes to her and holds her hand. Next to her is a large circle of what appears to be white or golden liquid. The woman attempts to talk but is unable to. Truman tells them it’s 2:53 and the sound of electricity can be heard. Suddenly leaves start moving and a portal opens up above them. They stare up into it and suddenly Andy is taken.

Andy finds himself in a black and white room. No color. He is in a chair and a lamp is behind him. From the side of the room walks The Giant / ???????. He sits down.

???????: I am the Fireman.

He raises his hand as Andy watches. Suddenly an object appears in Andy’s hands. There is a wooshing sound and smoke begins to surround Andy. It moves upward into a window and Andy looks up. In the white window above him, he watches as The Experiment vomits out the eggs. He sees BOB and then the convenience store. Then Abe the Woodsman – “Gotta Light?” Andy watches as the girl runs in the school and then the red drapes and Laura’s face with two angels beside it. He then sees the woman that he found in the forest. Finally, he sees Cooper and Mr C inside the red room. Their faces are shaking and they pull apart. Then a phone. Then he sees himself with Lucy in a hallway. He is bringing her to something. Then the naked woman in the forest again. HE sees the electrical pole with the 6. And then fade to white. The object vanishes from his hands after teh smoke reenters it. Andy vanishes.

Harry Goaz in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Truman, Bobby, and Hawk find themselves back at Jackrabbit Palace. They seem unsure of what has happened. Andy walks up from behind carrying the woman, now draped in a jacket. He tells them that they need to get her down the mountain and they need to protect her – “people want her dead.” He suggests putting her in a cell, and not telling anyone about her. They watch him walk away and Frank looks at Hawk. “What happened to us back there?” Hawk replies, “I don’t know. Something. I don’t remember a thing.” “Same with me,” Frank tells him.

Cut to the sheriff’s department where the naked woman is given a robe and Lucy is tying it up for her. They help her sit and the woman attempts to communicate with Andy. Chad begins making fun of Andy. In a cell nearby, a man with a bloody face repeats his words. Andy walks over to Chad and berates him. Andy and Lucy leave. The woman in the cell makes strange sounds and the man with the bleeding mouth mimics her. Chad tells him to shut up and the man repeats it. The woman continues her chatter and the drunk mimics. Chad sits there listening to the entire thing and mocks them. Finally, he lays back on his bunk and covers his head. The blood from the drunk puddles on the floor – the problem is that it doesn’t look quite like blood.

Cut to the Great Northern where James and Freddie sit outside. Freddie has his right hand covered in a green glove and is attempting to break walnuts. With each one, he shatters completely. James helps him break the walnut. The men talk about the Roadhouse and a woman named Renee. James asks him about the glove and after a bit of back and forth, Freddie explains where he got it from.

He explains that one night he was pulled into a vortex in the air about 6 months ago. He met a man that called himself The Fireman and the man tells him to go to a specific place to buy a specific green glove. He tells him that the Fireman told him to put the glove on his right hand and he will have great power. Freddie finds himself back in his room. That day he buys the glove but not without some trouble. The cashier won’t sell him the glove, but Freddie throws down the money anyway and runs out of the store. As he’s running, he puts the glove on. The cashier catches up with him and tackles Freddie. He tries to defend himself so Freddie hits the man. “…I fear I’ve snapped his Gregory.” It’s at that moment he remembers that the Fireman told him to go to Twin Peaks, Washington to find his destiny. James looks at him, awed bythe story. Freddie adds that when he went to the airport to buy the ticket to Washington, the ticket was already there.

Freddie reminds James that they need to check the furnace so James leaves and heads to the furnace room. Downstairs, James hears a strange humming sound – possibly the same sound that Beverly and Ben are hearing. As he walks through the dark room, he appears cautious and concerned. He comes to a closed door.

Cut to Elk’s Point Bar where Sarah Palmer sits down and orders a Bloody Mary. A man wearing a “Truck You” shirt talks to her and attempts to “pick her up.” Sarah tells him to mind his business. He pushes the subject with her and refuses to go back to where he was sitting. The two converse and the man becomes aggressive. Sarah stands up and lifts her right hand up. She then removes her face like Laura did. Behind her face is darkness.

We see what looks like a closeup of The Experiment. Something pointy shoots from the darkness. And then a left hand floats into the picture. The ring finger is dark. It moves away and suddenly a smiling face appears. The man backs up a bit as Sarah puts her face back on. She darts forward and bites the neck of the man. Flesh is pulled from him and he falls to the ground blood pooling around him. Sarah screams and the owner comes up asking what happened. Sarah says she doesn’t know what happened and he doesn’t believe her. He says to call 911 and the two talk. He threatens her with “We’ll see about this.” Sarah replies, “Sure is a mystery, huh?” He looks at the man on the floor and walks away. Sarah watches him go.

At the Roadhouse, two women talk in a booth. They talk about Billy who the woman in black hasn’t heard from in a couple of days. The girl tells the friend that she and her mom saw Billy leap over a 6-foot fence. Billy comes running into the house as blood pours out of his mouth and nose. He then runs out the backdoor. The friend asks the girl in black what her mom’s name is. It’s Tina, she says.

The Roadhouse MC announces the band for the night. The music plays and the people dance.

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