With only a few parts left in The Return, the last few parts have given us much to think about.

In Part 15, we get the final words of the Log Lady. Like the rest of The Return, Margaret calls Hawk and guides him with some cryptic messages.

Her final words are:

You know about death, that it’s just a change, not an end. Hawk, it’s time. Ther’s some fear, some fear in letting go. Remember what I told you. I can’t say more over the phone. But you know what I mean from our talks when we were able to speak face to face. Watch for that one, the one I told you about, the one under the moon on Blue Pine Mountain. hawk. My log is turning gold. The wind is moaning. I’m dying. Good night, Hawk.

The two sentences in bold stand out the most.

My log is turning gold.

We have seen “gold” at least two times in The Return. The first time is when Dougie Jones’ head popped and all that remained was a golden marble. The second time we saw “gold” was when the young boy was run over by Richard. His essence that floated up from his body was a golden color.

With Margaret telling Hawk that her log is turning gold, I think it represents the transition to something new, as Margaret references. Will the log turn to a gold marble? It sounds silly but we have seen enough references to gold that we cannot ignore it.

Of everything that Margaret mentioned, I believe the warning about the one under the moon is the most interesting. I immediately thought of Hawk’s living map and the image on the note Briggs left behind. On both items we see two the two peaks. Above the one on the right, we see what looks to be the moon with the face/head underneath. When Frank asked Hawk about this imagery, he told him that he doesn’t want to know about that.

Whatever this “thing” is, it is something that Hawk needs to be watching out for.

One other tidbit that stood out to me in this part is Mr C’s question to the Teapot Jeffries – Who is Judy? Jeffries tells Mr C that he has already met Judy, but at the same time, Jeffries seems to think that Mr C is really Cooper. If this is the case, then any person that Cooper has seen that Mr C has not seen is a possibility. I now believe that Naido is Judy. This theory has been floating around for quite some time and I believe it’s accurate. And it’s been right in front of us the entire time – Naido repeatedly makes “monkey noises” and when Jeffries refers to Judy in FWWM, we see the face of a monkey. Andy told the others that people are trying to kill Naido which still remains a mystery — but it’s possible the people trying to kill her could be Mr C.

Speaking of Cooper – our beloved agent appears to be waking up. The reference to Gordon Cole in Sunset Blvd obviously woke Cooper up just enough. Will the electrical shock wake him up? Was it a mistake that will get him sent to the hospital that will finally connect him and the FBI together? Whatever it is, for a brief moment as Cooper crawled across the floor – we saw Agent Cooper. (Aside – that change in that moment proves how good of an actor Kyle MacLachlan has been The Return – his facial expressions are enough to distinguish Cooper, “Dougie” and Mr C.)

Finally, the last tidbit. As has been mentioned before online, the wallpaper in the room above the convenience store in The Return is identical to the wallpaper in the picture that Mrs. Tremond gives Laura Palmer in FWWM. Whatever this place is, we don’t know but it’s likely that Laura went there in her dream.

I wish I could predict where we are going at this point but it’s very difficult so here are a few lingering thoughts:

Audrey is either still in a coma or is in a mental hospital. The problem with this theory is that we know Billy is real because he has been referenced by others so we know there is some connection. But these scenes with Audrey and Charlie are so different than anything else we have seen (no establishing shots for example) that we can assume something is different. I hate the idea that she has been in a coma for 25 years.

Cooper will fully wake up in Part 16 hopefully giving us a full 2 parts with a fully functional Dale Cooper. Of course, I’ve been predicting this for several weeks with my wife and I’ve been wrong each week.

Freddie will save Naido with his green glove now that he is just a few feet from her. If Naido is Judy and Mr C is after Judy, could Freddie be the person who will save Judy from Mr C? Andy says that people are trying to kill Naido – why? How is she instrumental in these final parts?

Becky will be found dead or severely injured – which explains the scene by the tree in Part 15.

We will learn that Dougie Jones was manufactured by the “good guys” to help bring Cooper out of the Lodge without being killed by Mr C. The Fireman (Giant), Briggs, and even potentially Cooper had the plan all along dating back to at least 1997.

I’m still unsure how Diane fits into all this.