Part 17 opens with Cole, Albert and Tammy sitting at the hotel room in Buckhorn. They toast to the FBI and then Cole lets them in on a secret that he has been keeping for quite some time.

“For 25 years I’ve kept something from you, Albert. Before he disappeared, Major Briggs shared with me and Cooper his discovery of an entity. An extreme negative force called in olden times JAid-Dao. Overtime its become Judy. Major Briggs, Cooper and I put together a plan that could lead us to Judy. And then something happened to Major Briggs. And something happened to Cooper. Philip Jeffries, who doesn’t really exist anymore (at least not in the normal sense), told me a long time ago that he was onto this entity. And he disappeared. And the last thing Cooper told me was that if I disappeared like the others, do everything you can to find me. I’m trying to kill 2 birds with one stone. And now this thing with two Coopers. And recently, a paid informant named Ray Monroe sent a cryptic message indicating that the Cooper we met in prison is looking for coordinates – coordinates from a certain major Briggs. This plan, Albert, I couldn’t tell you about and I’m sorry.”

As he finishes up the phone rings. Cole picks up and its the Las Vegas FBI. He tells him that they found Dougie Jones but the bed is empty. Bushnell walks in and asks to talk to Gordon Cole. The phone is handed over and Bushnell tells Cole, “I am headed to Sheriff Truman’s. It’s 2:53 Las Vegas and that adds up to 10. A number of completion.” Cole hangs up and Tammy and Albert begin to go through the information the FBI had just sent them. “A blue rose case most definitely!” Cole announces. “Pack it up I know where he is going!”

Cut to the jail cell. The drunk is asleep and Chad can finally put his plan in motion. But then the drunk wakes up.

Cut to Mr C speeding down the road – electricity ringing as he drives.

Back to the jail cell, Naido is calling out. James and Freddie watch her react as Mr C continues to get closer to Twin Peaks.

At the Great Northern, Ben gets a call from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The police have found Jerry Horne. Ben tells him that he will make arrangements to get him home.

On the road, Mr C continues to speed down the road – electricity charging. He finds himself in the woods seeking out the GPS coordinates. He finds the place where Truman and company found Naido. He steps into the area and the portal opens up. He is sucked into it. Fade to black.

Mr C finds himself in a prison floating in the air. Next to him is the head of Major Garland Briggs. Nearby is the The Fireman. Scenes are shown on the big screen, including Laura’s house. Fireman swipes and the screen changes to the Sheriff’s Station. Electricity erupts and Mr C is released from his prison cell and appears in the parking lot of the Sheriff Station through the strange golden tube.

Mr C asks, “What is this?” as he looks ahead. He sees Andy who is getting a picnic basket. “Agent Cooper, is that you?” Andy asks. Inside Naido becomes quite upset. The Drunk man goes back to sleep – slamming his head into the bars of the jail cell. Chad removes his boot and then pulls out a key in the heel of his boot. Back outside, Mr C and Andy talk and Andy brings Mr C into the department.

Lucy is the next to see Mr C and is excited to see him. Andy introduces Mr C to Frank Truman. They go to the sheriff’s office for a chat leaving Andy and Lucy. Andy suddenly has a memory of what the Fireman gave him.

Downstairs, Chad opens up his jail cell door with the key in his boot. He walks over to another door and unlocks it.

Upstairs in the office, Andy gives Mr C a chair and offers him a cup of coffee. Mr C refuses. He re runs off to tell Hawk about Cooper. While Frank looks cautiously at Cooper, Chad gets a gun from a locker; Andy runs down the hallway and tells Lucy “very important”; the drunk pulls at his skin. Andy finds himself in the jail cell looking for Hawk and sees Chad out of his cell with a gun. Chad raises the gun to shoot Andy and walks slowly toward him. As he approaches Freddie’s cell, Freddie uses his green glove to throw the jail cell door open and it slams into Chad’s face. He falls to the ground. Andy handcuffs Chad to the bars.

Upstairs, Lucy answers the phone and it’s the real Agent Cooper.

In the sheriff’s office, Lucy tells Truman that there is a very important phone call he needs to answer. Cooper is on the other end. He tells him that he is entering Twin Peaks. Frank realizes that Mr C in front of him is not Cooper. They stare at each other and each begin to draw their guns. Mr C shoots first and hits Truman’s hat. Suddenly, Mr C falls to the ground. Behind him is Lucy pointing a gun. Truman looks at Lucy who slowly lowers the gun. Andy hears the gunshot and tells James, Freddie and Naido that he needs to get them upstairs. Cooper tells Truman to not touch the body. Truman hangs up as Freddie, Naido and James enter. They see Mr C laying on the ground. Lucy announces that she understands cellular phones now. Hawk runs in to see Mr C on the ground. Truman tells Hawk that Cooper told him to not touch the body. “But that is agent Cooper,” Hawk says. “No, it’s not,” Truman tells him.

Darkness descends on the office and the woodsmen appear. They begin their ritual and Naido begins to respond. Outside Cooper arrives and runs into the station to find Mr C on the floor and the ritual taking place. The BOB orb comes out of Mr C and floats around the room. The Mitchum Brothers and Candie and her friends arrive. Cooper looks over at Freddie. “Are you Freddie?” The young man steps up and says he is. BOB attacks Freddie and he lands on the floor. Freddie punches him and the orb flies back. Again, BOB attacks and Freddie hits him. This time BOB is on the ground and he slams him into the floor. Fire erupts from a hole in the floor. Slowly a dark orb appears again – it’s BOB. He attacks again. Freddie punches him again and the orb breaks apart into multiple pieces and slowly vanishes. The hole in the floor disappears but Mr C remains. Cooper places the Owl Cave ring on Mr C’s finger and he slowly vanishes. The rings falls onto the Waiting Room floor.

Cooper asks Truman for the Great Northern hotel key. Truman asks how he knew he had it. “Major Briggs told me Sheriff Truman would have it,” Cooper answered. Truman hands it over.

Outside, the rest of the FBI show up.

Finally, Cooper sees Naido and he stares at her. They look toward each other and Cooper’s face fades onto the screen as other events transpire. Bobby arrives asking what was going on. Cooper looks at Bobby, “Major Garland Briggs. Bobby, your father was well aware of what was going on here today….Many years ago, information your father gathered brought him together with Director Gordon Cole…who is here right on time!…And that’s what has brought us to where we are today. Now there are some things that will change. The past dictates the future.”

Candie and her friends arrive when sandwiches and Cooper tells Frank to give his regards to Harry.

Naido rushes to Cooper. They touch hands together and then she drops her hand – Cooper follows. Black smoke appears around her face and we see the lodge superimposed. A strange egg floats in the red room and then Diane’s face appears. Naido is no longer – it’s Diane. But this time Diane has bright red hair and her fingernails are painted black and white. Cooper says her name and approaches. They kiss passionately. (And it appears that the superimposed Cooper vanishes for a brief time.) He asks if she remembers everything. She says yes. She looks at the clock on the wall which is shivering at 2:53. (The Cooper superimposed face is now back.)

A voice can now be heard “We live inside a dream.”

Cooper tells them: “I hope I see all of you again. Every one of you.” Darkness descends on them. Cooper turns to Cole and yells, “Gordon!” “Coop!” Cole replies.

Fade to black.

Kyle MacLachlan, Laura Dern and David Lynch in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

In the darkness, Cooper, Diane and Cole walk forward – Cooper’s face still superimposed. They are in the basement of the Great Northern – the ringing is still there. Slowly Cooper’s face disappears as the trio approach the door. Cooper unlocks the door with the key. “Now listen. I’m going through this door. Don’t try and follow me. Either of you.” Diane and Cooper hug and Cooper and Cole shake hands. Cooper goes back to the door. He turns back to them and says, “See you at the curtain call.” The door closes behind him.

In the darkness, Cooper and Gerard meet each other. Gerard repeats the magician poem. Upon saying “fire walk with me” lights and electricity explode. The two men are now walking down the hallway to the Dutchman – passing through trees as they go. They walk up the staircase. Suddenly the staircase erupts in a white light and we see the Jumping Man coming down the steps.

The men are now outside and Gerard takes him to the motel room with Jeffries.

C: Philip?
P: Please, be specific.
C: The date: February 23, 1989.
P: I’ll find it for you….it’s slippery in here. It’s good to see you again, Cooper. Say hello to Garland if you see him. He will remember the other unofficial version. This is where you will find Judy. There may be someone. Did you ask me this? (out of the smoke comes the Judy/Owl Cave symbol that transforms into the number 8. It revolves around one time.) There it is. You can go in now. Cooper, remember.
M: Electricity!

Lights erupt and Cooper finds himself in the woods. Fade to black.

In black and white – It’s the Palmer house. James is picking up Laura and Leland watches them go from the window. James rides down a dark road until he comes to a stop. Cooper suddenly appears in the woods and watches the two talk from the road. They kiss and then she pulls away. She looks into the wood and sees Cooper. Cooper ducks down and James asks what she has seen. She moves on to let James know that Bobby “killed a guy.” “Open your eyes, James. You don’t even know me. There are things about me…even Donna doesn’t know me. Your Laura disappeared. It’s just me now.” Laura flips James off and he pulls her in tight for a kiss. She is cold toward him and tells him to take her home. They drive off and come to a stop at Sparkwood and 21. Laura jumps off the bike. They embrace one last time and Laura runs off into the woods. James waits until the line turns red and speeds off.

Laura runs through the woods crying while Leo, Jacques and Ronette wait for her. While in the woods, she comes across Cooper. “Who are you? Do I know you? Wait. I’ve seen you in a dream. A dream.” Cooper takes Laura by the hand and they walk through the woods.

Cut to Laura’s body on the beach near the log. Her body fades away. They continue walking in the woods – the black and white scenes now turn color. Laura asks where they are going and Cooper tells her that they are going home.

Cut to Josie putting on her makeup and Pete Martell going fishing. Pete walks out onto the beach past the log – the body of Laura Palmer is not there. Cut back to Josie, and then a scene of Pete fishing on a pier.

Back in the Palmer residence, the camera looks at the couch toward the windows. The room is a mess. Strange animal-like and human-like sounds can be heard – mixed with the hum of electricity. Someone is in agony – angry perhaps. Sarah enters the room and she throws items off the table. She picks up Laura’s picture and begins to hit it with a bottle -repeatedly. Screaming.


Kyle MacLachlan in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Back in the woods, Cooper is leading Laura. They continue to walk in silence, crickets can be heard. Suddenly the strange sound that was played on the player in the lodge can be heard (from Part 1). Cooper turns – Laura is no longer holding onto his hand. He turns and he hears her screaming – the same scream he heard when she is pulled away in the waiting room. He stands in the woods looking at a group of trees.


The screen fades to the Roadhouse. Julee Cruise is on stage singing as the credits roll.

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