by Robert Giles (Gazette Reporter)

Written by Scott Frost
Directed by Caleb Deschanel

Leland/BOB has done some rearranging of the living room furniture of the Palmer house to cover the area where Maddy was murdered. To kill some time before leaving to dispose of the body, he practices his golf swing using plastic golf balls. James and Donna stop by to say goodbye to Maddy. Leland tells them he just dropped her off at the bus station twenty minutes ago. Sarah calls Leland upstairs, during which the teenagers notice the 50 odd golf blass strewn across the living room; they laugh and think it’s just another example of Leland’s odd behavior. Leland returns and suggest they write her and the they excuse themselves. Leland puts his golf club in his bag, where Maddy’s body has been temporarily stored. He picks up the bag and leaves the house. Putting the bag in the trunk of his car, he drives off to take care of business.

Jerry returns from Japan and visits Ben in his cell at the Sheriff’s Station. Since Leland has already been charged with the murder of Jacques Renault, he will represent his brother. Jerry quickly displays he might not be the most competent man for the job. Ben tells him he was with Catherine the night of the fire and Jerry astutely observes this is not the best choice for an alibi. Jerry looks at the bunkbeds in the cell and brings up a reminiscence from their childhood when they watched Louise Dumbrowski dancing on the hookrug in their bedroom with a flashlight saying, “God Lord, what’s become of us?”

Lucy returns to the Station with her sister Gwen in tow and Gwen’s newborn son, Carl. Lucy introduces Gwen to Hawk and Gwen makes the following observation.
Gwen: God, how you must hate us white people after all we’ve done to you.
Hawk: Some of my best friends are white people.

Harry and Cooper walk toward the main lobby of the Great Northern after seeing the One Armed Man, who is being kept in one of the hotel rooms for the time being. In the lobby, Leland is entertaining the guests with a dancing routine, using his golf club as a mock cane. They tell Leland Ben has been charged with Laura’s murder. Leland acts shocked and dismayed by the revelation and asks them if they have a strong case against him, which they confirm they do. After Leland walks away, continuing his grief-stricken facade, Cooper approaches him alone and requests Leland contact him if he remembers anything unusual about Ben’s behavior the night of Laura’s murder. Cooper catches up to Harry and they leave. Leland dances of camera pleased that his framing of Ben is continuing as planned.

Doc Hayward takes a sample of Ben’s blood to run tests to confirm if he is indeed Laura’s killer. Jerry protests to the “brutal treatment of his client.” Cooper puts Jerry in his place by giving an overview of Jerry’s supposed law career, including his license being revoked in four states. Cooper shows Ben the diary and reads the incriminating atatement of Laura telling the world all about Ben and that they know all about One Eyed Jacks. “A wild, young girl like Lauara Palmer, things spin out of control. She becomes a threat, not only to you, but your business, your family…maybe you don’t have anything to hide, at least that’s not what is says in here.” Ben rises from his chair, angrily protesting these accusations, but Jerry settles him down and urges him not to make the situation worse. Jerry asks for a moment alone with his client, which he is granted. Jerry makes this brilliant summation. “Your alibi has been roasted. They can establish motive and your blood may have Laura’s fingerprints on it…Ben, as your attorney, your friend and your brother, I strongly suggest you get yourself a better lawyer.”

Bobby makes a copy of the microcassette he found in the heel of Leo’s boot. He puts it in an envelope with a small writtent note to send to Ben Horne. On the tape is Ben and Leo discussing their plans to burn the mill. Shelly enters and when she asks what the envelope is for, he tells her is “planning on pursuing a career in business.”

Norma’s mother, Vivian, comes to visit with her new husband, Ernie Niles, a financial analyst. They are honeymooning by showing Ernie some of the country. Norma doesn’t seem too excited to see her and asks how long they will be staying. Norma seems preoccupied, then tells her mother that’s there’s a food critic coming and that she is understaffed. Vivian realizes this is why Norma has made additions to the decor of the diner. She and Ernie leave and head for the Great Northern to check into their room.

In Mike’s room at the Great Nothern, he asks his nurse to get him a glass of water. When she walks into the hall, the deputy on wetch goes in to check on him. Mike sneaks up behind him and knocks him unconscious. Mike slips out an open window and commences his own search for BOB who he senses is nearby.

Hank returns to the Double R after being gone for two days. Norma is furious at him for letting her down whe she really needed him at the diner. Hank tells Norma a load of bull about people form his past who want to see him fail and staying out of sight until the storm passed. Norma suggests he ask for help next time, appearent pacified, and Hank says that maybe he will. Vivian, who is helping out at the diner, approaches them and invites them to join her and her new husband for dinner at the Great Northern that evening.

Pete comes by to tell Harry about Josie leaving. She left only a note with no explanations or goodbyes. Pete announces that he loved her, which doesn’t seem to upset Harry too much. Harry says he stood there and watched her go as her assitant, Mr. Lee, carried her bags. Pete says it must have been her cousin Jonathon. Both men are bewildered by the different introductions and Pete tells Harry he has a bad feeling that Harry says he has as well. Cooper interrupts them to get Harry to come with him because Gerard had escaped from the hoitel. As they are leaving, Andy enters the station and sees Lucy holding Gwen’s baby and evidently forgetting the length of time of the human gestation period faints at the sight of them together.

Meanwhile, Pete slips back to pay Ben Horne a visit in his cell. He plays a tape for him of Catherine’s voice, which stupefies Ben beacuse he thought she was killed in the mill fire. Catherine says that in return for her testimony concerning his alibi, he must sign the mill and Ghostwood Estates over to her. “She will consider letting him keep his precious hotel.” A reperesentative of hers will be coming within 24 hours with the documents for him to sign. Pete leaves, laughing maniacally over Ben’s fate. Ben erupts in unrestrained anger saying repeatedly “She set me up” and commences to trash his cell, shreadding his pillows into a shower of feathers.

Leland/Bob is driving along, enjoying the lovely Northwestern afternoon on his way to deposit Maddy’s body singing “Surrey with a Fringe on Top.”His car is swaying back and forth on both sides of the road and he nearly collides with Harry and Cooper in his truck approaching Leland from the other direction. Harry whips his vehicle around and pursues the convertible, pulling it over to the side of the road. When they see that it is Leland, Harry seems less intent on giving him a ticket. Leland tells them he is all right; he was on his way to the golf course to try out his new clubs, when he started thinking about Ben and his mind wandered. He tells Cooper he remembered Ben placing a phone call the night of Laura’s murder. His voice was raised in anger and he thought he mentioned a dairy. Cooper corrects him, asking if it was a diary Ben mentioned. Harry runs to the truck to take an incoming call from Lucy. Leland asks Cooper if he would like to see his new clubs and Cooper consents. Harry calls Cooper to the truck because Hawk had found the One Armed Man. They leave Leland and speed off to meet Hawk back at the station. Leland adjusts the rearview mirror, before pulling back onto the road and we see BOB’s reflection in it.

Hawk brings Gerard back to the station while Gwen displays what a busybody she is to Andy and Lucy. Andy tells Lucy, after getting some privacy that he had his sperm checked twice. The first time they were all supposedluy dead, but he was misinformed and after the second test his sperm were the equivalent of a whole damn town. So, he presumes he must be the father of Lucy’s child, but Lucy doesn’t seem to certain about it.

Cooper puts Mike and Ben in the interrogation room together to see if Mike can sense BOB’s presence in Ben. Jerry argues against this bizarre tactic, stating that Mike’s stairs don’t quite reach the attic. Mike says BOB is close, but he is not there now. Jerry demands that Ben be charged or released. Harry steps forward and charges Ben with the murder of Laura Palmer. Ben explodes and charges at Harry. Jerry pulls Ben back and calms him down again before he incriminates himself further. Cooper pulls Harry out in to the hall.
Cooper: Harry, I think we’re saddling the horse before we’re ready to ride.
Harry: I don’t follow
Cooper:I don’t think Ben Horne killed Laura Palmer
Harry: What?
Cooper: I think we should release him.
Harry: Cooper, I’ve backed you every step of the way, but I’ve had enough of the mumbo jumbo. I’ve had enough of the dreams, the visions, the dwarf, the giants, Tibet, and the rst of the hocus pocus. Now, we’ve got hard evidence against Bne Horne. It”s my job to lock him up.”
Cooper; You’re right, Harry. This is your backyard, sometimes an outsider can forget that.

Norma, Hank, Vivian and Ernie have dinner in the Great Northern dining room. When the ladies leave the table for a moment, Ernie asks Hank when he got out of prison. It turns out Ernie and Hank were in the same correctional facility and Ernie was released six months before Hank. He changed his hair color and later met Vivian at a Repulican fundraiser. They had a normal relationship and were married. Ernie is handling all of Vivian’s investments and has no angle, no plans to embezzle Vivian’s money. Hank says this is intersting to him and he feels that family is very important and any steps must be taken to protect it. Ernie aggrees to this without any suspicions that Hank may have ulterior motives.

Cooper is dictating to Diane when Audrey stops by to talk to him about her father.
Audrey: Did you arrest him?
Cooper: Yes
Audrey: Did he do it?
Cooper: That’s for a court to decide.
Audrey: What do you think?
Cooper: What I think doesn’t really matter right now.
Audrey: Did you arrest him because of what I said.
Cooper” Only in part.
Audrey: But it helped:
Cooper: Yes.
Audrey: All I really wanted was for him to love me.
Cooper: I’m sure that he does.
Audrey: He’s ashamed of me.
Cooper: No, he’s not
Audrey lies down on the bed, propping her side up with her arms. She begins to tell Cooper that when she was at One Eyed Jack’s she never let anyone try anything with her. She doesn’t come right out iand say it but it is clear what she means. Cooper interrupts her and tells her she doesn’t have to say anything. It is very important to Audrey to impart this information toi Cooper, but he seems sure of her innocence on pure intuition. The phone rings and after Cooper hangs up, he tells Audrey to go to her room and lock the door.
Cooper and Harry go down by the waterfall where another body has been discovered. Several deputies are already at the scene and are carrying the body, wrapped in plastic, up to level ground. Harry rushes up and kneels down beside the body, ripping back the plastic to find the victim is Maddy Ferguson. The episode ends with a close-up of Maddy’s lifeless face.

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