by Robert Giles (Gazette Reporter)

Written by Tricia Brock
Directed by Tina Rathborne

Unlike other episodes of Twin Peaks, where a single day’s events are covered, episode 17 takes place three days after Leland’s death.

Cooper and Doc Hayward sit with Sarah Palmer in her living room, before Leland’s funeral. Doc prepares to give Sarah a sedative, but Sarah refuses it saying. “I don’t want it. I want to be there. Every part of me needs to be there, for both of them. Today, I bury my husband next to my only child.” Cooper explains that the Leland she knew did not do these unspeakable acts. Sarah knows who is responsible, the gray-haired man from her visions. Cooper consoles her by telling her when Leland died, he died at peace and saw Laura in his final minutes and Cooper thinks Laura welcomed and forgave him.

There is a gathering at the Hayward’s after Leland’s funeral where the townspeople can pay their respects to Sarah. Several townspeople are in attendance.
Hank makes up a plate of food to give to Sarah who is sharing warm memories about Laura with Eileen Hayward and Audrey Horne.
Donna tells Ed that James is confused because of all the murders and is worried about him. Ed says everything will get better and James will return. Nadine interrupts them. She’s concerned that boys could be looking up her dress, because she saw her reflection in her shoes. Ed assures her he doesn’t see anything.

Dr. Jacoby has returned from his medical sabbatical in Hawaii. He is talking with Cooper, Truman and Briggs. Briggs asks Cooper what’s next for him. Cooper replies he might be cashing in on some vacation time. Briggs invites Cooper to join him for night fishing that evening, to which Cooper replies, “Aces!”

The Mayor, Dwayne Milford, and his brother Doug, the editor of the Gazette, are arguing about the teenager Doug is to marry, his 5th marriage. They get into a brawl, as much as can be managed because of their ages. Ed and Truman break up the fight, reminding them of the circumstances behind the gathering. Cooper comments on the ruckus and Pete and Doc Hayward explain the brothers have had a running feud for 50 years and it has been sparked by Doug’s wedding.

Ed and Jacoby try to admit Nadine to the senior class of Twin Peaks H.S. to help her overcome her delusions of being a teenager. Nadine is excitedly preoccupied because today is cheerleading tryouts.

Audrey comes to Cooper’s room, announcing herself as “customer relations”. Cooper says he has no complaints, following along with Audrey’s comical entrance. She has come by because Cooper is leaving. Cooper agrees that he is leaving, in effect, but is going fishing.

Audrey: So this is it, you save my life and break my heart.
Cooper: Audrey, I’ve explained to you my personal policy about involving…
Audrey: Yeah, I know. I’m a teenager.
Cooper: And you were involved in a case I was working on.
Audrey steps closer, Cooper continues packing his suitacse.
Audrey: Someone must have hurt you once really badly.
Cooper: No, someone was hurt by me and I’ll never let that happen again.
Audrey: What happened, did she die or something?
Cooper: As a matter of fact, she did. You want to know how? She was a material witness to a federal crime. We we’re supposed to protect her, 24 hours a day. My partner and I, Windom Earle was his name. He taught me everything I know about being a special agent. And when the attempt on her life was finally made, I wasn’t ready, because I loved her. She died in my arms. I was badly injured and my partner lost his mind. You need to hear anymore? Cooper pauses apologetically. Audrey, I like you and I care about you. I will alwys consider you my friend.
Audrey: Friendship is the foundation of any lasting relationship.
Cooper: Well, it’s nice to be quoted accurately.

Bobby tries on one of Leo’s suits for his meeting with Ben Horne. He’s hoping to get a job with Ben and is using the audio casette of Ben and Leo’s discussing the mill fire as leverage. Shelly asks Bobby to take her out later, but she can’t because of caring for Leo. Bobby tells her to hang in there, this job will give them everything they want and that he’s doing it for both of them.

Catherine comes by to see Catherine. Harry greets her by saying, “Forgive my saying so, Catherine, but aren’t you dead?” Catherine tells Pete doesn’t know yet that she’s alive (but he does). Truman asks her if she wants to call her lawyer. Catherine thinks this isn’t necessary because she has nothing to hide. She describes what happened to her the night of the fire. A man called her and told her to meet him at the drying shed. When she arrived, she found Shelly tied up inside. A bomb went off, she thinks, but remembers little of how she got outside of the shed and into the woods. She walked through the night and found herself at her parents’ summer cabin at Pearl Lakes, adding that only a guardian angel could have brought her there. She stayed there until she ran out of tuna fish, the main staple of the cabin’s pantry.

Dick comes by the station to see Lucy, who is on a ladder changing a flourescent light bulb. Dick has realized he’s a “terrible, crashing boor and what I desperately require in my life is something, no someone one more important than myself to think about, to care for…Parenthood is suddenly so appealing.” To become more familiar with this concept, he has volunteered with the Happy Helping Hand organization and will be part-time big brother to some “adorable, homeless waif.” Lucy has a hard time believing this is Dick talking to her. Andy is watching them around the corner. Hawk approaches and encourages him to step up and say something. Andy says they are all in a difficult position but until they know for sure who the father is, they should all be friends. Hawk doesn’t think this was a good idea, but Andy seems to think “morals and manly behavior” will win Lucy over.

Cooper comes into Harry’s office to talk to him before leaving. He says Major Briggs “says there’s a frying pan full of steelhead trout out there with my name on it.” Harry has a fishing present for Cooper, a green butt skunk fishing tie that he made himself. Cooper is impressed and touched by the gesture. Harry saves the best for last and presents Cooper with a Bookhouse Boys patch, saying “We all agreed, you’re one of us now.”

Cooper: Harry, I am honored beyond my ability to express myself.
Harry: You wear that in good health. If you ever need us we’ll be there.”
Cooper and Harry walk out into the lobby where Cooper shares parting sentments with Hawk, Andy and Lucy. They are interupted by Agent Roger Haardy and Sgt. King of the RCMP. Hardy has come to inform Cooper of his suspension from the FBI without pay.

Hardy is from Internal Affairs. Cooper knows the RCMP office refers to their crossing into Canada. Harry says that was related to a case they were working on, but the RCMP interrupts and says he knew nothing about it. Cooper suspects the charge is misfeasance for the unlawful rescue of Audrey Horne. Hardy says this is true, in part, but there are “disturbing allegations as to your motives and your methods. Harry asks, “What allegations?”. Hardy relplies that he is waiting for some evidence to arrive.

Bobby is having trouble with getting in to see Ben Horne. Audrey comes by saying in reference to Bobby in a suit. “It’s a little late for Halloween isn’t it? What are you supposed to be, a lounge lizard?” Bobby asks, “Shouldn’t you be in school?”. Audrey says, “School numbs my buns, how about you?”. Bobby says he is here to see Ben about a job. She says she didn’t know her Dad was hiring and knows Bobby is up to something. She goes in and gets her Dad to let Bobby in. Once inside, Ben has Bobby thrown out by hotel staff. Audrey rescues him wih Bobby saying, “And you can tell your boss that the tape was not the original”. Bobby thanks Audrey for saving his bacon and takes her our for ice cream.

Cooper, Mountie King and Agent Hardy discuss Cooper’s activities in Canada. His first visit was to get information from Jacques Renault, a material witness for Laura’s murder. Hardy says he was lured aross the border, shot while being arrested and killed in his hospital bed. Cooper says that Leland confessed to Jacques’ murder. The second visit was to rescue Audrey from her kidnappers, Blackie and Battis. Both are dead, King says.

Hardy: You know proceedure. Crossing the border without contacting Canadian authorites is a serious breach under any circumstances.
Cooper: I’m not disputing that Roger. Is it the Bureau’s position that I am responsible for these deaths?
Hardy: That’s what we’re trying to determine. This entire matter was brought to our attention because Mountie King was involved in a sting operation to nail this Jean Renault.
King: We work six months to set this up. One night you march in. Renault escapes. Two men are dead and the cocaine we were using for the set up was stolen from the premises.
Cooper: I don’t know anthing about the cocaine, but you’ve miscounted, three people were killed. Jean Renault killed Blackie, I didn’t know about the Battis murder until now and the bodyguard who turned his gun on me was killed n self-defense.
Hardy: So, what we have is crossing jurisdictional borderes, three dead bodies and international drug trafficking.
Cooper: I admit to the border crossing. I’ve told you the extent of my involvement with the killings. Roger, I hope you know better than to suspect I would have anything to do with a drug transaction.
Hardy: I won’t know that until you prove it, Cooper. And I might add, the DEA has been brought into to investigate. You have 24 hours to assemble your defense, In the meantime, I’ll require that you surrender your gun and your badge.
Cooper leaves the conference room. Harry enters and see Coop’s badge and gun on the table. He gives Cooper the Bookhouse Boys sign as if to say “I got your back.”. Hardy says Harry will not be held responsible for anything Cooper is charged with and his cooperation would be greatly ppreciated.
Harry: If I understand the law correctly, you need extradition papers in order to get a statement from me and you need a subpeona from a judge. Now, unless you gentleman have that paperwork, I suggest you take your cooperaton and stuff it.
Hardy: That attitude will not serve you or Agent Cooper.
Harry: It’s not an attitude, it’s a promise. Agent Cooper is the finest lawman I’ve ever known. I’ve had nothing but respect for him, since he arrived in Twin Peaks. Now, I don’t know what information you have or where you got it from, but it is dead wrong.

Nadine tries out for the cheerleading squad. She impresses everyone and closes her tryout with a “corkscrew”, throwing a male student into the air, who lands semi-safely into a volleyball net.

Shelley is at home, brushing Leo’s teeth and is upset with Bobby for not calling and being gone all day. When Bobby does call, she tells Bobby they need to do something about Leo, possibly put him in a nursing home. It’s not worth it, not worth the money. Shelly wants her life back, then she notices something and tells Bobby, “Leo moved.”

Norma is extremely upset over the bad review the diner received from MT Wentz. Vivian arives asking her what’s wrong. Norma responds by innaccurately quoting the review. Vivian corrects her and tells her she is MT Wentz and that she wanted to give Norma s good review but that some standards had to prevail. Norma is shocked beyond belief her own mother could do this her, heartbroken, she orders her mother to leave and never come back.

Hank and Ernie are supposedly on a hunting trip, but they are actually having a blast at One Eyed Jack’s. Hank has brought Ernie there to meet Jean Renault, who he is now working for. Ernie feels guilty for lying to Vivian and refuses to steal her money. Renault enters and is introduced to Ernie. Renault says, “A recent investment opportunity fell through (Audrey’s kidnapping), leave us in a cash poor position, we need $125,000 immediately.” Ernie manages to suavely explain his computer and banking expertise, having laundered “massive amounts of money”. Hank summones in his assistant, who is Sgt. King of the RCMP. King opens a briefcase on the desk, it is filled with bundles of cocaine. Jean wants Ernie to sell 4 kilos worth to make up for the kidnapping debacle. Hank takes Ernie down to the casino. Renault plans on using part of this cocaine to frame Cooper. King says all it will take is a trace of this and he will leave it in Cooper’s car. Renault says, “I want him crucified.”

Harry is lying in bed when he hears something outside and a shadowy figure approaching his door. He grabs his gun and sneaks over to surprise the person. Opening the door, a bruised Josie falls to the floor. Harry takes her in his arms and kisses her repeatedly, overjoyed to see her again.

Cooper and Briggs are sitting at their campsite in the evening, waxing philosophically about BOB.

Briggs: I have pondered that same question (whether BOB exists) continually since this horror was revealed to us.
Cooper: I try to imagine him out there, incarnate, looking for another victim to inhabit.
Briggs: There are powerful forces of evil. It is some man’s fate to face great darkness. We each choose how to react. If the choice is fear, then we become vulnerable to darkness. Now, there are ways to resist. You sir, we’re blessed with certain gifts. In this respect, you’re not alone….Have you heard of the White Lodge?

Cooper says he has not. He excuses himself from the campfire to answer the call of nature, saying they will talk about it when he returns. While Cooper is relievng himself, a bright light fills their campsite and surrounding area. Briggs calls out for Cooper. Cooper runs back to find find the Major is not at the campsite. Cooper runs after what looks to be the source of the light. When he gets to the top of a hill, the light disappears and so does Major Briggs.

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