Original Airdate: April 19, 1990


At the Hornes, Ben, Sylvia, Audrey and Johnny are eating supper when suddenly Ben’s brother, Jerry, comes in from Paris with great tasting bread and much to the unhappiness of Sylvia. They go off in the hall and Ben tells Jerry that the Norwegians left and Leland’s daughter died. He is more concerned about the Norwegians. They decide to go to One Eyed Jack’s for a little “fun.”

Jump to the Haywards where Donna and James talk about Laura after her parents go to bed and ask Donna if she is going to church in the morning with them at 9:00 sharp.

Back at Jack’s, Ben and Jerry arrive to Blackie where the two men flip on who would get firsts with the new girl. At the bar, Jerry orders two double scotch on the rocks as the girls walk in as does Blackie. Ben offers Blackie a poem that Jerry interrupts. Now they flip and Jerry looses by Ben calling heads (is it me or does that new girl look a little like Lucy?). Ben leaves as Jerry drowns his sorrows at the bar with Blackie.

Midnight, back at Donna’s, James and Donna talk about their relationship and that it isn’t wrong. They kiss.

Jump to Cooper entering his room when the phone rings. It is Hawk who tells him about Ronette and his parents. He also mentions the one-armed man. Hawk specifically mentions the left arm. The knock at the door comes and at the door is a note that says: Jack with One Eye. Cooper sniffs it and grins.

In the woods, Bobby and Mike go to meet Leo. The take a knife with them and when they reach the tree, not all of the cocaine is there. Leo appears along with another man–unknown man who looks like he is wearing a trenchcoat. The three talk about the drugs and the money and Laura’s other half. Leo mentions that he needs a new pair of shoes. He also says that he suspects that Shelly is having an affair with another guy. He makes Bobby and Mike run out for a pass to get rid of them.

SUNDAY MORNING: Ed walks in, drenched with oil and grease on his hands. He trips over hte drape runners as Nadine exercises. She is so angry that she bends the bars to the floor.

Out in the woods, Lucy holds a tape measure. At the other end is Harry and Hawk measuring 60ft, 6 inches.

At the Johnsons, Shelly is watching an Invitation to Love as Bobby shows up and threatens to deal with Leo for beating her up. Meanwhile, at the Double R, Ed tells Norma that he is in the dog house once again with Nadine. He explains that he popped a grease gun and stepped on the runners.

Back in the woods, Cooper and the rest get a fill up of coffee and Cooper tells them a little about Tibet. He tells them about China and the Dali Llahma who then freed from Tibet. Cooper explains that he had a dream three years before and becaues of this dream, learned a technique about intuition. He asks the others to help him. The test is based upon Laura’s comment about being nervous of meeting J tonight. Andy goes to the bottle and the others stay around Cooper. Lucy calls off each name one by one and Cooper throws the rock:

James Hurley: hits a nearby post
Josie Packard: hits the middle log
Dr. Jacoby: hits the bottle but it does not break
Johnny Horne: hits the trashcan
Norma Jennings: hits the ground
Shelly Johnson: hits Andy in the head
Jack with One Eye: removed
Leo Johnson: the bottle breaks

At the Double R, Audrey enters as Donna and her parents eat lunch after church. The two girls talk briefly about Cooper and Laura after Audrey orders a cup of coffee and Dr. Hayward reminds his family that he is going to go get 60 watt bulbs at hte hardware store. Audrey says that she liked Laura for helping Johnny and then they talk about Cooper and the fact that Audrey likes him. She asks Donna if Laura ever talked about her father. She then gets up and dances like she was in her father’s office because the music is “too dreamy.”

At the sheriff station, Cooper and Truman look at a bloody cloth that Hawk found at the railroad tracks as Lucy looks at a book as Tibet as Albert and his guys arrive. She calls the two in the other room and Cooper warns Truman about Albert as Lucy sticks her tongue out at him. The first comment from Albert is about the lack of work in the area and the fact that the previous autopsy was “amateur hour.” Truman then confronts Albert telling him that if he had been anyone else, he would be looking for his teeth, two blocks up on queer street.

That night, Ed goes home to a joyous Nadine who has made silent drape runners because he dropped grease on the cotton balls. She then shows him by pulling the drape runner strings.

At the Martell’s Catherine complains about the smell of fish and talks about Cooper. She then kicks her husband out of her room but not before he gives the key to a safe with a ledger to Josie. In the other room, Josie opens up the safe to find two ledgers with two different numbers.

At the Palmers, Leland tries to start the record player and then picks up the picture of his daughter. He turns in a circle screaming as the phone rings and then Sarah enters and tries to stop him. He ends up falling and breaking the picture and smearing blood on the photo. Sarah pulls the record player needle off and screams at her husband as he cries. She yells at him, “What is going on in this house!” He kneels down with his daughter’s picture crying and wiping blood on it.

At Cooper’s room, he tries to sleep and has a dream. He sees himself in a chair in a red room with drapes and a checkered floor. He sees a midget and flashes of Sarah and the gray haired man. He sees a one-armed man chanting a poem about fire walking with someone. He explains he and someone living above a convenient store among the people The man had been tatooed by the devilish one, but he cut his arm off when he saw the face of God.He gives the names: Mike and BOB. BOB suddenly speaks and says, “Mike, can you hear me? Catch me with a deathbag. You may think I have gone insane, but I promise I will kill again.” Back in the red room, the midget swings around and says “Let’s Rock!” Cooper also sees a woman that looks like Laura Palmer. The Midget sits and Laura points to her nose. The midget rubs his hands back and forth as a strange high pitch sound fills the room and a triangular object floats behind the drapes. He stops rubbing his hands and the sound stops. He says “I got good news. That gum you like is going to come back in style. She’s my cousin. Doesn’t she look almost exactly like Laura Palmer?” Cooper says, “But it is Laura Palmer. Aren’t you Laura Palmer?” The girl replies, “I feel like I know here. But somtimes, my arms bend back.” The midget says that she is filled with secrets and where they are from, the birds sing a pretty song and music is always in the air. The Midget rises and dances to the music that now just started just as the cousin/Laura stands up and goes to Cooper where she kisses him and then whispers in his ear.

Cooper wakes up with his hair standing up erect (not surprising since he was just kissed my Laura…..) and then he calls Truman to tell him that he knows the killer. Truman surely asks, “Can’t you tell me now?” Cooper replies, “No, it can wait until tomorrow.” He hangs up and the music is playing as he snaps his fingers.

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