by Robert Giles (Gazette Reporter)

Written by Tricia Brock
Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter

Cooper and Truman in Harry’s office. They listen to the rest of Windom Earle’s audiotape message he left in Cooper’s room.

Earle: Please put your heart into it will you. I noticed a certain tentative quality in your thinking as if your mind were occupied with issues other than those on the board before you. Such preoccupation not only weakens one’s resolve but one’s foresight as well. A deadly failing in any match you must agree, but in this particular contest quite disastrous for we play for grave stakes. The likes of which you have no doubt surmised. Print your move in tomorrow’s paper or I will make it for you.
Harry: Oh, that tears it. Cooper, I’m not letting you out of my sight.
Cooper: Harry, if Windom wanted to kill me, I’d already be dead.
Harry: Yeah
Cooper: Better get Pete on the horn.
Harry buzzes Lucy on the intercom and tells her to contact Pete to get him over to the station. Then she should call the Gazette and find out the latest time they can submit something to the personals column.

At the Blue Pine Lodge, Pete is making breakfast for Catherine and Andrew Packard, before leaving for the sheriff’s station. Catherine and Andrew discuss the Ghostwoods project. Andrew has talked with the investors and will be meeting with them soon. Josie enters and is shocked silent when she hears Andrew’s voice and faints after she sees him siting at the table and he says, “I’m home, Did you miss me?” Andrew also comments that Josie has her charms to which Catherine replies, “Yes, but not for long.”

Hawk brings Hank into Harry’s office. Hank’s on crutches. Harry is upset by a report he is reading in the newspaper about the investigation into Jonathon’s death. Harry goes over Hank’s offenses, he crossed the border into Canada, consorted with drug dealers and he’s also charging him with the attempted murder of Leo Johnson. Hank tries to claim that he was at the diner the night Leo was shot but Harry interrupts him and says they have a witness that he was at the scene with a gun in his hand. Hank realizes how serious Harry is and proposes a deal. Hank has information that could lead to the arrest and conviciton of Andrew Packard’s murderer.

Harry: No deals.
Hank: You’re telling me you’re more interested in the attempted murder of Leo Johnson, felon, than Andrew Packard. How’s that going to sit with your constituents? My guess is, Harry, not too well, especially when they find out who pushed the button on Andrew and that you’re sleeping with her.
Harry makes a guttural sound that’s a signal to Hawk. Hawk kicks one of Hank’s crutches out from under him and Hank falls forward onto the desk. Hawk says, “Gee, I’m sorry” before Harry orders Hawk to get him out of his office.

Albert and Cooper in the conference room discussing Josie’s involvement with Cooper’s shooting and Jonathon’s murder:

Albert: This is the bullet we removed from you. This is the one that was excavated from the dead man’s skull. Same bullets. Same gun. Same killer. Let’s go get her.
Cooper: Albert, hold your horses.
Albert: Coop, I appreciate any reluctance you might have for busting your pal’s old lady, but this woman ventilated you and left you for dead.
Cooper: Albert, I don’t take it personally. What about the gloves, the powder test?
Albert: News at five. All right, fine, you’re not mad, but there’s an epidemic of multiple gunshot wounds following this chick around. She’s a menace.
Cooper: I’ll talk to her. Maybe she’ll confess, turn herself in.
Albert: Maybe she’ll grow wings and join the circus.

At the Great Northern:

Audrey is preparing to start her job as concierge. Randy is a bit sarcastic, thinking Audrey might be after his job. She assures him she’s learning and is spending a week in each department. Randy departs saying he looks forward to her stint in housekeeping and hands her the envelope, the letter Windom Earle left for her the previous night. Audrey takes her place behind the desk and tries to put on her name tag. John Justice Wheeler enters and tries to get her attention. Audrey shows remnants of her old self and has difficulty displaying politeness. She recognizes her error and asks how she can help him. He asks her to send someone out to his private jet at the airport to pick up the rest of his equipment. Before leaving he tells Audrey he has a picture of her when she was ten masquerading as Heidi and adds that it’s unforgettable. Wheeler leaves and Audrey opens the envelope and finds one third of the message Leo transcribed for Earle. Included is a note that reads. “Save the one you love. Please attend a gathering of angels at the Roadhouse: 9:30.”

Nadine comes home early from school and Ed asks her if she’s feeling ill. Nadine says they need to talk. She and Mike are in love; they had a magical night together on that wrestling trip. “It’s time to call a spade, a spade. We’re breaking up.”

Cooper goes to see Josie at Blue Pine Lodge with Catherne spying on them:

Cooper: I want you to level with me about what happened in Seattle.
Josie: I told you. How many times to do I have to say it. I escaped from Jonathon in the airport and I don’t know what happened to him after that.
Cooper: You understand that I could arrest you right now. I came here as a friend of Harry’s. I don’t know what place he occupies in your heart but I do know that you own his. I would think you’d like a chance to explain yourself to him.
Josie: Please go.
Cooper: This is the end of it, Josie. There are no other options. I want you at the station house by nine o’ clock or I come for you.

Catherine enters and asks cold-heartedly if Cooper’s visit was a social call. She comments on how terrible Josie looks, watching her cave in under the stress. Catherine spoke to Eckhart and he insists on seeing Josie alone. Josie thinks Eckhart that he will kill her. Catherine’s main concern is what Eckhart will think when he finds out Andrew is alive; won’t he think Josie had betrayed him. Of course, Josie thought that Andrew was dead and she can always tell Eckhart but either way she’ll have to face him sooner or later. Catherine is trying to confuse Josie who is falling vicitm to madness as all her plans begin to tumble around her. Catherine starts acting like she’s looking for a set of keys. She finds them and leaves; Josie walks over to the spot on the bookshelf where the keys were and finds a gun and clutches it thankfully to her chest.

Ben, Audrey, Jerry and Bobby await Wheeler’s arrival in Ben’s office, preparing for a board meeting. Ben has traded his trademark cigars in for stalks of celery. Ben invites Bobby to stay and invites him to Wheeler as his executive assistant once he arrives. Ben asks everyone to take a seat and begins by explaining that he and Wheeler had worked together before when Wheeler was young and is asking for his help now to rebuild Horne Industries which has “fallen on hard times”. Ghostwoods development and the mill are solely owned by Catherine and that’s fine because the mill is hers after all. Ben then asks them, “What is the greatest gift that one human being can give to another?” They look at him bewildered, so he answers for them, “The future.” He has an easel set up with a sheet over it. He pulls the sheet off, revealing a sketch of the “little pine weasal”. He explains they are found only in their tri-county area, are nearly extinct and will be all but wiped out by the Ghostwood development.

Bobby: So, you want to save the weasel.
Ben: No, Bobby, not just the weasel, but life as we know it. I want Twin Peaks to remain unspoiled in an area of vast environmental carnage.
Jerry: So, we block Catherine’s development until the wheel turns and we get another shot. That’s brilliant, Ben.
Ben: I plan to fight this Ghostwood development on every ground and with every available weapon…the little pine weasel is about to become a household word.

At the Double R Diner:
Norma gets a call from her sister, Annie. She tells Annie can stay with her when she returns to Twin Peaks. Norma tells Shelley this when she asks about her. Norma adds that she’s been in a convent and although the convent’s been good for her it will be weird to see her out in the world.

Norma see and envelope on the counter with Shelley’s name on it and hands it to her. It contains her third of Earle’s correspondence. When Shelley reads the enclosed note, the same as Audrey’s, Norma comments that it’s intruguing but it sounds dangerous too. At that moment, Ed enters and walk behind the counter, taking Norma in his arms, saying, “Norma Jennings, I’ve loved you every day for the past 20 years and I dream about you every night. It’s time for us to be together, Will you marry me?”

Leo is outside Windom’s cabin, whittling sticks that will be made into arrows. Windom praises Leo for his good work.

Earle: Leo, you have an incomplete education. Survival in the wilderness, a relevant issue in your life, my friend. Now this comes under the heading of practical instruction (in reference to the arrows as he adds a arrowhead to one of the sticks)I hope you’ve been paying attention. (he accidently pokes his finger with the arrow tip) Nature’s cruel. This is also a lesson.
Windom looks at the arrow with an evil grimace.

Norma goes to see Hank in jail to ask him for a divorce. Hank says he doesn’t blame her because he blew the second chance she gave him. He wants her to do one last favor and give him an alibi for the night Leo was shot. Norma refuses to comply and Hank realizes Ed is involved with this request for a divorce.

Hank: You give me my alibi and I give you your divorce.
Norma: I didn’t come here to negotiate. This is it, it’s over.
Hank: Fine, go ahead, you’re his whore, Norma.
Norma: I’d rather be his whore than your wife.

Pete, Harry and Cooper in the conference room at the Sheriff’s station. Pete is making the next move in Cooper’s chess match.

Pete: That’s it, guaranteed to cause some sleepless nights.
Cooper: As long as he van’t remove another piece from the board.
Pete: He can’t do it, not at least for five or six more moves.
Harry: Maybe he’ll kill anyway; maybe this’ll just frustrate him.
Cooper: I don’t think so, Harry. Earle has a perverse sense about these things.
Harry: Never heard of a man who murdered by the rules.

Albert enters the doorway and motions Coop out into the hall, but Harry knows full well what this concerns. Albert says they now have a witness to Josie leaving the car where they found Jonathon’s body. Albert is ready to go after here, but Cooper stops him and insists “I can handle it.” Harry walks out of the conference room and looks down the hall at them and then it appears he leaving the station with Albert replying, “It looks like you just did.”

Josie is putting on make-up reminiscent of the opening shot of the pilot episode. Andrew comes in champagne glasses. He says he hated her at first when he found out she was involved in the attempt on his life, but he recalled after time had passed that Eckhart has a way of persuading people to do anything. Josie said it was Eckhart’s plan and Thomas said Andrew never loved her and only married her to get back at him. Andrew says he did love her, but he knows Josie never loved him and now she must pay the price for all she’s done. Andrew tells her the police are closing and that she should go to Eckhart. He can get her out of the country and adds he doesn’t know that Andrew is still alive.

Donna and James have a picnic in the woods. James is going to be a witness in Evelyn’s trial. Donna knows about James and Evelyn. James is deeply apologetic and wants to start over again. Donna asks him to come home with her, but James says he can’t go back yet. She tells James to take all the time he needs and she’ll be waiting for him once he returns.

Harry comes to the Blue Pine Lodge looking for Josie. Pete tells him she’s gone out. Catherine interjects by saying Josie took her car without asking and didn’t say a word. Pete looks at Catherine disgruntled and tells Harry she was going to the Great Northern to see and old friend. Harry asks Pete who it is and Pete looks judgmentally at Catherine. Harry implores Catherine to tell him. She fails to buy anymore time and tells Harry she’s gone to see Thomas Eckhart.

At the Great Northern:

Andrew surpises Thomas Eckhart in an elevator and reveals to him falsely that Josie warned him about Thomas’ plan to blow up Andrew’s boat. Thomas now believes that Josie betrayed him. Nevertheless, he demands that Josie is his, she belongs to him. Andrew reassures him that he lost interest long ago, but Josie has an interest in the local sheriff. Thomas says he has already taken care of that to which Andrew says he doesn’t doubt it. Still, Andrew tells him to be careful because Josie is coming back to him. Thomas says confidently that he is always careful.

Ben, Wheeler and Audrey are dining in the Timber Room at the Great Northern:
Audrey asks Wheeler wht he does exactly. Wheeler replies, “I buy bankrupt, failing businesses, I streamline them, bring them back up to speed and then usually sell them.” Ben comments that Wheeler makes a handsome profit but not until he has made environmental concessions. Ben is asked to leave the table because “The chef just tried to stab Jerry.” Wheeler tells Audrey he is here to do an old friend a favor but gets the idea she doesn’t think much of him. Audrey says she doesn’t have an opinion one way or the other but does offer that the Horne’s had been able to take care of themselves for generations without outside assistance. It is slowly becoming apparent that something might be brewing between them, but if anything is happening it is in the seedling stage and has yet to develop. Audrey excuses herself, saying she has an appointment; she is going to the Roadhouse (although she doesn’t tell Wheeler) fo the “gathering of angels”.

At the Roadhouse:

Donna walks up to Shelley at the bar. After Shelley asks what brings her to the Roadhouse, Donna pulls out her third of the letter and shows it to Shelley. She says that’s interesting and pulls out her part of the puzzle. Audrey comes up to them and slides her third in place saying, “Looks like we all have something to talk about.” The three pieces form a poem which Shelley recites while Windom Earle watches them at a discreet distance at the end of the bar.

At the Great Northern:

Cooper is practicing fly fishing with a long piece of yarn tried to a pole. Catherine calls him to tell him Josie is at the hotel in Thomas Eckhart’s suite. Cooper hangs up and gets a gun out of his bedside table and leaves his room. Approaching the suite in question, he hears an argument behind the door then a gunshot. Cooper bursts into the room, gun raised. Eckhart rises from the bed and Cooper orders him to halt, but discovers Eckhart has a gunshot wound in the chest. Eckhart falls to the floor dead. Josie sits up in the bed pointing her gun at Cooper saying “He tried to kill me.”

Cooper: Is that what you’ll say about me, Josie, that I tried to kill you. What about Jonathon?
Josie: He was taking me back
Cooper: Why did you shoot me, Josie?
Josie: Because you came here.I knew this day was going to come. I’m not going to jail.

Harry comes into the with his gun raised as well and pointed at Josie. He asks her to put down her gun and then screams the order at her, overwrought with confusion over her secret activities and betrayal. Josie asks him to forgive her and claims that she never meant to hurt him. She starts to have a quaking fit, trembling with fear and collapses dead on the bed. Harry rushes over to her and then breaks down, overcome with grief when he realizes she is dead. Cooper, then has a vision. A bright light fills the area around the bed and he sees BOB creep up from behind the bed shouting, “Coop, what happened to Josie?”, laughing maniacally then he vanishes. He is replaced by the little man from the Cooper’s dream who is dancing on the bed then he vanishes as well. Cooper stands there dazed reorienting himself with the room while Harry weeps brokenhearted. The camera pans over the the knob of a drawer on the bedside table. Josie’s face appears then pushes it ways out trying to escape the wood as if her spirit is trapped inside the Great Northern.

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