by Robert Giles

Written by Barry Pullman
Directed by James Foley

Harry is in deep mourning over Josie’s death and is numbing the pain with multiple shots of whiskey while he reminisces about Josie. Hawk comes in with one of Norma’s breakfasts “made special”. Harry seems genuinely appreciative but doesn’t have much of an appetite. Harry asks how things are going at the station. Hawk replies that Earle’s chess game is the big concern. Harry contiues saying that Cooper can handle it. “It’s a pretty simple town…used to be. I guess the world’s finally caught up to us.” Hawk gives Harry to Bookhouse Boy signal before leaving and Harry pours himself another drink.

Annie Blackburn arrives at the Double R Diner. Norma is very happy to see her sister and gives her a big hug of welcome. She introduces Annie to Shelley, who then walks off to attend to her customers. Annie seems concerned by Shelley’s statement “Norma’s told me all about you.”, indicating that Annie might be ashamed of her past. Norma reassures Annie telling her Shelley is like family. Annie insists that she doens’t want to be treated like a charity case. Norma says not to worry, she’s going to work her till she drops.
Shelley gives Major Briggs his bill as The Log Lady approaches him from behind. She touches the tattoo on the back of his neck and sits down in the stool next to him touching her log, as if she is receiving a message from it.

Cooper and Hawk in Harry’s office: Cooper is looking through various files.
Hawk: Harry’s about to hit bottom.
Cooper: Is he eating? (Hawk nods no) When do you think he’ll come back to work?
Hawk: I guess we’ll find out soon. Need a hand?
Cooper: That’s a question I should be asking you.
Hawk: You’re the senior lawman, Cooper. Let’s just let the rain fall as it has been. Besides I hate paperwork.
Cooper: This is worse than the bureau with all this international documentation. Eckhart, Josie. Here’s the autopsy on her. Doc Hayward said he couldn’t determine cause of death. The body only weighed 65 pounds.
Hawk: How’s that possible.
Cooper: I don’t know. Maybe something to do with what I saw in the room when she died.
Hawk: Maybe we should just whistle on our way past the graveyard.
Cooper: Yeah
Hawk: Anything on Earle?
Cooper: The trail’s stone cold, still waiting for his response.

In Earle’s cabin, Leo brings Earle his slippers, pipe and newspaper like a faithful servant while Earle is adjusting to allergy problems, commenting on the tonic qualities of country living. Earle checks the paper for Cooper’s next move. He is shocked and angered when he see it, “This isn’t a move. This is a trick. He’s playing a stalemate game. Cooper doesn’t know the meaning of stalemate…He’s getting help. I cannot tolerate people who do not play by the rules. People who shirk the standards!!” Earle freaks out and strikes a frightened Leo repeatedly with the newspaper. He concludes by saying, “Many people are going to regret this.”, then starts playing his Japanese flute to calm his nerves.

At the Great Northern: Audrey is demonstrating the proper technique of a fashion model walking down the runway. She and some local girls are preparing for a Stop Ghostwoods benefit that is to take place at the hotel later that evening. Dick Tremayne enters, who is to be the MC for the event. Audrey asks if Dick has met Mr. Pinkle and goes on to explain Pinkle will be giving a talk on the pine weasal. Pinkle arrives with a stuffed pine weasal. Later, Dick and Pinkle are seen talking, during which Dick makes the assertion, “What I am trying to make clear is that using a stuffed animal to represent an endangered species as an ecological protest constitues the supreme incongruity.”
Pinkle: “Well, that’s clear, Dick.
Meanwhile. Jack Wheeler approaches Audrey and they simultaneously apologize for their behavior at dinner the previous evening. Jack asks Audrey if she’d like to go out somewhere, a picnic maybe. Audrey admits she doesn’t know how to cook, to which Jack replies, “I’ll bet someone in the kitchen does.”

Cooper goes to see Harry. Harry’s breakfast remains untouched but he’s still partaking of his whiskey bottle.
Cooper: We got Josie’s dossier in from Interpol
Harry: Not interested.
Cooper: In addition to killing Eckhart, trying to kill me and killing Jonathon in Seattle…
Harry: Closed cases.
Cooper:…she’s also wanted for a variety of felonies in Hong Kong.
Harry: I don’t need to hear this.
Cooper: She’s also had two prostitution arrests Harry…Harry, eventually, it’s going to help to know she was a hardened criminal, a killer.
Harry: Get out of here.
Cooper: I know it’s not easy right now.
Harry: Just get out of here. GET OUT OF HERE, GO!!”

Thomas Eckhart’s assistant, Miss Jones comes to see Catherine. She is expediting the transport of his body back to Hong Kong and Josie’s as well; they will be buried side by side. Catherine suggets, “So they can keep an eye on each other.” Catherine pulls a gun on her and asks her what she really wants. Jones says she came to give her a gift and places a black box on Catherine’s desk, which seems to puzzle Catherine tremendously. Jones concludes by saying she has a few things to tidy up and will be leaving soon.

Windom Earle goes to the Hayward residence posing as Gerald Craig, a classmate of Doc Hayward’s from medical school. Donna is home alone and invites him in. Earle says that he was on his way to a convention in Spokane and decided to drop in on him. Windom successfully charms Donna while they disucss small towns, her sisters and high school. It has been 30 years since they graduated med school and gives Donna a small package, a gift of rememberance for Doc Hayward, he also gives her a card with the number for where he’s staying.

Pete works diligently at the Sheriff’s Station surrounded by chess boards working out various stalemate games.
Cooper: How ya’ holding up, Pete?
Pete: I’ve been through every stalemate game in recorded history and I’ve jerry-riged some of these conutry stand-offs that they don;t write about in books, but it’s no use. I mean, there isn’t a stalemate game on Earth where you don’t lose at least a few foot soldiers. Take the Classic Herbsman, you wind up with 6 pieces. Now I can improve on that, but even if I get there in half the time and windup with twelve…that means that six people die.
Cooper: Do your best, Pete. Windom Earle’s genius carries with it the vice of impatience. He doesn’t want pawns; he wants royalty. Protect those, particularly the queen, that way we can frustrate him.

Major Briggs and the Log Lady arrive, believing it was imperative that they see Cooper immediately. They go into the conference room. Cooper starts drawing the Major’s tattoo on the chalkboard, three triangles in perfect proportion. Briggs reminds them that this mark appeared after his disappearence but he has no memory of how it got there. Cooper asks Margaret if she noticed it. She replies that her log saw it, but she remembers going for a walk in the woods when she was seven, but when she returned she was told she had disappeared for a day. The only things she could recall was a bright light and a mark on her back leg, which she shows them – the mark resembles two mountains next to each other – and Cooper starts drawing this on the chalkboard as well. Briggs mentions that they all three remember the light. Catherine adds they also heard the call of the owl. The only other time she saw and heard those two things together was when her husband died in the fire. Briggs and Margaret seem to be making a connection with something but they are not yet sure what it is.

Audrey and Jack have their picnic. Jack sings to her and comments someone must have serenaded her before. Audrey says she doesn’t inspire much singing. Audrey doesn’t feel uncomfortable talking to Jack, but recognizes the loneliness that has followed her most of her life. Wheeler asks if there’s another guy. She replies there was once, but not anymore. There’s nobody. Jack tries to cheer her up by changing the subject as they enjoy the beautiful view by the lake.

Doc and Eileen Hayward return home from shopping. Donna tells Doc about his visitor, Gerald Craig. Doc says that’s impossible. Donna continues by mentioning the convention in Spokane Craig was going to and that he knew all about her. She gives Doc the card and gift. Eileen calls the number while Doc explains that Craig was his roommate and that he drowned on a rafting trip on Snake River; Doc Hayward was there and tried to save him. Eileen says that the number was for a cemetary. Doc opens the box and inside is a knight chess piece with a tag attached reading “KN to KB3”. Doc tells Donna that the man is very dangerous and not let him in the house again, then he leaves to take the chess piece to Cooper.

Ed tries to explain the concept of divorce to Nadine with the help of Dr. Jacoby. They dance around it due to the fragile state of Nadine’s mind. Ed tells Nadine he’s not sure she’ll understand, but Nadine says it’s obvious; they are talking major, final breakup. Jacoby explains to Ed that she’ll start to see reality again when her mind begins to feel safe and when this will happen is hard to determine. When Jacoby finally tells Nadine she and Ed are getting a divorce, she realizes she’s “gone blind” in her left eye.

Another surprise guest at the Hayward residence. This time it’s Ben Horne to see Eileen. He kneels down beside her in the doorway and whispers in ear while Donna watches from the top of the stairs.

At the Double R Diner:
Norma suggests that Shelley enter the Miss Twin Peaks contest. Shelley jokingly demonstrates what she thinks of beauty pageant contestants. Earle, dressed as a shaggy biker-type, asks her what the performance was for. When Shelley tells him, he says he thinks she’s very pretty and should enter.
Cooper comes in for a cup of coffee and meets Norma’s sister, Annie. He introcuces himself as Dale Cooper, local law enforcement and asks if she is planning on staying a while. Annie replies she could be there for some time and Cooper shares the fact that it’s happened to him. While Annie gets the coffee, Earle watches him from the other side of the counter. Cooper tells Annie to wait while he tries her coffee which she confessed might be a little strong, but Cooper says, “You made it just right, Annie.” Hawk enters the diner as Earle is leaving and walks up to Cooper. “We’ve got a problem at the Bookhouse.

Andy doesn’t know to do about Harry; he’s overturned just about every item of furniture, is extremely intoxicated and weilding his firearm. Cooper walks up to Harry understanding the confusion and grief his friend is going through. Cooper calmly asks him to give him the gun. Harry shouts that he doesn’t think he’s ever turned his gun over to anyone in his life. Harry goes onto to tell Cooper other things he hadn’t done. He never crossed the ocean, never made it to China. Josie came to him and she made everything so much better. Cooper slowly walks up to Harry, telling Harry that Josie didn’t take his life with her; his life is still his own. Cooper takes Harry in his arms as Harry drops the gun. Harry says there’s a whole lot he doesn’t understand. Cooper replies “We’re all like that and contines to console his friend.
Later, Cooper and Hawk put Harry to bed. Hawk comments he’s never seen Harry like this before and that Josie really had power over him. Cooper suggets Hawk have someone look of Harry overnight.

Nadine and Mike check into the Great Northern posing as a married couple from Boise. They are spotted by two schoolmates who successfully identify them, but due to Nadine distracting Randy, the concierge, by smashing the bell on the desk, they are able to get their room without further delay.

Ben Horne explains to the crowd gathered at the Stop Ghostwoods benefit that “ecology is not a luxury science. Their goal is to keep the development from destroying animal preserves that serve as the home of several endangered species, including the little pine weasel. He introduces Dick Tremayne who will be MC for the proceedings. Next comes the fashion show were several Twin Peaks citizens show their support by participating, including Lucy and Andy.
Catherine approaches Ben at the bar. He is enjoying milk and cookies and seems genuinely pleased that Catherine came to the benefit. Catherine expresses her doubts about Ben’s new movement, commenting that they’re in the same line of work and it’s obvious what Ben is up to. Ben insists that he is 100% sincere and asks Catherine if she ever had an experience that truly changed her. Catherine says to save her the “born again salespitch”. He can’t possibly stop her development plans, so what does he hope to gain from this benefit. Ben replies, “The first scrubbing on one of the dirtiest consciences in the entire Northwest.” He is also finding the only thing that gives a person authentic joy is giving. Catherine is bewildered and says “God help you, you actually sound like you mean it.” He says he does and asks Catherine to take this opportunity to write them a big fat check to help stop Ghostwoods to which Catherine cackles wildly.
Meanwhile, Mr. Pinkle comes on stage with a little pine weasel and commences to tell the crowd all about the poor creature they are trying to save with this benefit. The friendly critter seems taken by Dick’s cologne and Pinkle asks Dick to give the weasel a kiss. Reluctantly, Dick does so, saying “Hello there, little pilgrim.” The weasal bites Dick on the nose and he frantically runs about the stage trying to detach the weasel from his nose. Doing this, he flings the weasel to the floor causing mass hysteria in the crowd. Andy and Audrey try to calm the crowd to no avail. A screaming woman comes up behind Audrey and she falls off the stage and into Jack Wheeler’s arms, who is standing at the foot of the stage. She asks if he came for the fashion show, he replies no, he came for her and they kiss while the woman continues to scream on stage.

At the Bookhouse, someone walks up being the man watching over Harry and knocks him out with the butt of a gun. The person is Thomas Eckhart’s assitant, Miss Jones, who places the gun on the night stand by the bed Harry is lying in. She stips down to a camisole, lets her hair down and climbs into bed with a deeply asleep Harry Truman.

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