by Robert Giles

Written by Mark Frost & Robert Engels
Directed by Jonathon Sanger

Harry, Hawk, Andy and Cooper return to Owl Cave with the tools needed to dig away the wall of rock that covers the petroglyph. They discover their work has already been done for them. Hawk sees tracks and recognizes them, informing the group that they are same as the ones he saw outside the power station the night the corpse was left in Harry’s office. Cooper says it’s Windom Earle. Harry asks what Windom Earle would be doing there. Cooper replies, “That’s a frightening quesiton to contemplate.” He tells Harry to call Major Briggs and have him meet them back at the station, then asks Andy to make an accurate, large-scale rendering of the petroglyph.

Earle tells a story to Leo and their new friend (captive) Rusty Tomaski in the warm comfort of his cabin.
Earle: Once upon a time, there was a land of great goodness called the White Lodge. Gentle fawns gamboled there amongst happy, laughing spirits. The sounds of innocence and joy filled the air and when it rained, it rained sweet nectar that infused one’s heart with the desire to live one’s life in truth and beauty. Generally speaking, a ghastly place reeking of virtue’s sour smell…but I am happy to point out that our story does not end in this wretched place…for there is another place, its opposite. A place of almost unimaginable power, chock full of dark forces and vicious secrets…spirits there are as likely to rip the flesh from your bones than greet you with a happy “good day”…And to harvest these spirits in this hidden land…would offer a power so vast that its bearer might reorder the Earth itself to his liking. Now this place I speak of is known as the Black Lodge and I intend to find it.
Rusty says the story is cool, but he was promised a party with beer by Windom. Earle reassures him saying, “In time, everything, in time.”
The screen of his computer displays a rendering of the Owl Cave petroglyph.

At the Blue Pine Lodge, Pete is studying a chess board and improvising a lament about Josie. Catherine enters and asks him to help her with the black box left to her by Thomas Eckhart. Pete examines it and informs her it is a “puzzle box” and that you have to get the pieces just so before it will open. When asked how long it will take, Pete replies, “Well, this could take years.”

Bobby talks to Shelley at the diner, saying he has discovered the secret to success: “beautiful people get everything they want…When was the last time you saw a beautiful blonde go to the electric chair.” He wants to take advantage of the “beautiful people conspiracy” and suggests that Shelley enter the Miss Twin Peaks contests. “Once we get that crown on your head, baby, the sky is the limit.” Shelley doesn’t seem to thrilled about the idea. Bobby says more agressively that she should not argue with him because he’s in charge.
On the other side of the diner, Mayor Milford and his new fiance Lana discuss the contest. Lana says she wants to win it. Mayor says he’s given a speech or two and will coach her. Lana means that since the Mayor is one of the judges, he can guarantee it. The mayor says it would be wrong, but Lana counters by saying it would be love.
Cooper comes in to get coffee and doughnuts for him and the boys, who are waiting for him outside in the cruiser. Annie greets him and takes his order. Cooper invites Annie to accompany him on a nature study that afternoon and Annie accepts the invitation. Cooper adds that when he talks to her he gets a “tingling sensation” but doesn’t think it has anything to do with coffee. While Annie gets the order together, Bobby leaves with one last insistence about the contest. Shelley quotes the last line from the poem she received in frustration. Cooper recognizes it and asks her to repeat it. Shelley says it was an anonymous poem sent to her and that Donna and Audrey got pieces of it as well. Cooper asks to see it, and after Shelley takes it out of her purse and hands it to him, says he has to keep it. Annie returns with the order and reminds Cooper before leaving about their nature study and Cooper says he’ll pick her up at the diner at four o’ clock sharp.

Cooper shows Shelley’s portion of the poem to Harry in his office. He explains to Harry that it is divided into thirds and each one was sent to Shelley, Donna and Audrey. These were sent by Windom Earle; it was a poem Cooper once gave to Caroline. “I hope it’s nothing more than a taunt, Harry. Earle takes perverse pride in his ability to insinuate himself into innocent lives.” Harry says they should talk to the girls and find out what they remember. Hawk enters and hands Cooper Donna’s section of the poem. He adds that Audrey is in Seattle and will be back tonorrow and Major Briggs is in the conference room. After examining the two pieces put together, he asks Hawk to bring him Leo Johnson’s arrest report. Harry asks what’s going on and Cooper replies,”Putting the pieces together, Harry.”

In the conference room, Major Briggs gives Andy advice as he sketches the petroglyph on the chalkboard. Cooper enters.
Cooper: Major, we need your help, but I’m unable to accurately describe for you how or why…The Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department is currently involved in several disparate investigations: the disappearance of known felon, Leo Johnson, the reappearance of my former partner and suspected murderer, Windom Earle and the discovery of petrogylphs of an unknown origin in a place called Owl Cave. Now it would seem logic would dicate that these investigations be considered separate entities, however, I believe otherwise. I believe that these mysteries are not separate entities but are in fact complimentary verses of the same song. Now, I cannot hear it yet, but I can feel it and that is enough for me to proceed.
Briggs: How exactly may I help?
Cooper: I need to know everything there is to know about Windom Earle’s work with Project Bluebook.
Briggs: My security clearance was revoked shortly after my disappearance.
Cooper: And your ability to access the Bluebook files?
Briggs: The issue is not one of access, However, there are certain moral judgments I must make.
Cooper: Yes sir, I understand.
Briggs: Will this information help you to prevent future loss of life?
Cooper: Most assuredly.
Briggs: Is this a a copy of the petroglyph you found at Owl Cave?
Cooper: Are you familar with this?
Briggs: I dreamed it or I’ve seen it somewhere…(Briggs has a recollection of the giant owl he saw during his disappearance and the guardian beyond the flash of light)I will do what you ask.
Hawk enters with Leo’s arrest report. After checking it out, Cooper tells them that the poem sent by Windom Earle was transcribed by Leo Johnson.

Ben and Dick discuss the wine tasting benefit Dick will be holding at the Great Northern that evening. Dick asks where he could find Audrey; Ben replies that she is in Seattle for the day. Ben points at Dick’s bandaged nose and inquires about the injury he sustained at the wrath of the frightened weasal. Ben adds that they will cover any medical expenses. Dick presumes that worker’s compensation will be included. Ben says that is easily done. Dick says, “Capital. I will alert my attorney.” Dick leaves and Ben mocks Dick’s attorney statement adding, “Sometimes the urge to do bad is nearly overpowering.”

Back at Windom Earle’s cabin, they celebrate, but poor Rusty can barely move, for he is trapped inside a large paper-maiche chess pawn. He asks Earle how he gets out of it. Earle replies that he doesn’t, then asks Leo to fetch him an arrow. Rusty laughs nervously and claims he doesn’t appreciate practical jokes. Leo is not too expedient in getting the arrow, so Earle nudges him along with an electric shock. Loading the arrow into the crossbow, he tells Rusty: Think of all the hapless sinners wondering where their soul’s destination lies. For what? To gain the answer to a simple question. Where will my spirit awake? What life am I given after this life? This grave question has plagued man’s sorry conscience for aeons. Now, you, you lucky boy, you have the answer…Now!! Windom fires the Earle, killing the unfortunate Mr. Tomaski.

The Miss Twin Peaks Rules Committee -Doc hayward, Mayor Milford & Pete Martell – begin the session which will interview all the contestants. Before this gets underway, Ben Horne addresses the committee. He suggests to them that the theme of the contest’s speechs should be “How to save our forests”. Pete insinuates this might have something to do with his plans to stop the Ghostwoods development. Ben explains that the environmental concerns overshadows anyone’s business concerns. The Mayor says they will take it under advisement. Pete thinks Ben was trying to pull a fast one, but the Mayor and Doc Hayward are in favor of the proposition.

Ben stops by a table where Bobby, Shelley and Donna are seated. Noticing what Bobby’s civilian clothing consists of, Ben reminds Bobby not to forget his dry cleaning. Before leaving, he glances at Donna, which gets her to thinking about his connection with her mother. Pete asks for the first contestant to step forward. It’s Lana and she approaches the committee, kissing the Mayor. Bobby says he smells a fix. Suddenly, Shelley bursts out that she can’t do this, she’s never delivered a speech before. Bobby says it’ll be all right, he’s going to be her speech writer. Donna also assures Shelley, telling her she is going to do just fine.
Mike and Nadine enter; Nadine is also going to enter the contest. Bobby takes Mike aside and says he was going to ask where he’s been keeping himself, but he thinks he knows. Mike says it’s not what he thinks. Bobby requests that Mike tell him what he thinks. Mike thinks Bobby wouldn’t understand. When Bobby promises to be understanding, Mike asks him. “Do you have any idea what a combination of sexual maturity and superhuman strength can reult in?”. He whispers in Bobby’s ear and Bobby exclaimes “Whoa!! and apologizes to those gathered there. Mike and Nadine exchange knowing winks.

Harry and Catherine have tea at the Blue Pine Lodge. Harry has come seeking answers to try and better understand Josie’s behavior. Harry asks what she was after. When Catherine evasively says, “I’ve asked myself a lot of the same questions.”, Harry asserts that he needs to understand. Catherine explains that Josie learned early on that in order to survive she had to be what other people wanted her to be. Whatever was left of her real self, she might have never shown to anyone. All the stories and lies may not have seemed untrue to her because what she needed to believe was always changing to suit the occasion. Catherine tells Harry there might be something that could help them both. She shows him the black box, explaining that it was left to her by Eckhart shortly after he died. While Harry checks it out, Pete returns and tells them about all the beauties lined up to take a shot at the Miss Twin Peaks title. He asks Harry if he’s had any luck with the “puzzle box”. Harry hands it to him and Pete drops it during the exchange. When he reaches down to pick it up, there is a smaller box that he pulls out that appears to have astronomical signs on its surface.

Cooper and Annie on their nature study, rowing along on a lake: Annie tells him she always felt closer to nature than to people. Norma was always Miss Popularity while Annie was moving away from the world. Cooper asks if she had many boyfriends. Annie replies that she had one senior year of high school. Cooper continues by inquiring if it had anything to do with her going away to the convent. Annie seems uncomfortable about speaking of it. Eventually she does say that she wanted to face her fear here, the place where everything went so wrong. Cooper looks at her wrists, taking her hands in his and tells her he knows of the dark tunnel one can fall into. Something similar happened to him that made him want to disappear from the world and because of this he thinks he can help her. They kiss several times as she reveals that she believes that she can trust Cooper even though she doesn’t know him very well. As they disembark and walk along the pier, they are watched from the distance by Windom Earle through binoculars.

Dick holds his wine tasting benefit for the Stop Ghostwoods movement. Lana and Lucy are there to assist him pouring the wine for those gathered for the event .Andy and Lucy seem to be getting along very well, although Lucy is very upset with Dick’s smug behavior and his being overly friendly with Lana.

Gordon and Shelley have pie and coffee together while he tells her FBI stories. Cooper and Annie enter and Gordon asks them to join he and Shelley; both men are pleased to have caught each other before Gordon left town. Gordon comments, “This world of Twin Peaks seems to be full of beautiful women, although only one I can hear….Shelley, you are a miracle worker and a goddess sent from heaven.” He wants to kiss her before he leaves, because he will regret it if he doesn’t, not knowing when he will return to Twin Peaks. Bobby enters as he starts to kiss her and asks what the hell is going on. Gordon explains, “You are witnessing a front three-quarter view of two adults sharing a tender moment. Acts like he’s never seen a kiss before. Take another look, sonny, it’s gonna happen again.”

Cooper is drinking warm milk in front of a roaring fire in the lobby of the Great Northern. Jack Wheeler sits down next to him, sipping whiskey and lovestruck by Audrey’s absence while she’s in Seattle. He comments, “Love is hell.” which sparks a discussion between the two men about the nature of love. Jack says, “It hits you like an eighteen wheeler.” Cooper says it sounds like Wheeler has a pretty serious case. Jack asks if Cooper is on the critical list. Cooper describes it as someone taking a crowbar to his heart, but it’s a good thing because its been locked away long enough. Jack gets a telegram and has to leave suddenly, telling a Great Northern employee to notify the front desk that he will be checking out shortly.

Donna, Doc and Eileen Hayward have dinner. Donna asks Eileen how she knows Ben Horne. Donna describes how she saw Ben come by the house and that Eileen went to see him at the Great Northern. Doc interjects to direct the conversation to local charities that Ben might be involved in. Donna snidely comments that it must have been one of the local charities that sent Eileen the flowers. Eileen changes the subject by asking about school. Donna says that all the girls are excited about Miss Twin Peaks, adding that she entered. Eileen is surprised, because Donna was never too interested in it before. Donna keeps her bitter attitude and says she thought she could use the money to study overseas. Will seems very uncomfortable about the tension mounting in his household.

Harry calls Cooper to Easter Park, where a large wooden crate sits on the gazebo. Harry thinks it could possibly be a bomb. Cooper instructs Andy to direct everyone behind the police cruiser. He takes the police scene tape and ties it to a ring on the crate that says “Pull me.” then ties the other end to a rock and sets it on the gazebo railing.
Cooper says to Harry, “Harry, there was a time when I could comprhend with a high degree of clarity Windom Earle’s twisted logic, but his actions of late have left me completely bewildered. He is changing the pattern of the game board. Any hope of deducing his next move has evaporated…Windom Earle merely condascends the logic, leaving us the task of unraveling an insane man’s terrifying caprice.”. Cooper walks behind the cruiser and fires his weapon at the rock causing the yellow tape to pull and open the crate. The four sides fall away revealing the giant chess pawn with Rusty’s dead body inside.

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