by Robert Giles (Gazette Reporter)

Written by Mark Frost & Harley Peyton & Robert Engels
Directed by David Lynch

Lucy and Andy discuss the events at the Roadhouse when the lights went out. It made Lucy wonder what would happen if the lights went out in the hospital and they were stuck in the elevator. Andy warmly tells her, “Then I’d help you have that baby right there in the elevator in front of God and everybody.” They kiss and say “I love you” simultaneously.

Cooper is concentrating on the cave petroglyph, trying to figure out where the entrance to the Black Lodge is. Harry comes in and announces they have deputies from 3 counties looking for Earle but he’s completely vanished. Cooper says the only hope they of finding them is somewhere in this map. Cooper thinks out loud, looking at the sketch, “The Giant, the little man…Fire…fire walk with me…”

Pete bursts in shouting “Grand theft auto! The Log Lady stole my truck. ’68 Dodge pickup, powder blue. I tried to chase after her but she took off on the road up towards the woods.” Cooper turns to Harry and suggests, “Ghostwood Forest.” Harry makes a connection and starts looking at the sketch for answers. Pete adds that there were 12 rainbow trout in the bed of his truck. Harry recognizes something in the map. A circle of 12 sycamore trees: a place callled Glastonberry Grove. Hawk says that’s where he found the bloody towel and the pages of Laura’s diary.

The Log Lady enters and Pete immediately asks her, “Where’s my truck?” Cooper assures Pete the Log Lady did not steal his truck, it was Windom Earle. Margaret has brought a glass jar of oil, which her husband referred to as “an opening to a gateway” when he brought it home one night just before he died. Cooper smells the oil, then lets Harry take a whiff. Harry says, “Scorched engine oil.”; both men recall Jacoby smelling this the night he was attacked in Easter Park. Next Ronette is brought in and Cooper asks her if she recognizes the smell. She cowers and retreats into Hawk’s arms, stating, “The train…the night Laura Palmer was killed.”

Pete’s truck comes to a stop in the woods; Windom & Annie have arrived at Glastonberry Grove. He introduces himself to Annie. Annie says, “If you’re going to kill me, why don’t you just get it over with. Windom replies, “There’s plenty of time for that, but I do like the fear.” They get out of the truck and he leads them up through the woods. Annie recites prayers for a while, then asks Windom what they are doing there to which he replies, “You and I have an appointment at the end of the world.” Annie says Cooper will come for her. Windom Earle claims he won’t and adds, “The same thing happened last time, when he fell in love with my wife. I took the boy right to the edge that time…Come into circle.” Annie falls under some kind of trance and doesn’t resist Windom any longer. He says, “You’ll not run from me, not in this circle of trees. Annie follows him to the small pool surrounded by stones that sits in the center of the twelve sycamore trees. The red curtains appear and then disappear after they enter.

At Ed’s house, Doc Hayward tends to Mike and Nadine’s head injuries while Norma and Ed think everything is peachy keen. Mike tells Nadine how worried he was about her when he saw that sandbag hit her, before the tree hit him. He wasn’t sure about how he felt before, but he knows now he would do just about anything for her. He confesses his love for her and tries to kiss her. Nadine backs away and asks him who he is and what he’s doing here. He says his name is Mike and that she brought him here. Nadine looks at Ed with intense sadness, “Ed, make him go away…What’s she doing here…Well, it’s not fair…Where are my drape runners?!” Ed goes to her and grabs her roughly, asking her how old she is. She argues that it’s a stupid question, then finally relents, answering “35, you moron.” Mike stands up and says sincerely, “I’m sorry, Ed. I think I let things get a little out of hand.”

At the Hayward residence, Eileen sits at the bottom of the stairs begging Donna not to leave when she comes downstairs with suitcases.

Eileen: Please, just let me explain.
Donna: Leave me alone!
Ben: It isn’t your parents fault. It’s mine.
Donna: My parents? Who are my parents anyway?
Ben: I only wanted to do good. I wanted to be good and it felt so good to tell the truth after all these years.
Doc comes home and sees Donna crying, then sees Ben.
Doc: Ben, damn it…Ben, I warned you. Get out of my house.
Ben: Will, can you forgive me for what I have done to you.

Sylvia Horne enters and appraises the situation and asks Ben, “What are you trying to do to this family?”

Donna completely breaks down and goes into Doc arms crying, “You’re my Daddy” repeatedly. Doc is enraged and charges at Ben, telling him “Leave my family alone!” He punches Ben and Ben stumbles toward the fireplace and cracks his forehead on the marble, resulting in a nasty injury. Doc collapses to his knees torn between his anger at Ben and devastated by what he has done.

Andrew Packard takes the key from the cake saver in the dark kitchen at Blue Pine Lodge. He knew he recognized it as a safety-deposit box key and replaces it with a similar key. He thinks he’s going to get away with it, but Pete comes up behind him after witnessing the switch.

Harry and Cooper find Pete’s truck in the woods, when they arrive at Glastonberry Grove. Following Windom and Annie’s footsteps into the woods, they reach a certain point and Cooper stops. He turns to Harry and says he has to go on alone. Harry concedes but after Cooper goes on for few yards, Harry follows to make sure Cooper is going to be all right. Cooper hears an owl nearby and spots him before reaching the twelve sycamore trees. He finds the dark pool surrounded by stones and discovers more foootprints after quoting Margaret, “an opening to a gateway.” He follows the footsteps. Harry comes up behind and stays hidden in the trees, watching from a small distance. The red curtains appear, then disappear after Cooper enters. Harry exclaims “Oh my God.” in stunned disbelief. Shortly after, Andy approaches calling out Harry’s name. Harry yells at him to reveal his location.

Inside, Cooper walks down a hallway lined with the same red curtains and floor with the same patterns as the red room from his dream. He follows the sound of music and enters a room exactly like the one where Laura told him the identity of the killer in the same dream. The little man appears from behind the curtains and dances his way to his seat. Strobe lights fill the room as the singer finishes his performance of “Sycamore Trees” lit by a spotlight. The little man looks behind him at Cooper standing there. The singer vanishes after song is completed.

Day breaks on Glastonberry Grove. Andy and Harry sit on a fallen tree. Harry says, “It’s been about 10 hours since he went in there.” Andy tries to ascertain if Harry wants breakfast, coffee and pie. However, Harry is fully concentrating on the spot Cooper disappeared, pondering what could possiblyt be going on where Cooper is and sincerely hopes his friend is okay.

At the Twin Peaks Savings & Loan, Audrey arrives and chains herself to the bank vault. She tells Dell, the bank manager, to call the Gazette and tell the editor that she has chained herself to the vault in protest of the S&L’s financial ties to the Ghostwood development project. She intends to stay there until a town meeting is held to debate the future of the environment and the effects of the development upon it.
Someone else enters the bank and Dell meets them at the entrance, speechless, because it is the supposedly dead Andrew Packard accompanied by Pete who simply states, “He’s alive.” Andrew tells Dell he has a favor and asks if he recognizes the key. Dell says it goes to one of their safety-deposit boxes, but there is going to be a problem. They walk to the vault and Andrew asks Audrey why she’s chained to the vault to which Audrey replies, “Civil disobdeience.” Andrew seems impressed by Audrey’s actions and they proceed into the vault. Once inside, Dell locates the box in question and inserts the key, then leaves Andrew and Pete to it. Andrew announces, “We’ve come to the end of a long road, Pete, and here we are.” He opens the box to find explosives set to go off and a note reading “Got you, Andrew. Love, Thomas.” There is a massive explosion and Dell’s glasses land in a nearby tree as dollar bills fall from the sky.

At the Double R Diner, Major Briggs and his wife, Betty, cuddle in a booth. Bobby sits at the counter and talks to Shelley. He tells her he thinks they should get married. Shelley reminds Bobby that she is still wearing Leo’s ring. Heidi the German waitress arrives and the first diner scene from the pilot is repeated with the same dialogue except when Shelley says “Too busy jumpstarting your man” Bobby and her add “Again!” at the same time. Bobby comments that Leo is probably out in the woods having the time of his life. There is a shot of Leo, reminding the viewers of Leo’s fate and that Leo has miraculously held onto the string for a day and a half.

Jacoby enters with Sarah Palmer.

Jacoby: Well, you were right. There’s the Major. (He takes Sarah over to the booth where the Major is seated) Excuse us, Major Briggs, for the intrusion, but Sarah here had a message that she thought was important.

Sarah speaks in a distorted voice to the Major, “I’m in the Black Lodge with Agent Cooper.” While the Major ponders this, the hallway to the red room is again shown and the voice of the little man is heard saying, “I’ve been waiting for you.”

Cooper and LMFAP sit in chairs in the “waiting room”.

LMFAP: When you see me again, it won’t be me…This is the waiting room…Would you like some coffee?…Some of your friends are here.
Laura walks in and sits down in the chair next to LMFAP and says “Hello, Agent Cooper” and winks at him. “I’ll see you again in 25 years…Meanwhile.” she says before striking a pose and disappearing.

Then, the old waiter appears in the chair and makes an Indian whooping noise, saying “Hallelujah” which the little man echoes. The old waiter stands up and walks over to Cooper, offering him a cup of coffee. After setting the coffee on the end table next to Agent Cooper, he turns into the Giant. He returns to the chair and sits down and says, “One and the same.” before he disappears.
The little man starts rubbing his hands together. Cooper tries to drink his coffee but finds it has solidified. He checks it again by tipping the cup and coffee spills out in its regular form. Then the man pauses the rubbing and says “Wow, BOB, Wow”. Cooper tips the cup again to find the coffee has now taken on a more viscous form. The little man then says, “Fire walk with me.”. The stobe lights start again and Laura’s scream is heard somewhere in the background. Cooper stands up and leaves the room.

He finds another hallway and walks to the end of it and enters another room the same as the last except with no furniture. He turns around and goes back to the room he came from and the little man tells him “Wrong way.” When Cooper goes back to the other room it is furnished and there is a crazed version of LMFAP making strange noises then he says “Another friend.” He continues making the strange noises and disappears behind a chair. Maddy enters saying, “I’m Maddy. Watch out for my cousin.”, then she disappears.

Cooper leaves this room and goes back to the first room (or so he thinks).It is now completely empty and he encounters the crazed LMFAP again who looks up at him and says “Doppelganger.” Across the room, a double chair has appeared with Laura’s doppelganger sitting in it saying “Meanwhile” maniacally before she starts shrieking piercingly. She runs up to Cooper while still screaming her head off. Cooper sees Windom Earle’s face for an instant superimposed over that of Laura’s doppelganger. He flees the room, goes down another hallway and enters another room.

In this room, Cooper discovers he has been stabbed in a similar fashion to the way he was wounded in Pittsburgh. He turns around and follows the blood back the direction he came. Down the hallway and back into that room, he sees Caroline and himself lying in the floor, the same as it was in Pittsburgh. He says Caroline’s name and she turns into Annie and lifts her head and looks around dazed and confused. He calls out for her over and over, then starts looking for her in other rooms.

Cooper enters a room and finds Annie standing there in the dress she wore at the Miss Twin Peaks contest. She says, “Dale, I saw the face of the man who killed me.

Cooper: Annie? The face of the man who killed you?
Annie: It was my husband…Who’s Annie?
She turns into Caroline, wearing Caroline’s dress “It’s me…It’s me.” she says with the white glassy eyes of the doppelgangers. Cooper says “Caroline?” She then turns back into Annie, wearing Caroline’s dress and states, “You must be mistaken, I’m alive.”.

Suddenly, it is now Laura’s doppelganger with that same piercing scream. When she stops screaming, Cooper seems startled, because it is Windom Earle he is facing. Annie appears beside them, then disappears. Windom says, “If you give me your soul, I’ll let Annie live.” Cooper answers that he will, then Windom stabs Cooper. Then time reverses, eliminating the stabbing. The room is now dark and BOB is now before Cooper with Windom in his clutches. Windom is screaming in absolute terror, then BOB orders him to be quiet. BOB tells Cooper, “You go. He can’t ask for your soul. I will take his.” BOB waves his hand over Windom and a flame shoots up from his head as Earle’s soul is extinguished.

Cooper turns and walks away and doesn’t see his doppelganger enter the room and approach BOB. They share a good laugh at Earle’s fate and what is about to happen to Cooper. Cooper walks down the hallway and Leland’s doppelganger pops out and him claiming “I did not kill anybody.” Cooper walks around him and looks behind him before going into the next room as sees him doppelganger coming out from behind the curtains at the other end of the hall. Cooper takes off running trying to escape the Lodge before his doppelganger catches up with him, but he fails and the doppelganger grabs Cooper right before he reaches the exit.

Outside, evening has fallen again and Harry is dutifully waiting there still for Cooper’s exit. He sees Cooper and Annie lying on the ground. Truman says their names and runs over to them trying to determine if they are injured or dead.

The following morning, Cooper awakes to find Doc and Harry watching over him as he lies in the bed of his hotel room. Cooper confesses, “I wasn’t sleeping.” He then asks if Annie is okay. Harry tells him she is going to be fine and that she’s in the hospital. Cooper proclaims that he needs to brush his teeth. Harry helps him out of bed and leads him toward the bathroom. Cooper turns and again states that he has to brush his teeth. Harry agrees that it’s a good idea. In the bathroom, Cooper starts to go through the motions as if he is going to brush his teeth. He starts squeezing toothpaste into the sink. He looks into the mirror, then suddenly smashes his head into it. Harry and Doc can hear it outside and Harry comes to the door asking Cooper if he’s all right. In the mirror’s reflection is BOB who turns his head when Cooper turns his. Cooper has blood running down his forehead from the injury and insanely asks over and over, “How’s Annie?!”

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