Original Airdate: May 3, 1990


Sarah explains what she saw in her vision to Andy who is drawing a picture of BOB. In the living room is also Donna, Dr. Hayward, Leland, Maddy, and Truman. Leland mentions something about a necklace and Sarah explains that she saw a hand pick up the necklace of half a heart. Donna recognizes what she is talking about and realizes it is the necklace James and she hid.

Lucy is involved in Invitation to Love when Truman and Andy comes up the window. She tells him what is happening on the soap and refuses to speak nicely to Andy. In the conference room, Cooper is with Jacoby who is performing magic tricks. Jacoby is not helping too much because of doctor-patient confidentiality. He explains that the problems of our society is because of a sexual problem. He also talks about Hawaii and sex. Jacoby says that Laura had secrets and that he wasn’t able to penetrate those secrets and that he followed someone with a red corvette that Laura talked about. Leo drives one of those. Then Gordon Cole calls and Jacoby leaves. On the speakerphone, Cole tells Cooper about Laura and also Albert’s problem with the sheriff in which Cooper refuses to listen. Andy comes in with the drawing of BOB and Cooper says that this was the man he had seen. Hawk then calls and tells Cooper that he found the One Armed Man.

At Timber Falls Motel (?), Josie is taking pictures from her car while Ben and Catherine are in bed together. They continue discuss what they could do with the mill and Josie. The cops arrive and prepare to break into room 101 where the one armed man is located, next door to Catherin and Ben. Andy drops his gun and it goes off. They break in and find Philip Gerard in a towel. Ben goes to the shower and takes his pants. Out falls a One Eye Jack’s poker chip that Catherine finds. In the other room, the cops interrogate Gerard about BOB and him being at a hospital. Come to find out, Gerard’s middle name is Michael and he is a salesman, now selling shoes, he used to sell pharmasuticals. His sample case only has left side shoes. They ask him about his tatoo and he breaks down crying saying that it said, MOM. Outside, Hawk tells Harry that he saw Josie watching the motel.

At school, Audrey and Donna plan to find Laura’s killer while also talking about Cooper. They also mention One Eyed Jack’s.

At the state prison, Norma meets with her husband before the parole hearing. Hank tells her that he needs his help and he needs to get out. In the parole hearing, Hank explains how he views what happened. They also ask Norma how she is going to help her husband if he is to be released.

Cooper and Truman arrive at a gas staiton/convenient store where they check out Bob Lyedecker’s vet place. Inside there is a llhama and a number of other animals. The animal snorts directly at Cooper and Andy walks in with a spool of thread. They then confiscate all of the vet’s files under hte impression that the bird that bit Laura is a patient.

Back at the Johnsons, Shelly and Bobby are making out. She shows him the bloody shirt and Bobby makes up a plan. She then shows him the gun and they continue to make out.

Back at the station, Lucy starts going through the files as the others go downstairs to do weapon and shooting training. There they talk about women and love. We learn that Hawk has a girlfriend and that Cooper used to love someone a long time ago. While shooting, Hawk gets six for six, two kills and Andy needs more practice. After Truman and Cooper shoot, Truman scored 1 miss, five hits, three kills and Cooper made six hits, four through the eyes and one through each nostril. Just then, Lucy comes on explaining the problems with the filing system: organized by the name of the pet.

At the Double R, Shelly arrives at work and Norma and her make a date to get a great makeover. We also learn that Shelly fell in love with a great Leo with a great car, but then changed after getting married. James walks in as the two plan for tomorrow’s makeover date and calls Donna who is helping in the kitchen. MEanwhile, Maddy walks in and James goes to her, asking her who she is. They introduce themselves to each other. In the kitchen, Norma gets a phone call: Hank is coming home.

At Ben’s office, he is speaking on the phone as Audrey comes in and requests to that her father lets her help with the family business. He reluctantly agrees to let Audrey have a job after making a few wisecracks.Audrey says to him, “Please let me be your daughter again.” He receives a phone call and Audrey leaves, but not before he thanks her. Ben tells the caller to meet him down by the river.

At the station, Andy is going through the files as Gordon Cole calls telling Cooper that Albert is faxing the drawing of the piece in Laura’s stomach: poker peice from One Eyed Jack’s jsut as Andy discovers Waldo and Jacques’ name. The cops do a raid on Jacques’ apartment, in which Bobby is hiding the bloody shirt and then runs. Hawk goes after him but is not able to catch him. Cooper immediatley finds the bloody shirt.

Down by the river, Ben and Leo meet each other and discuss the burning down of the sawmill. Leo shows Ben Bernie’s body and tells him that Jacques is in Canada. Ben wants the burning of the mill to look like arson. Three nights from tonight, he tells him.

Donna and James go back to the place where they hid the necklace and couldn’t find it. They talk about how Sarah could possibly know as an owl suddenly hoots from a tree limb. They kiss after committing to finding the killer.

At Pete’s house, the phone rings and Josie answers it. It is Harry on the other end and he tells her that he cannot get away. He asks her about Timber Falls Motel and she hangs up quickly. Pete has Josie make a sandwich for me with just a bit of mayonaise. Pete asks Josie if she wants to go fishing with him for a contest. She agrees and then he goes to bed. She goes through the mail and finds a letter to her with a drawing of a double three dominoe in it. Then the phone rings and she answers it. On the other end, Hank asks her if she received his message as he sucks on the same type of domino.

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