Original Airdate: May 10, 1990


Cooper awakes with a loud group of men singing on his floor. He talks to Diane and requests the ear plugs that he used on his trip to New York. The next morning, the group of men continue to sing as Cooper eats his breakfast as Audrey comes in asking if he is okay. He says he is tired and on edge. She tells him that she has a job and wants to help him on his case. He asks her how old she is: 18.

Jerry then enters and goes to see his brother. Ben is quite angry about the fact that the newcomers from Europe are extremely loud and that Jerry has met a woman named Helga who gave him an entire leg of lamb. A few minutes later, Leland enters to try to help Ben with the new investment group. Ben and Jerry try to get rid of Leland.

Up at Jacques’ apartment, Truman and the others are going through his apartment. Cooper is also looking for do-nuts and coffee. Up in the light, Cooper finds a copy of Fleshworld as the Doctor tells him that the blood is AB-, which is Jaques blood type, not Laura’s. They open the sex magazine to find a letter from a bearded man who sent a picture of himself in lengerie. Cooper also notices a shot of Leo Johnson’s truck on the page.

At the Johnsons’ Shelly is giving Bobby breakfast as they discuss the problems with Leo. Suddenly there is a knock at the door and Bobby goes into hiding as Shelly opens the door to find Andy on the porch asking for Leo. Shelly tells him that Leo knows Jacques and that they were arguing about something–Bobby’s plan in action. They start making out when the phone rings and Leo is on the other end.

Over at Big Ed’s Gas Station, Norma shows up and the two decide that it might be best if they do not see each other for awhile since Hank will be returning to Twin Peaks. She tells him that she loves him and then leaves.

At Horne’s Department Store, Emory Batts is talking with Audrey about a job position. Audrey forces Emory to give her a position at hte perfume counter or she would rip her dress and scream and tell her father that he made a pass at her.

At the lake on the gazebo, James and Donna meet. James tells Donna about her parents: his father left them, and his mother is an alcoholic who sleeps around with guys. Donna assures him that it is okay and he says that he doesn’t want to have secrets between each other. They kiss and agree that they must find out the truth of Laura’s killer.

Back at Jacques’, do-nuts are being passed around and Cooper is going through the kitchen where he finds a cabin with red drapes. He also finds two addresses for one post office and identifies Laura from a picture that doesn’t show her face. He also identifies red drapes. They decide to take a walk in the woods.

At the Double R, Maddy, Donna and James meet each other and decide to help each other find Laura’s killer. Maddy says that she will check around Laura’s room to find some information about her and Laura’s last days. Maddy says that hte day before she died, she felt Laura was in trouble. They get up and leave. Behind them was sitting Hank who is drinking a cup of coffee. Norma and Shelly arrive from their makeovers to find Hank sitting in the booth. Norma and he talk as Shelly goes into the kitchen.

At Dr. Jacoby’s, Bobby, Major Briggs, and Mrs. Briggs are in family counseling. Jacoby asks the others to leave so he can talk to Bobby by himself. He asks Bobby about Laura and the firs time they made love. He asks him if Laura laughed at him for crying after their first time. Bobby starts talking about Laura and what she had said to him. Jacoby tells Bobby that Laura used his weaknesses to hurt him and that she corrupted him, which forced Bobby into being bad and then he starts to cry.

Out in the woods, Truman, Hawk, Cooper, and Dr. Hayward are searching for Jacques’ cabin. Instead they find the Log Lady’s who invites them in for tea and cookies. While there, the Log Lady explains about herself and the log. She lets them in so the owls won’t see them in there. She also says that if you close your eyes, you will burst into flames. Margaret (Log Lady) tells them that they are two days late and then goes on to say that her log saw something that night. She tells the men that her husband was a fireman and that he met the devil. Cooper asks the Log what he saw the night of the killing. The Log Lady says, “Dark. Laughing. The owls were flying. Many things wree blocked. Laughing. Two men. Two girls. Flashlights passed by. In the woods over the bridge. The owls were near. The dark was pressing in on her. Quite then. Later footsteps. One man passed by. Screams far away. Terrible. Terrible. One voice–girl. Further up, over hte ridge, the owls were silent.”

Back in the woods after the tea and cookies, the men continue on to find Jacques’ cabin and music in the air. The come upon it to find a record player on and Waldo the bird. They also find a poker chip with a missing segment, film in a camera, reel of twine, and blood.

At the Great Northern, a shadow is sitting in Ben’s chair. Up at a party, Pete and Catherine enter to the crowd of people. Major Briggs is there speaking with one of the Icelanders, as was Jerry with Helga. Leland also shows up. Ben is humoring a group of people when Catherine walks up and pours champagne on his shoes. He steps away and tells her to meet him in his office in two minutes. Audrey is watching nearby and goes to her secret hideaway between the walls so as to listen to her father’s conversation with Catherine. There, she hears them talking about the sawmill and One Eyed Jack’s. She slaps him three times and then they kiss as Audrey laughs and then stops. Ben offers her a breath mint as Audrey puts away the segment of the wall laughing. Back at the party, Pete is talking to an Icelander when Jerry comes on the microphone and thanks everyone for coming out. The music starts and Leland starts to dance. Ben tells Catherine to dance with Leland and everyone else follows suit, acting just like Leland–a new dance? Everyone dnaces as Audrey looks on crying.

Back in Ben’s office, the shadow has returned.

At the Palmer’s, Maddy calls Donna to tell her she found a casette tape. They are to meet tomorrow.

Ben goes to his office to meet the shadow who is actually Josie. They discuss the burning down the mill and also the fake ledger. They are going to proceed tomorrow night with their plan.

At the Johnson’s, Shelly paces back and forth as Leo arrives home pulling gas tanks from under the house. Hank arrives and hits him a couple of times and threatens him. Leo enters the house to clean the blood off and Shelly tries to help, but he kocks her to the floor. She grabs the gun and warns Leo. She fires teh gun as Leo advances and he runs out the door, hitting the kitchen light hanging from the ceiling.

Back at hte Great Northern, Cooper goes back to his room to find the door open. Inside he finds Audrey naked on his bed saying “Don’t make me leave. Please. Don’t make me leave.”

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