Original Airdate: May 17, 1990


Cooper sits at his bed with Audrey wrapped in the sheets still naked. He refuses to do anything with her and lets her down easy–letting her down and helping her realize that he is her friend. He supports her and then goes downstairs to get a couple of malts and fries as she gets dressed.

The next morning, Andy is still being refused by Lucy who is sitting at her desk. She tells him that right now it is peak activity time at the switchboard. She gets a phone call and waits for Andy to leave. On the phone, she is talking to a doctor that tells her something. She seems upset and then hangs up. Cooper enters and talks to Lucy who called in sick. Inside the conference room, Dr. Hayward and Truman are learning more about Waldo. Dr. Hayward asks Cooper if he will feed him, and Cooper says he doesn’t like birds. Dr. Hayward exits and Hawk comes in with new information: Jacques had three visitors as his cabin the night of Laura’s death: Laura, Ronette and Leo. There is also a picture of Waldo and also Laura’s bare shoulder. Cooper puts down his voice activated tape recorder. They plan to go to One Eyed Jack’s.

Over at Leo’s, Bobby arrives and Leo is watching through binoculars. He cocks his shotgun waiting for Bobby to show up again. Shelly tells Bobby and shooting Leo and begins to cry. She says he sounded like an animal and screamed and screamed. She is scared that he is going to kill her. She goes on to tell Bobby the story of how she shot Leo. He supports her telling her that he will deal with everything. Over on Leo’s CB radio, he hears some information about Waldo the bird and then drives away in his truck.

At the Palmer’s house, James, Donna and Maddy listen to a tape that Laura made for Jacoby. She tells the doctor that she is going to have big bad dreams tonight. She says that she likes talking into the tape recorder and says that she knows Jacoby likes her. She asks why guys like her so much and how she doesn’t have to try. There is one more tape case in the box (Feb 23–the night Laura died). They plan to get a hold of that missing tape at Jacoby’s office.

Jump to Horne’s Department Store where Audrey offends a customer at the perfume counter and where she hears that Emory Battis is going to speak with her co-worker. She goes off to his office and hides in the closet where he enters and speaks with her co-worker. He gives Jenny a glass unicorn that she places on the desk. He talks to her about the club she was at that weekend and if she enjoyed herself. He suggests she give Black Rose a phone call. They exit and Audrey follows picking up the unicorn and also looking in Battis’ black book: she finds Ronette’s name.

Over at the Double R, Hank is talking with Shelly where he learns that Big Ed was helping Norma out. He then pockets a lighter as Truman and Cooper walk in and the sheriff reminds Hank that he must check in regularly every Friday or go to jail. Shelly asks the men if they need anything and Truman says no, but Cooper tells him that “everyday, once a day, give yourself a present…” They sit and enjoy two black cups of coffee.

Back at Audrey’s job, Audrey and Jenny talk. She tells her that she lost the number that he gave her and then Jenny gives Audrey the number to Black Rose. Audrey picks up the phone and calls.

At Big Ed’s, Nadine is watching An Invitation to Love and Ed walks in and sits down with his wife. She is obviously depressed about her silent drape runners and is eating bon-bons.

At the Martell’s Pete is showing Truman his catch that he just received from the taxidermy. Josie walks in and Truman asks her about Timber Falls Motel and she tells him that she was taking pictures of Catherine and Ben who were together. She shows him pictures of the two together–proof as Truman had asked. She tells Truman about a fire at the mill that she heard from Catherine the other night.

That night, Cooper gets dressed up in his tuxedo and starts giving Ed money to gamble with. Truman and Cooper talk about Josie because of Ben and Catherine. Cooper wants to learn more about Truman but he says that he has everything he needs to know about Josie. Cooper tells Truman that Ed and he are going to be two oral surgeons at One Eyed Jack’s. They leave and Audrey enters and leaves another message for Cooper.

Back at the Martell’s, Catherine is talking to an insurance agent about a policy that Ben and Josie put together for her. She refuses to sign it until after she has read through all of the life policy. She suddenly realizes that she is being played against by Ben and Josie. She hurries into her room where at the desk where she was hiding the ledger: it was gone.

At the Great Northern, Audrey slips a note for Cooper under his room door at 315. She passes by an Asian man and he nods at her.

At the station, Cooper, Hawk, Ed, and Truman prepare for the stake out tonight. A scene of Waldo in the room speaking and the recorder goes on. Suddenly a gun shot and the men run to the room. Outside, Leo runs off. Back inside, the men see blood covering the donuts and the check the tape recorder. On it, the bird says, “Hello Waldo. Laura. Laura. Don’t go there. Hurting me. Hurting me. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. Leo, no. Leo, no.”

At One Eyed Jack’s, Cooper and Truman begin their stake out and Blackie walks up to them and introduces herself. Cooper tells her that they are Barney and Fred and Ed screws up telling her that he owns a gas station and then retreats to say they are oral surgeons. Cooper tells Hawk the situation inside and Cooper heads to the Blackjack table and Ed to the craps table.

At the Palmer’s Maddy sneaks downstairs and out the door. In the living room is Leland who watches her leave in the dark with an extremely serious face.

At the gazebo, the girls meet with James. Maddy (now dressed up like Laura) stuns James because they look so alike.

At the Great Northern, Ben and Jerry sing along with the Europeans and then they leave. Ben tells Jerry that he needs to get them to sign the contract but that they want to make a trip to One Eyed Jack’s first. He picks up the phone and calls Josie telling her that they need Catherine at the mill tonight. Hank is also there with Josie as she hangs up the phone.

Jump to One Eyed Jack’s, Audrey meets with Blackie and is found out that she is a fake. Blackie asks her to give her one reason that she shouldn’t send her butt back to civilization. Audrey picks a cherry and eats it. She then takes the cherry stem and ties it in a knot with her tongue. Blackie welcomes her to Jack’s.

Cooper scores another 21 at the Blackjack table and Jacques comes up.

Jacoby is watching TV when he gets a phone call from Laura/Maddy. She tells him to check outside his door for a videotape and to meet her at Sparkwood and 21 in 10 minutes. James and Donna leave to sneak into Jacoby’s office as Bobby appears in the bushes and watches them drive away on the bike. Someone else is above Bobby watching what is going on. Jacoby watches the tape again and realizes that it was filmed at the Gazebo. He leaves to meet Maddy/Laura as Donna and James sneak up to his house and Bobby goes to James’ bike where he places a bag of cocaine in the gas tank.

At the Gazebo, the other person is still watching Maddy…

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