In Vegas, Cooper continues to win jackpot after jackpot, yelling HEEELLLOOO each time.

The old woman approaches Cooper and calls him Mr Jackpot. She asks for another jackpot and he points to one with the flame. She runs to it and wins a jackpot. This is the 30th jackpot.

Cooper is approached by Bill Shaker. Bill talks to “Dougie Jones” while eating a hot dot. Bill’s wife stands next to him. Cooper talks about going home and Bill mentions that his house has a bright red door at Lancelot Court. Bill points Cooper to the exit where a line of cabs are waiting. But before Cooper can get out of the building, he is stopped by an employee who take him to an office upstairs.

The manager of the casino sits at his desk as Cooper arrives. The employee motions that Cooper is “crazy” and Cooper sits down. The manager drops a large bag of cash on his desk and they have a conversation about his winnings and going home. They offer to drive Cooper to his home.

Cooper arrives at his home with the red door. The chauffeur opens the door for him and they stand outside the car waiting. While they wait, an owl hoots and flies over them. The chauffer says the owl was spooky. Dougie’s wife, Janey-E, comes out of the house and slaps him asking where he has been. He has been missing for 3 days and missed their son’s birthday. She takes him inside and interrogates him and what he has been doing. She now notices that he is wearing a black suit and has a haircut. She takes the bag of money from him and her tune changes. She asks where he got the money and discovers that he won the money at the casino. “There’s enough here to pay them back,” she says to him. “This is the most wonderful horrible day of my life.” Janey-E goes off to fix Cooper a sandwich and Sonny Jim’s birthday cake.

In Philadelphia, Cole visits with Denise Bryson. They have a conversation about Cooper and Tammy Preston. Denise seems concerned that Cole is taking Tammy with them on the trip to South Dakota. They also talk about how Cole helped Denise in the previous years and supported Denise when she was Dennis.

Cut to Twin Peaks – Lucy is on the phone talking about the thermostat. She is concerned about the thermostat. She is confused about whether or not the thermostat is on when no one is there. The phone begins to break up and Sheriff Truman enters with his cell phone. She is still on the phone and then turns around to see Truman. She screams and falls back. Andy goes to her and tries to wake her. Lucy doesn’t quite understand the concept of cell phones.

Truman walks down the hall and enters a room with 911 dispatch and several other officers. They discuss current crimes and problems in town. Truman goes to Hawk who is in the conference room but finds Bobby Briggs in the hallway. He asks if Bobby has seen any drug trafficing on his surveillance cameras in the woods. Bobby informs him that he hasn’t seen anything new.

While Bobby goes to the restroom, Andy explains the concept of cell phones with Lucy. Andy then stands to see Sheriff Truman who is meeting with Hawk and discussing Log Lady’s cryptic message about Hawk finding the missing piece. Chad stands against the wall, and Andy and Lucy arrive in the conference room. Chad is asked to leave after several remarks about the Log Lady. As he leaves, Bobby enters and sees the picture of Laura Palmer on the table. He begins to weep as Truman, Hawk, Andy and Lucy look on.

Truman informs Bobby about all of the files laying out on the table. Bobby informs them that Cooper was the last person to see Major Briggs alive. Cooper had come by to talk with Major Briggs, and then Cooper left town soon after. Major Briggs died in a fire at the station the very next day after Cooper and Briggs talked. Bobby informs Truman that he doesn’t know what they discussed. Another deputy enters to inform the group that Wally Brandon has arrived. Andy and Lucy get excited and run out the door. The deputy informs Truman that Wally wants to “pay his respects to you.” Truman reluctantly goes outside, leaving Bobby in the conference room staring at Laura’s picture.

Truman approaches Wally, Andy and Lucy. Wally says that Harry S Truman is his godfather and that Harry is sick and he wants to pay his respects to him. Dressed like Marlon Brando, Wally talks about wanting to pay his respects and to let his parents know he has decided that they can do what they wish with his childhood bedroom. Wally tells them that he has “criss-crossed this great land of ours countless times.”

“I hold the map of it here, in my heart, next to the joyful memories of teh carefree days I spent as a young boy here in your beautiful town of Twin Peaks. From Alexandria, VA to Stockton, CA, I think about Lewis and his friend Clark – the first Caucasians to see this part of the world. Their footsteps have been the highways and biways of my days on the road. My shadow is always with me in times ahead, sometimes behind, sometimes to the left, sometimes to the right, except on cloudy days or at night.”

Truman excuses himself and returns to the station as Andy and Lucy stay with Wally.

Back in Vegas the next morning, Cooper sits on the bed staring at his green suit jacket and other “Dougie” clothes. He is wearing blue pajamas meant for Dougie, and they are too big on him. The One-Armed Man paces around in the lodge and suddenly Cooper sees the One-Armed Man on the floor in the bedroom. He gets up and Mike says “You see me, don’t you? You were tricked.” Out of his pocket he pulls out the golden marble that came out of Dougie and landed on the chair. “Now, one of you must die.”

Cooper sits on the bed as Janey-E comes into the room. Cooper is holding himself needing to pee. He stands over the toilet finally feeling relief. He walks out and sees himself in the mirror. He places his hand up to the mirror and stands there for several seconds.

Cut to Janey-E helping him get dressed, she realizes that “Dougie” has lost weight. He leaves him to do his own tie which she places around his neck. She calls for their son and tells him to get going. Sonny Jim steps into the hallway and Cooper and he look at each other smiling. Sonny Jim gives him a thumbs up and Cooper slowly returns the gesture spinning around in a circle.

Cooper enters the kitchen with his tie laying on top of his head. Sonny Jim laughs at “his father” and helps Cooper sit down. Behind Cooper is a cookie jar in the shape of an owl. Janey-E serves him pancakes and he stares at them, tie still on his head. Sonny Jim puts syrup on the pancakes and Cooper continues to stare, slowly chewing a bite of pancake. He picks up the fork and cuts teh pancake successfully. Janey-E serves him coffee. His mouth drops open and he repeats the word. He picks it up and drinks. And then spits it out. Janey-E yells at him and he replies with “Hi!”

BAck in Buckhorn, SD, Constance gets a hit on the fingerprints but they do not know who the prints belong to because military authoriazation is required.

Cole, Albert and Tammy arrive in South Dakota. They are picked up by other FBI agents and taken to the state prison. While in the car, Cole and Albert talk about Mt Rushmore while Tammy’s head lays against the headrest and the window open. Albert informs Cole that she gets car sick. Cole doesn’t hear him right and replies “Albert, we are in SD. Calsacks are in Russia.” Albert screams “CARSICK!!” scaring the driver. Cole looks at Albert and says, “Up on the wrong side of bed this morning, Albert.”

They arrive at the prison and escorted to visit “Cooper.” They tell them that he threw up and believe he may have been poisoned. Albert replies with “He must have eaten locally.” The police also tell them that exposure to it sent an officer to the hospital.

They are shown the items that they found in his trunk – cocaine, a gun and a dog leg in a ziplock bag. Albert replies “What no cheese and crackers?” Cole apologizes for Albert. The police show a picture of Cooper to them and Cole replies “Holy jumping George!”

In a new room, Tammy, Cole and Albert sit at a table. In another room through the glass, Mr C sits before them. He lifts his hand up and gives Cole a thumbs up.

“IT’s very good to see you again, old friend,” Mr C said in a robotic and slow methodical way.

“It’s very very good to see you again old friend,” Cole replied.

“I haven’t seen you in a long, long time,” Mr C tells Cole.

“No you haven’t. This is true.”

“Gordon, I really really missed spending time together.”

“Yes Coop I too have mised our good times together. Where have you been all these years?”

“Gordon, I’ve been working undercover all these years. Working primarily with our collegue, Phillip Jeffries.”

“Phillip Jeffries?” Cole asked.

“I need to be debriefed by you about this work, Gordon. I will tell you the whole story — all its twists and turns. And I was going to do so. I was on my way to present it to you. I was a little bit behind schedule when my car veered over across the road. And I had my accident.”

“Yes Coop. This is how and why we found you.”

“I need to be debriefed by you Gordon. I was on my way to present it. I ws a little bit behind schedule when my car veered over off the road and I had my accident.” Mr C pauses for several seconds. “I’ve left messages.”

Albert and Coop now stare at each other.

“What messages were those coop?” Gordon asks.

Mr C leans forward, still seeming to look at Albert. “Messages so Phillip knows it’s safe.” Gordon and Albert exchange glances.

“Gordon, when are you going to get me out of here?”

“Coop, these fine fellows have sufficient cause to hold you for now.”

“Of coruse I will be exonerated in courts of law.”

“Very good Coop. And rest assured that we are working to bring you back home for our talk.”

“I’ve never really left home Gordon,” Mr C replied, his voice lowering.

“See you soon old friend.”

Thumbs up by both men and the Gordon closes the shade between them. They all exchange looks.

Back outside, the police inform the FBI that they can hold him for 2 more days. They have not given Mr C his phone call and Cole tells them that he wants them to give Cooper his “private” phone call and he expects to hear all about it.

Cut to a scene near a diner. The entire scene is filmed in a blue light. Tammy informs Cole and Albert that the people who have come in contact with “Cooper” have become physically ill. She asks if Albert is feeling okay. She also also asks about Jeffries. Cole tells Tammy that she is wearing a wire, and she responds that Gordon asked her to. Cole tells her “Right” and to go wait in the restaurant. She walks away in disgust, swinging her hips as she goes.

“I’m feeling better now” Albert says watching her walk away.

Cole turns to Albert and increases the volume on his hearing aid. He asks Albert his reaction to “Cooper” in the prison. Albert tells Cole that he authorized Phillip to give information to Cooper years before. Albert tells Cole that he thought Cooper was in trouble and that’s why he gave the information out. Albert told Philip who their man was in Columbia and the man was killed a week later.

Cole looks at Albert and repeats his name several times. Meanwhile a long whisting sound can be heard as Cole stares at Albert. The sound suddenly stops and Cole continues talking. He admits that he doesn’t like what he saw today and that something is wrong. Cole admits that Cooper didn’t greet him properly and they both agree something is wrong.

“Albert, I hate to admit this – but I don’t understand this situation at all.” Cole asks if Albert understands and Albert replies with “blue rose.”

Cole replies, “It didn’t get any bluer. Albert, before we do anything else. We need one certain person to take a look at Cooper.”

“I’m right with you.”

“Do you still know where she lives?”

“I know where she drinks.”

Cut back to the Roadhouse where another band plays.