Since hearing about the Twin Peaks revival 2 years ago, it’s crossed my mind several times to resurrect the Gazette. I started on it and then life — like always — happens and nothing came of it.

On the old archive TPG site, I noticed a growing amount of traffic in the last few days. I’m assuming people started trying to gather more information about the series. And so over the last week, I have taken some of the old content on the old TPG, brought it over here. Wrote up a few little posts so there’s new content, and here we are.

Twin Peaks Gazette is back. If we get some interest and a community going again, then we may be around again for some time. We’ll see how it goes.

For those of you who have just stumbled across the site — I made my first Twin Peaks website called Laura’s Diary back in 1995 using GeoCities (yep). A few years later, the site moved from being Laura’s Diary to TPG and I started forming an active community of fans — remember this was before Facebook. ¬†Between 2000 and 2012, I maintained TPG but I saw a gradual dropoff in usage as Facebook became more and more popular. Interest in the series was dying off and life was making it harder to keep up. In 2012, I closed up shop but left the site alive so we didn’t lose all that information. Who knew that 5 years later, we’d be watching Dale Cooper on TV again.

We had the great honor in helping to keep the Twin Peaks flame alive by helping to run the Festival from 2004 to 2007. We even showed up in the special features on one of the DVD sets.

So the Gazette is back. I’m a couple of weeks behind schedule and I’ll keep adding some of the older content as I go along. I have discovered that hours worth of work have vanished and I no longer have Episode Guides which is very frustrating — we had some of the most in-depth guides online. If you’re interested in helping out and writing articles and episode guides, please let me know.