Please note – there are possible spoilers below.

Patience is a virtue and I ask for a little bit of patience as I explore a possible direction that Season 3 of Twin Peaks could be going.

In Episode 1 or 2 of Season 3, Cooper discovers Leland sitting in the waiting room. His eyes are normal so we can assume he is not a doppleganger. He looks solemn and he asks Cooper to find Laura. This is after Laura is pulled out of the Red Room and taken to an unknown location. Leland obviously doesn’t know where Laura is, and Cooper is on his way out of the lodge. Finding Laura isn’t really on the top of his list, you might say.

With all that in mind, let’s go back to a TMZ article from October 2015. TMZ has footage of Kyle MacLachlan and Sheryl Lee in front of the home of Laura Palmer. Kyle is dressed in his standard black suit and Laura appears to be dressed in jeans. When this footage originally came out, a lot of fans created the idea that this was a parallel universe.

It’s very possible that Season 3 involves a parallel universe (this explains the discrepancies in Mark Frost’s book). But so far, we don’t seem to have a story involving a parallel universe. Everything appears to be in sync with the series as we know it. Maybe it’s a dream sequence – and this has a higher probability than a parallel universe, in my opinion.

But we must also entertain the idea that the scene filmed and shown by TMZ is actually in the Twin Peaks Universe as we know it. It’s possible it’s not a dream, and it’s real. (I’m also assuming this shot is going to be in the series. Yes a lot of assumptions.)

If it is real, then it suggests a possible ending that could truly conclude Twin Peaks as we know it. And there’s a single question that hinges on this possible ending —

Can a dead person leave the White/Black Lodge?

For the last couple of weeks, I have been asking myself this question. On multiple viewings of these episodes, the request of Leland Palmer to Cooper has stuck with me. Combine that with Laura’s surprise exit from the lodge, and I am confident these are all related. Throw in the TMZ article, and we may very well be seeing a Laura Palmer that is no longer dead but has come back to life.

How any of this happens, I have no idea.