Part 5 opens in Las Vegas at the subdivision where Dougie met Jade. The two men who tried to kill Dougie are sitting in Gene’s car. He is talking on a cell phone to a woman at a desk. Lorraine is angry that the killing didn’t happen the previous day. She picks up a cell phone and dials a number reluctantly. The words on her Blackberry read: ARGENT 2.

The camera shows a light bulb on the wall somewhere in the world. A black box with two lights on it rings. The woman presses “2” and the box beeps.

In Buckhorn, the autopsy of the man’s body found in Ruth’s apartment. The man had not eaten for a few days and there was a ring inside the man’s stomach. It’s inscribed:

To Dougie. With Love. From Janey-E.

Cut to Mr C in his jail cell. He is laying down on his bed. The sound of doors being closed can be heard. Mr C announces that food is coming. Just then a door opens and a guard brings food to his cell. Mr C takes it and places it down in the cell. He goes to the sink and washes his hands. He looks into the small mirror above the sink. Flashback to him and BOB laughing. Then a flashback to him slamming his head into the mirror. With a slight grin, he continues to stare at the mirror. BOB’s image slowly fades into the mirror. “You’re still with me. That’s good.” Cooper’s image returns.

Cut to Twin Peaks. Mike Nelson is working and asks for Steven to come into his office. Steven is looking for a job. The resume is one of the worst resumes Mike has ever seen. Mike tells Steven he will never get hired with him nor anywhere else. He tells Steven to leave and the young man storms out.

At the Sheriff’s Depart, Sheriff Truman is talking to his brother, Harry, about tests. Lucy comes on the intercom because his wife, Doris, is on her way down the hall to visit Truman. She walks in and slams the door. She yells at him about thing that are wrong (Dwight has diarrhea and the twins are coming the next day), including a leaky pipe. She continues to yell about the pipe and her dad needing a car. She storms out of the office.

Sonny Jim gets in the car for school and Dougie’s wife, Janey, pulls Cooper out of the house. We learn that Cooper won $425,000 at the casino. She tells him that they owe $50,000 due to Dougie’s gambling. Cooper continues to stare at his son and a single tear drops from his eye. She asks where his car is. He gets in her car.

Back at the house where Dougie and Jade met, the two men look at the house with Dougie’s car sitting in front. Many of the homes on the street have “For Sale” and “Auction” signs. Gene and his partner drive off. Coming up the street is a new car with four men in it. They are also looking at Dougie’s car. They drive away.

Dougie is dropped off at his place of work. Janey unbelts his seat belt and opens the door for him. She pushes him out of the car and he walks toward an office building. He stares at a statue of a man with a gun in his hand. He makes a hand gun with his own hand and follows the direction of the statue’s gun into the building.

Inside the building, he looks around, standing in the middle of the lobby while people walk around him. Phil who is holding 8 cups of coffee stops by Cooper and tells him the staff meeting is about to start. Cooper follows Phil to an elevator.  Cooper enters the elevator, staring at the wall and slowly turning around to the door. He says “Coffee” and attempts to take one. The man reluctantly hands over a cup intended for Frank. Cooper takes several huge swallows, holding the cup with both hands. “Damn good Joe!” Cooper continues to drink it when the elevator doors open. The name of the company Dougie works at is Lucky 7 Insurance.

Cooper stops at the lobby and looks at the woman that he rode up in the elevator with and her coffee cup. Phil guides Cooper into the offices while he continues to drink. Several coworkers arrive in the conference room and Cooper (Dougie) is welcomed back by Tony, one of Dougie’s co-workers. Cooper continues to stand in the room drinking the cup of coffee with both hands. Frank complains that Phil gave his coffee to “Dougie.” Frank takes hot tea instead. As Cooper stands there, Bushnell Mullins, the boss of the company, comes up to the table. He asks “Dougie” to sit down but Cooper continues to stand behind the chairs. Phil guides Cooper to a chair

One of Dougie’s coworkers, Tony, explains why they must pay out a large claim, but Cooper announces that he is lying. Tony confronts Cooper.  Mullins asks him to explain himself but Cooper remains silent.  Mullins tells him that he needs to see him in the office after the meeting.

Cooper is brought into the office after the meeting. Cooper looks up at a fight poster behind his boss. It’s an old fighting poster announcing Bushnell “Battling Bud” Mullins — Dougie’s boss. Mullins uses the word “agent” and Cooper repeats it. Mullins gives him a large group of case files to look at overnight. Cooper repeats “case file.”

Out in the hall, Cooper holds himself and a female coworker sneaks him into the ladies room. His coworker propositions Cooper regarding a kiss. He goes into the bathroom while his coworker keeps watch. She can overhear him moan as he urinates.

Back at the Silver Mustang Casino, Supervisor Burns is in the camera room. He is told that “they are on their way up” by his assistant. He continues to watch the screen and Cooper winning the jackpots. The “bosses” are informed that Cooper won 30 jackpots in a row and won $425K. Rodney Mitchum, the first boss, hits Burns in the face. Rodney then hits him in the stomach and Burns falls to the ground where he is kicked multiple times. Three dancers in pink look on as Rodney fires the employee. He is dragged out by the guards. The second boss, Bradley Mitchum, tells Burns to leave town and never come back.  They make the assistant the new supervisor and they ask that they be informed if Cooper shows up again.

Back at the house with Dougie’s car, the boy across the street goes outside as his mom is passed out in a chair. He walks across the street where he touches the explosive device. As he does, the men in the black car show up and they break into Dougie’s car, telling the kid to get away. The car suddenly explodes and their bodies lay on the ground burning. The boy runs back to his house and he looks out the window at the burning car. His mom wakes up.

Jade is getting her jeep washed. The man detailing the car asks if she has a “John” in Washington. He hands over Cooper’s Great Northern Hotel key. It has an address on the back and so she drops it into the PO Box.

In Twin Peaks, Norma pays the bills while sitting in a booth at the Double R. Becky Burnett  shows up. She hands a delivery of food to Toad who works for the Double R. They talk but Norma isn’t quite able to tell what they are discussing. Shelly gives money to Becky who says, “I owe you.”  After Becky leaves, Norma offers advice to Shelly about properly helping her daughter.

Outside, Becky and her husband sit in the car. Her husband is Steven who went in for the interview with Mike Nelson. After noticing that Shelly and Norma are watching, he starts the car and pulls to the back of the parking lot where they can’t be watched. Steven asks what is wrong and Becky leans over and kisses him. He pulls out a small bottle of cocaine (?) and she is surprised by how much he has already taken. They sniff it. (Note – previous episode Truman was talking with other cops about a high schooler taking drugs. He later talked to Bobby about drugs coming into Twin Peaks.) Steven and Becky talk and then he turns on the radio. They drive away and Becky experiences the high of the drug as she stares up in the sky and the Oldies music play. “I love how you love me….”

Back at Dougie’s office, Cooper stands at the front of the elevator, his back to the door. The elevator opens and Cooper is pushed out of the way so others can leave. Cooper exits the building and stares up at the cowboy with the gun statue. He looks closely at the statue’s legs, the case files in his hands.

Back in Twin Peaks at the Sherrif’s Station, Hawk and Andy go through the case file for Laura Palmer. Andy asks if Hawk has found any indians.

Out in the woods, Dr. Jacoby watches the clock. It’s 7pm and he is hosting a video blog. He plays American patriotic music and then goes on a diatribe about “sinking down into the mud” and a vast corporate conspiracy. He talks about exposing corruption by using a cosmic flashlight that he shines into the camera. Jerry Horne listens to the show in the forest. Nadine is also watching Jacoby’s on her computer in a house. Jacoby goes on about a vast array of health issues and environmental toxins. He picks up a glass of huckleberry extract in clean boiled water and drinks it. He takes a hammer and hits one of the shovels that he painted gold. He now shows an advertisement in which he is standing in a hole of mud. HE starts shoveling  and then magically appears standing. He holds the shovel in the air and tells people to dig themselves out for only $29.99.

At the Pentagon in Virginia, Cindy, a member of the military, informs Colonel Davis that there was another database hit with Major Garland Briggs’ fingerprints. This is the 16th time in 25 years, and this time it came from Buckhorn, SD. Davis tells her to book a flight to Buckhorn and if it’s real, the FBI must be alerted.

In Twin Peaks, a band plays at the Bang Bang Bar and people dance. In the booth a cigarette smoking young man sits behind a group of ladies. Next to him is a sign that reads “No Smoking.” An employee asks the young man to put the cigarette out. He replies, “Make me.” Another man comes up and says that he will take care of the situation. It’s Deputy Chad Boxford from the Sheriff Station – the jerk deputy that makes fun of the Log Lady. Chad asks what he is smoking. The young man gives him a pack of cigarettes and tells him to keep it. Chad walks away with the pack and opens it. It has a bundle of hundred dollar bills in it. The smoking man in the booth continues to smoke as the music plays on.

One of the ladies turns around and asks for a light. He asks her to come to his booth and sit down. She sits down next to him and he immediately grabs her. He puts his hand up to her neck and threatens her. One of the friends tell him to leave her alone. The young man’s name: Richard Horne.

Tammy sits at her cubicle staring at a picture of Agent Cooper. She goes through a file and compares the pictures of Cooper and Mr C side by side. She then compares each man’s fingerprints on the computer.

In Buckhorn, Mr C is receives his private phone call from Warden Murphy. Murphy and the guard leave the room as Mr C stares up at the camera. Murphy joins a guard and a cop in a room where they can watch him make his call.

“Now that everyone is here. I will make my phone call. Now who should I call? Should I call Mr Strawberry?”

“What the hell?” the warden asks.

“No I don’t think i will call Mr Strawberry. I don’t think he’s taking calls. I know. I know who to call.”

Mr C picks up the phone and appears to randomly press numbers. Suddenly the alarm goes off and strobe lights begin to flash.

“The cow jumped over the moon,” Mr C says into the phone.

He hangs up the phone and the alarm immediately stops. Mr C looks back up at the camera.

Buenos Aires, Argentina. We see the same light bulb from the beginning of the episode. Nearby is the black box that beeped when the woman called it. It beeps again and then disappears, leaving behind a small metallic object.

Cooper continues to stare at the statue when a guard tells Cooper there is no loitering. He tells him to move along. Cooper strokes the shoe of the statue slowly.