Dale Cooper dressed in Dougie’s suit stands next to the statue of the cowboy. A guard comes by and reminds him that he needs to leave. Cooper struggles with his coat jacket sleeve. The guard asks him what his name is and Cooper tells him it’s Dougie Jones. The guard asks where he lives. Instead of answering, he touches the badge of the guard. The gard asks if he is on drugs and Cooper replies “case file.”  The guard takes Cooper away.

Back at Dougie’s house, the police drop Cooper off at the house. The guard says that he looks a little disoriented and she replies, “That’s on a good day.” He tells her that Cooper told them about the red door. Cooper continues to look at the badge. The guard gives her an envelope that is sitting on the ground in front of the door.

Janey and Cooper go to the kitchen and eat a sandwich. Janey tells him that she is taking him to see Dr Ben at lunch time the next day. Cooper repeats “Look at you” and then she asks about the case files in the middle of the table that he brought home. He repeats the phrase “case file” two times. She tells him to go upstairs because Sonny Jim has been waiting up for him. Cooper repeats “up for you.” She urges him to go upstairs and he makes his way, eating a bag of chips along the way. He goes past the stairs and she yells out “Upstairs.” He stops, turns around and stares at the steps. He slowly takes a step and then another upstairs.

In Sonny Jim’s room, the boy is reading. He sees Cooper walk into the bathroom and after a few seconds, Cooper comes back out and sees Sonny Jim. The son pats the bed and Cooper comes in to sit down. Sonny Jim continues to stay silent while Cooper eats more chips. Cooper offers Sonny Jim some chips.

Sonny Jim’s first words in the show are: “I already brushed my teeth. Can I leave my cowboy light on? Will you stay with me until I fall asleep?”

Cooper repeats the word “asleep” and Sonny Jim turns off the bedside lamp and lays down. He then claps his hands to turn lights back on who is surprised by it. He puts the chips down and claps. The lights go off. Sonny Jim turns them on and the two repeat the game.

Downstairs, Janey looks at the envelope and calls Dougie downstairs. Sonny Jim yells down that he was going to stay with him and Janey says not tonight and she will be back upstairs soon. She calls Dougie again and then grabs him and sits him at the table. She shows Cooper a picture of Dougie and Jade walking out of a house. On the back of the photograph, it’s written “You’re late.”  Janey confronts Dougie about Jade and Cooper is oblivious to the situation but does repeat the name “Jade” confirming that he knows her. The phone rings.

She asks if Dougie is going to answer it. She makes a comment about Jade being on the other end and then picks up the phone. A man’s voice on the line says, “Doug Jones.”  She puts her hand up to be quiet. She tells the man Dougie can’t come to the phone and the two talk about how much Dougie owes and what will happen if he can’t pay. Janey sets up a time to pay off Dougie’s debts – Noon-Thirty Tomorrow.  She hangs up and tells Dougie that he has made a mess of their lives. She asks again about his car and his wallet and tells him that he needs to work on the case files. She stands up and tells him that tomorrow is going to be a big day. He repeats it. She kisses him on the head and Cooper looks up. He then looks back down at the name of his company that he works for  – Lucky 7 Insurance. The camera zooms in on the name of the company and he moves his finger along the line of the 7. Ominous music plays.

Cut to Twin Peaks and the light at Sparkwood and 21. The music continues to play followed by scratching noise. Fade to black.

In the Lodge, OAM is walking around and has his right hand up in the air.

Back at Dougie’s house, Cooper has the case files laid out. He looks over and sees the OAM in the floor. OAM tells him “You have to wake up. Wake up. Don’t die. Don’t die. Don’t die.” OAM continues to thrust his hand in the direction of Cooper. He fades away.

Cooper looks over at the case files and he sees something sparkling on the paper. He takes a pencil and draws something where he saw the sparkle. The name on the file is Jake Cavallo who is a hotel owner in Vegas. There was a burglary at his business. He takes another case file and opens it up. This time three sparkles appear, two are stationary and the third moves down the page. One of the sparkles sits on the name “Anthony Sinclair”.  In this file, the insurance is questioning whether or not the claim is legitimate or not. Cooper takes the pencil and writes down the page following the path the sparkle took. He continues to write on the page. He draws what looks to be a ladder and then steps. At the bottom of the page where the other sparkle was he draws a series of tight circles next to the name “Anthony Sinclair.”

Cooper takes another case file. Another sparkle appears at the bottom of the document. He scribbles in the spot. He then draws two lines down, again making what looks like a ladder, followed by a series of steps above it. This time though with the last step, he continues to draw a line all the way to the bottom of the page where he scribbled where the names of the investigating offers are – Detective Loomis and Detective Stockton. Again, the insurance agent name is Anthony Sinclair.

An abrupt cut to Albert driving a car in the rain.  Albert is talking to Cole on the phone. Cole reminds him that the work he is doing tonight is very important. Cole tells him that he will be thinking about him while he is drinking a Bordeaux. Albert complains about the fact that it’s 34 degrees and raining. He parks the car and gets out. He enters Max Von’s Bar.

Inside, Albert walks through the bar looking at people. He identifies the person he is looking for and approaches. He sees the back of her – a woman in a dress with white short hair. “Diane” he says. She turns to him. “Hello, Albert.”

In Twin Peaks, Richard Horne tries out some drugs. In the room is several henchmen, including the man in the Roadhouse from a previous episode – the one who made a gun finger at Shelly in the booth. His name is Red. The man tells him that he can pick up the rest of the drugs at Mary Ann’s, and Richard asks how he knows that name. Red suddenly thrusts out his hand and asks if Richard had ever studied his hand. Red then thrusts a fist at him but doesn’t hit Richard. He tells Richard he has been around for a couple of weeks – came from  Canada. He grabs his side and makes a comment that he has a problem with his liver. Richard tells him that the police department in Twin Peaks is asleep at the wheel. Red asks if he has ever watched the King And I.  Richard is unsure how to respond. Red asks if Richard has everything under control and Richard says yes. Red is concerned that he doesn’t know Richard yet and that he is going to be watching him.  He  threatens Richard’s life if Richard messes up.  Red then pulls out a dime and shows it to Richard in his hand. He then flips it and the coin stays in the air. Suddenly Richard feels something in his mouth and he pulls out the dime. Suddenly Red catches the dime in his hand and shows it to Richard. Richard no longer has the dime in his own hand. “This is you,” Red says looking at the time. He places the dime on his fist and says “This is me. Heads I win. Tails you lose.”

In the truck, Richard drives away yelling about his encounter.

At Fat Trout Trailer Park, Carl says good morning to Bill. Another man, named Mickey, comes up asking if he can get a ride into town. They get into the back of the vehicle and Bill drives away.  Carl asks Mickey about Linda and Mickey says she’s doing much better. Mickey says he was able to get an electric wheel chair for her.  Carl lights up a cigarette and we learn he has been smoking for 75 years.

At the Double R, Heidi and a customer named Miriam talk. Miriam is explaining how a nearby bakery always has her name on a cupcake. She goes on to explain that the same thing happens at the Double R Diner regarding pies. Miriam asks Shelly for 2 cups of coffee to tak with her. Heidi asks how school is going and she tells her that the kids are cute this year. She takes two cups of coffee with her as she heads out. Shelly and Heidi talk about the high tip she left.

Richard continues to complain about being called a kid by the man as he drives recklessly.

Carl sits on a bench smoking and drinking a coffee. He stares up into the trees. Nearby a woman and a child play in the park. He smiles at them as they run off. Meanwhile, Richard continues to drive his truck at high speeds. He goes around stopped traffic, picking up speed. The boy and mother stop at the intersection and the man at the front of the stop sign waves for them to proceed.  The boy runs out and Richard yells to get out of the way, but doesn’t stop. The truck runs into him, leaving his body in the middle of the intersection. The woman screams and Carl hears the scream. She runs out into the street. Others get out of the car as the mother holds her son. Richard continues to drive, yelling that he told him to get out of the way. Miriam and Richard make eye contact as he takes a turn.

Carl approaches the scene and watches as the woman holds her son in the street. He sees a ghostly goldish aura rise up from the boy (I might add the color is similar to the ball that appears out of Dougie’s body and the golden marble). It goes into the sky and disappears. He walks over to the woman and son and puts his arm on her back. Sirens can be heard in the background as others look on.

Cut to the pole with the number 6 at the trailer park. The camera scans up the pole to the electrical lines.

Back in Las Vegas, Duncan Todd is at his desk and he is typing on his laptop. He suddenly sees a red box appear on his screen. It then disappears. He gets up and opens what appears to be a safe. He pulls out an envelope – making sure to not get fingerprints on it. He sits down again and continues to type out an email, but he keeps looking at the envelope.

A coroner’s van shows up at the house Jade and Dougie met. Across the street, a cop climbs up to the roof of the house the the drug-addict mom and her son are living in. Up top is the license plate and the back of the car. She yells out 1-1-9 as the cop reads off the license plate: “David, Union, George, Edward, Lincoln, Victor” (DUGELV).  The car is placed on a tow truck bed.

At a motel room, a man throws dice and writes out each combination in a notebook. His name is Ike “The Spike” Stadtler. An envelope is slid under his door. He gets up and takes it. It is the same envelope that Duncan Todd removed. He opens it and pulls out two pictures – one is Dougie and the other is Lorraine.  He takes the ice pick in front of him and slowly looks at each picture. He then stabs near the woman’s left eye with it, and then stabs Dougie.

Back at Lucky 7 Insurance, Cooper and Phil ride up the elevator. Cooper stands in the elevator as the doors open and close several times. Phil attempts to get him to come and finally he does. Cooper walks into the company, now wearing his black suit and drinking a cup of coffee.

Dougie is called by his last name by Bushnell. Cooper seems unsure of what is going on until after his boss calls the name “Dougie.” Cooper responds this time and his boss waves him into his office and tells him to come now. Phil assists Cooper to the office. From his own office, Tony looks on, looking worried.

Bushnell goes through the case files as Cooper drinks. He asks what the “childish scribbles are” and Cooper says “Make sense of it.” Bushnell suggests he needs help. Cooper drinks again and looks at the poster behind his boss. He puts up his hands to imitate Bushnell’s fighting stance. Bushnell looks over at him, but seems to start understanding the scribbles on the paper. Cooper continues to drink the coffee. He tells Dougie thank you and that he needs to keep the information to himself. Bushnell tells him that he will take over at his point but may need help again. He offers to shake Cooper’s hand and Cooper slowly stands. He sticks his hand out and then turns around to imitate Bushnell.

It is 12:30 and Janey is at a picnic table. Two men approach and they ask if she is Jones. Janey stands up and asks what Dougie did to get in debt with them. They explain he bet on a football game. She learns that Dougie lost $20K three weeks ago but they are wanting more than twice that much. Janey stands up to the men and offers them $25,000 instead. She tells them that she doesn’t want to see them again and hands one of them a bundle of cash.

In an office, Lorraine is on the phone and she says, “Three bodies?!” A woman screams and down the hall comes Ike The Spike with an ice pick. He stabs her repeatedly in the chest and then moves the pick back and forth. Another woman sees the killing and runs off. He chases her down. He comes out of the office and sees that his ice pick is bent.

Back in Twin Peaks, Richard drives his truck near an electrical line.  His truck comes to a stop. He gets out and kicks his truck. Nearby we also see another truck with its hood up. He gets back in and wipes the blood from the grill of his truck with liquid and a rag.

At the Sheriff’s Station, Hawk is washing his hands in the bathroom when he drops a coin. It rolls underneath a toilet. He goes into the toilet  and picks it up. It’s an Indian Head Nickel. He looks around the stall and sees that the stall was made by Nez Perce Manufacturing. Their logo is also the head of an Indian. He notices that the metal paneling has been pulled back from the door. He grabs some tools and pulls it back even more. Chad comes in with a cup of coffee and reading material and he sees Hawk dismantling the door. Hawk tells him to use another restroom. Chad threatens to tell the sheriff about what Hawk is doing. Hawk finally pulls out several folded pieces of paper. He scans through them quickly and leaves the restroom.

In the operation room of the station, Truman is talking to several of his deputies when his wife Doris comes rushing down the hall. She is upset about her dad’s car still not working. She continues to yell at him and he takes her to his office. Chad makes a comment about their marriage and the 911 Operator defends Frank and his wife. She explains that Doris used to not be this way and that their son committed suicide. Chad makes fun of their son – “He couldn’t take being a soldier” he says acting like he is crying. A 911 call comes in and she takes down the information.

Cut to the Roadhouse where a band plays and people dance.