This week, IndieWire put up 2 decade old video of some of the cast members of Twin Peaks, including Sheryl Lee, Kyle MacLachlan and David Lynch.

One of the guys behind IndieWire helped create COOP 25 years ago. The purpose of COOP was to get ABC to air the final episodes of Twin Peaks after it was taken off the air. The organization succeeded and as a thank you, they were allowed on set of Twin Peaks for what appears to be during the filming of the final episode (Lee is in the black dress). ┬áThe other goal of COOP was to try and get a third season which as we know never happened….at least not for another 25 years.

Keep in mind this was before social media, websites like Save Our Shows, etc. This was before the Internet was in every home. What these guys did 25 years ago was amazing. Without people writing in 25 years ago, we never would have seen those last few episodes and may not have ever had a show 25 years later.

Learn more about COOP.


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