The simple answer is No — that is if we take everything we have seen and know at face value.

When seeing Hawk’s discovery my initial response was “Missing diary pages!!!!” like so many other fans. But as I’ve thought about it more and more, I believe that isn’t the case. And we simply have to look at Fire Walk With Me as our proof. The timeline, as we know it, doesn’t fit.

Let’s begin with what we know.

In FWWM, Laura drops by Harold’s house and gives him the secret diary. She explains that there are pages missing – being ripped out by BOB. Harold tries to argue with her about it and then Laura says the phrase – fire walk with me – and she has a complete meltdown. This happens around the 45 minute mark of FWWM.

15 minutes later in the movie, Laura has her dream that is initiated by the picture that Mrs Tremond gives to her. In the dream she sees Mrs. Tremond and the Grandson. Then she sees the ttable with the ring and Cooper appears who tells her not to take the ring. She then “wakes up” to discover Annie lying next to her. Annie says (per the script):

“My name is Annie. I’ve been with Laura and Dale. The good Dale is in the lodge and he can’t leave. Write it in your diary.”

The problem is that she cannot write it in her secret diary because she doesn’t have it.

If these pages are from the secret diary then either the scenes are out of sequence in FWWM, or she returned to Harold’s house and wrote it. Both are highly unlikely and I do not believe they can be from her diary. So they are likely not the pages found at Harold’s house (I posted an image of Harold’s house when the police found him) nor are these the pages that BOB ripped from the secret diary that Laura told Harold about.

So what are the sheets of paper Hawk found? That leaves us with three options:

1. It is possible that Laura wrote these in her “fake” diary and the pages were removed by BOB/Leland at some point. The problem here is that the pages from the secret diary and the fake one are white. These pages are yellow. Yes, pages can yellow over time so that’s not a sure thing. BUT these pages look more like “memo” pad pages than pages from a diary.

2. It is also possible that Laura wrote what Annie told her on other pieces of paper with the intention of adding it to her diary when she got it back from Harold.

Online fans have uncovered some more information regarding these pages. Reddit users zoomed in on the pages and have produced the following images.

It’s apparent that the image has the name Annie on it. (I think Lynch shot this scene in such a way knowing fans would actually zoom in on the paper to see what was said so they planned this visual.)

Just before Annie’s name it looks like the word “oh.” And the words before appear to be:

“I keep —-ing over it in … my hand [or head].”

To me the writing looks like it was written by a woman and does look similar to the writing in Laura’s Diary. The author appears to be trying to process what he/she thought about something they saw/read/experienced (“turning over it in my head”). OR this is in reference to Laura turning the ring over in her hand – as we saw in the movie.

3. And of course it could be that someone else wrote it and this person had a dream/vision that we did not see during the series original run or after Season 2. Always plausible but not probable.

I believe the correct answer is #2. There’s almost too much circumstantial evidence to suggest anything else. I do believe these pages will be from Laura and will be about Annie and the dream.

That leaves us to another question — who put them in the restroom stall door? This one is a lot harder to figure out.

That answer has to be based on who wrote them in the first place. If Laura wrote them, then it’s likely either Leland/BOB or Gerard/Mike (OAM). Let’s hit each one:


I have a hard time believing this to be the case because it doesn’t make sense to me as to why either one would leave such documents behind in the sheriff station — of all places. But….

After Leland/BOB is arrested, he goes to the restroom and he has these pages on his person. BOB knows this and he must quickly hide them afraid that the police might find them. Placing them in the door, he can potentially retrieve them again to properly dispose of them.

Because Ray Wise is still with us, it would be very easy to create this scene for the new season with a little hair dye and makeup to make him look younger.

Gerard/Mike (OAM)?

OAM hid them. In the original run, we actually see the OAM in a bathroom stall when Mike comes forth. He has these pages on him (picked up from the train car or elsewhere), and for whatever reason, he drops them into the stall door to hide them. Maybe he was concerned about being implicated in with the murder of Laura? My problem with this idea in general is that Mike seems to have been helping Cooper. Giving this information to Cooper may have been helpful in the long run — hiding them would not be.

Again, like with Ray Wise, Al Strobel could be made up to look a bit younger and could create this past scene as to what happened.

Someone Else Placed Them In the Door?

Now if someone else wrote these and dropped them in, then we have a litany of options — but none of them have a motive for hiding them as far as I can tell. The most likely options would be Cooper, Briggs, Bobby, James……..there’s just not a lot of options to choose from here. Which means that if it is the third option — it’s possible it’s something that we never saw in the first place so any guesses would be pointless.

I think the mostly likely option is the OAM simply because we have already seen him potentially in a bathroom stall (pictured above). He would be the most likely to have these pieces of paper. So unless the cops had these papers and Andy took them to the bathroom for reading material and accidentally dropped them into the stall door and then never told anyone because he was scared, I have a hard time believing it can be any other person.

There is another crazy option that I’d like to throw out there. It is far-fetched but I present it here anyway:

In The Secret History of Twin Peaks book, there are several things wrong with pre-established storylines. Some plots are way off-based. I don’t think Frost would do fans a disservice like this so it has to be a reason. Many have suggested that we may be watching alternative realities. If this is the case, then it’s possible that time and space has been altered to allow for someone to write these papers and then drop them into Hawk’s universe to find.

No, I don’t believe these are pages from the diary. But I do believe they are from Laura and they were written on separate pages that someone (likely Gerard/Mike) obtained and then hid away.

We’ll find out soon…


Hat Tip to Facebook user Geoffrey Johns in a Twin Peaks User Group. He posted this link to a Mark Frost script from Season 2. A portion of this episode was cut from the show. The following scene could prove my theory wrong. I’ve bolded the important parts.


A weak and pale Phillip Gerard sits in the reception area, attended to by Doc Hayward. The plumber we saw in #006, MR ZIPPER is on a ladder, working on the nozzles of the sprinkler system he’s in the middle of installing throughout the station.

CLOSE on a couple of steaming cups of coffee as they’re carried into the conference room, where Truman and Cooper, are seated at the table. Wearing surgical gloves, Cooper is paging through the diary they found at Harold Smith’s. Open beside him is the original diary they found in Laura’s room. Cooper compares the two, takes a sip of coffee.

This is Laura’s handwriting.

Why would she keep two diaries?

The one we found earlier was a record of events on the
surface. This one apparently tells the story of her inner

The answer may be in there.

Undoubtedly. It’s a shame. Mr. Smith saw fit to
mutilate about 45% of the contents.

Hawk enters, carrying an envidence bag containing some torn scraps of paper.

This what you’re looking for?


Cooper opens the bag, takes out the scraps and examines them with a magnifying glass, comparing them to the second diary.

(to Hawk)
Those are the scraps you found near the railroad car.

Hawk nods.

Yes. Yes. This is where the scraps came from.
(opens the book towards the end)
Look at this.

He points to a section torn out near the end of the book.

Smith ready did a job on this thing.

No, look at the way the pages are torn clean, ripped out
at the roots. Smith ripped and slashed his way through,
like the others we found in his apartment.
(a closer detail)
And look at the edges here at the back; yellowed and
curled. Nine pages. They were taken some time ago.

By Smith?

By the killer. The day she died.

Truman takes the book to examine it.

Before she gave the book to Smith?

Unless I’m very much mistaken.

Doc Hayward appears in the doorway, with news, a piece of paper in his hand.

Excuse me, fellas …

What was Harold Smith’s bloodtype, Doc?

(used to this by now; reads the note in his hand)

The night Laura died Harold Smith never left his

Agent Cooper, just so you know, Gerard is refusing to
take his drug –

You mean “Mike.”

Whatever his name is, he’s getting weak and unstable. I
can’t recommend we let him go much longer without his

(reading the diary)
Oh my Lord … oh my Lord …


“… he can can come into my mind, a man who can slip
in and out of you like a wind that goes unnoticed … it
just struck me that his name is a warning in itself; B-O-
B: Beware of Bob.”

(rising, galvanized)
Hawk, bring the cruiser around, Harry, bring the diary,
I’ll get Gerard, we’re taking him to the Great Northern

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