My Answer: Evil Cooper / Mr C is trying to kill the recently returned Good Cooper that everyone believes is Dougie but who is acting stranger than normal and has lost some weight.

In the second part, we are introduced to Duncan Todd, and he is talking to his assistant about hiring a woman for a position. When I originally watched this I didn’t think much of it and rather focused on the part about the guy Duncan is doing business with. Duncan tells his assistant that he should never have a person like that in his life.

That person I believe is the Evil Cooper and the woman Duncan is referring to is Loraine. It’s not obvious until much later – and becomes pretty clear in Part 6.

Let’s put the pieces of this puzzle together.

At some point in the past, Mr C realizes that he needs to escape being pulled into the Lodge. He manufactures Dougie as a pawn in his game.

Recently, Mr C requested that Duncan Todd hire a hit man to take out “Dougie”. I think he was very specific to the date and time as to when this was to occur. On a specific day after 2:53 PM. Loraine and her team (Gene and another man) were hired by Duncan. Her men followed Dougie to the house that he and Jade met at. They waited and the man with the scoped rifle was supposed to kill Dougie. But he didn’t see Dougie because Cooper was bent over trying to pick up the Great Northern Hotel key. Because death-by-gun didn’t work, they decided death-by-car-bomb. They just had to wait it out.

While on the phone with Gene, Loraine makes a comment about her being killed because they failed at killing Dougie the day before. We see her texting “ARGENT” the number 2. My guess is that she was told to text to this name a 1 if it was successful and 2 if it was a failure.

Meanwhile in a South Dakota prison, Evil Cooper makes his phone call. It’s possible he dials into the same system that Loraine texted and learns that Cooper was not killed. “The cow jumped over the moon” initiates plan B – kill Loraine and Good Cooper. Important note – it is possible that someone else is pulling the strings for Mr C and that’s not what went on here when he called. It doesn’t change my overall thought.

Tammie Baird in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Duncan Todd now receives a red box on his screen and he pulls out an envelope that seems to magically appear in his safe. He picks up the envelope with a cloth to avoid leaving his prints on it. This envelope gets slid under the motel door of Ike The Spike who picks it up (not caring about fingerprints). Inside are two pictures – Loraine and Dougie Cooper. Interesting note here – Dougie’s picture has a business card attached. Loraine’s picture does not. This may very well suggest that Ike The Spike may personally know where Loraine is already, and it’s possible they may actually know each other — maybe he killed for her in the past.

Back at Loraine’s office, she learns that 3 bodies were killed in the car explosion. The men who tried to steal Dougie’s car were simply car thieves – nothing more, I believe. That’s when Ike shows up and kills her for her failure in killing Cooper. Ike’s next stop is to kill “Dougie.”

Looking Ahead & Possible Scenarios

Don’t read further if you don’t like reading predictions of what could come to be.

If all of the above is true, then I think we will be seeing a showdown between Ike The Spike and Cooper at his office. We’ve already seen Cooper put his hands up like he is getting ready to fight – imitating his boss’ poster. An attack from Ike could very well require Cooper to “wake up” and defend himself bringing back the Dale Cooper we know. However, Cooper will still never be fully himself until he obtains the golden marble that came out of Dougie and Gerard showed Cooper previously.

Let’s not forget that there is one more “hit” storyline going on — an unknown indidivual is also trying to kill Mr C. At this point, we have no clues as to who has put a hit out on Evil Cooper and we have no idea if they know who Mr C really is. It is possible that the individual trying to kill Mr C knows that by killing him, it will save the Good Cooper. I would not at all be surprised if the person trying to kill Mr C is also behind the Glass Box.

Side Commentary & Another Possible Scenario

Don’t read further if you don’t like reading predictions of what could come to be.

Assuming that Cooper is in the real world and not some dream state, I’ve been struggling with how the storyline may go when Cooper wakes up and he has to explain to Janey-E and Sonny Jim that Dougie is truly gone and that he is not Dougie. It’s possible that Janey will be thrilled and will take that $400,000 and start a new life. It could also be one the strangest conversations in TV history — stranger than a conversation about bunnies.

It’s also possible that Lynch/Frost will avoid the conversation altogether and kill off both characters freeing Cooper completely from Vegas so that he can get to Twin Peaks ASAP. We’ve already had one child killed in the series and that killing could be a warning of something darker around the corner.

Ike may arrive at the office and decide that there are too many people around to actually do the deed. He ends up following the family home and attempts to kill Cooper then. In the rampage he attacks Janey and Sonny Jim which awakens Cooper and he defends himself but not before Dougie’s family is killed.

We may already have a foreshadowing of this when Cooper is looking at Sonny Jim and a single tear rolls down his eye – deep down, Cooper knows that Sonny Jim isn’t going to make it out of this alive.

Yes this possible scenario is dark but it achieves several things from a story perspective. It avoids the odd conversation of explaining where Dougie is (or isn’t) and also wakes up Cooper because as we know —“the sleeper must awaken.”