Part 7 opens with Jerry Horne sitting in the middle of the woods. Behind him we can hear either the waterfall or a nearby river. He ends up calling his brother and informs Ben that his car has been stolen. Ben asks if his car has been stolen. Jerry then admits to the fact that he is high and yells “I don’t know where I am!” He hangs up. Previously we had seen Jerry watching Dr Amp on a tablet in the middle of the woods and he had made a comment that he would be “cooking” something that night.

Back at the Sheriff Station, Hawk catches Frank Truman up on what he found in the restroom stall. Frank reads the page and quotes Annie’s line from FWWM. Hawk goes on to explain who Annie was and then confirms that the pages are from the diary found at Harold’s home. Hawk tells him there are 3 out of the 4 pages are here, but 1 is still missing.

“It’s 1:30 am and I’m crying so hard I can hardly breath. Now I know it isn’t BOB. I know who it is.”

Hawk suggests it’s Leland who hid the pages and suggests Leland hid them fearful that the papers would be found. Hawk goes on to explain that Cooper did come out of the lodge and that he was taken by Truman and Doc Hayward to the Great Northern. He goes on to connect the dots suggesting that the Cooper who came out of the Lodge was in fact not the good Cooper.

Frank asks who else saw Cooper. Hawk isn’t sure who else may have seen Cooper after that. Frank suggests to talk to his brother, Harry.

Cut to Frank talking to Harry. His brother tells him that he is somewhere (unknown to us) and Frank seems saddened by it. He tells Harry to not worry about what he called him for, and tells Harry to “beat this thing.” He hangs up. Frank does not mention why he actually called Harry.

Cut to Andy talking to the man who owns the truck Richard was driving. The man doesn’t want to talk Andy. They agree to meet on the logging road at 4:30. The man is desperate for Andy to leave. Andy leaves and the concerned man walks back into his home.

Cut back to Frank talking to Dr Hayward. They are on the phone and they agree to Skype. Hayward gives Frank his Skype account and then hangs up. He pulls a lever on his desk and a monitor comes up from the desk and he begins to type – logging into Skype.

Dr Hayward answers the line and asks how things are The sheriff asks about what he remembers regarding Cooper. The doctor makes a reference to not remembering what he had for breakfast but does remember what happened 25 years ago. The doctor tells Frank that Cooper was acting strange and that Hayward took him to the hospital while he made his rounds. He said he saw Cooper walking out of ICU fully dressed. Hayward says they look at each and “saw that strange face again.” Hayward says he called out to Cooper and that Cooper turned around and walked out. Hayward thinks that he was there to look on Audrey who had been in a coma after the bank explosion.

Frank asks how the fishing is going. Hayward says that he caught two trouts in his pajamas the other morning. “How they got into my pajamas, I’ll never know,” he says and they talk about food. They say goodbye and Frank closes his computer.

Jump to Buckhorn SD where Cynthia walks into the Sheriff Station and talks with Detective Macklye who is investigating the death of Ruth Davenport. She asks to see the fingerprints that they submitted. She asks where they lift them from.

“No, off the body,” the detective says.

“There’s a body?” she asks.

“There’s a body all right!”

Down in the morgue, Constance shows the body to Cynthia. They tell her they don’t know where his head is. Constance tells her that the man is in his late 40s and that he had died in the last several days. Cynthia excuses herself and makes a call to her superior – Colonel Davis.

In the hall, she informs Davis that they have a body. She tells him that the prints came off the body and that the head is missing and that he is the wrong age. The body is the man in his late 40s. Davis quickly runs the numbers and says Briggs should be in his 70s. While they are talking a dark figure walks down the hall toward Cynthia. She slowly turns to look down the hall and they hang up (unclear if Cynthia saw the figure walking her way). Davis makes his call.

Back in Buckhorn, Cynthia tells them that no one should have access to the body and warns them that they will probably not be investigating this case for much longer. In the hallway, the dark figure walks past the door. The sound is ominous and almost like the sound of electricity. The figure appears to the same individual/entity that was two cells down from Bill Hastings several parts ago.

Cut to Gordon Cole who is whistling a song in his office. The tune he is whistling is Engel by Rammstein.

Albert knocks on the door and tells him that his conversation with Diane did not go well. He describes the conversation and Diane tells him “No f***ing way.” Cole tells Albert that Diane needs to see “Cooper” and Cole agrees to meet Diane but Albert must coming along with him. Albert tells him he must say “please.”

Cole replies, “What?”

Albert says, “You heard me.”

Cole then says, “Please.”

At Diane’s apartment, Albert and Cole knock and Diane’s boyfriend (?) opens the door. He lets them in. We can hear Diane asking who it is and she walks into the room. The boyfriend leaves. Diane tells them that this won’t take long and she is going to say exactly what she told Albert the night before.

Cole asks for coffee. While drinking coffee and smoking a cigarette, Diane says she has no coffee and is also out of cigarettes.

Gordon: Ah the memory of tobacco. I gave it up.
Diane: F*** you Gordon.
Albert: Now your’re getting the personal treatment.
Diane: You want personal? F*** you too, Albert.
Cole: Now that we got the pleasantries out of the way.
Albert: I never got this far.
Gordon: Diane, your formal boss and former special agent dale cooper is in a federal lock up in South Dakota.
Diane: Good.
Gordon: Diane, this might require a slight change of attitude on your part.
Diane: My attitude is none of your f***ing business (She leaves the room)
Gordon: Tough cookie. Always was. (Diane brings back two cups of coffee) Thank you Diane. Damn good coffee.
Diane: So? Say what you came here to say.
Albert: We have a feeling something is wrong. We don’t know exactly what it is. but we need someone else who knows him extremely well to have a talk with him, and then afterwards, tell us what you think.
Gordon: This is extremely important Diane and it involves something you know about. And that’s enough said about that.
Diane: Federal prison, South Dakota.

Cut to a plane in flight. Albert gives Diane a small liquor bottle. Albert gives her a complement but she replies with her usual, “F***you, Albert.” With a smile on his face, Albert takes a seat in front of Cole. Tammy gets up and shows them her laptop. They discuss the fingerprints of Cooper 25 years ago and Cooper’s prints two days ago. They talk about the fact that his prints are backwards. Cole mentions “yrev” – the backwards word that Mr C when the two originally spoke.

Tammy asks for more info and Cole tells her to put her hands out and then flip them over. He repeats Mr C’s words to her pointing at each of her fingers: “I’m very, very happy to see you my old friend.” He tells her about the spiritual finger – the left ring finger.

Albert shows Tammy a picture of Mr C in Rio De Janario that was taken in the last 25 years. The house looks very nice and very expensive.

At the Federal Prison, Cole and company arrive. Diane tells them that she will only talk to Cooper for 10 minutes. Tammy tells her that they appreciate the help. Diane asks what her name is. “Tammy,” she says. “F*** you, Tammy,” Diane replies.

Laura Dern and Kyle MacLachlan in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Patrick Wymore/SHOWTIME

In the interrogation room, Diane sits down and opens the screen between her and Mr C.

Mr C: I knew it was going to be you. It’s good to see you again Diane.
Diane: Oh yeah. When was that Cooper? When did we see each other last?
Mr C: Are you upset with me Diane?
Diane: What do you think?
Mr C: I think you’re upset with me.
Diane: When was the last time we saw each other Cooper?
Mr C: At your house.
Diane: That’s right. Do you remember that night?
Mr C: I will always remember that night.
Diane: Same for me. I’ll never forget it. Who are you?
Mr C : I don’t know what you mean, Diane.
Diane: Look at me. Look at me.

She closes the screen, visibly upset and shaking. She quickly walks out of the prison. Cole stops to talk with Warden Murphy. He tells him to hold Mr C until he hears from them. Out in the parking lot, Cole approaches Diane who is still upset

Diane: Listen to me. That is not the Dale Cooper that i knew.
Gordon: Please tell me exactly what you mean.
Diane: It isn’t time passing or how he’s changed or the way he looks. Something here (she points to her heart). There is something that definitely isn’t here.
Gordon: That’s good enough for me, Diane. That’s good enough for me.

Diane hugs Cole and he reluctantly embraces her. They pull apart and she continues (as music plays ominously):

Gordon: The last night you mentioned in there. Something i need to know about?
Diane: You and i will have a talk sometime. You and i will have a talk. Okay? Cheers to the FBI.

Back in the prison, Mr C tells the guard he wants to speak with the warden. He tells him that they need to talk about “a strawberry.”

Harry Goaz in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Patrick Wymore/SHOWTIME

Cut to Andy standing on a road. His car is not far away with the door open. Cut to the house where he was at earlier in the day – the one with truck Richard was driving and the anxious man. The door the man entered is now ajar. Back on the road, Andy looks at his Rolex and sees that it’s well after the time they are to meet – 5:05. He walks back to his car.

A knock at the Warden’s door. Mr C is brought in and they sit him at a chair in front of the warden’s desk. The warden tells him that the cameras are off and they can speak freely. He pulls out a gun and points it at Mr C

Mr C: The dog leg. That dog had four legs. One you found in my trunk. The other other 3 went out with the information you are thinking about right now. To people you don’t want coming around here if anything bad happens to me
Warden: How do i know you know anything about …. this?
Mr C: Joe McClusky.
Warden: (he sits down – shaken by the info he had just heard) What do you want?
Mr C: I want a car. Cheap rental if you like for myself and Ray Monroe. I want a friend in the glove compartment. 1 am tonight. Smooth and safe. And if your mind should wander where I might not make it out of here alive, remember the dog legs. I’m not interested in you. You’ll never see me again and no one will ever hear anything more about Joe McClusky or your late Mr Strawberry.

In Las Vegas, Janey waits for “Dougie” to leave his office. Inside, Cooper is writing on his desk while Tony asks why he isn’t talking to him. Tired of waiting, Janey goes inside while Tony asks about the conversation Cooper and Bushnell had earlier in the day. No response from Cooper. In comes one of their coworkers and tells Cooper that police officers are here to see him. Cooper repeats “police” and she tells him that she will bring them to his office.

She brings three cops into Dougie Jones’ office. One of them introduces the three detectives as “Detectives Fusco” — all 3 have the same last name. Cooper sees the badge and points at, saying the word “badge.” Janey walks in and asks what is going on. They tell her that they are here about Dougie’s car. Janey tells him that Dougie doesn’t know where the car is and she asks if Dougie’s car was stolen. Cooper repeats “Stolen.” The cops ask if the stolen vehicle was reported as missing and why it was not. Bushnell enters the office during the conversation. Janey describes the car to them and the cops ask when the car went missing. Again, Cooper is unable to answer so Janey answers for him – “a few days ago.”

Bushnell steps in asking if they found the car. The cops admit they found the car and that it was involved in an explosion with multiple fatalities. The deceased individuals had been involved in car thefts. Janey tells them they need to go because their son is at home waiting for dinner.

The cops leave, one of them making a joke about being able to collect insurance on the car. Bushnell tells Cooper that he has some questions regarding the files they looked at earlier in the day but that it can wait until morning. Janey and Cooper leave the office.

Janey informs Cooper about the people she paid off and then about what they could have done with that money he won in the casino. They are now outside. Janey is going on about the money needing to be used for Sonny Jim’s college.

That’s when Ike The Spike comes through the crowd with a gun. Cooper pushes Janey away and then turns and grabs Ike’s arm. They go to the ground and the gun goes off. Cooper hits Ike in the neck while they struggle. Janey comes around the backside and grabs Ike by the neck and shoulder. Cooper continues to hold Ike’s hand and out of the ground comes The Evolution of the Arm. “Squeeze his hand off. Squeeze his hand off.” Cooper squeezes harder and harder while Janey attacks Ike from behind. Cooper then jabs Ike in the neck again. Finally Ike releases and runs off into the crowd. Cooper stands up and looks around, as Janey hugs him.

TV news crew and police arrive at the scene. Janey describes what had happened. Several bystanders are asked what they saw – presumably by a reporter. A young girl says that the man with the gun smelled funny. One person said that Douglas Jones moved like a cobra and she just saw a blur.

Back at the scene, a gloved hand lifts a piece of flesh off the gun.

At the Great Northern, a ringing sound can be heard. Ben’s secretary, Beverly, and Ben attempt to find the ringing but are unable to. She tells him that the ringing has been going on since last week and that it appears to be getting louder. They go to one corner where a lamp sits but they decide it’s coming from another corner. They go to the other corner where there is a totem pole. Again the sound moves. They go back to the desk and she gives Ben the Room 315 key that Jade had placed in the mail box. Ben quickly realizes that 315 is the room that Cooper was shot in 25 years previously. His secretary doesn’t know who Laura is and she asks. “That my dear is a long story,” Ben tells her. They stand across from each other – desk in the middle – and Ben asks her to have maintenance check out the sound. They continue to stand, staring at each other. The sexual tension is high. Beverly leaves the room and Ben places the key in his pocket. The camera zooms in on the wall in the office.

Beverly arrives home. A nurse is on her way out and informs Beverly that the day hadn’t been good and needed to give “him” more pain medicine. The “him” is Tom, as we soon find out. Beverly walks in and apologizes for being late. She asks Tom if he’s hungry and he asks why she is late. Beverly tells him she had things to do and he asks her what things. She says she had things to do and changes the subject to dinner. Tom says he isn’t hungry. Beverly gets angry with him. She yells at him and then walks out.

At the Roadhouse, a man is sweeping trash from the Roadhouse floor while music plays. The sweeping man continues cleaning – tidying up “loose ends” in a pile of trash. Behind the bar is Renault. The phone rings and he picks it up. We don’t hear the voice on the other end but it appears that Renault set up someone with 2 blondes and that “he” owes him for two. The girls may be teenagers. He hangs up reminding the individual that he owes him for two.

At the South Dakota federal prison, it’s dark. A light shines at the far end of the jail cell hall and Mr C’s cell door opens up. He steps out and Ray walks down the hall. They go out of the prison and Mr C tells Ray to drive after the guard hands over personal items. They go to the car and drive off. The warden watches.

Back in Twin Peaks, customers eat at the Double R Diner. Bing, a musician from The Roadhouse, opens the door and yells out “Anybody seen Brian?” A few voices answer no. (Note – there is debate about this. CC for Showtime said he asked about Bing but the actor is David Lynch’s son who is credited as Bing. So I’ve chosen what I heard and what I think was right)

In the back of the Double R, Heidi talks with some men at a booth while Shelly handles customers at the bar while music plays and a dark and foreboding track plays behind it. As the music ends, customers laugh. (Another note – fans have mentioned that the people in the diner are changed out. This could be on purpose. This could also just be a continuity error.)

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