Part 9 opens with Mr C walking down a deserted road. His clothes are a mess and he is still covered in blood. The dirt road is lined with trees. Mr C approaches a red bandanna hanging on a fence post. He pulls it from the post and keeps walking.

Cut to Gordon Cole, Albert Rosenfeld, Tammy Preston, and Diane on the plane heading back to Philadelphia. Albert and Diane are sleeping as Tammy hands a cup of coffee to Cole. She also gives him the satellite phone and tells him that there is a call from Colonel Davis. She adds that Cole should try to keep his voice down and motions to the two sleeping in the front. Cole learns about Buckhorn SD and Lt Knox.

Tim Roth, Kyle MacLachlan and Jennifer Jason Leigh in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Cut back to Mr C who meets up with two of his partners – Gary “Hutch” Hutchens and Chantal. Mr C asks for a couple of clean phones and to get patched up. They tell him that they were waiting all night for him. Chantal gets her medical supplies to work on Mr C.

Back on the airplane, Cole approaches Diane and asks if she would mind if she goes with them to Buckhorn. Cole mentions that it’s about a man Cooper once knew and Diane asks, “Blue rose case?” She silently agrees asking for more alcohol. As Cole tells the pilot to change course, Diane and Albert look at each other. Albert replies, “I know, I know….F**k you, Albert.” He turns to face the window. Diane looks down at her phone which is currently blocked. She sighs in frustration.

In the back of the plane, Preston receives another call and she goes to the front to give the phone to Cole. It’s Warden Murphy who informs Cole that Mr C has escaped. “Cooper flew the coop!” he tells all of them.

Back on the ground, Mr C texts someone with a pink phone. He types: “around the dinner table the conversation is lively”. He then calls Mr Todd in Las Vegas. Todd reluctantly picks up the phone and Mr C asks if he had done “it.” Todd tells him that he hadn’t done it yet. Mr C threatens that it better be done next time he calls. They hang up and Todd attempts to go back to work but cannot. He calls in Roger.

In South Dakota, Mr C talks with his two partners and he tells them to kill Warden Murphy at home, at work, or any other place in the next two days. He then informs them that they will be heading to Las Vegas for a “doubleheader” and will text them details after they kill the warden. The guy tells Chantel to give Mr C a wet one. She kisses Mr C and tells him that she wishes it was more. Mr C asks for a raincheck and she hands him a bag of chips. He tells them to “kill the phone” that was used and to clear out. Mr C jumps into the truck and pulls away as Hutch shoots the phone.

In Las Vegas, Bushnell is interviewed by the cops while Cooper and Janey wait in a waiting room. Bushnell tells them that Dougie is a slow and steady worker. He also says that Dougie had a car accident not long before he came to work with him about 12 years before. Bushnell puts the dots together with regards to his car blowing up and someone attempting to kill him. Bushnell leaves the office and walks into the waiting room where Cooper and Janey are sitting. He tells Dougie that he can take the rest of the day off. Janey says that she wants to take him to the doctor. Bushnell leaves.

Back in the office, one of the cops says there is nothing about Dougie Jones before 1997. No information at all – including birth certificate, social security. Witness Protection is suggested. They talk about a tail light costing $239 and laugh about an inside joke. They discuss talking to Dougie again but hesitate because Dougie won’t talk and Janey does all the talking. One of them has an idea and he goes into another room and brings back a coffee cup. He takes the cup to “Dougie.” Cooper takes the coffee and the cop removes the old cup that has Cooper’s fingerprints on it. In the office, they bag the cup and hand it over to a sergeant to run prints and DNA. The sergeant tells them that prints came back on the gun – Ike The Spike. Plus they know where he is.

Cooper and Janey sit in the waiting room in silence. Cooper is staring into the corner of the room looking at the American flag. America the Beautiful quietly plays. The door opens and in walks a room with bright red heels. Cooper notices the heels and then is distracted by an electrical outlet. The music stops and is replaced with a dark hum.

Cut to the motel that Ike is currently staying in. He is in his room leaving a voicemail. He is informing the person on the other end that he is taking a medical leave. Outside, the cops group up and make their way into the motel. Ike packs up his final belongings and makes his way into the hallway. He walks down the hall and sees cops round the corner. He turns around to go back the other way when he sees the three detectives coming into the hallway. One of them announces that Ike is under arrest. Ike drops his belongings and raises his hands – his right arm is wrapped in a series of bandages.

At the Sheriff Station in Twin Peaks, Lucy and Andy fight over the color of their new chair, each standing up and walking to the other announcing their preference. Andy ultimately gives up and tells Lucy she can order the beige chair. Smiling, Lucy orders the red chair on her computer.

At the Horne residence, Johnny runs through the house as Sylvia yells, looking for him. There’s a loud banging sound and things crash. In the room, there’s a hole in the wall and Johnny Horne lays on the ground. Sylvia runs to him, crying.

At the Briggs’ residence, Bobby, Truman and Hawk come to talk to Betty about the day Cooper and Brigs spoke just before Garland died.. She stops them and says:

“Alright listen to me. Right after Agent Cooper left that day, Garland pulled me aside and he said that one day our son Bobby, and Hawk, and Sheriff Truman — I didn’t know it would be this sheriff Truman. HE said that they would come and ask me about Special Agent Dale Cooper. He squeezed my shoulders when he told me this. I tried to ask him what it was about and he wouldn’t say anymore. He just said, When they come to ask you about Agent Cooper, you give them this.’ And now you’re here. Would you fellas like some coffee.”

The cops decline the coffee and Betty stands up, “Come with me.” She walks into the living room and stands behind a red chair. “This is the chair. I can’t believe this day has come. Watch right here.” She leans down and pulls a trigger at the bottom of the chair. A door opens up on the top of the chair. She removes a metal cylinder object from it. “Bobby when your father told me this you were a very long way from where you are today. Somehow he knew that it would all turn out well. HE saw this life for you. your father never lost faith in you. ” She walks to them and hands the cylinder to Truman. “Well, fellas, let’s have that coffee.” They agree.

In Buckhorn, SD, Albert, Cole, Tammy and Diane arrive in a waiting room in the morgue. Diane sits abruptly on a couch and begins to light a cigarette. Knox and Mackley arrive behind them. She tells them that she is not in the mood to see a dead body. Mackley tells her she cannot smoke and she yells at him, “It’s a f**king morgue!” The group leave Diane behind. She checks her phone and has a text message. “AROUND THE DINNER TABLE, THE CONVERSATION IS LIVELY.” it reads. It’s the same message Mr C had typed with the pink phone. BUT Diane’s is capitalized and there’s a comma in the middle.

On their way to the morgue, Mackley gives the FBI a quick rundown of what has happened. We also learn that Hastings’ lawyer was arrested for the murder of the wife and Hastings’ secretary has been killed in a car explosion. Albert replies, “What happens in Season 2?” Cole responds, “Apologies in advanced for Albert.”

Inside the morgue, Constance shows them the body of Briggs. Mackley tells them that Hastings and Ruth published a website about alternate dimensions.

Albert: This from the principal of your high school?
Constance: Not to mention the marble champion of the 6th grade.
Albert: When did he lose his marbles?
Constance: When the dog got his cats’ eyes.

Albert stares at Constance and smiles. He then looks at the files. He goes on to tell them that his last entry on his blog was: “Today, we finally entered what we call the zone and we met the Major.” Albert looks at the body and says that this body is a man in his 40s. Cole and Albert go into the hallway to discuss Briggs’ death and how old the body should be (72 years). They connect the dots that Cooper knew Briggs 25 years ago and suddenly his body shows up in the same vicinity that Cooper has been. They leave the hallway and come back into the room.

Constance takes a small bag and shows them the ring found in his stomach. She tells them what is inscribed: To Dougie. Love Janey-E.

Cole tells them that they need to speak to Hastings.

Somewhere, still lost in the woods (?), Jerry stares down at his right foot. He seems to not be able to move it. He then hears it talk to him. It says, “I am not your foot.” Jerry tries to grab his foot but is unable to. Finally he does, and yells, “Go away!” He falls to the ground.

At the Sheriff Station, Chad is eating in the conference room as Hawk, Truman and Bobby enter the station. Lucy informs them she is not there because she is on her lunch break. The men enter the conference room and Truman tells Chad that he shouldn’t be eating lunch in the conference room. Chad attempts to argue saying that donuts and coffee are always in the room. Truman repeats himself and Chad obliges. He stubbornly gets up, collects his items and carefully walks to the door – his hands full. He asks Hawk if he could get the door and Hawk stands there. He asks again and this time Hawk opens the door. He leaves and Bobby goes to open the window.

Truman looks at the small metal cylinder and can’t find any seams. There is no button either. Truman notices Bobby is smiling and asks him why. He tells them he knows how to open it – that his dad brought one home when he was a kid. He tells them they have to go back outside and so they do. Bobby takes the cylinder and throws it on the ground. It starts to ring and then stops. Bobby throws it down again. He picks it back up and gives it to Truman who opens the cylinder. Inside are two rolled up pieces of paper.

“253 yards east of Jack Rabbit’s Palace” Truman reads. The paper also tells him to put soil in his pocket. The dates are 10/1 and 10/2. Bobby tells him what Jack Rabbit’s Palace is a make-believe world near the station that Briggs worked. Truman tells him that they will go there in two days. Also on the paper are several other images – a red dot, a red crescent, two peaks and an the same image that Mr C showed Darya on the playing card. He then pulls out the second paper which is a portion of the COOPER/COOPER document that Cooper was shown in Season 2.

“Cooper. Cooper,” Truman says.

“Two Coopers…” Hawk adds.

In Buckhorn, Diane is sitting on the steps outside smoking. Cole and Tammy join her for a long minute of awkward silence – Cole with a slowly dying smile and Tammy standing uncomfortably. For exactly one minute, they stand in silence and then Cole removes his hand from his pocket and motions for the cigarette. Diane gives Cole her cigarette and he takes it from her. He takes a big puff.

“WHOA! We used to smoke together way back when. You remember?” he asks.

“Yeah I sure do Gordon Sure do…” she replies.

“Thanks Diane.” He hands the cigarette back.

“Wanna finish it off?”

Cole shakes his head no.

Cut to Bill Hastings in an interview room crying. Tammy enters the room and introduces herself. She begins the interrogation by asking his name and age. Bill admits to being the author of the website. He tells her that he has been very interested in different dimensions for a long time and has done a lot of reading. She asks about him entering “this place” and “the major.”

“You see, Ruth was very good at uncovering hidden records. And she had indications that if we went to a certain place at a certain time, we would enter a dimension and make contact with a certain person. So we went there….he was hiding there. Or hibernating as he said. And other people maybe were going to find him and he wanted to go to a different place. So he asked us to get him numbers, important numbers. Coordinates. And we found them in the place he told us to go. A secure military database.”

“Do you still have those coordinates?”

“No Ruth had them. She wrote them on her hand though so she wouldn’t forget….We brought him back the numbers last Thursday and then something terrible happened. These others came in and they grabbed me by the neck and they pushed me down. ‘What’s your wife’s name? What’s your wife’s name?’ ‘Phyllis’ I said. I didn’t killer her. I didn’t kill her. You have to believe me. I loved her. It’s all my fault. It’s all my fault. It never should have happened.”

Tammy asks him to identify “the Major” on a document with 6 men. He points to Garland Briggs. She asks him to draw a circle around Briggs. He does and writes a date of 9/29 (some have suggested he wrote 9/20 but I think it’s a 9 and not a 0).

“Can you tell me what happened?” Tammy asked.

“We gave him the numbers. And he started to float up. And he said some words: Cooper Cooper. Right before his head disappeared. It was something like no one had seen before. I’d never seen anything like it. I haven’t read anything like. You don’t know you weren’t there. He …. it was beautiful. And then Ruth was dead. It was so terrible. I had to hold her and then I woke up and I was in my home. I was in my home.”

“Did the major kill Ruth?”

“No. There were so many people there. you have to believe me. please. i didn’t kill Ruth. I loved her. I loved her. I don’t know what is happening to me. Why cant you help me? Please. We were so happy together. We were gonna go to the Bahamas. We were gonna go scuba dive and drink mixed drinks on the beach. We were gonna go soak up the sun. We were gonna go look at the beautiful sunsets. She said to me, ‘Bill let’s just go. Let’s just do it. Let’s go to the Bahamas. Let’s go scuba diving.’ I want to go scuba diving.”

“Fruitcake anyone?” Albert asks in the other room.

In Twin Peaks, it’s night and Ben and his secretary are still trying to track down the ringing noise. The security couldn’t find anything. They walk to the corner where the camera previously zoomed in. Ben mentions the sound seems louder in that spot. They agree that the sound is mesmerizing and is “other-worldly.” Beverly attempts to get close to Ben and he stops her. “I can’t do this, and I don’t know why it is,” he tells her. She tells him that he is a good man.

At the Roadhouse, people dance and a blond girl sits in a booth. Her name is Ella. Her friend, Chloe, joins her. “Did you know that zebra’s out again?” Ella asks. They laugh. Ella tells her friend that she got fired because she came in high a couple of times. She begins to scratch a rash under her left arm and tells Chloe that she is working across the street “serving burgers.” They laugh. Ella asks, “Have you seen that penguin?” They continue to laugh. She continues to scratch the rash under her arm as the music plays.

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