Part 11 opens with three boys throwing a baseball. The ball is thrown a bit too far and into the road. The oldest runs to get the ball when he sees something on the side of the road. The other 2 boys approach and the oldest realizes that a woman is in the ditch. He tells them to go call mom. It’s Miriam – bloodied but alive.

Cut to Becky who is on the phone with someone. She learns something on the phone and screams. She doesn’t have a car to get where she needs to go so She calls her mom who rushes over. Becky pulls out a gun and then walks out of the trailer as Shelly drives up. She grabs the keys telling Shelly, “I hate him.” Shelly tries to stop her from driving away and jumps onto the hood of the car. Becky pulls out and Shelly is thrown from the car. She drives off as Carl walks up to Shelly asking if she is okay. She tells him that she needs to go to the Double R. He blows a whistle and VW van shows up. Shelly tells him that Becky and Steven are fighting again. Inside the van, Shelly asks if the van can go faster. “I want to get us there in one piece, Shelly,” he says to her. He then informs her that there has been fighting in the trailer. Shelly calls Norma telling her that Becky took off and doesn’t know what to do. Norma suggests that she call Bobby, and Carl picks up a radio and calls the sheriff’s station. She tells dispatch (Maggie) that they need to be patched into Deputy Briggs. Shelly hangs up with Norma and tells Bobby that she took off with her car and that she has a gun.

Cut to Becky walking up the steps to an apartment. Apartment 208. She bangs on the door – screaming. A neighbor tells her that no one is in there and that they left. Becky pulls out a gun and fires several shots into the door. The camera flies through the hallway and down a stairwell where we see Steven and Donna’s sister hiding out — looking up.

Back at the Sheriff Station, Maggie receives several calls and informs each caller that “someone’s on the way.”

Cut to Buckhorn SD. Two cars pull up and Diane, Albert, Tammy and Cole get out of the first car. Cole tells Tammy to talk to Bill. Diane says to them “This is as far as I go.” Hastings tells Tammy that this is where they met Briggs — inside the fence about 15 or 20 feet.

Meanwhile, Cole and Albert see one of the dark woodsmen toward the back of the property. Tammy tells them what Hastings told her. Gordon asks, “You think there’s one in there, Albert?” “We’ll soon find out,” he replies.

While Tammy covers the two men, Albert and Cole enter the desolate yard and walk forward. Cole walks in front of Albert and the sound of electricity can be heard. Gordon looks up to see a vortex forming above his head. Behind him, Albert continually sees a blurry Gordon Cole, while Tammy and the others don’t see much but Gordon Cole walking aimlessly, with his arms in the air. The center of the vortex gets closer while Gordon stands – hands in air. Suddenly he sees three woodsmen standing on a staircase. The banister of the stairs looks old. The walls are dirty and worn down. But in the the bright light we can make out distinct wallpaper that looks a lot like the wallpaper in the picture that Mrs. Tremond gave Laura in FWWM.

Albert begins to see Gordon disappearing from sight so he grabs him by the shoulder and pulls him back. The visions and vortex stop. “Well I guess we found out,” Albert says. “We sure did, Albert!” Cole replies.

Bill Hastings sits in the back of Macklay’s car as Albert turns to his right and sees a dead body in the grass. He gets Cole’s attention and they walk to the body.

Behind the fence, Diane puffs on a cigarette and sees the woodsman appear and then disappear.

Albert and Cole approach the body. “Ruth Davenport, I presume,” Albert says. It’s the body of a nude woman with no head. it’s bloated and decaying, but the men can clearly see something written on her arm – coordinates. Albert pulls out his Samsung Galaxy phone and takes a picture.

Diane takes another puff on her cigarette and this time sees the woodsman approaching the back of the detective’s car. She watches intently and turns back to Cole and Albert who are talking about the body. Albert tells Cole that there appears to be coordinates on her arm and that he has taken a picture of them.

Inside the detective’s car, Hastings face turns intense as pressure apparently builds. Suddenly there’s a splattering sound and the Macklay yells. He jumps out of the car and slams the door behind him. Diane approaches the car, like everyone else. She hovers over the hood as the detective calls for backup at the address on Sycamore. Diane quietly says, “There’s no backup for this.”

Tammy, Cole and Albert look into the car. “What the hell happened, Macklay?” Cole asks. We now see the head of Hastings — the top of his head has been removed, much like the heads of Sam and Tracy. “He’s dead,” Cole says in a matter-of-fact tone.

Cut to the Double R Diner at night. Bobby, Shelly and Becky are in a booth chatting about the day’s events. Norma stands behind the bar attempting to eavesdrop on the conversation.

Bobby asks what Becky wants. She tells him that she wants out but that she loves him. Bobby tells her that she is going to have to pay for the door. She says she won’t and doesn’t have any money anyway. Bobby tells her that she would be in jail right now if he wasn’t a deputy. Bobby offers to loan her the money and Shelly tells her that they need to get Becky out of that trailer. Becky continues to defend Steven and Bobby tells her that the only reason why he hasn’t busted Steven is because of her and hoping that he would turn around. Becky continues to defend and argue. Shelly tells her that Carl said that “things aren’t right in the trailer.” Bobby asks if Steven has ever hit her, and she says no and that he isn’t like that. Bobby threatens that if he does anything illegal, he is going to bring him in. Shelly tells Becky that they are her parents and they don’t want to lose her.

Madchen Amick and Balthazar Getty in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

They hug and Becky realizes she hadn’t asked her mom if she is okay after flying off the car. They continue to hug as Red approaches the window and waves at Shelly. They break their hug and Shelly runs out the front door and hugs and kisses Red as Bobby watches on awkwardly. They realize that Bobby can see them so they move away from the door. Becky and Bobby look at each other in silence, while Red and Shelly agree to meet up later that night at “the same place.”

Shelly returns to the booth with a huge smile on her face. Bobby looks at her, dumbfounded and Shelly awkwardly looks at him and Becky. Suddenly shots ring out and glass breaks. Everyone in the diner falls to the ground or hides in the booths while Bobby heads outside.

Outside a mother and father yell at each other about their son having a gun in the backseat of the car. Bobby announces himself and takes the gun from the mother while cars continue to honk, including the one right behind the van. He asks for their identity as Deputy Jesse Holcomb shows up informing Bobby that he heard shots over at Big Ed’s Gas Farm. Bobby continues to try and get the woman in the car to stop the honking and explains the situation to the deputy.

Bobby walks to the car and tells her to stop honking.

“What are you doing? We’re trying to get home. We’re already late. We’re late for dinner. it’s way past 6:30. Why is this happening? I saw that gun go shooting out the window. Her uncle is joining us. She hasn’t seen him in a very long while. We’re late. We’ve got miles to go. Please. We have to get home. She’s sick.

From the passenger side, a girl appears in the dark. She looks sick. her arms are outstretched and she touches the dash. She leans toward the woman driving the car and begins to throw up on her. The woman continues to scream as more and more vomit falls from the girl’s mouth and onto the driver.

Robert Forster and Michael Horse in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Cut to the sheriff station. Hawk and Truman are in the conference room discussing their journey to Jack Rabbit’s Palace in two days. Truman tells Hawk that there is no road where they are going. Hawk pulls out his “living map” which is old and always current, he says. Pointing at mountains on the map, he says that Briggs’ station was on Blue Pine Mountain which is a sacred site. Truman then points to a fire symbol on the map.

Hawk replies: It’s a type of fire…more like, like modern day electricity.
Truman: Good?
Hawk: It depends. It depends upon the intention – the intention behind the fire. (Now pointing to the stars.) The major also gave us a date – day after tomorrow. If you read these stars, you’ll find that same date. It refers you to here (points at fire symbol)
Truman: What is this?
Hawk: It’s corn. It’s fertility but It’s black. Diseased or unnatural. Death. If you put these two symbols together (pointing at the fire symbol and then the black corn), you get this. (Now pointing to the fire.)
Truman: Black fire
Hawk: Correct.
Truman: We saw this on the little slip of paper in major Briggs’ tool. What is that? (now pointing to the strange black symbol we have now seen on Mr C’s playing card and Briggs’ note)
Hawk: Frank, you don’t want to ever know about that.
Truman: Really?
Hawk: Really.

After a moment of taking it all in, Lucy calls in and Hawk answers the phone, listening to Lucy going on about not sure why she and Andy are buying furniture since they are never home. She goes on to tell Hawk that Margaret is on the phone – line 2.

Hawk: Hello Margaret.
Margaret: Hawk, can you hear me?
Hawk: Yes, Margaret.
Margaret: Hawk, can you hear me?
Hawk: Yes, Margaret
Margaret: You found something didn’t you?
Hawk: It’s just like you said. I’m sorry. I should have let you know.
Margaret: What did you find, Hawk?
Hawk: Margaret, I can’t tell you that.
Margaret: My log is afraid of fire. There’s fire where you are going. Hawk, there’s fire where you are going.
Hawk: Okay, Margaret
Margaret: Good night, Hawk
Hawk: Good night….and thank you, Margaret.

Knock at the door. Truman goes to answer it. It’s Jesse, and asks if Truman wants to see his new car. “It’s a two thousand – ” Truman stops him and tells him that he will see the car in the morning. Jesse thanks him and then leaves.

Cut to Buckhorn, SD where Cole, Albert and Diane are sitting around a desk. All of them are sitting in chairs, except for Diane who is sitting on a stool that is higher than the rest. Cole is trying to stop his hand from shaking. “Cat on a hot tin roof! It’s never done that before!” Cole says. Albert suggests that Cole shouldn’t have any coffee, but instead should have warm milk…..”for the cat…on the roof,” Albert jokes. “Yes, the picture you took of Ruth. I would like to see it, Albert,” Cole replies.

Albert pulls out the picture he took of Ruth’s arm and shows it to Cole. Diane can see it and she leans back on the stool and mouths the numbers on the arm. Albert looks up at her and Diane and he make eye contact. She looks like she’s been caught and she rubs her left shoulder. Diane then asks if she can smoke and Cole says to wait for Mackley. Diane removes her cigarette and they sit in silence.

“What place do those coordinates represent?” Cole asks.

Albert replies: “The last few digits are smudged but the numbers represent a small town in the north – ”

“Ah the police man’s dream!” Cole says as Macklay and Tammy arrive with coffee and donuts. They all take their coffee.

Diane asks about smoking and he tells her no. “You know how good a cigarette would taste with this coffee?” He agrees and she starts to smoke.

Macklay: So…no suspects were found in the area. Positive id on Ruth Davenport.
Albert: I suppose you didn’t find Major Briggs head anywhere.
Macklay: We looked. No trace. Nobody heard anything. No shots
Albert: Bullet didn’t do that to Hastings.
Macklay: Yeah they’re still cleaning the vehicle.
Cole: We saw somebody. Albert and I – out back – out back where we found Ruth Davenport’s body.
Diane: What did he look like?
Albert: He looked like a homeless man. Old clothes. Beard. Wool cap
Diane: I think i saw someone like that getting out of the police car. (Long pause as Macklay leans forward and shakes his head.) I could be mistaken.
Macklay: I was in the car. I didn’t see anybody.
Tammy: I didn’t see anyone either.
Diane: Well, I said I wasn’t sure.
Cole: Now i remember. I saw them. In a room. I saw the bearded man – the same type Albert and I saw. Dirty, Bearded men in a room.

Cut to daytime in Las Vegas. Bushnell asks Dougie to come into his office. Phil helps lure Cooper in with a cup of coffee. Phil gives a cup to Cooper and Bushnell and then leaves the office after helping Cooper sit down.

Bushnell goes on to explain that his investigative work has exposed a ring of organize crime and police corruption. He also says that the Mitchum Brothers are not part of the conspiracy, the fire is legitimate, and that the “shots are being called by somebody else.” Bushnell is excited about telling Cooper that he is going to be meeting with the brothers soon. He hands over a $30 million check for the brothers. Luckily, Bushnell took a secondary policy in case something happened so the company received enough to cover the 30 million plus a little more. He tells Cooper that they want to see him at 5:30 and they are sending a car.

Cut to the Mitchum brothers having breakfast. Bradley tells Rodney that he had a dream the previous night about Dougie and that he can’t wait to “kill this guy.”

Cut to Bushnell and Cooper in the lobby at 5:30. Cooper looks to his right and sees Mike waving for him to come down the hallway. Bushnell calls after him and they walk into a store. A few minutes later, they walk out of the building to a car. Cooper is holding a large box. Bushnell asks the driver where he is taking him – the casino is the answer. “Knock them dead,” Bushnell says leaving Cooper. “Dead,” Cooper replies and the driver pats him on the shoulder. The driver gets in and looks at Cooper. “Red Door!” He drives off.

The driver takes Cooper out of Las Vegas and into the desert as “Viva Las Vegas” plays.

Out in the desert, Rodney and Bradley sit in the car waiting for Cooper to arrive. While they sit there, Bradley is beginning to back off from killing “Dougie.” Bradley is staring at Rodney’s bandaid on his face. He tells him that the cut on his face is healed in the dream. He removes the bandaid and the cut is completely healed.

“There’s more,” Bradley says, “I can’t remember….”

The brothers get out of the car and walk a bit from the vehicle. The car pulls up and the driver assists Cooper out of the car. Cooper walks a few feet from the car, box still in hand. Suddenly, Bradley remembers. He takes Rodney away and they talk quietly.

“You see that box that he is holding there? That was my dream. No. Listen to me. Listen to me. There’s something in that box. And if that something is what i saw in my dream, we can’t kill him. I’m not kidding, Rodney. If he’s got this one certain thing that’s in that box, it means we can’t kill him. It means he is not our enemy, Rodney. I’m just telling you what was in the dream. But it’s gotta be this one certain thing. Rodney it’s a billion in one shot, but if it’s in there you got to promise me. listen to me we have to be together on this. We won’t kill him.” He whispers the item into his ear.

Rodney pulls out a gun and walks to Cooper. He asks him if there’s a cherry pie in the box. Cooper repeats, “cherry pie.”

Bradlye walks to Cooper and takes the box. Inside is cherry pie. Rodney tells him to frisk him. Bradley does and mentions he doesn’t have a wallet. He also takes out an evelope addressed to them and he opens it. The sight of the check makes Bradley’s knees go weak. With a huge smile on his face, Bradley walks to Rodney with the check out in front of him. Bradley shows Rodney the check and they celebrate.

“I love this guy!” Bradley yells walking back to Dougie. He walks to Cooper. “Dougie Jones?” Cooper points to himself and says, “Dougie Jones.” They shake hands.

Cut to restaurant where the Mitchum brothers have taken Dougie to dinner. An upbeat ditty is being played by the pianist. The three men sit in a booth and the brothers are surprised Sonny Jim doesn’t have a gym set. They toast to “Dougie.” Cooper sips the alcohol and suddenly the music changes. Cooper looks up, a new reality suddenly comes to him.

“Mr Jackpot!” a voice yells out and the woman from the casino comes up to Cooper. She thanks for him for everything that she has – her son, a dog, and a house. She looks at the brothers, “I hope you realize what a special person who have dining with you. He saved my life,” she tells them. She kisses him on the cheek and tells him thank you again. “Thank you again,” Cooper responds as the cherry pie is delivered and the music changes.

Rodney tries to get Candie’s attention and repeats her name several times. She finally looks at him and he asks where she has been. “So much traffic on the strip. It’s incredible. There were cars everywhere,” she tells them.

The men eat the pie and Rodney says, “This pie is so damn good.”

Cooper is about to take another bite when he repeats in Cooper fashion: “Damn good.” For a moment, Cooper is back.

Another toast is made – this one to the pie that saved “Dougie’s” life. “And our money,” Bradley adds.

Cooper finishes his pie and Bradley gets Candie’s attention. “Another piece of pie for our friend.”

Cooper replies with pie in his mouth: “Friend.”

Bradley and Rodney laugh as the piano diddy ends, and “Dougie” downs another slice of damn fine cherry pie.

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