Part 12 opens in Buckhorn, SD where Cole, Tammy and Albert are in a room drinking wine. Cole turns up his hearing aid and Albert informs Tammy about how the Blue Roses came to be.

Albert tells her that Project Blue Book was shut down in 1970 due to a massive cover up. The military and FBI later formed a top secret group to help resolve issues that Project Blue Book did not resolve. Albert says that the task force was called the Blue Rose, which is a phrase that was said by a woman who was involved in one of these cases. Blue Rose cases refer to cases that require an alternative way of solving them.  Cole chose Philip Jeffries to head up the task force. Jeffries chose Chet Desmond, Albert, and Dale Cooper to help with these cases. Albert mentions that he is the only one of the group that hasn’t vanished which has made Cole nervous about bringing anyone else on to the team. Albert proceeds to offer Tammy a position in the top secret group. She agrees to join the task force and they toast to “Tammy and the Blue Rose.”

Laura Dern, Miguel Ferrer, Chrysta Bell and David Lynch in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Cole’s phone beeps and he informs them Diane is on her way. Diane enters through the closed curtains – cigarette in hand. She sits down and Albert offers her a drink which she prefers on the rocks. She makes herself the drink and Albert begins the conversation with her. Because of her work with Cole, they offer to deputize her temporarily.  In exchange she gets a little money and the satisfaction to find out what happened to her former boss. She agrees by raising her right hand and extending two fingers into the air – “Let’s rock.”

Cut to Twin Peaks where Jerry Horne is running through a clearing and out of the woods. He falls and then gets up and keeps running.

Grace Zabriskie in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

In town, Sarah Palmer walks down the liquor aisle and places two bottles in her cart. She goes to the register and asks for cigarettes which the cashier rings up. Sarah stares at a display of beef and turkey jerky. The stare suddenly changes as if she’s just realized she was staring into space.

Sarah: How much is it?
Cashier: 133.70
Sarah: I don’t remember seeing those beef jerky there before.
Cashier: Uh, that’s new
S: What type is it?
C: Uh it’s turkey, not beef.
S: Is it smoked?
C: Uh…I-I think so. It’s the same as beef jerky except it’s made from turkey (music from FWWM begins to play)
S: Were you here when they first came? (Sarah’s voice is now lower)
C: Uh…yes they brought in in a couple of weeks ago
S: Your room seems different. And men are coming.
C: Uh I’m not sure what you mean.
S: I’m trying to tell you that you have to watch out. Things can happen. Something happened to me. Something happened to me.  I don’t feel good. I don’t feel good. I don’t feel good. Sarah. Sarah stop doing this.
C: Should i call a doctor.
S: Stop doing this. Okay. Leave this place. Find the car key. Find the car key. Get the car key. Get the car…

Sarah runs out of the store and the boy who was going to bag the groceries says she knows where she lives and can deliver them.

Cut to the New Fat Trout Trailer Park. Carl comes out of his trailer and talks with a neighbor named Kriscol. In the conversation we learn that Kriscol has been selling his blood for money and has been doing odd jobs around to help others even though he doesn’t get paid. Carl gives him $50 for the work and tells him not to pay rent this month. Carl tells him to not sell his blood for food.

In Las Vegas, Sonny Jim and “Dougie” play catch in the backyard. Sonny Jim throws the ball at Cooper and it hits him and falls to the ground.

Back in Twin Peaks, Hawk pulls up to Sarah’s house. The front yard of Sarah’s house is unkempt. The grass is dying. There are weeds. The bushes and small trees also appear that they are dying.  Hawk knocks on the door and Sarah answers as the fan turns upstairs. Hawk tells her that he wanted to stop by because of old cases but Sarah tells him that she assumes he is hear to check on her after the incident in the grocery store. Her arms are folded and the expression on her face is that of annoyance. She says she is fine, when suddenly the sound of bottles rattling is heard. She glances back into the house and Hawk asks if there is someone in the house. She says no and adds “There’s something in the kitchen.” Hawk asks again if she is okay and she says that “It’s a bad story, isn’t it, Hawk?” The cop tells her to call if she needs any kind of help — and stresses “any kind of help.” She closes the door, telling him thanks.

At the hospital, Miriam is now in a bed hooked up to monitors.

In Buckhorn, Diane has a drink at the bar when her phone buzzes. She picks it up. It reads from an unknown number: Las Vegas? She replies with: THEY HAVEN’T ASKED YET. She puts it away.

Richard Beymer in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Courtesy of SHOWTIME

In Twin Peaks, Ben is at his desk writing a note when Beverly enters and informs him that Truman is here to talk with him. Frank tells Ben that Richard is the one who killed the boy and that he also hurt Miriam in the hospital. Ben offers to pay for her hospital bills. BEn tells Frank that Richard has “never been right” and that Harry has had many run-ins with Richard. Frank tells him that Richard is on the run. Ben asks about Harry, Miriam, and the boy’s parents. Ben changes subjects and tells him about the room key he received – Room 315. He mentions that the key belonged to Cooper’s old room and he thought Harry might want it as a momentum. Frank offers to take the key to Harry. Frank mentions that they are opening the old case involving Cooper and says it’s strange the key suddenly showed up. Ben agrees. They say their goodbyes and Frank leaves Ben’s office.

Beverly enters.  Ben tells her about Richard and says that he never had a father. He goes on to tell a story about a bike his father gave him as a kid. He changes subject and tells her to call the hospital and to tell them that he will pay for Miriam’s medical expenses. “I loved that bike. I loved that bike that my father got for me,” he says.

David Lynch in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Courtesy of SHOWTIME

In Buckhorn, Cole tells a story to a woman on the couch. She has her shoes off. A knock at the door interrupts Gordon. HE goes to the door and answers it. Albert walks in and asks that Gordon’s friend wait downstairs for them. Gordon does and she agrees – she speaks French. She slowly puts her jacket on and adjusts her breasts. She smiles at Gordon who continues to smile at her. She puts her shoes on slowly and then kicks her leg into the air. She puts lipstick on as Gordon continues to watch – a huge smile on his face. She takes a drink of wine while Albert waits patiently. She gets up and takes Gordon’s hand. She pulls her tight dress down and he walks her to the door, still smiling. Albert rubs his head as he watches them stand at the door. She blows Cole a kiss with her hands and places her hands on his lips. Cole closes the door and turns around – still smiling. Cole attempts to make a joke about a turnip farm but Albert doesn’t laugh. Cole mentions that there are over 6000 languages spoken on Earth. Again, no response. Cole finally asks what is going on. Albert tells him about the text message Diane had just sent. Cole asks, “What do we know that we haven’t asked her about? We’ll figure it out. But for now, I’d really like to get back to this fine Bordeaux.” Albert asks what kind it is. Cole looks at his watch. “11:05.” Albert stares at him and Cole squints at him like he’s trying to read his face for something that he is missing. He places his left hand on Albert’s right shoulder and says, “Albert…sometimes I really worry about you.”

In South Dakota, Hutch and his wife stake out the warden’s house. They are high up on a hill in their van. Hutch sets up his gun and Chantal that she is hungry and to just shoot him so they can get some food. The car pulls up and Hutch takes his aim. The warden gets out of the car and Hutch fires a single shot into his back. The warden tries to get up and crawl to the steps. He takes a second shot and it hits his head. The warden’s son runs out calling for his “daddy.” In the van, Hutch says, “Next stop, Wendy’s.”

A shot of the moon covered in the clouds. We see Jacoby’s trailer in the woods. It’s 7 o’clock and it’s a repeat of his shows previously shown to us. We again see Nadine watching the video. “It’s working for me, Dr. Amp” she tells the video.

Cut to Audrey standing in a room in front of a fireplace. She is wearing a dress and holding a red jacket. At the desk is her husband who is looking at her. His name is Charlie and his desk is covered in paperwork. They are staring at each other. Audrey is waiting for a phone call that hasn’t yet come. She wants to go to the Roadhouse to see if “he” is there — the “he” is a man named Billy. The man at the desk says he can’t go because of all the work he is doing. He says that they can look tomorrow. Audrey calls him a spineless loser. We learn that Billy has been missing for 2 days. She admits that she is in love with Billy and having an affair with him. She goes on to say that she needs to find Tina who was the last person to see Billy. Charlie was supposed to call Tina which he never did. He tells her that he only wants the best for her and she calls him on that – saying that if he did then he would sign “the papers” which he doesn’t want to do until a lawyer looks at them.  She says that Paul should read those papers. Charlie agrees to go with her to the Roadhouse. She puts on her jacket but he continues to sit there and talk. He then offers to call Tina to see if she knows anything — but she won’t be able to talk if her husband is there. Audrey mentions a person named Chuck who had told that Tina was the last person to see Billy. Charlie tells her that Chuck stole Billy’s truck and that Billy called the sheriff. They found the truck and dropped charges. Charlie dials Tina on an old rotary phone. Tina picks up and they chat. He asks if Tina actually did see Billy last. They continue to talk as Audrey tries to get him off the phone. He finally hangs up and stares at her. He doesn’t tell her what was said.

Back in Buckhorn, Diane lights a cigarette at the hotel bar. The bartender gives her a drink. She looks at her phone and does a search for the coordinates that she memorized on the picture. She zooms in on the map – Twin Peaks.

Cut to the trees around Twin Peaks. Music is playing at the Roadhouse. Friends sit at a booth drinking. One asks where Angela is and they don’t know where she is. Angela might be with Clark.  That’s surprising because Clark and Mary are supposed to be together. Angela doesn’t like Mary. Angela is dreaming about Clark and is really into him – she’s going to be very upset. She is also off her meds and may not be able to take the news. Angela lost her mom….suddenly a man shows up who tells them that he was almost run off the road by another vehicle. Trick was supposed to be under house arrest but is now a free man.

The music plays…..

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