Part 13 opens in Las Vegas at the Lucky 7 Insurance Company. A dancing line with the Mitchum Brothers, the 3 ladies and “Dougie” enter the floor. The girls have 3 presents in their hands as they make their way to Bushnell’s office. Anthony sees them in the hall and hides behind his desk.

The brothers thank Bushnell for what he has done. One present is a box of Montecristo Number 2s. The second is diamond cuffs and the third has keys to a new BMW car. Across the hall, Anthony picks up the phone as the dancing line makes their way out of Bushnell’s office. Athony talks to Mr Todd who tells Anthony that he needs to kill Dougie Jones. Todd hangs up and calls for Roger to come in.

Cut to the Jones residence. Outside men are pulling out pieces of a gym set. Janey-E is told about the gym set and she sees the new BMW car. Her shocked face turns to a smile as she tells them to setup in the backyard. That night Sonny Jim plays on the set that is covered in lights and a spotlight moves back and forth. Janey and Cooper watch Sonny Jim play. Janey tells him that Sonny Jim is in “7th heaven” and Cooper repeats it. She tells him that she loves him “so much.”

Cut to Western Montana where Mr C pulls into a warehouse. Parked inside is a black Jeep. Upstairs, Ray watches Mr C exit the vehicle while others join him, including Renzo – a tall bald man. Ray says he killed Mr C. Renzo tells him that he didn’t kill him too good. Mr C asks if Ray is here over the security monitor. Renzo asks how he got the key code into the garage. Ray admits to giving it to him but that he can’t go any further – he’s trapped. Renzo tells Muddy to bring Mr C up. The Bad Cooper enters an elevator and slowly moves up. A group of men stand at the entrance of the elevator.

Mr C exits the elevator and stares at Ray. Renzo tells him that they are going to play a game and Muddy tells him that it’s an arm wrestling challenge. Mr C mocks them by asking if this is kindergarten or nursery school. Muddy tells him that if he can beat Renzo that he will be the new boss. Mr C says he doesn’t want to be their boss but instead wants Ray. Renzo agrees. As they walk inside, Renzo hits Mr C in the back of the head saying that the hit was for the nursery comment.

Derek Mears and Kyle MacLachlan in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

They walk to a table and sit down in chairs while another group of armed men come on to the floor. Muddy gives the rules – arm on table; other hand cannot touch the table. The men begin to arm wrestle when Muddy yells commence. Renzo pulls Mr C’s arm close to the table. He is straining hard but Mr C is not straining at all. Mr C pulls his hand up to the starting position. Renzo tries again but is unable to bring Mr C’s arm to the table. Again, Mr C brings their arms to the starting position and says that it’s more comfortable. Renzo pushes hard but is unable to win. Mr C allows his hand to almost hit the table again but then brings it back to the other side – “See, doesn’t that hurt your arm when I go like that? I think it’s much worse when it goes down here.” MR C brings it back to starting position where it’s more comfortable. Ray tries to escape but others hold him. Renzo tries again, but Mr C pulls his arm back and wins – the sound of Renzo’s arm breaking is heard. Mr C punches Renzo in the face killing him. The other men hold Ray as Mr C asks for cell phones. Several of the men hand over their phones and he tells them that he and Ray are going to need privacy. They all leave except for the accountant who stands against the wall.

Ray: Can we talk about this? (he starts to move but Mr C shoots him in the leg and he falls to the ground)
Mr C: Now we can talk
R: — groans in pain —
Accountant: Do you need any money?
C: No (accountant leaves). Somebody hired you to kill me. Who is it? I can make you tell me.
R: I know it. It came through a man named Philip Jeffries. At least that’s the name he gives. I never met him. I only talked to him on the phone.
C: Keep talking.
R: He set the whole prison thing up with Warden Murphy. Jeffries said that you were gonna  kill me. He said I could get out and stay out if I killed you first
C: Why?
R: He said that you got something inside that they want. (groans in pain)
C: Did he ever mention Major Briggs?
R: No (Ray begins to pull something out of his pocket)
C: Easy, Ray
R: You know I don’t have a gun. I got to show you something. (he pulls a ring out of his pocket). Jeffries said I was supposed to put this on you after I killed you.
C: Where did you get that?
R: It was given to me right before I walked out of my cell and saw you
C: Who gave it to you?
R: A guard. I don’t know. He was dressed as a guard but I’d never seen him before
C: Put it on – ringer finger. Left hand. Now…you know what I want Ray.
R: You want the coordinates I got from Hastings? Rather his pretty secretary Betty. Do you really think I am going to give them to you. Do you really think you can even trust the numbers I give you. I know who you are. Can I reach in my pocket?
C: Depends on what’s in the pocket.
R: The numbers stupid. I have the coordinates written out. They’re in my pocket. (he pulls the numbers out – upstairs, Richard Horne walks into the room and he watches the screen  – Ray hands the coordinates over)
C: Ray, where is Phillip Jeffries?
R: I don’t know
C: Ray, where is Phillip Jeffries?
R: Last i heard, he was at a place called The Dutchman’s but it’s not a real place (Mr C shoots Ray)
C: I know what it is

Mr C walks to Ray and sees the owl cave ring vanish and it reappears in the lodge. Mr C exits and the group of men, including Richard Horne, watch him leave. Meanwhile, Ray lies on the floor of the lodge and Philip Gerard places the ring on the table.

Cut to Las Vegas Police Department. Two of the detective brothers sit in the office. One is on the phone giving directions to their mom. He jokes about Mom wanting them to come to dinner on Sunday but doubts that there won’t be any murders. Outside men try to control a woman with a knife. The third detective brother enters and informs the other 2 that the prints came back on Douglas Jones. He says that he escaped two days ago from prison and that he is a missing FBI agent. They laugh about it and throw the results away in the trash.

Just then Anthony shows up looking for Detective Clark. They tell him that he is out back smoking. Anthony goes outside and finds Clark. Anthony asks about a good poison that can be used that is undetectable. Aconitine. But Anthony has to pay Clark top dollar for it =– $5000. Anthony tells him that he will get the money and they agree to meet that night at 9:30. Clark’s partner approaches Clark as Anthony leaves. Clark tells him that Anthony is cracking and his partner tells him that he will call Mr Todd.

Hutch and his wife are driving in Utah on a dark road. They discuss Mormons and what they can and can’t do. Chantil figures that there aren’t more Mormons because they aren’t allowed to drink sodas and coffee.

Cut to Las Vegas where Janey and Cooper pull up to the office in their brand new car. She assists Cooper out with a huge smile on her face. Cooper gets out and walks to the office. In the lobby, Anthony sees Cooper approach the glass doors and he runs right into them. Cooper stands there pressing his hand agasint the glass. Another worker opens the door for him and Cooper walks in. Anthony approaches Cooper and offers him a cup of coffee. Cooper repeats the word and they sit down outside the same restaurant where Cooper picked up the cherry pie for the Mitchum brothers. The name of the restaurant is Szymon’s Famous Coffees. A waitress brings two cups of coffee and Cooper picks his up with both hands and begins to drink. Cooper looks up at Anthony and then past him at the cherry pies in the cafe. Anthony takes the opportunity to put the poison in Cooper’s coffee. Meanwhile, the waitress offers to bring Cooper a slice of pie.

Cooper goes back to the table where he notices dandruff on Anthony’s jacket. He begins gently massage his back and Anthony becomes upset – realizing what he is about to do. He grabs the coffee and goes into the restroom where he pours it out leaving Cooper at the table. Cooper bends down and picks up Anthony’s coffee and begins to drink. The waitress brings Cooper the slice of cherry pie. Anthony comes back, still crying and apologizing while Cooper eats the pie.

Up in Twin Peaks, Shelly is working behind the counter when her phone rings. It’s Becky. She is upset because Steven hasn’t come home for 2 days. Shelly tells Becky to come to the Double R for some cherry pie. Becky’s mood changes and she says she will be right there.

In Vegas, Anthony has told Bushnell everything that has happened and admits to almost poisoning Cooper. He admits to lying and cheating for months. Instead of sending Anthony away, Bushnell asks if he is willing to testify against Mr Todd. He says he is willing. Anthony learns that they also know about Clark and his partner and Anthony says they are worse than Todd.

It’s night in Twin Peaks and Bobby orders at the Double R. He sees Norma and Big Ed in a nearby booth and asks if Shelly had already gone home. They tell Bobby to join them and he does. Ed asks what is new and Bobby tells him that they found something from his dad “today.” The waitress drops off the food for Bobby and then Norma gets up to get Ed’s food. We learn that Ed and Norma are no longer in a relationship. That’s when Walter, a well-dressed businessman, approaches Norma and they kiss. Ed and Bobby move off to another table to talk.

Walter sits down in the booth and the two talk about Norma’s Double R franchise. Walter tells her that her own diner is lagging and he determined why — the pies. Norma uses the best ingredients for her pies and as a result the pies in the other locations aren’t as good because they use different ingredients. Walter suggests that they change the diner to “Norma’s Double R” but Norma continues to push back. Walter changes the subject and asks her to go out to dinner. Ed watches on while talking with Bobby.

Nearby at Run Silent Run Drapes, Nadine is working on her computer. Outside an old yellow truck drives by and then reverses. Jacoby sees the golden shovel in the window. Nadine’s door bell rings and she goes to answer it. She sees Jacoby and opens the door. They talk about her window display of the golden shovel. Jacoby and Nadine discuss the last time they saw each other – Jacoby says it was 7 years ago in a supermarket.

At the Palmer residence, Sarah is watching TV. Cigarettes and bottles cover the table in front of her. On the TV, there is looping video of a boxing match. Each time it loops, there is an electrical banging sound. “Oh the right hand catches the big guy by the ear. And he finally goes down, hangs onto the ropes. The gentleman asks him if he is okay. Looks like, uh, round number 1 and 2 are under way. Now it’s a matching box again.” At one point Sarah gets up from the couch and leaves the room to get more liquor.

Cut to Audrey and Charlie who are now arguing in a different room. She is still upset that she doesn’t know what Tina said from the previous episode. She admits to feeling like she is some place else and is some body else. She admits to not knowing who she is – but she knows she is not her.  Charlie tells her that she is supposed to go to the Roadhouse to see if Billy is there. She asks if it is far and Charlie tells her that she knows where it is. Charlie threatens to end her story.  Audrey sits down and Charlie tells her that she is the one who wanted to go. She asks for help. “It’s like Ghostwood here,” she says. She breaks down crying.

James Marshall in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Courtesy of SHOWTIME

Tonight, James Hurley sings at the Roadhouse – “Just You and I.” In the booth a young woman watches James. Her smile slowly fades to tears as the song plays.

At Big Ed’s Gas Farm, Big Ed sits in his business eating Double R takeout. He stares outside watching traffic drive by. Or is he watching his reflection that appears to be drinking the soup while he is not? He picks up a book of matches and lights one and burns either a piece of paper or another book of matches. He places it back on the counter and continues to eat his soup…..alone.

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