Part 16 opens with Mr C and Richard driving down a dark road. The headlights shine the way. Richard eyes Mr C carefully as the evil Cooper continues down the road. They come to a stop on a gravel road. Mr C shines lights on a large rock on top of a hill. Mr C tells Richard he is looking for a place and that he has received coordinates from 3 people – 2 matched. They begin their walk up the hill.

Across the way, Jerry Horne comes running down the hill and sees the truck and Mr C and Richard climbing the hill. He takes out a pair of binoculars and looks at them using the wrong side – they are further away now.

Back on the hill, Mr C and Richard stop near the rock. Mr C gives Richard the GPS device and tells him to go up to the rock. Richard continues the way up and disappears behind the rock. A few seconds later, he emerges on the back side and is now on top. He walks closer to the exact spot when suddenly electricity strikes him in the chest. He stands there shaking and screaming while Jerry and Mr C watch. Richard’s body slowly vanishes from his feet to his head. Once the electrical current reaches the top, his head explodes.

“Oh. Goodbye, my son,” Mr C says and then walks back down the hill.

On the other hill Jerry slams his binoculars on the ground. “BAD BINOCULARS! BAD!”

At the truck, Mr C takes his cellphone and sends a text to an unknown number. He writes:

: – ) ALL.

The time is 2:05 AM according to his phone.

Cut to Las Vegas. Hutch and Chantal are watching the home of Dougie Jones from their black van. Chantal eats Cheetos as they wait.

Two black cars pull up. It’s Las Vegas FBI. Four men get out and move toward the Jones home. After ringing the bell and finding out no one is there, Wilson is told to get another vehicle and stake out the house. The others head to Lucky 7 Insurance to track down “Dougie Jones.”

Cut to a hospital in Las Vegas. Dale Cooper is laying in a bed attached to a breathing machine and other monitors. Janey and Sonny Jim are there. Bushnell comes in and they talk about “Dougie’s” health. The Mitchum brothers come in with a large display of “get well soon” flowers. They meet Janey and Sonny Jim and then inform them that they will be providing the food they need. Candie and the other girls break in finger foods. They ask for Janey’s house key so they can stock her house.

In Buckhorn, Gordon Cole stands in the middle of the room listening and watching the FBI computers. They are making lots of sounds and beeps.

Back in Vegas, the Mitchum brothers are gone. Janey takes Sonny Jim to the restroom. After they leave, Bushnell gets a call from Philip. He informs him that the FBI is looking for Dougie. He tells Bushnell that they are heading toward the hospital. He hangs up the phone and approaches Cooper.

Back at the Dougie Jones house, Chantal grabs another bag of Cheetos as Wilson and his partner pull up on the street to watch the house. As they chat, a limo and a can pull up at the Jones home. Out walks the Mitchum brothers and Candie and the other girls. Chantal informs Hutch that it’s her last bag of Cheetos and she’s unhappy. Across the street, the group takes food into the house. The van drives away as another car pulls up right in front of Chantal and Hutch. A man gets out and tells them to move the van. They refuse and they get into an argument. The driver goes back to his car and slams his car into the van trying to push it away. Chantal goes to the front and pulls out a gun. She fires into the car. The man gets out and runs to the trunk where he pulls out his own gun. He fires and hits Chantal. Hutch grabs a shotgun and fires. Chantal puts the van in reverse and then forward again, hitting the other car. The car then hits the driver and he lands on the ground. As Chantal and Hutch drive by, the man gets up and starts firing into the van. Chantal collapses into the seat and the van slows down. The man continues to fire into the back of the van putting bullet after bullet into Hutch. The Mitchum brothers come out of the house to see what is happening – both are carrying. The van comes to a stop after rolling over the curb and into a pole. Bradley asks what kind of neighborhood this is. His brother responds, “People are under a lot of stress, Bradley.”

Now the FBI get out of the car and tell the driver to put the gun down. As the FBI approach, the Mitchum brothers go back inside. Wilson calls for backup and the sound of sirens can be heard.

Back at the hospital, Bushnell starts to hear a ringing tone – the exact tone that Beverly and Ben have been trying to track down in the Great Northern. Bushnell follows the sound out into the hallway leaving Cooper alone.

The chair next to Cooper suddenly has the face of Mike in the Lodge on it. As he appears, Cooper suddenly wakes up and removes the oxygen mask from his face, gasping for air.  He sits up and sees Mike.

Mike: You are awake.
Cooper: One hundred percent
M: Finally. The other one…he didn’t go back in. He’s still out. Take this. (Mike gives Cooper the ring)
C: Do you have the seed? Do you have the seed? (Mike shows him the golden marble. Cooper then removes hair from his head.) I need you to make another one.
M: I understand. (They exchange the hair.)

Mike fades away just as Janey and Sonny Jim show up. They are surprised to see Cooper. Bushnell comes in and celebrates that “Dougie” is back. Cooper tells Janey and Sonny Jim to find the doctor. As they leave, Cooper asks Bushnell to pass him some of the sandwiches – “I’m starving!” Bushnell informs Cooper that the FBI is looking for him.

The doctor arrives and checks his vitals. Cooper tells her that he is leaving. The doctor says he looks good and will prep the release papers. Janey and Sonny Jim go down to get the car as Cooper gets dressed. On their way down, Sonny Jim says, “Dad sure is talking a lot.”

Back in the hospital room, Cooper asks for Bushnell’s gun. Cooper tells him to get the Mitchum brothers on the phone. He dials them and Cooper tells them to meet him at the casino and to gas up a plane to go to Spokane, WA. The Mitchum brothers prepare to leave as the Twin Peaks theme plays. Cooper gives Bushnell a note for Gordon Cole, if he calls. Cooper tells him that he is a fine man and he heads out the room. Bushnell asks him about the FBI.

“I am the FBI,” Cooper replies and makes his way out of the hospital.

At the car, Cooper tells Janey he is going to drive. She protests but Cooper insists. Cooper gets in and drives away just as the FBI pull into the hospital. Sonny Jim realizes his dad can drive a car – “really good.”

Up north, Diane is sitting at her favorite spot at the hotel bar, smoking.  Her phone vibrates and she looks at it. She sees the message Mr C had sent the night before. She sees the message and seems stunned. The time on the phone is 4:31. She puts the phone away and takes another drink. She shudders and exhales. “I remember. Oh. Oh Coop. I remember. ” She picks up the phone and begins to type a long number – it’s not 4:44. She sends the number. She closes her purse which has a gun in it. She gets up from the bar and makes her way upstairs using the elevator. She walks down the hall to the room with the equipment.

Inside, Cole is sitting and he looks toward the door as she approaches. “Come in, Diane.” She walks in and sits down on the green chair across the room. Tammy and Albert are at the table. Diane begins to tell them the story about the last night she saw Cooper. She informs them that Cooper showed up at her place – no knock, no doorbell. Just standing in the living room. She tells them that she was happy to see him and they hugged. They sat on the couch and talked. She tells them that Cooper was grilling her about what was happening at the FBI. Cooper leaned in and kissed Diane during their talk. She tells them it had happened once before. “As soon as his lips touched mine, something went wrong. And I felt afraid. And he saw the fear in me. And he smiled. He smiled. And his face….and that’s when it started. He raped me. He raped me. Afterward, he took me somewhere – an old gas station.” She looks down at her phone and sees the message again – this time the time is 3:50. Diane says, “I’m in the sheriff’s station. I’m in the sheriff’s station. I-I sent him those coordinates. I’m in the sheriff’s station because–because….I’m not me. I’m not me. I’m not me.” As she talks, Albert moves his hand to his gun. Diane looks down at her purse and draws her gun. Before she can fire, Albert and TAmmy shoot. She flies against her chair and then suddenly is pulled away.

Cut to the Black Lodge. Diane is sitting in a chair as Mike approaches. He tells her that she was manufactured. Diane’s jaw pops and her shoulders scrunch up. Her face opens up and a golden marble appears. Her head pops and her body shakes and falls apart. Electrical light and smoke appear around the chair, leaving behind a golden marble.

Back in Vegas, Cooper, Janey and Sonny Jim arrive at the casino. Cooper pulls Dougie’s family aside and tells them that he loves them and he has to go away. Janey can’t quite understand what he is saying to them. “Dougie….I mean…I will be back.” Janey asks if he is Dougie and Sonny Jim tells him that he is his dad. He tells him that he loves them and then they hug. He gets up and walks away, but Janey follows behind him.”Don’t go,” she says. “I have to,” Cooper tells her. She kisses him. “Whoever you are, thank you,” she says. Cooper walks away to the Mitchum brothers, leaving Janey-E and Sonny Jim in the casino.

“Don’t go,” she says to Cooper. “I have to,” he tells her. She kisses him. “Whoever you are, thank you,” she says. Cooper walks away to the Mitchum brothers, leaving Janey-E and Sonny Jim standing alone in the casino.

In the limo, Candie hands coffee to Cooper and a Bloody Mary to Bradley. The Brothers try and make sense of the story that Cooper has apparently told them. Bradley tells Cooper that they aren’t liked by police too much. Cooper tells them it will change because they have hearts of gold. Candie agrees.

At the Roadhouse, Edward Louis Severson is announced and he plays to a crowd. As he plays, Audrey and Charlie finally arrive at the Roadhouse and order a couple of drinks. As they sip on the drinks, the Roadhouse MC announces, “Audrey’s dance!” The crowd leaves the floor, allowing room for Audrey to dance. The music begins to play and immediately she begins to sway. She stands up from the bar and walks onto the floor, slowly dancing. She is interrupted by the yelling of a man, “Monique! Monique!” He slams a glass bottle across a man’s head telling him that Monique is his wife. He begins to punch the man on the floor. Audrey runs to Charlie – “Charlie, get me out of here.”

The sound of electricity can be heard and Audrey finds herself in a white room looking at herself in the mirror. She is wearing no makeup. “What?” she asks repeatedly.

As the credits roll, Audrey’s Dance is played and the men perform in reverse.