Lynch and Frost have flooded The Return with numerous numbers – including several numbers that appear to be hints.

In Part 1, The Giant (or ???????) told Cooper to remember the numbers: 4, 3, 0. The junkie mom has repeatedly shouted 1-1-9. The clock at the elevator has shown these numbers.

Notice the clock – 8:55 which is 119 or 911.

The clock reads 4:30 (okay it’s closer to 4:31 but still….most people don’t leave work until closer to 5 anyway…).

We have seen the repeated use of 3, 1 and 5 (based around Cooper’s hotel room at the Great Northern). We’ve also seen 2:53 which was the time in which the lodge opened and Dougie was pulled in.

One number that has only popped up a couple of times is the number 7. Each time it centers around the insurance company Dougie works for – Lucky 7 Insurance.

The Number 7 in Numerology and also in religions like Judaism and Christianity is a positive number. It’s often considered a perfect number and represents God. says this about the number 7:

“The number 7 is the seeker, the thinker, the searcher of Truth (notice the capital “T”). The 7 doesn’t take anything at face value — it is always trying to understand the underlying, hidden truths. The 7 knows that nothing is exactly as it seems and that reality is often hidden behind illusions.”

“Seeker, thinker, searcher” describes Agent Dale Cooper in my opinion. The 7 knows “things are not what they seem” and reality isn’t always obvious. Both concepts are connections to Twin Peaks. If I’m understanding this right – the number 7 represents Dale Cooper.

Dougie works at Lucky 7 Insurance. When Cooper went home to work on the case files, he traced his finger along the 7 which seemed to have opened a small portal into the Black Lodge where Gerard/Mike told Cooper that he needs to wake up and to not die.

Even though we haven’t seen the number 7 much, we are coming up to Part 7 on Sunday. Part 7 could be a huge part that Lynch and Frost have been slowly hinting at for a few weeks.

A Facebook user posted in a Twin Peaks group something of interest that continues our discussion of numbers in Twin Peaks.

Look closely at this poster of Bushnell in his fighting days (click it to make the image bigger). See anything of interest?

Notice the date – 18th June. Also Notice the time – 7:30 PM.

The next episode of Twin Peaks is Part 7 and will air on June 18th.

Even more interesting….if you’ve read The Secret History of Twin Peaks, you know about a real-life guy by the name of Jack Parsons. Jack was into the occult and he died in a mysterious explosion/fire on June 17. The book has a picture of the LA Times newspaper reporting his death. The date on the newspaper? June 18, 1952. (Another FB user mentioned this little nugget in the same discussion.)


To quote Cooper:

“Fellas, Coincidence and fate figure largely in our lives…Harry, I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.”

And if that’s not enough to make you think something big could happen soon — most movies (and plays) are divided up into 3 acts. Each act is roughly 1/3 of the running time of the movie but not exactly. Right now, we are somewhere around the end of Act 1 and the beginning of Act 2. Act 1 often will end with some huge event happening. I’m not sure if Part 6 was the end of Act 1 or not, but it’s possible Part 7 could be the end of Act 1 or an explosive beginning of Act 2.

Twin Peaks The Return (lucky) Part 7 airs on Sunday night and hopefully it will be a $425,000 jackpot for viewers!!