Richard Horne drives an old Saturn 4-door Sedan to a small trailer. It appears the car has been in multiple accidents and the back and front have panels have been replaced and are different colors. He parks in front of a barn and walks to Miriam’s trailer. Miriam tells him to go away but he tells her he wants to talk. She informs him that she has already told the police that he ran over the “little boy” and did so by sending the police a letter that she dropped in the mail that day. He breaks into her trailer and beats her until she stops screaming. While he hurries back to his car, he calls Chad at the Sheriff Station and tells him that he needs to get the letter Miriam sent before the sheriff reads it. Chad agrees that he will try and intercept the letter. Richard drives off leaving Miriam barely breathing and lying on the floor. The camera focuses on a lit candle and zooms down. We see an open oven and can hear the hissing sound of gas escaping. Miriam lays on the floor of the trailer, her left arm and hand in the middle of a pool of blood.

Cut to the New Fat Trout Trailer Park where Carl plays his guitar and sings a song. ” From this valley they say you are leaving. I will miss your bright eyes and sweet smile. For they say you are taking the sunshine that will brighten my pathway awhile. Come and sit by my side little darling. Do not hasten to bid me adieu. Just remember that Red River Valley…”

Suddenly a red coffee mug comes flying out of a window across from Carl. Steven can be heard screaming at Becky as she cowers on the couch. He is yelling at her about money and something she did, or maybe didn’t do. He raises his fist to hit her but doesn’t strike. He threatens that she knows what she did.

Cut to Rodney Mitchum reading and writing on a surveillance log at his home. From the kitchen one of the three women dressed in the short pink dresses enters the room and is trying to track down a fly. Candie attempts to kill it with a red scarf without much luck. She ends up picking up the remote control and hits Rodney in the face with it. He screams out and grabs the side of his face.  Rodney’s brother, Bradley, comes running in to see what is going on. Confusion, screaming and yelling ensues as Candie can hardly control herself from hitting Rodney.

Cut to “Dougie” getting examined by his doctor. Janey explains that Dougie disappeared for 3 days and things haven’t been right since. Dr Ben removes Cooper’s shirt and immediately notices his slim stomach and chiseled muscles. Ben asks if he has been exercising and mentions that he has lost a lot of weight. The doctor listens to his lungs and his heart beat. He then checks his blood pressure as Janey suddenly comes to the realization that “Dougie” had lost a lot of weight. Janey now fully realizes that her new Dougie looks “remarkable.”

Back at the Mitchum house, Candie continues to cry about hitting Rodney. One of her friends try to console her but she pushes her away. Rodney drinks on the couch and watches the news. He explains that he is fine but she continues to cry. The news talks about the arrest of Ike the Spike.  Rodney tells Bradley that he needs to cancel the hit on Ike which will save them a lot of money. The news then shows Janey and “Dougie” on the news. They see Cooper standing in the interview and recognize him from the casino. “Turns out our Mr Jones is actually Mr Jones,” Bradley says. Candie interrupts to ask how Rodney can ever forgive her for what she did to him.

Cut to the Jones home where Janey is lustfully watching Cooper eating a piece of cake. “Dougie, do you find me attractive?” she asks. Cooper chews noisily. “Well, do you?” He swallows and takes a bite. “I find you attractive,” she adds as he continues to eat. “Dougie…” she giggles.

Naomi Watts in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Cut to the bedroom where Janey and “Dougie” are having sex. Janey repeatedly calls out the name “Dougie” while Cooper lays here, his arms moving up and down with the motion. Janey gets so loud that Sonny Jim sits up in bed. Cut to the two laying in bed, Cooper looking up at the ceiling and Janey staring at him. “Dougie, I love you.” Cooper replies: “Love you.”

Fade to black and the howling wind as the camera flies over the trees at night. Ominous music plays while we revisit the trailer of Dr Jacoby who is live on the air complaining about big business and pharmaceutical companies who basically own the hospitals and everything else. Nadine is listening at her store – Run Silent Run Drapes. In the store of her window, she has a golden shovel hanging.

The next morning, the Jones family leave the house. Janey stops Cooper and tells him that she can’t stop thinking about the previous night and that she finds Cooper wonderful.

In Twin Peaks, Jerry continues to be lost in the woods. He is attempting to get a cell signal and is unable to.

At the Sheriff’s Station, Chad talks with Lucy while waiting for the mailman to arrive. When the mail man arrives, he goes out to the parking lot to intercept the mail. He starts to go through it and finds the letter he is looking for — from Miriam Hodges in Twin Peaks. He places the letter in his shirt without Lucy seeing. He drops the mail off at her desk and grabs a donut.

Cut to Richard driving when he receives a text message from Chad. One word: Done.

Cut to Johnny Horne watching a strange bear with a clear bubble on its head with a flashing bulb inside. It continually repeats, “Hello Johnny. How are you today?” Over a loud speaker, we hear a man’s voice say, “Mrs Horne, your grandson, Richard, is on his way in.” Sylvia enters the room and goes to the door where she sees Richard pull into the driveway. She steps out of the house and tells him to leave. Richard storms in saying he just wants a couple of dollars. While Richard threatens Sylvia, Johnny Horne attempts to free himself from his restraints. He moves back and forth as he watches Sylvia and Richard begin to yell and the situation escalates. He falls to the floor and Richard grabs his grandmother and tells her to give him the combination of the safe. 9, 0, 4, 7 is the combination. He throws her to the floor as the bear repeats the phrase over and over. Johnny lays on the ground and groans while Sylvia tells him that they can’t make Richard mad. Richard comes back in and empties Sylvia’s purse. He takes cash and jewelry from the safe and puts it into her purse. Sylvia watches as Johnny cries on the floor and the bear continually repeats the phrase. After taking the silverware, Richard yells at her and calls her a name and then exits the house. Sylvia goes to Johnny and hugs him.

Cut to Las Vegas where Duncan Todd sits at his desk. Roger walks in and informs him that Ike was captured. Across the room, Dougie’s coworker, Anthony sits on the couch. Duncan calls him over and tells him that he needs to go to the Mitchum brothers and put the blame of their insurance lost on Douglas Jones. Apparently, Anthony and Duncan have been working together to hurt the Mitchum brothers because they are Todd’s “business rivals and bitter enemeis.”  Anthony needs to convince them that Dougie is out to get them. Duncan goes on to explain that if he fails, then he will have to kill Dougie himself.

Cut to Buckhorn where Albert and Constance are eating dinner and laughing. Cole and Preston watch on smiling and laughing.

Back in Vegas, Anthony is seen by the Mitchum brothers on the cameras. They send Candie to go get Anthony. She appears to be to be confused and asks twice if they want her to get him and bring him back. She exits the room and the brothers watch as she carries on a long conversation with Anthony. Tired of waiting, Rodney tells the new supervisor to have Candie bring Anthony back into the room. After arriving in the room, Bradley asks what they were talking about. They ask Candie what she was talking about and she tells them that she was talking about how lucky they were to have an air condition since it’s going to be hot outside. Frustrated, the brothers ask Anthony why he is here. Anthony goes on to explain that Douglas Jones is the one who refused to give them their $30 million in insurance. He explains that Jones did everything in his power to stop the claim and that he has a vendetta against them. As he leaves he tells them that Douglas Jones is their enemy.

Cut to them back at their house, Bradley takes a drink from one of the girls and sits down on the couch next to Rodney. They discuss Douglas Jones Rodney tells Bradley that he is going to setup a meeting with Jones the next day, and that he took them for $30,447,000.

At the hotel in Buckhorn, Cole is drawing a strange creature with antlers when there is a knock at the door. He gets up to answer the door. He suddenly has a vision of Laura Palmer crying (scene from Fire Walk With Me) and he can hear Sarah screaming “Laura!” It fades away and Albert is standing there. Albert looks around trying to understand what Cole is seeing. Cole invites him in and then closes the door behind him. Albert motions for Cole to turn up his hearing aid which he does.

Albert then explains that Diane received a mysterious text message at “11:13 this morning.” Albert goes on to explain that the message was traced to a server in Mexico. He goes on to tell him that she responded with a heavily encrypted message: “They have Hastings. He’s going to take them to the site. ” Cole tells Albert that he “felt it when she hugged me but this confirms it.”

In the hallway, Tammy Preston approaches the door and knocks. The turned up volume on Cole’s hearing aid sends a shooting sound to his ear and he grimaces in pain. Cole opens the door and lets Tammy into the room. Tammy informs the men that something was found on one of the earliest cards in the New York City penthouse where the Glass Box is. She hands over a picture that shows Mr C talking with a bald man. “This is something. This is really something,” Cole says.

Cut to the Great Northern where Ben is talking with Sylvia who has explained to Ben what took place earlier in the day. She wants him to send money but he refuses. She threatens to call her lawyer. She hangs up on him and then he calls out to Beverly: “Do you want to have dinner with me?”

At Margaret’s home, she is on the phone again with Hawk. “Electricity is humming. You hear it in the mountains and rivers. You see it dance among the seas and stars and glowing around the moon, but in these days, the glow is dying. What will be in the darkness that remains? The Truman brothers are both true men. They are your brothers. And the others, the good ones, who have been with you. Now the circle is almost complete. Watch and listen to the dream of time and space. It all comes out now, flowing like a river, that which is and is not. Hawk, Laura is the one.” Hawk sits in the Sheriff Station taking it all in.

Outside a half moon is covered in the clouds as music plays at the Roadhouse.

My Dream Is To Go
To that place
You know the one
Where it all began
On a starry night
On a starry night
When it all began
You said
Hold Me
Hold Me
Hold Me
Don’t be afraid
Don’t be afraid
We’re with the stars
I saw them in your eyes
En tus palabras (Your words)
Y en tus besos (And in your kisses)
Abajo de (Under of)
Una noche (one night)
Llena, llena de (full, full of)
Estrellas (stars)
Under the starry night
Long ago
but now it’s a dream
Yo vi en tus ojos (I saw it in your eyes)
Yo vi las Estrellas (I saw the stars)
Pero ya no hay (But there is no longer)
Ya no hay (there are no)
Estrellas (stars)
Pero ya no hay (but there is no longer)
ya no hay (there are no)
Estrellas (stars)
No stars
No stars
Ya no hay estrelleas (there are no stars)
No stars
No stars
No stars
No stars
No stars
No stars
Ya no hay estrellas (there are no stars)
No stars
No hay estrellas (no stars)
No stars
No stars
No stars
No stars


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