Season 2 Episode 29


Beyond Life and Death

This is the final episode of Twin Peaks as broadcasted and translated to story format. A few items have been added to the story; however, there are NO changes to what is in the episode. As with all episodes from seasons one and two, a few additions were necessary, as some things simply cannot be translated into words. Be rest assured, nothing has been removed.

“Were you afraid, pumpkie?”

Andy and Lucy sat huddled together with their heads laying together in the sheriff station. They are looking straight ahead, Lucy’s heart still pounding in her chest. Andy could still feel the sweat on his back from the adrenaline rush they all had a few hours before.

“I was on the stage at the Roadhouse when the lights went out,” Lucy tells Andy, her eyes still peering ahead. “I kept thinking the lights are going out, the lights are going out. And then they did and it all went black. And I kept thinking it’s so dark, what about hand signals? What good would they do us now? And the baby? What if the lights went out at the hospital and we were in the elevator?”

Andy takes a breath and starts to turn to his girlfriend, “Then I’d help you have that baby right there in that elevator in front of God and everybody.”

Their lips touch and they kiss, feeling the emotion of the night rush over them.

“I love you,” they both said in unison

Their eyes widen when they hear each other say those words. They were in love and they knew it.

He stood there in front of the map, staring at it intently, as if its mysteries could be solved and its puzzle unlocked by the force of will alone. Although Hawk was also on the room, Cooper might as well have been alone. His mind was singular, focused purely on finding the key to unlocking the door and finding his ex-partner.

Truman marches into the room and tells him, “Coop, I have deputies from three counties looking for Earle. It seems like he has completely disappeared.”

Cooper disregards Truman’s remark and tells him, “The only hope we have of finding him is somewhere in this map…” He stares at it, studying the small details, trying to find something of interest. Truman stands next to him and also starts to stare at the map, trying to find anything that would give them a clue as to the whereabouts of Windom Earle. “Giant…..Little Man….” Cooper said to himself and started to look toward the center of the map, “…fire….fire walk with me….fire walk with me….”

Behind them, the door swings open and Pete Martell walks in and announces, “Grand theft auto! The Log Lady stole my truck!” He walks in a little further, almost looking like a cowboy, swaying back and forth. “’68 Dodge pickup…powder blue. I tried to chase after her but she took off on the road up toward the woods.”

Feeling a strange sensation somewhere deep within his mind, Cooper looks up at the newcomer, “Pete, the Log Lady did not steal your truck. The Log Lady will be here in one minute.” And then from out of nowhere, a thought enters his head, “The woods….Harry, Ghostwood Forest!”


Pete continues to go on about his truck, “Twelve rainbow trout in the bed.”

Truman picks up on the number and repeats it, “Twelve…? Wait a dog-gone minute! There’s a circle of twelve sycamores….Glastonbury Grove.”

Cooper whispers to himself, “Sycamores…”

“That’s where I found the bloody towel and the pages from the diary!” Hawk tells them from the back of the room.

Snapping his fingers, Cooper turns around, “The legendary burial place of King Arthur–Glastonbury!!”

Although confused by the entire situation, Pete tries to offer some words of assistance, “King Arthur is buried in England!” carefully pronouncing the last word with each syllable. The men look at him and Pete backtracks, “Last I heard anyway….”

A few seconds later there’s a knock at the door and Cooper looks at his watch. Hawk opens up the door.

“It’s the Log Lady,” Hawk says.

Pete points at the woman and assuming her guilt, inquires: “Where’s my truck?!”

Cooper shakes his head and tells Martell, “Pete, Windom Earle stole your truck.”

“I brought the oil,” the Log Lady hands the jar to Cooper.

He takes it from the woman. “Thank you, Margaret.”

Pete, still stuck on his truck, looks at the Log Lady, “It sure looked to me like it was you…”

“Margaret, what did your husband say exactly about this oil?” Cooper asks her.

“He brought it back one night just before he died and said, ‘This is an opening to a gateway.'”

“Intriguing,” Cooper says to Truman with a smile–a mischievous smile, Truman thinks to himself. He opens the jar and takes a sniff. He moves the jar to Harry and lets him take a whiff of the oil.

“Jacoby…” Truman says and then together, they add, “…scorched engine oil.”

Cooper turns to Hawk and says, “Hawk, bring in Ronette Pulaski.” He walks around the table as Hawk leaves and then brings the young woman into the room. “Do you recognize this smell?” he asks Ronette, opening the lid and putting the container under her nose.

She takes a whiff and looks up at the agent. As the scent of the oil fills her nostrils, she is overcome with fear as the odor causes horrrific memories to come rushing back into her mind. She backs away and into Hawk’s arms. She struggles to talk but gets out, “Yes….the night Laura Palmer was killed.”

The night was beating down upon the powder blue Dodge truck as it pulled into the woods and came to a stop in a clearing. In the truck was Windom Earle and the new Miss Twin Peaks, Annie Blackbun.

Windom looks over at Annie, “Glastonbury Grove. I am Windom Earle.”

Annie answers, “Windom Earle?”

He grabs her and makes her look in the truck bed, holding the back of her head. Annie feels him pulling on her hair and she tears due to the pain. “Take a look at that! Twelve rainbow trout!”

Fighting back, Annie tells him, “If you’re gonna kill me, why don’t you get it over with?!”

Smiling at her he replies, “There’s plenty of time for that.”

He starts to get out of the car, taking Annie with him and says something that Annie couldn’t quite make out. She wasn’t going to dare ask him what he said. He pulls on her, “Get out!”

She does and they start making their way into the woods. The fear within Annie begins to mount and she starts citing a prayer. They walk through the woods, Earle shining the light on the ground, on his face, at her and back on the ground as they make their way to the twelve sycamore trees.

“What are we doing here?”

“You and I have an appointment at the end of the world!” he tells her shining the light underneath his face, casting evil shadows in the darkness. For a split second, Annie remembered back to one of her camping trips with friends and they told ghost stories into the early morning, shining the light underneath their faces, casting demonic shadows.

“He’ll come for me!”

“No, he won’t!!”

“Why are you doing this to me?” she asks, trying to figure out a way to get loose and run from this madman.

“Same thing happened last time when he fell in love with my wife. I took the boy right to the edge that time,” he tells her. He walks into the circle of trees and tries to pull her in, “Come in….come in…” she struggles but is pulled in just as Earle says, “Come into THE CIRCLE!!!!” Annie screams and Earle shines the light on her face. Suddenly Annie feels the entire fight leave her body. She wanted to run, but her body refused to do anything. She felt as if she was in some sort of strange trance. She’d felt like this one other time….but she didn’t dare think back to that time in her life. That time where she took a knife and….

“I tell you they have not died. Their hands clasp, yours and mine.” He circles around her shining the light on her. “You’ll not run from me now, Not in this circle of trees. You’ll come with me,” he tells her and takes her by the hand. They walk around the side of the rocks formed in a circle and Earle waits.

He doesn’t wait for very long and suddenly red drapes come into focus in front of his eyes and he takes Annie inside.

Ed comes back from the bedroom snapping his fingers down the hall. He walks to Norma and smiles at her. She does the same. On the couch, Dr. Hayward works with Mike and Nadine. On their heads are bandages with spots of blood already showing through.

“Remember, 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off with the ice bags. It’ll help with the swelling. Both of you, take some aspirin, call me in the morning.”

Mike looks at him and nods, “Thanks Doc.” He turns to Nadine, his new love and puts his arm around her. “Oh does it hurt much baby? God, Nadine, I was so worried about you. I admit there were times when I had my doubts about what we meant to each other but seeing that sandbag hit you, I–I just knew that I would practically do anything for you and then the tree hit me.”

Near the fireplace, Ed and Norma stare at each other with their loving eyes. While Ed and Norma play googly-eyes and Mike talks, Nadine’s own mind becomes less and less foggy. Sights, smells and sounds become much clearer. From the ride over from the Roadhouse, everything seemed to be changing. She couldn’t figure out what, but she knew things were changing slowly.

Nadine, looking down, says to Mike quietly, “Who–”

Not hearing Nadine, Mike continues, “I love you! All right, I’ve said it! I’m glad!” He leans in to kiss her but is stopped short. At that moment, the mental fog in her mind clears and Nadine changes.

Nadine pushes on him and backs up against the couch. “Who are you?!”


“Uh…uh….you say your name is Mike?” Feeling her mind come back into focus, Nadine says, “What are you doing in my house?!”

“You brought me here, Nadine!”

“No, no you get out of here! Ed, make him go away!” Now seeing Norma: “What’s she doing here….?” The fears of the past several years pile up on her, “Oh…..that’s not fair. Ed….” Standing now she looks around at her living room. “Where are my drape runners!? WHERE ARE MY DRAPE RUNNERS?!”

Ed goes to her and asks, “Nadine, how old are you?”

“What kind of stupid question is that?” she says walking away from her husband.

Ed grabs at her and pulls her back. “Answer me!”

Nadine feels his hold tighten and she gets pulled back, hurting her soar head, she says “Ow” under her breath.

“How old are you?!”

“Thirty-five, you moron!” she yells and starts to cry. Ed grabs onto her and looks at the rest of the people in the room.

“I’m sorry, Ed.” Mike tells Ed. “I think I let things get a little out of hand.”

Across town at the same time that Nadine returned to 1989, Donna was upstairs packing her bags. She heard the doorbell ring and didn’t dare go to her door to see who it was. She could only guess that it was Ben Horne. While packing her suitcase, she came across a picture of her and Laura taken back when they were in 9th grade. They were smiling and holding each other tightly. The memory came rushing back at her and Donna collapsed on the bed crying for what seemed forever. As she cried, her father was passing the Double R Diner on his way home, driving down Falls Avenue. She gained her composure and finished throwing items into the suitcase.

Downstairs, Eileen and Ben talked quietly waiting and hoping Donna would come downstairs. That’s when they heard the door of her room close and footsteps make their way to the steps. The first thing Eileen saw was the suitcase.

Eileen cried, “Donna, please! Donna, please listen!”

Making her way to the door, Donna yells back, “I’ve heard enough!”

“Please let me explain!” her mother screams back, her voice sore.

“Donna…” Ben tries to console her.

“Leave me alone!” she yells turning back to the door.

Continuing with this sentence, Ben says, “It isn’t your parents’ fault. It’s mine.”

“My parents? Who are my parents anyway?!” Donna yells as William Hayward steps out of his car and noticing Ben Horne’s was parked out front. Just down the street, another car was approaching.

Crushed by Donna’s words, Eileen could only say, “Ohhhh….”

“I only wanted to do good. I wanted to be good. And it felt so good to tell the truth after all these years.”

Dr. Hayward enters the house and sees his daughter crying and Ben in the living room, “Ben, dammit!”


“Donna?” he grabs her hand, “Ben I warned you!! Get outta my house!”

“Will, can you forgive me for what I have done to you?”

Ben’s wife enters the house from behind Dr. Hayward.

“Sylvia, I told you to stay home!”

“What are you trying to do to this family?” she says to him.

Donna looks at the doctor and reaches for him, “Daddy….you’re my daddy….you’re my daddy….you’re my daddy…..”

Turning to Ben, “Leave my family alone!” Will lets loose of his daughter and makes his way toward Ben Horne.

“Now, Will….Will!!” Ben feels a hand hit across the face as he turns and moves toward the fireplace, the motion of his body not allowing him to stop. His head slams against the stone with a loud crack and he falls back.

Somewhere in the blackness, Ben could hear someone screaming like an animal and then nothing.

Picking up the top to the cake holder, Andrew Packard compares the key from the black box with one of his own. “Aah, I knew I’d seen it somewhere. Safety deposit box.” He take his own key and replaces it with the one from Eckhart. “They’ll never notice the difference”

Behind him, Pete walks in and sees his brother-in-law standing above the key. “Oh Andrew….”

“Good night, Pete,” Andrew says and makes his way back to his room.

The Sheriff’s vehicle came to a sudden stop behind Pete’s stolen truck and Agent Cooper and Truman jump out and investigate the truck with the twelve rainbow trout. After a few seconds, Cooper looks up at Truman, “Harry this way.” They go right and into the dark woods.

They walk for a little ways when Cooper stops and feels a strange presence surrounding him. It’s uncomfortable and dangerous.

“Coop?” Harry asks.

“Harry, I have to go on alone.”

Truman looks at him and shakes his head, “Why? What?” At that moment, he knows that nothing can make a difference in what he might say to Cooper. He knew that Cooper was right. Cooper had to go alone. Cooper takes the flashlight and makes his way deeper into the woods. Truman watches him go as he listens to the croaking of nearby frogs.

As Cooper gets closer, he hears the hoot of an owl. He looks around, scanning the trees and finally finds one staring down at him. He takes a few more steps and sees the sycamore trees in front of him. “Oh…..sycamore trees.”

He enters the circle and looks down at another circle of rocks that house the oil in the middle. “An opening to a gateway….” He then notices something else of interest. “Footprints.”

He walks along the footprints, making each step carefully and then stops where they stop. He stands there waiting for the drapes to open.

At first, nothing happens and he clears his mind. Still nothing. Then his mind was filled with the face of his new love, Annie. He saw her standing in front of him and he felt at peace and loved. He opens his eyes and suddenly, in front of him, are red drapes, as real as the ground he stood upon. He parted them and entered, waiting for something to happen.

Behind him, Truman sees Cooper disappear into the darkness. He never saw the drapes. “Oh my God.”

Upon entering this new world, Cooper notices that the floor is identical to his dream and that he was now in a large room surrounded by curtains. He was at the opposite side and in the middle of the room was a table. A small Roman column with the top that looked like formica. Cooper took a few steps forward and felt a strange sensation running throughout him. He felt like his body had shifted within itself. He stops and turns around.

There in front of him at eye level was his belt buckle. He looks up and sees his face staring down at him, lifeless. Cooper steps back to take a closer look at his floating body.

“Dear God….” he whispers in the room. His voice echoes as it bounces off the floor and against the red curtains.

He reaches for the hand of his floating body. Upon touching it, he could feel his cold, clammy skin, like the body was dead.


He shakes his head and turns around and makes his way toward the Roman column. When he reaches, it stops to take a closer look. He runs his hand over the smooth table top. While standing there, a hot warmth comes over him and he removes his overcoat, leaving it on the column.

He takes one last glance at his body, staring at his unblinking eyes. It floated there silently. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he hears Albert’s voice telling him about the weight of Josie Packard when she died.

He turns around and goes to the edge of the room. He could see a small opening in the curtain and he steps through.

The first thing Cooper notices is the sound of a person singing. “Under the sycamore trees…..”

He walks down a hallway lined with red drapes and a zig-zagged floor with off-white coloring and a dark brown. Staring straight, Cooper walks toward the sound of the music and the voice. He takes note of the statue of Venus de Milo and he seems to remember a comment made by Cole about the statue just a few days before.

He walks through the drapes and into a room with three chairs, two of which sat right next to each other. One chair sits to its side with a table next to it with a Saturn lamp on top. There is also a strange lamp, which looks like a halogen lamp. Behind the two sets of chairs, another statue stands and next to it a few feet away is the singer. As soon as he enters the room, the lights start strobing.

Through the curtains on the far side of the room, steps the Little Man From Another Place. Cooper watches all of this in awe. The Little Man makes his way to the chair and sits down and looks up at him through the strobing light. His face resonated in the light in a strange aura.

Then slowly, the singer vanishes and Cooper and the Little Man are left alone in the room.

Back up at Glastonbury Grove, Andy steps out of his vehicle and starts searching for Sheriff Truman.

He whispers, “Sheriff Truman!?” This time a little louder, “Sheriff Truman?!” And even louder, “Sheriff Truman?!” Be quiet, Andy told himself. Be quiet….

“ANDY, OVER HERE!” Truman yells back and Andy let out a sigh of relief as he made his way toward the voice.

He sits down next to Truman in silence.

They were like that for hours, it seemed to Andy. Andy peers over to the eastern sky and can see the sun just beginning to crop up over the trees.

“It’s been twelve hours since he went in there,” Truman says to his deputy, staring at the Grove.

Andy, unsure of what to say, asks Truman, “Do you want a thermos of coffee?”


“Do you want a plate special?” he asks a few seconds later.


A few seconds later again, “Do you want desert?”


“Do you want pie?”

This time no answer.

“Harry? Harry?”

It was a quiet morning at Twin Peaks Savings and Loan. Of course it was quiet every Sunday morning at the bank. Dell Mibbler was a hard working man and didn’t believe that anyone should take any day off from work. He made sure that Twin Peaks Savings and Loan was open everyday, Sunday to Saturday from 9-7 each day, even on all major holidays, except for Christmas which was the only holiday that he would take off.

He was doing his normal banking duties when Audrey Horne walked through the door.

“Audrey Horne, this is my fortunate day,” he says in his old cracking voice. “Is there anything can do for you?”

Walking to the bank vault and removing chains, Audrey answers, “As a matter of fact there is. You could call the Twin Peaks Gazette.”

The old man says something Audrey couldn’t understand and she continues, “Ask to speak to Duwayne Milford, Jr.”

“Duwayne?” he asks.

“The editor.”

“Huh?” Audrey puts the cuffs on as he continues, “We must make a telephone call….uh…?”

“Tell him that Audrey Horne has chained herself to the Twin Peaks Savings and Loan vault in protest of their financial ties to the Ghostwood Development Project and that I intend to stay here until a town meeting is held to debate the future of our environment and specifically, the effect of the Ghostwood Project upon it. Okay?”

“Uh, miss….”

“And can I get a glass of water, please.”

Slowly and steadily, the old man walks across the large foyer and to the water cooler. He fills up a glass of water for the beautiful young girl and makes his way back. Unable to drink herself, he assists her by tipping the glass back.

“Thank you Dell,” she says gently.

He starts his way back to the front of the bank to throw away the cup and then the door opens and two men step in.

“Uh…uh…uh…uh…uh…” he tries to speak, startled and scared at the same time.

Andrew says loudly at the corner of the room, “Dell, Mibbler! As I live and breath.”


Pete interrupts, “He’s alive.”

“But the funeral, and all of the flowers and the choir boys.”

Pulling the key out of his pocket, “I was hoping you could do a small favor for me? Does this look familiar to you?” He shows the key to the old banker.

“Yes….yes….one of our safety deposit keys.”

“Ha ha! Shall we?”

“Well, of course, but there’s going to be a bit of a problem.”

They make their way to the vault and see Audrey chained to the iron door.

“Hi Pete!” Audrey says.

“Audrey….?” Somewhere nearby there is a loud dinging sound.

“Young lady, why are you chained to the bank vault?” Andrew asks Audrey.

“Civil disobedience.”

“Ahhhh….’Waste no time arguing what a good man should be – be one!’ Marcus Aurelius. I see no problem here. If you’ll excuse us please,” he says to the young woman.

“Sure.” Audrey steps backwards, opening the vault and letting the men enter. As the old banker passes, she says to him, “Did you call the Gazette yet? Maybe you should call the Sheriff too. Ask for Agent Cooper.”

Not hearing Audrey with his old and aging ears, Dell tells Andrew, “Give me the key.” He looks at it and makes his way to the box as outside the phone rings and the guard starts to yell “It’s a boy! It’s a boy!”

The old banker finds the box and slides the key inside and then shuffles away.

Andrew looks at Pete, “We’ve come to the end of a long road, Pete. But here we are!” He opens the door box and looks inside.

In the small safety deposit box is a mechanical contracption that Andrew recognizes as a bomb. He quickly reads the note: Got you Andrew! Love Thomas.

Andrew yells, “Oh sh-” but his last word is cut short as the bank explodes.

Outside money begins to fall to the ground and the Dell Mibbler’s glasses land in a tree across the street.

Across town, Betty and Major Briggs drink coffee in a booth at the Double R Diner as Shelly and Bobby look on.

“Shelly, I think we should get married!”

“Bobby, Leo! I’m still wearing his ring!”

They grab each other’s faces and make strange animal sounds as Heidi walks in.

“Oh what kept you Heidi? Seconds on nokwhurst this morning?”

“I couldn’t get my ca’ sta’ted.”

“Too busy jump-starin’ the old man! AGAIN!” Bobby and Shelly say the last word at the same time.

Bobby smiles at Heidi, “I thought you Germans were always on time.”

Heidi walks off giggling and disappears in the back.



“Leo’s probably up in the woods having the time of his life.”

At that moment, Sarah Palmer and Dr. Jacoby enter.

“Well, you were right, there’s the Major!” Jacoby says as they walk toward the table. “Excuse us Major Briggs for the intrusion but Sarah here had a message for you that she thought was important.”

Briggs looks at the woman and says her name.

After a few seconds, she begins to speak, but not in the same voice, but a dark, strange voice, “I’m in the lodge with Dale Cooper.” and then she pauses to take a breath. “I’m waiting for you.”

Sitting on the chair now, Cooper looks over at the Little Man. There were no sounds in the room except for his own breathing.

“When you see again, it won’t be me.” The man tells Cooper and then stands up. He lifts his foot and brings it back down, and then sits down again. “This is the waiting room. Would you like some coffee?” the Little Man asks him, speaking just like in Cooper’s dream from when he first came to Twin Peaks. “Some of your friends are here.”

From across the room, Laura enters the waiting room and sits in the chair next to the Little Man.

“Hello, Agent Cooper.” Laura lifts her right hand up and then snaps her fingers. “I’ll see you again in 25 years. Meanwhile…”

Cooper blinks his eyes in a split second and Laura was suddenly gone from the chair. He turns to the Little Man and sees movement next to him. He turns his head just to the side and sees the old waiter from the Great Northern sitting where Laura had been.

“Whooo–hooo–hooo,” the waiter yells. “Hallelujah!” he says.

The Little Man repeats after him, “Hallelujah!”

The man stands up with a cup of coffee in his hand. “Coffee.” He steps closer. “Coffee.” Another step. “Coffee.” Another step. “Coffee.” And another step. “Coffee.” He starts to place the cup on the table next to Cooper. “Coffee.”

Cooper looks down at the white coffee cup and then at the waiter. But now the waiter was gone and the Giant from Cooper’s room stood before him. He walks and sits in the chair next to the Little Man from Another Place.

“One and the same,” he tells Cooper and then vanishes.

The silence in the room suddenly cover over Cooper and he feels a shiver run up his spine. He turns to the dwarf who is looking at him. The strange man then turns forward and clasps his hands and rubs them together and a strange sound suddenly fills the room.

Coop turns to his coffee cup and picks it up. He looks at it and takes a sniff. He’s about to drink it when he notices that it isn’t liquid anymore. He shows the solid form to the dwarf and then looks at it again. This time it’s liquid again and it pours out onto the floor. He looks at it again and pours it a second time. This time, black oil flows from the cup and onto the zig-zagged floor. He looks down and sees the liquid vanish into the floor.

“Wow, BOB, wow!” the Little Man says and then turns to Cooper. “Fire Walk With Me.”

The lights suddenly begins to strobe and there’s a scream as Cooper hears the sound of fire burning nearby. He stands up and leaves the room.

Out in the hallway, he notices that it looks just like the first hall that he entered, with the statue at the far end. He makes his way down it and enters the next room, his heart thumping in his chest. He notices that the room looks exactly like the Waiting Room that he had just been in. He is standing in the back behind the chairs. He turns around to go back to the room he was previously in.

“Wrong way,” the Little Man tells him as he enters.

Shrugging his shoulders, Cooper turns around and makes his way back down the hallway. This time he enters and notices that he has entered from a different side of the room. This time, instead of entering from behind the chairs, he is on the opposite side looking at the front of the chairs.

The Little Man is standing in front of the chairs with a smile on his face. He says, “Another friend.” And then turns, laughing like a madman and disappearing behind the chairs. In the back of the room behind the curtains, he sees a womanly figure pass by and then enter the room. It’s Maddy.

“I’m Maddy. Watch out for my cousin,” she tells Cooper who nods and then turns around.

He exits directly in front of the white woman statue and he glances at it. He walks back down the hall and enters the next room, expecting it to be the Waiting Room.

But instead it’s completely empty. He steps forward and feels something below him. He looks down.

Below him is the Little Man–but it was empty when I walked in, he thinks to himself.

He notices a strange thing with the Little Man. His eyes aren’t the same color. They look to be gone, in their place is a bluish white pupil.

“Doppleganger!” the man says to him, laughing and moving strangely.

Cooper looks up and sees a couch now in the room. It’s red and has two seats, one on the front side and one on the other side. On top of the couch is Laura Palmer, her eyes were also different.

“Meanwhile!” She screams as she climbs over the chair and runs at him, the lights in the room begin to strobe once again. In that instant, Cooper thinks to himself, But where are the lights?

While look at Laura Palmer he sees her face change slightly from her own to a man–Windom Earle.

His heart now thumping in his throat, he turns to leave the room and hurries out. He quickly walks down the hallway and takes note of the statue in front of him. He enters where he came from and takes a few steps forward when a sudden pain hits his stomach. He looks down to see blood covering the lower part of his shirt. Pain is filling up inside him as he turns and makes his way back down the hallway. With each bloody step, he feels the pain subsiding. He enters the opposite room at the end of the hallway never noticing that the Venus de Milo statue was now gone.

At the moment of entering the room, all pain stops, and he looks down at the floor. He sees two people laying there. The one on the right, he could tell was himself and the one on the left was Caroline, in the same dress that she had died in.

“Caroline!?” The body moves and starts to look up. Cooper suddenly realizes that it isn’t Caroline at all. “Annie? Annie? Annie?” The woman is sitting up now, looking dazed. “Annie? Annie?”

The lights suddenly go out again in the room and Cooper can’t even see his hand in front of his face. He tries to turn around, trying to go back the way he had come. I only took a few steps into the room, he tells himself, taking those few steps but not coming into contact with a curtain.

He stops after roughly 20 steps and listens to the sounds, or lack of sounds, in this case, around him. Nothing at all could be heard in this room. He couldn’t see, he couldn’t hear. He had the sudden urge to pick up his recorder and begin talking into it. He reaches down and realizes that he didn’t bring it with him. He had left it at the sheriff’s station. Cursing himself for leaving the recorder, Cooper decides to veer right into the blackness hoping to come into contact with the red curtains and find his way out of this room.

He walked for what seemed a long time in the darkness of this other world, shuffling around, hoping he wouldn’t trip over anything, or anybody. Finally, his outstretched hand comes into contact with something. It was cloth, Cooper was sure of it, but beneath it was a solid. It felt like clothes.


No answer.

“Who’s in here?”

Again no answer. Cooper moves his hand from over the clothes trying to figure out something, anything. His hand runs up over and comes into contact with the shoulder blade of the person standing in front of him. He keeps moving, this time his hand went right across the person’s back. He immediately touches long hair and realizes that it is a woman.

“Caroline? Annie?”

Cooper’s hand moves along the head of the person and finds the person’s ear.

“Who are you?” Cooper asked the person.

His index finger runs across the cheek of the person.

The face isn’t smooth. It is unshaven and Cooper is positive it belongs to a man. He feels the face turn toward him and Cooper pulls his hand away and tries to take as many steps back as he can, the weight of his body moving faster than his feet could handle. He topples over and into a set of curtains. He struggles to get up, his foot caught in the drape. He reaches over and pulls his foot out and starts moving alongside the curtain, still in the darkness. Suddenly, just up ahead he sees a small shimmer of light coming through an opening. He quickly runs to it and opens up the curtain and steps into the hallway.

Cooper tries to catch his breath, standing up as straight as he could. Finally feeling better after a few seconds, he wipes the sweat from his brow and walks up the hallway and into the next room. Immediately upon stepping in, he sees Annie in the middle of the room. Behind her sits a table with a formica top. Its pedestal is made of marble and it has gold lining up to the top of the top. He had seen this table in one of his dreams right before coming to Twin Peaks.

Annie is standing there in a black dress and Cooper stops in front of her.

“Dale. I saw the face of the man who killed me.”

“Annie? The face of the man who killed you?”

“It was my husband.”

“Annie?” Cooper said, his heart still thumping in his throat.

“Who’s Annie? It’s me.” At that moment, Annie changes into Caroline, her eyes were covered over with that bluish white film. “It’s me.”


“You must be mistaken. I’m alive.”

And then suddenly, Caroline changes into Laura Palmer’s double. She screams at Cooper at the top of her lungs, her voice piercing Cooper’s ears. He flinches at the sound and looks back.

Windom Earle now stands in front of Dale Cooper.

“Dale Cooper,” Earle says to the agent as Annie appears behind the two men, staring straight ahead, unable to move. Earle begins to laugh and then says, “If you give me your soul, I’ll let Annie live.”

Cooper, seeing Annie at his side, knew that she had a long life to live and knew it would be wrong of him to not save her. That’s why he came into this other world, to rescue his love, and to find Earle. With this agreement, at least he would succeed with one. He loved her too much to let her go.

“I will,” Cooper tells Earle.

Earle removes a sharp object and plunges it into Cooper’s stomach. Immediately, Cooper feels pain, his eyes swelling up with tears as he feels his life begin to disappear. He feels his body falling backwards and land onto the floor. He suddenly feels a separation pulling from his body.

In those split seconds, he knew that his soul was leaving this part of himself, not his body, that was left floating when he first came into this world. His soul was going to that bright light and his life was now over.

And as just quickly as he ended his final thoughts of life, he feels a rush and a loud sound of fire. His soul comes rushing back into his spirit and he feels his body lift off the ground and back to its upright position. He sees Earle remove the knife from his stomach and the pain vanishes. And then he sees BOB crouching behind his ex-partner and Earle starts to scream.

“BE QUIET! BE QUIET!” BOB yells at Earle and he stops his screaming, his mouth closed, fear deep within his eyes. BOB makes strange laughing animal sounds as he turns to Cooper. “You go. He is wrong. He can’t ask for your soul. I will take his.”

Suddenly, the fear is released within Earle and he starts to scream. BOB moves his hand over Earle’s head and he feels his soul separate from his spirit self. Cooper could see fire pulling coming from Earle’s head and then it stops as soon as it had started. Cooper turns and leaves the room as BOB starts laughing. Little did Cooper know that behind him in the hallway a shadow appeared and turned into the room. This shadow struggles with the curtains, getting his foot stuck in the red drapes and pushes everything back. He gets loose and comes up behind BOB and they look at each other.

It’s Cooper’s double. They laugh together.

Walking down the hall, Cooper is about to go into the next room when Leland’s double steps into the small hall.

“I did not kill anybody.” He steps forward as Cooper moves around him. He reaches the end of the hall and is about to go into the next room when he turns and looks down the hall. There at the other end, Cooper sees his double for the first time and his stomach begins to hurt. Cooper pushes pass the curtain as his double makes his way down the hall. He stops long enough to smile at Leland and follows after Dale Cooper.

Cooper runs through the room, the lights strobing as he does. His double follows close behind. They go from room to room, Cooper looking and hoping that he will see the Venus de Milo statue at some point as he enters a hallway. From room to room, to hallway to hallway, Cooper runs, hearing a second pair of steps behind him, getting closer and closer. His heart thumping hard in his chest, he had to get out….he had to find his body.

He comes into a hallway with the statue and felt a sigh of relief. He runs down the hallway and comes upon a familiar room. There it was: The Waiting Room.

He runs across it, glancing back and seeing his demonic double directly behind him. He reaches the curtain and tries to pull it back but feels a hand on his shoulder as the lights suddenly goes out and begin to strobe.

Behind him he can hear laughter and he could feel BOB’s presence and suddenly everything goes black.

Outside Truman hears a rustling in the woods and looks up. He sees movement and two bodies lying on the ground.

“Cooper! Cooper!” Truman reaches the bodies and sees Cooper move just slightly. He turns to Annie, her face scarred, “Annie? Annie? Annie!?”

“There he is,” Doctor Hayward says to Truman, standing over Cooper’s bed in the Great Northern.

“Coop…”Truman says his name reaching for him.

“I wasn’t sleeping,” Cooper says, his throat hurting. “Annie? How’s Annie?”

“She’s gonna be just fine. She’s in the hospital,” Truman says hoping his statement would be true in the end.

“I need to brush my teeth,” Cooper tells the two men.

Truman looks up at the doctor who nods his head. “Sure,” Truman says to Cooper.

“I’ll help you up.” Dr. Hayward and Truman reach for Cooper, assisting him out of bed.

“Take it easy now.”

Cooper makes his way around the bed and stops at the corner of the room and turns around. “I need to brush my teeth.”

“Good idea,” Truman says.

Cooper turns and goes into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. He doesn’t realize that he also turns the lock.

Cooper takes his brush and toothpaste and opens the cap from the paste and places a little on his brush. He then pulls the brush away and starts squeezing the paste into the sink He leans forward and slams his head into the mirror.

Outside Truman yells, “Coop? Coop? Cooper–you okay? Coop?!”

Inside the bathroom, Cooper looks back at himself through the eyes of BOB and turns to the door. “How’s Annie? How’s Annie? How’s Annie?” He laughs and smiles at the door.

“How’s Annie?

How’s Annie?

How’s Annie?”

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