The Last Evening

Original Airdate: May 24, 1990


In Jacoby’s office, Donna and James try to find the secrets that they are needing to solve the mystery of Laura’s killer. They find a box of small umbrellas that are placed in drinks. Donna touches a switch and suddenly the background sound of waves changes to music. They try again and it changes again. They finally end up turning it off and then find the secret coconut that Laura spoke about. They open it up to find the necklace and the tape. They get back on the bike and drive away.

At the gazebo, Jacoby watches Maddy/Laura when suddenly he is attacked by a person in black and with a ski mask. James and Donna arrive again and the three drive off. Jacoby lays there in pain and passes out.

Cooper competes with Jacques and gets another 21. A woman walks up to Cooper and propositions herself with a whisper. Cooper refuses and then gives Jacques the chipped poker chip and tells him he is a friend of Leo’s. Up at Blackie’s office, Audrey enters wearing a white lingerie for Blackie. She spots Cooper on the video screen as Blackie tells her that the owner is coming by that night and wants to spend time with the new girls. Blackie lets Audrey pick a card and she selects the Queen of Hearts.

Cooper continues to speak with Jacques at a table where they are having a drink. He explains that he is the money behind Leo’s drug transactions. Cooper asks Jacques about Laura and that night up at the cabin. Cooper tells him that he has a job for him tonight and that there is a $20,000 deal if he does it. Cooper tells him to meet him in two hours over on the other side of the border. Cooper then asks Jacques about how the chip was chipped. He tells her that the bird was always talking about Laura all the time and that everyone is high. He says that Laura liked to be tied up and Leo was doing a number on her. Laura is screaming about the bird and then Leo takes the chip and puts it in her mouth. He says that Leo says, “Bite the bullet, baby, bite the bullet!” Cooper reports back to Hawk that he has Jacques on the line.

In Audrey’s new room, she awaits for the boss to arrive as Shelly begins to wash her hair at her house. While she is doing it, her towel is pulled away and she goes after the gun, but Leo stops her. He grabs her.

At the meeting place for Jacques, Truman speaks with Andy about Lucy not talking to him. Hawk comes on and tells them that Jacques is on his way. Jacques arrives and steps out of the car. They go after him and try to arrest him. Jacques however, grabs a gun from a cop’s belt and tries to shoot Truman, but Andy pulls his own gun and fires at Jacques hitting him.

At the Hayward’s, Donna, James and Maddy listen to the other tape they found at Jacoby’s. It’s the tape from Thursday the 23rd. She talks about James being sweet, yet dumb. She then mentions about the mystery man who has tried to kill her a couple of times. She mentions that sex is weird and that this guy can really light her F-I-R-E. Donna stops the tape when her father enters. He leaves, and Donna apologizes for James having to hear Laura say that about him. He says that Jacoby did not kill her but then how did he get the necklace.

At the mill, Leo ties up Shelly and prepares to ignite the place. He tells her that she broke his heart and that she will pay for it in one hour! Meanwhile at Big Ed’s, Nadine prepares herself to die as she dresses up in a nice dress and lays out a group of pills. She says, “Goodbye.”

At the Martell’s, Hank counts out his money from Josie: $90,000. He tries to get more from her but Josie refuses to give him more saying that they had an agreement. He then talks about the months he spent in jail and then mentions Andrew’s death by a boating accident. Hank says that he went in as vehicular manslaughter in order so as not to go in for a worse crime: murder that Josie was implemented in. She stands strong on her agreement. He takes her hand and then cuts hers and then his, mixing their blood together. He puts his finger in his mouth and then she wipes the blood on her lips.

Over at the mill, Catherine is searching for the ledger when Pete comes in. She asks him if he has seen it and he says no. Catherine asks for Pete’s help and they discuss the past between them. She asks him to feel that flicker of love because she is in trouble and that he is the only one she could turn to. They hug–Pete glad that she is back to him.

At the station, Hawk tells the others about Andy’s rescue of Truman from Jacques. Lucy listens and then goes into the small closet off to the side. Andy follows behind and upon entering they kiss. They talk briefly and Lucy tells him that she is pregnant. Andy is shock and walks out of the room. Lucy follows and says, “Fresh coffee!” She goes to her desk where she gets a phone call from Bobby acting like Leo telling her that Truman needs to check up on James because he is an “easy-rider.”

At the hospital, Cooper interrogates Jacques about that night and also Fleshworld. Jacques says that Leo hit him with a whiskey bottle and that Leo is laughing about it. They use the shirt of Leo’s to stop the bleeding. Jacques passes out outside and when he wakes up Leo is gone and so are the girls. He had to walk back home. He knows nothing about the traincar. Nearby, Dr. Hayward tells someone else about Jacoby’s condition as Truman and Cooper talk about Leo and Jacques. Hayward tells the cops that Jacoby said he saw Laura at Easter Park when he was attacked.

Back at the Martell’s, Pete and Catherine are looking through all of their books when the phone rings. Catherine answers it and ushers Pete out. Hank (on the other end) tells her that the ledger is at the mill and she asks him what he wants. “We’ll let you know,” Hank replies. She grabs a gun and leaves.

At the Double R, Hank and Norma talk to each other and try to make some reconciliation. Hank explains how he thought about her when he was in jail. He tells her that he is going to try to do better. He then leans over and kisses her.

Big Ed walks into his home to find his wife laid out on the floor. He kneels down and calls 911 telling them to come to 422 Riverside. He pulls her up and holds her.

At the station, Cooper, Truman and Hayward come in where Lucy tells them about Leo/Bobby’s phone call. James then arrives and Cooper goes to talk to James while James investigates his bike. Then Leland comes in asking about the killer they had arrested. Dr. Hayward tells Leland to go home and be with his wife. Leland turns to the camera and says, “Hospital.”

James gives Cooper the tape that he got from Jacoby’s. Cooper asks what dangerous games he has been playing. Truman walks in with the cocaine and Cooper tells him that he needs better answers from now on.

At Jack’s, Ben finishes up the agreement with the Icelanders about Ghostwood. The phone rings and Ben answers it. Hank is on the other end telling him that Leo is going to get a house call. Ben tells him to proceed.

At Leo’s, Bobby arrives to find Leo. Leo attacks Bobby with an axe and he falls to the floor pushing the TV back. Leo comes after him when suddenly there is a gunshot from outside. Bobby sees Hank outside. He then runs out of the house. Leo sits there watching the same type event happening on An Invitation to Love.

At the mill, Shelly struggles to get free when Catherine enters and tells her that she cannot understand a word she is saying with that thing in her mouth. The fire begins and Catherine pulls the cloth from her mouth and then the fire starts up even more. Catherine helps Shelly down and the two escape.

Back at the hospital, a fire alarm goes off and someone enters Jacques’ room. He is taped to the bed and a pillow goes over his face. Jacques is soon suffocated. The camera then shows Leland with his mouth open–like he is crying or mad.

At the mill, Pete goes inside to find his wife since no one knows where she is. “She’s still my wife,” he says running inside.

Benjamin signs his own name to the contract at Jack’s when he sends his partner with two of the girls. Ben speaks with Blackie. She calls him boss and then he goes off to see the new girl. In Audrey’s room, a Queen of Diamonds is being placed on her front. Audrey sees her father entering the room.

Back at the Great Northern, Cooper goes to his room while talking to Diane. He mentions that the Icelanders are now quiet which means they have checked or passed out. He goes inside his room to find a note on the floor. He sniffs it and smiles. The phone rings and he asks who this is, and if it could wait until tomorrow. There is a knock at the door and he tells the caller to hold on. As he walks away we hear Andy speaking on the phone about Leo. Cooper opens the door and is shot three times…


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