Original Airdate: September 30, 1990


The second season opens with Cooper laying on the floor in his room at the Great Northern. Andy is still on the phone and Cooper has a large blood spot on his stomach. A waiter (Mr. Droolcup, affectionately nicknamed) walks in with a glass of milk. He asks how Cooper is doing down there and says, “Warm milk.” Cooper asks him to put it on the table and to call a doctor. Andy is still on the phone and the waiter hangs up the phone. The waiter tells him that he hung it up for him. Cooper asks if he called a doctor. Mr. Droolcup says, “It’s hung up…the phone.” Cooper says thank you and the waiter says no problem. He leans down to let Cooper sign the bill and Cooper asks if this includes the gratuity. “Yes sir,” the waiter says. “Thank you. Thank you kindly.” He then tells him that the milk will get cold pretty soon and Cooper says okay. He goes to leave and then turns around, “I heard about you.” He then gives him thumbs up and Cooper does the same. Mr. Droolcup exits and then comes back giving him another thumbs up and saying the same phrase. Cooper replies with a thumbs up. He leaves and comes back a third time giving him a thumbs up again and also winks at him. Cooper gives him a thumbs up too. Finally he leaves, and The Giant appears.

The following is the transcript of their conversation:

GIANT: I will tell you three things. If I tell them to you and they come true, then will you believe me?

COOPER: Who’s that?

GIANT: Think of me as a friend.

COOPER: Where do you come from.

GIANT: The question is: Where have “you” gone? The first thing I will tell you is: there is a man in a smiling bag.

COOPER: …man in a smiling bag…

GIANT: The Second thing is: the owls are not what they seem. The third thing is: without chemicals, he points.

COOPER: What do these things mean?

GIANT: This is all I’m permitted to say. Give me your ring. I will return it to you when you find these things to be true (Coop picks up his hand and the giant bends down to take the ring.) We want to help you.

COOPER: Who’s we?

GIANT: One last thing: Leo locked inside a hungry horse. There’s a clue at Leo’s’ house. You will require medical attention.

The Giant then vanishes and it jumps to Audrey in her room at Jack’s with her father knocking on the wall, “Knock-knock-knock!” Audrey hides herself in the bed as Ben struggles to get a look at her. Meanwhile, Jerry is trying to find Ben and talking to Blackie about Ben. She seems to be going through drug withdrawal. Audrey gets him to leave, but Ben plays a trick and just fakes to leave. He goes back to the bed to find Audrey covering her face with a mask. Jerry knocks at the door and says to Ben that they have a problem.

At the Great Northern, Cooper talks to Diane with his recorder which is sitting on the desk. He talks about being shot. He explains how he folded the vest up trying to find a wood tick. He describes being shot as a bowling ball falling on you from nine feet above. He says that being shot is not all that bad as long as you keep the fear from your mind–like most things in life. He then checks his hand and finds the ring gone. He then goes on to say how he wishes he could treat people better, climb a tall hill, sit in cool grass, feel the sun on his face, crack the Lindbergh kidnapping case, make love to a beautiful woman, and visit Tibet. Hawk and Truman show up with guns.

7:45 in the morning: He awakes in the hospital to see Hayward, Truman and Lucy. Dr. Hayward shows Cooper the bullet that has a tick stuck to it–“Hell of a way to kill a tick!” Lucy updates him on the night’s before activity: Leo was shot, Jacques was strangled, the mill burned, Pete and Shelly have smoke inhalation, Catherine and Josie are missing and Nadine is in a coma. “How long have I been out?” he asks. Cooper tells Truman that they need to search Leo’s house. He gets up and Hayward tries to stop him but he continues.

At the now burned down mill, a reporter gives the latest information as Shelly watches it on TV, crying.

Hayward continues to try to stop Cooper but he continues to go. He sees Jacques’ body in a body bag being rolled away. He asks if that bag is smiling.

In Ronette’s room, she speaks Laura’s name and begins to wake up.

At the Palmer’s house, Maddy keeps staring at the floor and tells Sarah that she had a dream the night before about blood on the carpet. Suddenly, Leland walks in singing a song, his hair turned completely white! He leaves the room and so does Sarah. That’s when Maddy sees a vision of blood on the carpet.

At Ben’s office, he and his brother are discussing Catherine, medical of Leo Johnson’s recovery, and an answer from Hank why he isn’t dead. Leland arrives singing the same song and the two brothers begin to dance. He declares, “I’m back. Back and ready!”

Over at Leo’s Cooper explains what happened the night before when Leo was shot. He gives the exact story that happened by just looking throughout the room. Hawk comes in with Fleshworld magazines and Leo’s duster now smelling like gasoline. Outside, Albert arrives and Andy starts yelling. They go outside to find Andy running to the house when he steps on a board the flies up and hits him in the nose. Albert says, “And it’s another great moment in law enforcement history!” Truman and Cooper kneel down to find a pair of boots and cocaine under the now standing up board.

Hank is cleaning a table at the Double R when Donna and Maddy meet. Maddy gives Donna Laura’s glasses. Maddy rips up her pair of glasses saying that she hates them. They talk about James and the night before while Donna lights up a cigarette. Norma walks up with a note for Donna that reads: Look into the meals on wheels. Over at another booth, the Log Lady chews away and drinks coffee.

At the station, Albert puts a bandage around Cooper’s wound telling him that Cole ordered him back to Twin Peaks. Albert tells him that he was shot by a right handed person, 5’6″-5’10” tall, distance of 3 feet. Andy walks in and Albert asks, “Where do they keep his water dish?” Andy tells Cooper that Leo was locked in a jail at Hungry Horse, Montana on February 9, 1988. Albert says, “Teresa Banks.” Cooper says that Leo has an alibi for the night she was murdered. Cooper says good work and Albert replies, “Yeah….whoof!” At the entryway, Philip Gerard (The One Armed Man) arrives telling Lucy that he just stopped by and that he is there to sell him some shoes.

In the conference room, James plays the tape from Jacoby’s office. He explains that he walked in and that he was alone. Truman tells him that he needs to stay away from the investigation work. James says that Mike and Bobby put the drugs in his gas tank. He tells James of a story when Laura told him a poem and then asked James, “Would you like to play with fire little boy? Would you like to play with BOB?” Cooper enters and says to James that he knows he has the other half of Laura’s necklace. He gives it to him saying it was in Jacoby’s office. Hawk takes James back to his cell. Cooper explains that he didn’t think Jacoby had anything to do with the case. Donna then walks into the station to see James. Down in the jail cell, Donna and James talk about the night before and her new look. She says that she smokes when she is tense and that she started getting tense when she started smoking. James says that he didn’t tell the cops about Donna nor Maddy. She asks if James wants to kiss her and they do. She leans back and then comes forward again and takes James’ finger in her mouth.

Cooper has Lucy and Andy start looking through Fleshworld magazines to find a picture of Teresa Banks. She tells them to behave and then exits. At the table, Andy tells Lucy that he feels uncomfortable. She opens up a magazine and is shocked.

Dr. Hayward looks at Jacoby wondering what was wrong with him. The food could be the problem, they decide. Cooper interrogates Jacoby about the necklace. Jacoby explains that he followed a man in a red Corvette (Leo) and that he came upon two on a motorcycle–James and Donna. He went to where they buried the necklace and then dug it back up. He says that Laura was living a double life and that the last time he saw her, she seemed to find a piece of herself, but that instead she decided to let herself die. Cooper then asks Jacoby about Jacques and if he saw anything. He says that he heard a fire alarm and that he smelled scorched engine oil.

Down the hall, Bobby comes to see Shelly. He gives her flowers and they kiss. She tells him that Leo is in the hospital and Bobby said that the cops were going to bust him. She then goes on to say what happened the previous night. Bobby tells her that hospitals are dangerous places and that the food will kill you. He then proceeds to play doctor, looking down her gown and checking her heartbeat and a little more. Bobby tells Shelly that he loves her.

In the hallway, Truman, Cooper and Albert see Bobby leaving and then they come upon Ed sitting in the hallway. They talk about Ed and Nadine and how they met. Norma ran off with Hank and Nadine was there with Ed. They drove all night and in Montana asked her to marry him. She agreed and they were married the next morning. Come to find out, Norma didn’t even sleep with Hank. For their honeymoon, they went to a cabin and they were hunting. Ed explains how he took a shot and a piece of buckshot hit Nadine in the eye. Albert laughs as he explains the story. A couple of months later, Hank married Norma. Hawk arrives with James and Cooper walks away and into a room. At the end of the room, he finds a body bag that is smiling. The cops leave as a doctor comes up and tells the nurse to speak to the kitchen about the food. A shot of Pete shows him sniffing the food and not liking the smell of the ooze. Truman and Cooper walk down the hallway and the FBI man tells Truman that he is ready to lay down the plan.

As they pass, Norma is speaking to Shelly and says that the food in the hospital will kill you and that she is bringing some food for her. As Norma leaves, she sees Ed sitting with Nadine in her room holding her hand.

Bobby enters the Double R Diner and sits down. His father calls him over who is sitting in a booth. Briggs ask Bobby how school was today (it’s a Saturday). Bobby asks his father what he does for a living, and his father replies, “That’s classified.” He asks him if he wants a piece of pie. Briggs then goes on to share a vision he had in his sleep last night: he saw himself about to learn a new marvel and that he was going to have a reunion. He wandered about and found a few new rooms. There was a knock at the door and Bobby was standing there–happy and carefree–and they were one. Bobby obviously feels touched by his father’s vision and he begins to tear. The major shakes his hand wishing him the best. As he leaves, Hank asks him how the pie was, “Exceptional, like always.” Norma arrives in the diner when Bobby notices Hank and puts two and two together: he shot Leo.

At the station, Cooper explains his ideas of the murder of Laura: Laura wrote in her diary, “Nervous about meeting J tonight” because she was going to break it off with James. She also had another appointment with Leo after receiving a phone call. Laura is with James until 12:30 when she runs off from James and then meet up with Jacques, Ronette, and Leo. They go to the cabin at about 1 AM. Laura is tied up and has sex with both men. Leo and Jacques fight. Jacques passes out outside of the cabin. Leo walks to his car. The third man takes the men to the train car where he ties them up again and knocks out Ronette with a blunt object. He doesn’t realize that Ronette escapes. He makes a mound of dirt and puts the necklace on top. Puts the letter T under her fingernail. He also puts the phrase Fire Walk With Me written in blood (belonging to the killer). The towel that Hawk found was by the same blood. It was found with scraps of paper. Andy begins to cry and Albert makes a wise crack and Andy says, “…I don’t like the way you talk smart about Sheriff Truman or anybody–you just shut your mouth!” He walks out. Cooper continues :Laura and Jacques are dead; Ronette and Leo are in comas; Waldo the bird is dead; this leaves only the third man.

At Pete’s, Harry and Pete talk briefly about the disappearance of Josie. She left a note behind saying that she was off to Seattle because of a business emergency. Truman then tells Pete they hadn’t found Catherine. He tells him to prepare for the worst just in case. The phone rings and Harry answers it. An Asian man is calling asking for Josie. He hangs up when Harry asks who is calling. The man then places an international call to Hong Kong.

Ben and Jerry exit the elevator and Jerry is talking about food–again! As they walk through the foyer, Ben asks about Audrey and Jerry says he hasn’t seen her. In Ben’s office is Hank Jennings. They meet in the dark about Josie and also Leo. Hank says that no one saw him kill Leo. He says that he was chopping wood inside. Catherine: Hank says that his phone call put her in the drying shed and that she is dead. Ben says that if they don’t blame Leo and Catherine for the fire, he would give up sex.

At Jack’s, Blackie meets with Audrey who tells her that she was a bad girl the night before since she didn’t give it up to the owner. Audrey says that the owner isn’t her type. Blackie replies that every man is her type when she works for Blackie.

Donna calls the Norma about the Meals on Wheels and asks to take over Laura’s route and to use the Double R station wagon.

That night at the Hayward’s, there is a dinner with the Haywards and the Palmers. Donna’s sister explains that she was selected to be the fairy princess in the school play. She also got the highest scores in Math and English. But before she sings, Harriet was going to read a poem to music:

It was Laura and I saw her glowing in the dark woods.
I saw her smiling
We were crying and I saw her laughing
In our sadness I saw her dancing
It was Laura living in my dreams
It was Laura–the glow of life
Her smile was to say it was alright to cry
The woods was our sadness
The dance was her calling
It was Laura and she came to kiss me goodbye.

Leland and Harriet hug while the others look on. Donna’s younger sister continues to play the piano as the others look on. They eat and Donna tells Maddy that she is going to start working with Meals on Wheels. Leland and Dr. Hayward talk about the day’s events and he asks about Leland’s hair. Leland says that he woke up and there it was. He explains how he feels much better than he had been feeling lately and then gets up and sings “Get Happy.” The others watch Leland and laugh until he finally collapses. Dr. Hayward uses smelling salts to wake Leland. He wakes up and says, “I feel happy.”

Back at the Great Northern, Cooper is talking on the recorder at 11:55 PM. He says that he “dog tired” and that he needed sleep really badly. He then goes on to say that he thought he saw a giant in his room the night before. He puts the recorder down and goes to sleep while Audrey prays that Cooper will help her out of the situation that she is currently in and that she needs some expert guidance. “If there is anyway in the world that you can hear me right now, please help,” she says.

Just then a hand of the Giant waves in front of Cooper. A light flashes on and he appears. Cooper awakens:

GIANT: Sorry to wake you.

COOPER: I;m not dreaming

GIANT: I forgot to tell you something

COOPER: You were right about the smiling bag

GIANT: The things I tell you will not be wrong. Better to listen than to talk

COOPER: I believe you.

GIANT: Don’t search for all the answers at one. A path is formed by laying one stone at a time. One person saw the third man. Three have seen him, yes. But not his body. One only known to you. Ready now to talk. One more thing:: your forgot something.


Suddenly a flash of light from under the bed to Cooper’s head.

In the hospital, Ronette is dreaming once again. Her arms start to rise up and she see images of the killing. Flashes of Laura and the traincar. She sees BOB running. Laura screams and Bob brings something down upon her. BOB again and again and Laura screaming. More of BOB and Ronette screams Laura’s name. Then it ends with the note FIRE WALK WITH ME and Showing Laura’s body. BOB is kneeling down and then cries out either laughing or in pain….?

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