The episode begins with a dizzying scene of the Red Room and the camera stops at Dale Cooper sitting in a chair. He is looking at Laura Palmer in the Red Room. “Hello Agent Cooper,” Laura tells him. This is a scene from the original series.

“I’ll see you again in 25 years. Meanwhile…” Fade to black.

A series of scenes showing the mill, the school, and the girl running in the school from the pilot. And then a focus in on Laura Palmer’s picture.


The Giant (??????) and Agent Cooper are sitting in a room. The scene is in black and white. The Giant says Cooper’s name and Cooper looks at him. “Listen to the sounds,” The Giant says and strange creaking sounds come from the phonograph. The Giant then says “It is in our house now.”

“It is?” Cooper replies.

“It all cannot be said aloud now.” The Giant replies.  “Remember, 430. Richard and Linda. Two birds with one one stone.” Cooper says he understands.  “You are far away.” Cooper vanishes.

Cut to scenes of the mountains and we find Dr. Jacoby living in a trailer in the woods. A truck pulls in and delivers boxes with shovels to his house.

Cut to New York City where we find a building in the middle of towering skyscrapers. Inside is a young man who is watching a glass box. His name is Sam Colby. The glass box has a tube that connects to another glass box sitting outside of the building.  Sam sits watching the box. The room is full of other boxes and cameras that are focused on the glass box. A buzz goes off declaring “Camera 3.” The man gets up and replaces a SD card from the camera and places it in a large safe. He returns to the couch on a pedestal and sits down. In the background, you can hear the elevator coming up and a man’s voice over the intercom “Delivery.”

The man gets up and walks to the door where he enters a combination code to unlock it. He goes out of the room where he sees the security guard at a desk and a young woman holding two cups of latte.  Her name is Tracy. She asks to join him and he tells him that no one can come in.  She tries to come in again but the security guards agrees. Sam tells her it’s top secret and that he must go back in. She offers to come back the next night to bring latte.  The young man takes the drinks and he enters the combination to get back in. Tracy looks over his shoulder to see the keys. He finishes entering hte codes and goes back in. She leaves after looking back at the security guard.

Back in the room Sam sits back on the couch and drinks his coffee. Waiting. He’s quite happy with his damn fine coffee.

Cut back to Twin Peaks and Ben Horne’s office where he talks to his secretary about a guest from New York and a skunk. As he talks Jerry declares that he has arrived…and of course he has food. Jerry and secretary Beverly are introduced and she exits. Jerry and Ben discuss “the new girl”  and Jerry asks if Ben is having an affair with her. We learn that Jerry’s new business has been “recently sanctioned.”

Cut to the Sheriff’s Dept where an insurance man and Lucy chat. We learn there are two Sheriff Truman’s.  One is sick and the other one is fishing, she tells the agent. He leaves a card and walks out leaving Lucy alone in the office.

Cut to a dark desolate road. Car lights shine the way. The car comes to a stop in front of a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Out of the car steps Mr C – a long-haired Dale Cooper. He is confronted by a man with rifle. Mr C quickly takes care of the man and walks into the cabin. A man named Otis is sitting drinking moonshine. Mr C sits down and looks behind him to see two other individuals sitting in the corner of the room. One is in a wheelchair.

The man that Mr C takes down comes back into the cabin. He tries to hit Mr C with the rifle and Mr C takes him down with a single movement. In walks Buella. Mr C and Buella talk about Ray and Darya. Mr C suggests that she put someone better at the front door (referring to the man he took down). She replies “It’s a world of truck drivers.” Buella gets Ray and Darya and they enter the room. Mr C tells them that they need to go and they walk up to the two in the chairs in the corner telling them goodbye. The three leave out the door.

Back in New York City, Sam replaces an SD card and puts it back into the safe. As he does, we can hear the elevator coming back up. He looks up at the sound with a slight smile.  He pauses for some time at the safe and then walks to get Tracy. The security guard is missing. They talk about the security guard being gone and the young man looks in the restroom for the guard. Nowhere to be found.

Tracy suggests that maybe she can go inside the room now. Sam agrees and they enter the large room. She looks around, and immediately sees the glass box. They discuss the box and we learn that the young man took the job to help the school. The place is owned by an anonymous billionaire.

“I’m supposed to watch the box and see if anything appears inside,” he tells Tracy. “I haven’t seen anything since I started, but the guy I replaced, he saw something once. ” Tracy asks what and he says, “He wouldn’t tell me. Or couldn’t tell me. We’re not supposed to say anything about this place or that glass box.”

Tracy looks at the equipment and suggests it’s a science experiment.

They sit down on the couches and drink their coffee. It’s not long before they kiss and Tracy begins to remove her clothes – standing up in front of Sam. He removes his shirt and she sits straddles him. As they kiss, we see scenes of the equipment and the glass box becomes darker and darker until it’s completely black.

Sam sees the change and they stop. Inside the glass box a human form appears. It’s moving back and forth. It has strange sockets for eyes but it’s hard to make out. It suddenly begins to break the glass. Tracy screams. It attacks them.

Cut to Buckhorn, South Dakota.  Marjorie Green and her chihuahua, Armstrong, is seen walking down the hallway when she smells something horrible in her neighbor’s house. Her neighbor is named Ruth Davenport. She calls 911. Police arrive and they have an exchange with Marjorie. She takes them to Ruth’s apartment and is unable to get in. She tells them about how they can get into the apartment and they go out to talk to Hank Fillmore who she had recently seen out back. After a nonsensical exchange with Hank, Marjorie tells them that she has Ruth’s key so she can water the plants.

The cops enter the apartment. Nothing seems out of place. They go down to the bedroom where they find the “bloated” body of Ruth Davenport laying in bed. A large hole is in her left eye.

Back outside, Hank is on the phone with Harvey. We learn that he and Chip are in business together and he has “all of it” in a black bag. Harvey opted out and appears to have threatened Hank.

Police investigate Ruth’s apartment. Detective Dave Macklay arrives and helps Constance Talbot with removing the blanket from the bed. Ruth’s head is not attached to the body in the bed, and the body belongs to a large heavyset man.  Fade to black.

Cut to a cabin in the woods. It’s the Log Lady and she is on the phone. She looks frail and is sick.

Back at the Sheriff Station, Deputy Chief Hawk answers the phone. “My log has a message for you. Something is missing and you have to find it. It has to do with Special Agent Dale Cooper. The way you will find it has something to do with your heritage. This is a message from the log.” Hawk and Log Lady tell each other goodnight.

Back in Buckhorn, the police are scanning the fingerprints found in Ruth’s apartment. They have a hit. Constance calls Dave in and tells him to come over to see the hit on the fingerprints that are “all over the apartment.” It’s Bill Hastings, high school principal in the town.

The police arrive at Bill Hasting’s house and arrest him. Bill’s wife seems more interested in their dinner party that evening than what is actually going on.

Back at the Twin Peaks Sherrif’s Department, Andy, Lucy and Hawk discuss the missing piece and we learn that Dale Cooper vanished before their son was born and no one has heard from him.

Back in Buckhorn, Bill is in the interview room. Inside the viewing room, the cops discuss Ruth and Bill. State Police Don Harrison  has also arrived to help with the investigation. Dave goes in to talk with Bill. We learn that Bill does know Ruth but acts like he barely knows her. He says he saw her last a couple of months ago and says he has never been to her home nor the apartment building.

We learn that Thursday evening there was a meeting at the school regarding faculty evaluation. It ended around 9:30 and Bill arrived home around 1:15. Dave asks him how long it takes him to drive home usually. Bill cannot answer the question but then he adds that he gave a ride to his assistant and that’s why he didn’t arrive sooner. He asks for his lawyer, George.  Dave finally tells Bill that Ruth was murdered and that his prints are in her apartment. Bill stares at him, trying to figure out what he just said. Bill is taken to a jail cell. He asks to talk to his wife and Dave says he will see what he can do.

Back at Bill’s house, the police issue a search warrant. Phyllis gives up the keys to Bill’s car and John and Dave go to his car. They open the trunk to find a cooler. After lifting the cooler out, they see a piece of flesh.

Cut to the Giant sitting in the same room in which he and Cooper were sitting in when the episode started. The same strange sounds continue to play.  (This ending is only seen when watching parts 1 & 2 as separate.)


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