Cooper continues to fall faster and faster in space. Before him pinkish clouds come toward him and he falls into them. He lands on a balcony of a stone building. Out before him is a vast ocean. He appears to be several stories high.

He goes through the large window at the side of the balcony. He enters a room where he finds a woman with her eyes covered. The woman has black hair and is wearing what looks to be a red velvet dress. A fire burns in a fireplace. They see each other and Cooper approaches. The movement in the room appears to be changing – reversing and going forward constantly. She appears to be trying to communicate but is unable to. Cooper looks around the room and asks where they are. The woman gets him to sit down and touches his face. She tries to talk but only makes st range sounds. There is banging at the side of the room and she puts her index finger up for Cooper to be quiet. Cooper sees a strange control panel on the wall that is lit up by a lamp. The number 15 is on the panel. He stands up and the woman again tries to talk with him. She seems upset that Cooper is approaching the panel. It appears that she is trying to get him to not go toward the panel. She has him follow her to a ladder that they climb up on.

They get to the top of the roof and Cooper finds himself on top of the building, but the building is floating in space. A large copper metal object with two dials is also on the roof. On the side of the object is a lever. Again the woman tries to communicate but nothing she says makes sense. She pulls the lever down and she appears to be electrified. She is thrown into space. Cooper looks down and sees Major Brigg’s face floating in space and he says “Blue Rose.” Cooper goes back down the ladder and finds an “American Girl” (played by Phoebe Augustine but character is probably not Ronette Pulaski). The room is now no longer moving forward and backward. The control panel has the number 3 on it.

American Girl turns around and looks at Cooper. She then turns back to the fire. She looks at her watch – 2:53. The lamp comes on next to the control panel and Cooper stares at it.

Back in the “real world” Mr C is driving his car and his clock reads 2:52. He appears to be in pain and is focusing on the cigarette lighter in the car.

Back in the room, Cooper tries to enter through a forcefield around the control panel. He looks at American Girl who says, “When you get there you will already be there.” She speaks in reverse like in the lodge. Cooper stares at the control panel and at the electrical socket before him.

Mr C continues to struggle, now weaving back and forth in the road.

The banging continues behind American Girl. She warns, “You’d better hurry. My mother’s coming.”

Cooper pushes his head into the force and his body lifts and moves into the control panel socket. His body goes in and leaves his shoes behind.

Mr C continues to weave back and forth in the car until finally he crashes the car up an embankment. It rolls over and comes to a stop on its wheels, rolling back into the steet. Mr C sits in the car dazed, still focusing on the electrical outlet in the car. He watches the car clock change to 2:53 and red drapes appear before his car.

Cut to a house in Rancho Rosa estates in Las Vegas, NV. Dougie and a prostitute discuss his left arm. Dougie looks a lot like Mr C and Dale Cooper. While the prostitute takes a shower, Dougie gets up and holds his left arm. He is wearing the ring from Fire Walk With Me — same ring that Teresa Banks wore and Dale Cooper warned Laura Palmer about. Dougie puts his jacket on but suddenly becomes really sick. He falls to the floor.

Cut to Mr C who is still looking at red drapes, covering his mouth. Back in Vegas, Dougie crawls on the floor trying to get the prostitute’s attention The bathroom door is locked. He crawls into another room. Red drapes appear and then he vomits a large chunk of “something.” He is suddenly thrown back.

Back in the car, Mr C sees Dougie in the chair and the red drapes disappear. He vomits creamed corn (garmonbozia) and passes out.

In the Red Room, Dougie sits in the chair and Mike is there before him. “I feel funny,” Dougie says. “What’s happening to me?”

“Someone manufactured you. But for a purpose. But I think now that’s been fulfilled.”

“It has?” Dougie asks.

Dougie’s left arm with the ring begins to shrink and the ring falls off. His head suddenly pops off like a balloon and black smoke is left. A orange ball floats out of his body and then a black mass appears. OAM covers his eyes as the orange ball comes out of the black mass and together they form a gold marble that lands on the chair. Mike walks over and picks up the ring and the marble. We now see the same table from Fire Walk with Me, and Mike places the ring on it. He walks away.

Back in Vegas, the eletrical outlet in the room comes alive and black smokes pours out of it. Slowly, Dale Cooper appears next to the vomit, lying on the floor in his black and white suit but with no shoes.

The prostitue comes out asking where he got a suit and a haircut. Dale Cooper lays there not saying anything.

The two leave the house and she realizes that he has no shoes. She goes back in to get the shoes and puts them on him for him. She asks for his keys and Cooper doesn’t answer. She digs into his pocket and pulls out Cooper’s Great Northern Hotel key from 25 years before. They get into her jeep and drive away leaving Dougie’s car. Meanwhile, another car pulls up across the street and the man driving talks to his companion on the other end. Gene tells his partner that Dougie’s car is still at the house. His partner is waiting for them, if Cooper is in the car.

Meanwhile, the prostitute chats with Cooper and they pass a street sign – Sycamore St. Cooper pulls out the Great Northern key but looses it at his feet when they hit a bump. He leans down just as they pass by the man’s partner with a gun. He doesn’t see Dougie so puts the gun away, saving Cooper’s life. He calls Gene and tells him that he’s not in the car. Gene says he will “load up his car” and they will meet at Mikey’s. A boy across the street watches as Gene puts a bomb under the car. The boy’s mom sits at a small table and yells out “1-1-9!” repeatedly. The mom pours her self a glass of alcohol and takes a prescription drug. The boy sits on the couch eating crackers.

Cut to Mr C in the car. A cop car pulls up and two officers approach the car. One officer named Billy walks up to the car and sees Mr C. He suddenly gets sick and the other calls for an ambulance. He also requests gas masks.

Back in Twin Peaks, Hawk, Andy and Lucy go through the files to find the item that is missing. They have an odd conversation about whether things are missing or not. Lucy admits to eating one of the bunnies from the package that Cooper found in Laura’s room 25 years before. At Jacoby’s house, he is spraying the five shovels he had received with gold paint.

The prostitute lets Cooper out of the car at Silver Mustang Casino. She tells him to go inside and get some help. She gives him $5 and suggests that he call the doctor. She says, “You can go out now” and suddenly Cooper has a memory of Laura Palmer telling him that in the lodge. She pushes him out of the car and he walks up to hte entrance of the casino. He struggles to figure out how to use the revolving doors.

Inside, a security guards points him to the back where the phones are, but then reminds him he needs change at the cashier. He goes to the cashier and the she gives him $5 worth of tokens rather than quarters to call. He walks deeper into the casino and watches a man pull the lever on the slot machine. The man looks at the coin, drops it in and pulls the arm. When he wins jackpot, he yells HEELLO!

Cooper looks up and sees a shining bright object above one of the machines. It looks like a flame and in the center is the zig-zag floor and the red curtain. Cooper takes a coin and places it into the machine. He pulls the arm and cries HEELLO as he gets jackpot. He stands up and finds another machine with the floating flame. He sits down and repeats the process. This time a woman nearby watches Cooper. An employee walks up to Cooper who assists him and goes off to get a bigger bucket. Cooper finds the floating flame again, this time next to the woman who has been watching him. He points to it and the woman tells him no and then debates whether or not she should steal his winnings he left behind.

Cooper looks around and sees multiple flames over the slot machines. He goes to another while the employee tries to find Cooper. Meanwhile, Cooper wins another jackpot. The old woman sees him winning and decides to try the one he pointed at. She now gets a jackpot.

Philadelphia, PA – Albert and Gordon Cole sit at the table with several other FBI agents. They are discussing a murderer and has several clues to the killer before them – a blond woman in a picture, a vice grip, a picture of two women in bikinis, a third picture of a boy, a large weapon and finally a jar of seeds. Cole looks at them carefully. He tells them to go and asks Tammy Preston to stay behind to tell them what she found in New York.

Tammy turns on the TV and shows the corpses of Sam and Tracy. Their heads are missing but they are still in their loving embrace. She informs them that the guards are missing and that they found the glass box. She admits that the footage captured does contain some blurry shots. She shows them a picture of a the human form that appeared in the box just before Sam and Tracy are killed. No prints. No DNA. No fibers. Completely clean, she tells them.

Just then, Cole’s secretary comes on the intercom. “Director Cole – on your phone. It’s Cooper!”

The three get up and run to Cole’s office. Behind Cole’s desk is a picture of an atom bomb cloud. He picks up the phone and has a conversation. He hangs up and tells Albert that they are heading to South Dakota. He tells Tammy that she is coming with them.

In Twin Peaks at the Bang Bang Bar, a band performs and the crowd dances.



  1. Could “Blue Rose” (uttered by Major Briggs as “The floating face” be a reference to the “Blue Rose” trilogy by Peter Straub? The way “Blue Rose” is used as a mysterious and never fully explained term in these novels is very Twin Peaky…


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