Back at the jail cell, Bill holds his head in his hands when Phyllis arrives. They talk and we learn that they will not let Bill out on bail. Bill tells her that he wasn’t there but that he had a dream about it.  She accuses him of having an affair with Ruth and he accuses her of having an affair with George (“and maybe one more”).  She tells him that he is going down – life in prison. Dave comes back and Phyllis leaves. She turns with a smile and says, “Goodbye Bill.”  Bill begins to break down and he places his head in his hands again.

As Phyllis leaves, we see George. They talk and she says that he knows. They agree to see each other later at her place.

Back in the jail cell, we see Bill holding his head in his hands. The camera scans past him and past another cell. In the next cell we see a figure in all black — like as if he’s covered in soot. The whites of his eyes are plainly seen. He just stares ahead and begins to fade. His head then floats away.

Back at Bill and Phyllis’s house, she enters and enters the living room. She stops to see Mr C standing in the dark. She asks him what he is doing here – with a slight smile as if they have had relationship beforehand (is this possibly the “one more” that Bill mentions). Mr C stands there and says, “You did good. You follow human nature perfectly.” He holds up a gun and says, “This is George’s gun.” The smile on her face changes and she turns. Mr C fires the gun and shoots her. She falls on the ground and he drops the gun. The next show focuses on Phyllis who is lying on the floor dead – blood pouring from her wound what appears to be her left eye.

Las Vegas Nevada – a conversation between Mr Todd, a business man, and his assistant, Roger. They discuss a woman who has a job. Roger asks why he lets someone else make him do “these things.” Mr Todd tells him that he better hope that he never get involved with someone like him and to never have someone like him in his life. Roger leaves the room.

Railroad train passes through at night and we see Mr C sitting with Ray, Darya and a man named Jack. Mr C is asked about him being worried about something that will happen in a day or two. Mr C says that he will need to be on his own. Ray tells him that he will followup on a contact he has to get information that Mr C “wants” and not “need.” The contact appears to be Hastings’ secretary – “she knows what he knows.”

Hawk is walking through the woods with a flashlight when his cellphone rings. It’s the Log Lady. He says to her, “Once again, your log and I are on the same page. There’s supposed to be something happening here tonight.” “The stars turn and the time presents itself,” she says to him. She warns, “Hawk, watch carefully.”  She asks that Hawk stop by for coffee and pie and asks Hawk to tell him what happens. They hang up and Hawk comes upon Glastonbury Grove. The circle of rocks/dirt is still there but the trees have grown a bit. He sees red curtains fade in and out around the trees.

Red drapes and the waiting room. An older Dale Cooper sits in the chair with the One-Armed Man. Mike asks if it is future or if it is past. “Someone is here,” he says to him and then vanishes. Then Laura Palmer – now aged also – walks in. She sits down and crosses her legs. She informs him that he can go out now. She asks if he recognizes her and he asks if she is Laura Palmer. She answers, “I feel like I know her…but sometimes my arms bend back.” “Who are you?” he asks. “I am Laura Palmer.” “But Laura Palmer is dead. ” “I am dead….yet I live.” She lifts her right hand to her face and removes her face. A bright white light shines from her head. She replaces her face and Cooper stares at her. She smiles at him. “When Can I go?” he asks. Laura stands up and walks to him. She leans down and kisses him on the lips.

In the background right after they kiss, what sounds like “Whisper” can be heard. She leans to his ear and shipsers into his ear. He responds to it and looks at her. She stands up and steps away. She looks up and sees something. She begins to shake and is pulled up in to the air screaming. He watches her go. The curtains in the room begin to blow and then fade away. In the distance, the white horse from Sara’s vision appears.

Back to the chair, OAM is talking to Cooper – he asks if it’s future or past. Suddenly he is in the corner and he waves for Cooper to come with him. They exit the waiting room and enter a hallway together.  They enter a new room and see a tree with a strange head on top. “The evolution of the arm,” Mike tells him.

” I am the arm and i sound like this.” the arm says making strange sounds. “Do you remember your doplleganger?” A quick scene of Bob and Cooper’s doppleganger is shown (from the finale). “He must come back in before you can go out,” the arm says.

Cut to a storage unit where Mr C and Jack are standing. Jack is putting Mr C’s expensive car away. Mr C takes the keys and he goes to his car. Mr C tells Jack to come over and he places his right hand on his cheeks, massaging them as he stares at him.

A storm rolls in as Mr C pulls into his motel where Darya is on the phone. She quickly says she must get off the phone and puts it away, but not before Mr C enters the room and sees her putting the phone down. He asks who she is talking to and she says Jack and to make sure everything is taken care of with the “secretary’s car.”  They converse about Mr C and him being alone. He mentions that Ray never showed and he asks where her .45 is located. He takes the gun and gets into bed with her. He sits down and he takes her into his arm. HE then informs him that Jack is dead. She tries to get up and he stops her telling her not to move. He then plays a recording of her conversation on the phone with Ray. He has been arrested and Ray tells him that she has to kill Mr C. She tries to run again and Mr C grabs her and holds her tight. She asks if he is going to kill her and he says he is. She tries to escape again, but this time he grabs her and hits her in the head with his fist. Her nose is bleeding. He pulls her hair from her face as she begins to cry. He asks who hired Ray and her to kill him. She says she doesn’t know but that Ray knows. Mr C doesn’t believe Ray is in prison for the reason he said over the phone. We learn that someone wants Mr C dead and that they are getting half a million to kill Mr C.

Mr C then explains that he has a plan to not get pulled back into the Black Lodge. He asks if Darya knows of coordinates but she doesn’t know. He then shows her a playing card of a Ace of spades. In the middle of the card is a black round object with what appears to be two ears/antanae sticking out on top. The top has been scratched heavily, and the bottom of the card is also scratched. He says that this is what I want. She asks again if she is going to be killed and he says yes. She tries to run. He grabs her and she screams. He hits her, knocking her out. He takes a pillow, covers her head and shoots her gun, killing her.

Mr C gets up, walks to the bathroom to wash his hands. He takes a briefcase and opens it up on a table. Inside is some strange equipment that he pulls out — looks like a radio of some sort. He turns it on and then waits. The light turns red and Mr C says, “Phillip?”

Voice: You’re late.
C: Couldn’t be helped.
Voice: I missed you in New York. I see you’re still in Buckhorn.
C: And you’re still nowhere, is that correct?
Voice: You met with Major Garland Briggs.
C: How did you know that? (Pause.) Philip?
Voice: Actually, I just called to say goodbye.
C: This is Philip Jeffries, right?
Voice: You will be going back in tomorrow, and I will be with Bob again.
C: Who is this?

The man on the other line hangs up. Mr C sits there looking at the case and then turns on a computer. He logs into the FBI and sees a map. It shows him Buckhorn and where the state prison is. He then searches for the state prison blueprints and downloads them. Mr C gets up and walks to another room. He knocks and a woman opens the door. He walks in and then asks her to clean up in room 7. He tells her to go get her husband because he will need her and Hutch in a certain area in a few days.

Cut to Dale Cooper in the lodge and he is staring at the Arm. It says “253 Time and time again. Bob..Bob…Bob. Go now! Go now!”

Cooper and One Armed Man exit the room but only Cooper appears in the hallway. HE walks down the hall and tries to go through the next entrance but cannot. He returns to the room he was just in but the arm is not there. He continues across the room and exits into the hallway. Down at the end of the hall and goes into the waiting room. He finds Leland in the chair. “Find Laura” he tells Cooper.  Cooper turns and goes to the corner of the room where he see glowing. He finds himself in a room where the floor is moving.

Cut to Mike and the Arm. “Something’s wrong,” Mike says.

“My doppleganger,” the arm says.

Cooper again walking across the room and through a hall. He comes to the end of the hall where the statue of Venus de Milo is and opens the curtains. He sees a desolate road and a car. In the car is Mr C who is driving toward him. Suddenly the statue changes and the Arm – now with a yellow head – attacks. The floor beneath him begins to shake and breakup. It splits open and Cooper falls in as the Arm Doppelganger yells “Non-exist-ent!”  Cooper falls through space and then lands on the outside of the glass box. He slowly falls into the box and then floats through the tube and into the glass box that Sam has been watching. He sees the empty couch.

Back in the lobby, the Sam opens the bathroom door and sees no one. Tracy and him discuss going into the room so she can see what he is doing.

Suddenly the glass box starts to shake and Cooper finds himself being sent back into the box and disappears. He is now falling through space again, going faster and faster.

Cut to Sarah Palmer watching a documentary on a large screen TV.  Lions take down a bull as she smokes and drinks. The refection of the TV can be seen through the mirrors on the wall.

Cut to the Bang Bang Bar where a group is singing on stage. We find Shelly and three friends drinking in a booth. In walks James and a friend who has a glove on the right hand. Shelly and her friends talk about her daughter dating the “wrong guy.” James sees Shelly and the girls from the bar and he stares at them. One of them notices James staring at them. Shelly tells them that he was in a motorcycle accident and says, “James is still cool. He’s always been cool.”

Behind the bar we see Jacques Renault brother tending bar and handing the drink to a man at the bar. The man and Shelly look at each other and the man puts up a finger gun and shoots her. She smiles.

And the music goes on in a stage of blue lights as the women talk and laugh and James looks on.

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