by Robert Giles (Gazette Reporter)

Written by Mark Frost
Diercted by david Lynch

During the second set of opening credits, Cooper, Truman and his men are gathered in front of the window of Lucy’s office, preparing for the day’s assignments. Truman says everything is set up for them at the Great Northern. Hawk is going to Harold Smith’s. Cooper and Cole remind Hawk that the pages found down the train track from the crime site were from a diary and Donna mentioned Harold having Laura’s secret diary. Cole says his goodbyes and departs for Bend, Oregon.

In the main lobby of the Great Northern, Mike is seated as Andy brings each of the guests in front of him in the hopes of finding BOB. Cooper and Truman stand on each side of him and Doc Hayward sits beside him in case medical assistance is needed. The lobby is filled with navy personnel tossing and bouncing rubber balls, the repetitive noise created by the bouncing balls gives the lobby a disconcerting atmosphere. Ben stroms down the hall of the hotel, cigar in his mouth, huffing and puffing away. When he arrives on the scene, Mike freaks out and his one arm flails wildly in the air before he passes out. Cooper instructs Andy to control the crowd and Truman handles Ben who is commiserating the scene with his quite vocal protest to the hassling of his guests while Doc Hayward attends to the stricken Philip Gerard.

Hawk arrives at Harold Smith’s. He knocks then enters when no one answers. Inside, he finds utter chaos, upturned furniture and papers everywhere. He looks across the room and into the glass of the orchid room. He can only see Harold’s dangling body from the waist down; Harold has hung himself.

At the Palmer residence, Maddy joins Sarah and Leland on a sofa for morning coffee while “It’s a Wonderful World” plays on the phonograph. Maddy anounces she has really enjoyed her stay but feels like it’s time for her to go home to Missoula. Leland says they will miss her but they understand to which Sarah tacitly agrees. Maddy says she will come back often and they share a tender, family moment together.

Back at Harold’s, the light from a crime photographer’s flashbulb fills the room in brief, ecompassing bursts of light while Hawk rummages through the debris on the living room floor. Cooper pulls a suicide note from Harold which reads “I’m a a lonely soul” in French (the same phrase was spoken to Donna by Mrs. Tremond’s grandson when she was doing Meals on Wheels) Hawk asks Cooper and Truman to check out something he’s found. It’s the spine and cover of Laura’s secret diary with some pages still attached but most of them have been torn and shred and scatted about the floor.

At Shelly’s house, she and Bobby do the budget for the month. With all her bills, minus the insurance check and what she’s made at the diner, she is left with $42. Shelley questions how they are going to survive on this amount. Bobby tries to be aloof about it, but Shelly says “they” meant her and Leo. An argument ensues when they can’t sell Leo’s truck because it’s been impounded by the authorities. Bobby calms the both of them down and suggests that Leo was involved in various schemes and he was in them for the money. Leo starts yelling, which frightens Shelly who starts screaming and hiding behind Bobby who has risen from the kitchen table shocked by Leo’s yell. After Leo stops yelling, he spits and says “New shoes.” Bobby checks Leo out to prove to Shelly he is still inert and unresponsive, descrbing Leo’s outburst as a “burp”. Leo says “New shoes” again. Bobby asks Shelly if Leo had bought any shoes recently. Shelly says no but she did take a pair of boots in for repair. Bobby asks her to get the recipt so he can check it out and then turns to Leo and says. “You want some new shoes, Leo. Give us what we want and I’ll buy ou the whole dam shoe store.”

Audrey talks to Ben in his office. She tells Ben she knows about Blackie, Emory Battis, Ronnette and Laura. Ben acts as if he has no clue of what’s she talking about. Audrey asks if he remembers Prudence, “I wore a little white mask.” A look of guilt washes over Ben’s face because he realized he had come onto his daughter when he thought he was entertaining the “new girl” that night and his ruse collapses completely. Audrey asks him more questions.
Audrey: How long have you owned One Eyed Jacks?
Ben: Five years
Audrey: Did you know Laura worked there?
Ben: She was only there for a brief time…
Audrey: Did you know?!
Ben: Yes
Audrey: Did you in any way encourage her to work there?
Ben: No! I had no idea. She asked if she could work at the department store. Battis sent her without my knowing.
Audrey: Did you sleep with her? (long pause) Did you?
Ben: (reluctantly ) Yes.
Audrey: Did you kill her?
Ben: (after a long pause while he looks lovingly at a photo of Laura on his desk) I loved her.

Shelly talks to Norma while they’re at work. She tells her she’ll have to quit her job so she can take care of Leo full time. Shelly breaks down in tears, then apologizes for letting Norma down. Norma says it’s all right and she doesn’t feel let down. Norma advises Shelly to take care of herself and she could come back to her job any time she wanted. Ed and Nadine enter the diner and sit at the counter with Nadine “just dying for a choclate shake”. Nadine is surprised to see Norma behind the counter and asks how long she has been working there. When Norma answers truthfully, “twenty years this April”, Ed convinces Norma to act like it’s a joke and changes her answer to “Six weeks” as Ed suggested. They tell Norma the “parents in Europe” story and Nadine asks Norma if she’s mad about her and Ed. Norma says she has no reason to be and Nadine agrees because Ed told her that he and Norma had broken up. Nadine then commences to get overly affectionate with Ed saying “Isn’t he the dreamiest”, totally embarrasing him. Shelly brings the shake and sets it front of Nadine. Nadine cups the glass in her hands and, overcome with the complete joy of being a teenager, the glass shatters in her hands. Norma guesses “There must have been a crack in that glass from before” to which Ed can only say “”Don’t count on it.”

Mike and Bobby take the repaired boots to Leo. Mike asks if Hank did this to Leo which Bobby confirms and points to the window that the bullet came through. Leo continues his fixation for spitting and saying “New shoes”. Bobby is convinced there is something more to the boots. Mike suggests he get a hammer and Bobby uses it to break the heel off one of the boots. Inside, he finds a microcasette.

Cooper looks over the remains of Laura’s secret diary in the conference room of the Sheriff’s Station.
Cooper: Much of what I’ve been able to decipher supports the contetion of the one arnmed man. There are repeated references to a BOB. He was a threatening presence in her life from early adolescence. There are intimations of abuse and molestation on a regular basis. He is referred to, on more than one occasion, as a friend of her father’s. And I just uncovered this entry dated less than two weeks before her death. ‘Someday I’m going to telll the world all about Ben Horne. I’m going to tell them who Ben Horne really is.’
Audrey knocks then enters. She came to tell Cooper what she found out after interrogating her father. She says Ben was sleeping with Laura, he owns One Eyed Jacks and that Lauara worked there. Harry comes in while Audrey is saying…
Audrey: What are you going to do? Are you gonna arrest him?
Cooper: Audrey, I don’t want you to say a word about this to anyone.
Audrey: Okay
Cooper: Go on home. (audrey leaves)
Truman: What’s going on?
Cooper: Without chemicals, he points. This morning at the Great Northern, Mike reached for his arm and fainted just when a certain person walked into the room. Harry, we need a warrant. A warrant for the arrest of Benjamin Horne.

Benjamin and Tojamura are getting ready to sign a contract for Ghostwood estates. Jerry had called after checking with Tojamura’s people in Osaka and checked their references at Tokyo Bank. Before they can conclude the deal, Harry, Cooper, Hawk and Andy barge into the office.
Ben: Sheriff, what is it?
Harry: This is police business. We’d like you to come with us.
Ben: Fine. I happen to be in a meeting. Could you bee alittle more specific?
Harry: You’re wanted for questioning in the murder of Laura Palmer. Is that specific enough for you?
Ben: You’re insane…insane. Mr. Tojamura, I’m sure this is all some dreadful mistake.
Harry: You can come quietly or we can drag you through your lobby in handcuffs.
When Ben tries to escape through the secret door behind his desk, Hawk and Andy grab him, slap on the handcuffs and escort him out of the office foolwed by Harry and Coooper. Mr. Tojamura and his assistant can only stare in stunned amazement as they watch them leave the office.

At the Palmer house, the needle on the phonograph drags against the center label of a record as if someone had forgotten the record was playing. A close up of the carpet leads to the stairs where Sarah is crawling down the steps calling out for Leland.

When the men return to the station, Hawk and Andy take Ben back to the holding cell. Maragret (The Log Lady) is waiting for Cooper and Truman.
Margaret: We don’t know what will happen or when, but there are owls in the Roadhouse.
Cooper: The Roadhouse. Something is happening, isn’t it, Margaret?

Pete Martell is making a sandwich in the darkness of his unlit kitchen. He thinks he hears something, then ignores it. He places the sandwich on a plate and takes it and a glass of milk out of the kitchen. Suddenly, he finds Tojamura standing there, who places a big kiss on his mouth. Pete drops of the things in his hands, then steps back angry and dumbfounded, telling the stranger he best get out of there quick. Tojamura speaks in Catherine’s voice, then Tojamura’s, then Catherine’s again with a purposeful distinction between the two voices. Pete doesn’t seem to catch on at first, then finds it hard to believe that it’s Catherine. She takes off her glasses and shows it is indeed her underneath some expertly crafted facial prosthetics.

Back at the Palmer house, Sarah drags herself into the living room. She has a vision of a white horse standing there before she passes out. The record continues to grind against the needle as Leland adjusts his tie in a mirror, seemingly oblivious to his wife’s condition.

Julee Cruise and her band are performing on stage at the Roadhouse. Donna and James are siiting in a booth. Donna asks James if he has heard about Harold. James says, “Yeah, it’s not anybody’s fault. He was a sick man.” Donna feels guilty for violating Harold’s house because that was all he had and believes he didn’t deserve to die. Donna notices, Cooper, Truman and Margaret enter. They take a table, munch on some peanuts and enjoy the show. James tells Donna that Maddy is leaving, which Donna finds odd because Maddy never mentioned it to her. Later, in the show, during a ballad, the camera pans over the patrons of the Roadhouse; we see the navy personnel from the Great Northern lobby, assorted bikers. The room service waiter (who discovered Cooper after he’d been shot) are among those seated at the bar. Julee and the music fade from the stage and are replaced by a vision Cooper is having. The Giant is on the stage telling him “It is happening again.”

At the Palmer’s, Leland continues to look in the mirror. At first, we see his reflection, then another glance reveals BOBs reflection. He turns around and starts to put on a pair of latex gloves. Maddy comes down the stairs calling out for Leland and Sarah, saying “What’s that smeell? It smells like something’s burning.” She sees Sarah lying unconscious on the floor, then sees Leland standing there wearing the gloves. She runs up the stairs screaming and Leland chases her and forces her back down to the living room. Leland is then shown as BOB, striking her and chasing her around the room, taunting her as she screams, pleading for someone to help her. She tries again to run away, but BOB grabs her and throws her on a sofa. With Leland shown again, Maddy is hit hard in the face twice and then is picked up, held in his arms as they spin around the room. Maddy continues to cry, more softly now, choking on her blood. BOB is kissing her all over her face and neck while they dance, then he looks at her and says “Leland says, you’re going back to Missoula , MONTANA” He guides her across the room and smashes her face into a glass picture frame and she falls limply to the floor, A letter is placed uner her ring fingernail as she lies there dead.

Cooper is still having his vision at the Roadhouse, while the murder is taking place. Before it ends, he checks his finger to see if the Giaint had returned his ring. Shortly after, the room service waiter walks up to him and says “I’m so sorry.” Cooper just looks at him bewildered, still disoriented from his vision and contemplating what it meant. An eerie sadness descends on the patrons of the Roadhouse. Donna breaks down in tears, shaken by a sudden, unrelenting grief. Bobby looks around him and feels the strange current in the air as the sadness envelops him as well. Cooper too senses that something is not right, but only stares into space as the atmosphere changes around them A closeup of Cooper’s face fades into the red curtains of the Roadhouse stage as the episode ends.

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