by Robert Giles

Written by Harley Peyton and Robert Engels
Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter

Donna and Maddy are cornered by Harold Smith in a corner of his living room. He is wielding the gardening tool he used to maim his face. The grils are clutching Laura’s secret diary in their hands, trembling with fear. Harold painfullly tells Donna that he thought she was different from the others and perhaps she could have helped him “return to the world” and continues, saying “You lie and you betray and then you laugh about it. You are unclean. You have contaminated me.” Harold rushes toward them to retrieve the diary and Maddy screams. Suddenly, James rushes into the apartment, pushes Harold aside and grabs Maddy. The diary drops to floor and Donna makes a last attempt to take it with her, but Harold wrestles it from her. James takes Donna’s hand and they all flee the apartment, running down the sidewalk and outside of the tall, wooden gate at the edge of the property. They stop there and James asks Donna if she has been hurt. Donna says no and collapses to her knees, the trauma of the event finally being registered. James said that they should go to the sheriff, but Donna argues that he has been in enough trouble already and that she’ll go by herself. James holds Donna and tries to calm her. Meanwhile, Harold is frantically spraying his orchids with pesticide when he breaks down with an agonizing scream of anguish.

At the Bookhouse, Cooper carries Audrey into a room, accompanied by Hawk, and lies her down in a bed. Her examines her physical condition, checking her vital signs, then intuitively checks her arm and finds needle marks and says “Most likely, heroin.” Audrey starts to ramble, lost in the fog of her drug-induced state and slowly begins to panic. Cooper reassures her she is all right and that he is there. When Audrey finally realizes Cooper is there she says, “I prayed that you would come, and you did.” Cooper holds Audrey and comforts her while pondering the ordeal she has been through.

Back at the area near Harold’s apartment, Maddy drives off. Donna is regretful for her actions because of what could have happened to Maddy as a result. James suggests they make no more plans or start anymore personal investigations. Donna tells him the reason she did this was because Harold has Laura’s secret diary. James switches the topic, “After Laura died, everything just went by kinda fast, it’s hard to know exactly what to believe in.”, but when he saw what danger she was in tonight, he realized how foolish it was for them to look for things in other people and that they should be together “from now on”

At the Sheriif’s station, Harry is looking through a book of mugshots at his desk. Cooper enters and tells Harry, “She’s through the worst of it. Heroin, Harry, this close to a lethal dose. Hard to imagine such cruelty.” Harry replies, “Not really.” and tells Cooper he recognized Blackie’s killer and shows him a mugshot of Jean Renault and lists all the illegal activities he’s involved in across the border. Truman continues, explaining he saw a video of Cooper, in Blackie’s office, taped the night he and Ed were in the casino undercover. They conclude that Renault was seeking revenge and was using Audrey as bait. Cooper gets visibly upset over the consequences of his actions past and present.
Cooper: I went out of my jurisdiction twice. I violated my professional code and now Audrey is paying the price.
Truman: You got her back and she’s going to be okay.
Cooper: Harry, this isn’t the first time my actions have brought suffering to someone I care about in the name of doing what I had to do.
Truman: That doesn’t change the fact that she’s here now and not up at Jack’s with a needle in her arm. (Truman pours them cups of coffee) You’re the best lawman I’ve ever seen, but Coop, sometimes you think too much.”

At the Great Northern, Cooper returns the ransom money to Ben Horne. Cooper tells Ben that Audrey was being held at a brothel in Canada called One Eyed Jack’s The madam was partially responsible for the kidnapping and blackmail. Ben asks if she was arrested, for his own reasons. Cooper answers that Blackie was killed by Jean Renault before she could be questioned and he escaped.. Ben opens the briefcase and inspects the money as if that is all he is concerned about. When Cooper tells Ben that his daughter is recovering from a drug overdose, he suddenly realizes the seriousness of what his daughter had gone through. Ben asks if he can see her. Cooper denies this request, says she needs her rest and that he will call Ben in the morning. Ben thanks Cooper and gives him a hug. Cooper accepts this gesture although he clearly has much cntempt fot Ben.

At the Johnson residence, Bobby and Shelley bring Leo home with Bobby still posing as his cousin. They tell the insurance agent that they will be taking care of Leo full time. When he hands them their first check, there is a big problem. They were under the impression they would get $5000 a month but the check is for only $700. The agent attributes this to all the medical costs, taxes and fees and abruptly leaves. Shelley says she has to quit her job to take care of Leo and that Bobby had better think of something quick beauase it was his “bright idea to bring him here in the first place.”

In the interrogation room at the Sheriff’s station, Donna is telling Harry about Harold Smith and his having Laura’s secret diary. Harry is suspicious and asks if James is involved, that he was warned to stay out of this and reminds her of Jacoby’s heart attack the last time they pulled this. Donna assures Harry that James is not involved. Harry seems to accept this and says he’ll try to send someone to Harold’s to take a look. They are interrupted by FBI Regional Bureau Cheif Gordon Cole, Cooper’s supervisor. They step out into the hall and when Cole realizes he is talking to Sheriff Truman, he asks him to speak up because of hearing loss and adjusts one of his two hearing aid earpieces. Cole goes over Albert’s latest report. First, there were fibers from a vicuna coat outside of Cooper’s room in the hall. Second, Gerard’s drug is “a combo, really weird stuff.” Lastly, the pages found near the bloody towel found down the traintracks from the crime scene were from a diary. Hawk comes down the stairs with One-Armed Man, Gerard, in custody and Harry suggests they all go to his office.

Ben goes to the Bookhouse with Cooper to see Audrey. Ben tells Audrey how worried he was about her. Audrey doesn’t seem too convinced of this and confesses “I’m aware of a lot of new things too, Daddy.” Ben does his best to show his concern while keeping Audrey from saying too much, not sure of all she saw at One Eyed Jack’s after she says “I saw so much.” Ben says theyl will talk about this together some time soon to which Audrey seems very anxious to do. Audrey asks if Cooper could drive her home, Ben suggests that “maybe they could all go together”, just to be on the safe side.

Nadine continues in her delusion of being a teenager. She asks Ed when her parents are returning from Europe, Ed gives the vague answer of “Pretty soon.” Nadine enjoys “having the whole place all to ourselves. Let’s pretend it’s ours, like we’re married or something.” Ed continues to roll with the punches.

At the Blue Pine Lodge, Jonathon gets dressed while Josie lies on a sofa with her dress still unzipped. He throws an airplane ticket on the table in front of the sofa. She sits up and starts to zip her dress. It’s one way, Seattle to Hong Kong. Josie claims that she has one more day to get her insurance money and payment from Ben Horne, something she has been waiting five years for, the big payoff. “Mr Eckhart will make it more than worth your while.” Jonathon says and concludes Sheriff Truman is more important to Josie than he had previously thought. He reminds her what a fool she has made of Harry and tells her to be at the airport tonight or he will kill Harry.

James and Maddy meet at Pearl Lakes. James apologizes for all that happened. James confesses he felt something when they were talking together alone but he wasn’t sure what.Maddy says he looked at her and he saw Laura. Maddy admits that she liked it and the way he looked at her. For a while, she got to be someone different, because everyone perceived her as being like Laura. She tells James that she believes that he and Donna belonged together. In closing, she says she is going home the next day, she kisses him goodbye and leaves.

Josie and Ben conduct a private meeting in his office. They drink a toast to the mill fire. Josie has the mill contract with Pete’s signature and she’s not going to give it to Ben until she gets her money. Ben tries to stall by saying she will give it to her when the first payments arrive from Iceland. Josie refuses this option and Ben realizes she’s “under some kind of pressure.”
Josie: Do not play games with me.
Ben: Games? Josie, this key unlocks my personal hotel safe. Now, in that safe I have put together a fascinating dossier on you my dear and your late husband Andrew’s little boat that went Boom. So, you behave yourself and believe me when I say I will bury you.
Josie: That’s a shame, because if anything unfortunate werre to happen to me it would lead authorities to a certain safety deposit box in a bank in another city inside of which there is enough evidence to look you away for three lifetimes. They’ll bury us side by side.
Ben: Stalemate.
Ben concedes amd gives Josie the $5,000,000 cashier check from Tojamura and Josie hands Ben the contract and leaves, their busineess completed.

Leo and Shelley hold a welcome home party for Leo complete with whiskey and kazoos. Bobby gives Leo an amusing “This is your life” synopsis of all the great things he’s done like demanding that Shelley keep the house squeaky clean, all the soap in a sock incidents and tying Shelley up in the mill when he started the fire. Shelley and Bobby start to make out on top of the kitchen table in front of him. Leo’s heads falls foward as if he’s casting judgement on them behind his sunglasses. This creeps Shelley out big time and asks Bobby to stop. Bobby apologizes to Leo and says he doesn’t want “exploit him” He brings a cake to the table and slaps Leo on the back “You want some ice cream?” Leo falls into the cake and Bobby saves him from choclate suffocation by pulling him up by the ponytail.

Cooper returns to the Sheriff’s station and finds Gorden Cole waiting for him. They exchange greetings, then they go into Harry’s office to talk privately which is impossible due to Gordon’s hearing loss and causing them to speak at a voulme that compromises their secrecy.
Cole: It’s Albert’s opinion you might be getting in a little over your head again. This worries me, Coop. I feel a certain responsibility.
Cooper: Albert is wrong, Gordon.
Cole: You went into the shoot in Pittsburgh and I want to make doubly sure in fact triply sure that it does not happen again. Copy?
Cooper: (in a whisper) Pittsburgh was a completely different story…(raises voice) I was wounded in Pittsburgh, Gordon, but beyond that the case bears no similarities.
Cooper assures Gordon that he is “a-okay”. Harry comes in to inform them that they can hear everything that they’re saying. Cole has one more item for Cooper. “an anonymous letter sent to home base with your name on it” Cooper opens it and finds a chess deal. It is an opening move from his former partner Windom Earle, Cole says. “Bless your heart, Coop. We’re going to have to watch your back from now on.”

Ben brings Leland into his office professing that he better understands what Leland has gone through since his daughter’s death. However, Leland’s indictment for Jacques Renault’s murder, prevents him from giving Leland full restoration of his duties. Leland desires to show that he’s 100% again. Ben informs Leland that they have taken a payment from the Icelanders but there’s an Oriental investment group that is eagerly interested in getting involved and he’s about to take thier man Tojamura to dinner. Leland seems distracted by a stuffed white fox on a table behind the sofa. He plucks a few of the strands of fur and stuffs then in his shirt pocket. Leland snaps his fingers insultingly to bring Leland back to their discussion. Leland suggests they resurvey the land, set up a full set of inspections because of the fire until Jerry gets back from Japan with a full report on the investors.

Harry goes to the Blue Pine Lodge to see Josie. He finds her and Jonathon, who she introduces as her assitant, Mr. Lee, carrying a lot of luggage. Jonathon takes his load to the car. Josie says she is leaving and tells Harry, “I always called you from here and it was here I could talk to you and be everything you wanted me to be.” She sold the mill and she’s going back to Hong Kong. Harry starts to plead with her to stay when Jonathon returns and Harry orders him to leave them alone. Harry confesses his love for Josie to convince her to stay, but it does no good and Josie slowly leaves, appearently dealing with the guilt of duping Harry with her lies to cover up her covert activities.

Ben and Tojamora after dinner. Tojamura is upset because Ben has his cashiers check and he has gotten nothing in return. He threatens to withdraw his offer. Ben attempts to sweet talk Tojomaura by saying he has to be careful because of the mill fire and his duty as a civic leader. Tojamura doesn’t seem to be taken in, but they are interrupted by Leland breaking into a rendition of “Getting To Know You” to entertain the guests in the dining room. Ben gets up to diffuse the situation but Leland turns to song into a duet. Afterwards, Leland strongly suggest that Leland “give it a rest.” Meanwhile, Tojamura and Pete Martell discuss musical theater at the bar, sparked by Pete remembering the song Leland was singing was from “The King and I” Pete realizes Tojamura is “not from around here” and offeres to buy him a saki or a nice cold milk.

Cooper and Harry are interogating Gerard in the conference room at the Sheriff’s Station with Hawk and Gordon Cole also present. Cole mentions that Gerard’s drug contains trace elements used in Haliperidol. Cooper asks Gerard if he suffers from schizophrenia or multiple personalities. He shows Gerad the sketch of BOB and asks why he lied to him when he questioned him before. Gerard replies, “It wasn’t me, don’t you see.” He starts to go into a seizure and when he settles down, Mike has now taken control. Cooper asks him several questions. Mike says he is an inhabiting spirt and that Gerard is host to him. BOB was his familar and also requires a human host. “BOB feeds on fear and the pleasures.” He recites the Fire Walk With Me chant from Cooper’s dream. He says he used to be partners with BOB but Mike “saw the face of God and was purified”. He took off the arm but “remained close to this vessel inhabiting from time to time” to stop BOB. He points to the skecth and says “This is his true face but few can see it, the gifted…and the damned.”
Cooper: Is BOB near us now?
Gerard: For nearly forty years.
Cooper: Where?
Gerard: Ah, A large house made of wood. The house is filled with many rooms, each alike, but occupied by different souls, night after night.”
Cooper: The Great Northern Hotel:
Episode ends with an ominous night shot of the Great Northern.

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