Original airdate: October 13, 1990

by Courtney Angell (Gazette Contributor)


Sheriff Truman looks on as the doctors and nurses try to calm an hysterical Ronette Pulaski down. Albert and Agent Cooper enter as the Sheriff explains that Ronette pulled out her IV and the doctors are attempting to sedate her. Albert examines her IV bag with concern and says “Looks like dye”. Agent Cooper immediately checks Ronette’s ring finger and extracts a letter “B” while Ronette screams in pain. “He’s been here,” says Agent Cooper to Sheriff Truman. The scene is in the same setting, but it appears to be a little while later because Ronette is sedated and Agent Cooper is conferring with Albert and the Sheriff. Albert makes a sarcastic remark then says he needs to work on the IV. Agent Cooper confides to Albert and the Sheriff, “I believe I was visited by a giant.” He repeats the three clues left by The Giant. Albert says “Any relation to the Dwarf?”

Donna arrives at Harold Smith’s doorstep. He seems to be a very sensitive quiet well-mannered man. He remarks that the color of her sweater is different than it was the day previous which alludes to the fact that he was watching her through the window the day prior. He invites her in. He offers her some lemonade, saltines, apple butter or for her to wash her hands. She comments on the warmth of the apartment and he asks her not to be nervous. She says she is not. She says she is curious about his relationship with Laura then inquires as to why Harold sent her the letter (referring to the note she received at the Double R that read “Look into the meals on wheels” in Episode 8.) He explains that Laura had asked him to get in touch with Donna if anything should ever happen to Laura. Donna: “Why?” Harold: “She said you’d ask a lot of questions.” Donna asks how long Harold knew Laura. Harold replies that ever since Laura started Meals-On-Wheels. Donna then questions why he needs Meals-On-Wheels, to which he explains he is a shut-in. She then wonders out loud “If you knew her so well why didn’t she ever mention you to me?” Harold replies with “Well Laura liked to think of me as (pause, embarrassed sort of snicker) a mystery in her life.” Donna asked why he called her, and he explains that he used to be a horticulturist and likes to raise orchids “The don’t need a lot of light,” and he would like for Donna to place an orchid on Laura’s grave. Donna says “Of course,” and while Harold excuses himself to cut an orchid, Donna notices a piece of loose paper sticking oddly out of the bookshelf. As she leans closer to examine it, Harold suddenly comes in and diverts her attention to the fresh flower he just cut. He explains that it is a hybrid and examines it closer with a small magnifier. Donna remarks on it’s beauty. “Harold: “Take it please, it’s my last gift to Laura.” Donna: “That’s very kind of you Mr. Smith.” Harold: “Harold. She was very kind to me.” He then explains that he knows so much about Donna and remarks that she is every bit as lovely as Laura said she would be. Donna smiles and says she’ll be back. Harold: “I’ll be here.”

Cut to the Sheriff Station. On the chalkboard there is writing: R B T on the top, and under that is the wanted poster of BOB encircled by the names of the four people that have seen him; Mrs. Palmer in a vision, Maddy twice in visions, Cooper once in his dream and Ronette physically in the train car. Cooper expresses his belief that the letters found and the Giant’s clues in his dream are somehow connected to BOB. He believes that the path is a psychic link that will lead them to BOB. The Sheriff inquires as to how the Giant spoke, perhaps in a big booming voice? Cooper replies that no, the Giant spoke in a gentle voice. Cuts to Albert who replies “And then you gave him the beans you were supposed to use to buy a cow.” Dale: “No, Albert, I gave him my ring.” Albert smiles sarcastically, “Okay. Confining my conclusion to the planet Earth,” he then reports the following: The cocaine that was found in James’s gas tank was a match to the cocaine found in Jacques’s apartment and Leo’s house, confirming it was a set-up, “Handiwork of Leo Johnson currently appearing at Calhoun Memorial Hospital as Mr. Potato Head.” The boots (found at Leo’s) are a Circle Brand rare brand of work boots and had not been worn or tampered with. The letter “B” found under Ronette’s fingernail was cut from a copy of Flesh World. He explains that the edition he is handling features “Swingers Clubs for Standard Poodle enthusiasts…no comment.” He has sent the picture of BOB to every agency and came up empty, “This cat is in nobody’s database.” Cooper remarks that this is a man that four of them have seen in Twin Peaks, Albert replies with a condescending, “Sure.” he then explains that Cooper was shot with a Walther PPK, James Bond’s gun, and Cooper looks intrigued and almost proud. Albert starts to pack up while explaining that the trail of the man who shot Cooper leads nowhere, but he picked up some fibers outside of Cooper’s hotel room which he may take out of “Trolleyville”, then says he is going to be at the lab if he is needed. Sheriff Truman stops him to ask if there is anything that they should be doing to which Albert replies, “Yeah, you might practice walking without dragging your knuckles on the floor.” Then the Sheriff grabs Albert and reminds him that he has punched him before and has no reservations of doing so again. Albert gets serious and explains his stance on being a pacifist and fighting the threat of physical violence in the world which he concludes by telling the Sheriff, “I love you Sheriff Truman,” puts on his glasses and exits abruptly. Cooper walks over to the Sheriff placing a hand on his shoulder and says, “Albert’s path is a strange and difficult one.”

Cut to Hawk and James in the Sheriff Station lobby. Cooper approaches them and Hawk leaves. Cooper explains to James that he will not be charges because the cocaine found in his bike was planted. Cooper then tells James he doesn’t want to see James back at the police station again. Offers himself as someone James can talk to if he needs someone to talk to then sends James home. Cooper then approaches Lucy and asks her how she’s doing. Lucy, appearing to be hard at work proudly proclaims that she’s found 75, then 76, then 77 words, to which Cooper tells her “Good work, Lucy.” and leaves. Hawk approaches Lucy curious as to what she is doing, and Lucy explains that Agent Cooper asked her to find all words containing the letters “B,T, and R” in them. Hawk offers to help out. Enter Dick Tremain, checking his reflection before approaching Lucy. While he is busy doing that, Lucy explains to Hawk that this is her lunch date, to which Hawk replies “This is the date that made Andy call in sick?” Dick takes out a cigarette to which Hawk points at Lucy’s word list and says, “Prohibited,” then takes the cigarette from Dick and breaks it. Dick holds out a hand to Hawk, “Richard Tremain, Horne’s Department Store, designer menswear.” Hawk is unimpressed, however he gives Lucy another word for her list, “Robot,” and walks away. Lucy suggests they leave for lunch, Dick suggests they go Dutch.

Sheriff Truman, Agent Cooper and Hawk are standing around discussing the Giant and how incredibly tall he was. Leland suddenly appears to tell them he has seen BOB before as he holds the picture directly in front of his face covering half of it. When he was a little boy and visited his grandfather’s summer home in Pearl Lakes yearly, he knew him then. He knew BOB wasn’t a Shelbert, they lived on one side of their house. On the other side, there was a vacant lot, and next to that, a white house, and that was where BOB lived. Cooper asks Leland if he remembers a name. Leland struggles a little then remembers, “Robertson.” Cooper concludes that is where the “R,T,B” comes from. He sends Hawk to Pearl Lakes to check it out. They thank Leland and as they walk away, Leland stops them, “Something else. He used to flick matches at me,” gets out a match and lights it, “He’d say, ‘You want to play with fire, little boy?'” Then Leland throws the match and it lands perfectly in the ashtray still lit. Cooper picks it up and as he’s staring at it, he says, “That’s our man,” and blows it out.

At the Double R Diner, Dick is boring Lucy to death talking about himself. When she finally gets a word in, she asks him why he hasn’t called in six weeks. He explains that he lost her number. Lucy replies with, “I work for the Sheriff, you could have dialed 911!” He apologizes blandly, and she talks about how they went out regularly for three months and that he made promises like how he was going to take her to the Space Needle in Seattle, even though instead he took her to family night at the Pancake Plantation. She then loudly proclaims that it led to them on the display bed at Horne’s Home Furnishings to the surprise of onlookers and embarrassment of Dick. He offers to get her a new dress at his 20% employees’ discount. She suggests loudly a maternity dress. She then tells him that she is pregnant.

Still at the Double R we cut to James and Maddy sitting together on one side of a booth. James is confiding in Maddy that Donna has changed, smoking, acting tough, and talks about how she acted like she wanted to have sex with him right there in his jail cell while the background music is “Just You”. Maddy comforts him holding his hand, and Donna walks in. When they see Donna they quickly let go of each others hands and straighten up. Donna looks like she is suspicious of them. They wonder where she has been, and Donna in a cool manner explains that she was at Harold’s apartment. James remarks that it must be kind of creepy working with all those old people and shut ins, to which Donna coolly replies, “This was a young man…he was bright and charming, intelligent; completely unlike anyone I know.” James: “What’s that supposed to mean?” Donna: “Why don’t you sit here and hold hands and try to figure it out,” and leaves abruptly to which James and Maddy sit there a uncomfortably.

Cut to One Eyed Jacks where Audrey is tied up and struggling while Blackie prepares to inject her with heroin, and Emery is videotaping. Emery expresses his concerns with Blackie that Audrey knows too much about Laura being there and about Audrey’s father, to which Blackie counters with how Ben is going to have to pay a lot to get his daughter back. Emery says he doesn’t want to lose his job, Blackie: “Honey, if this doesn’t work out you’re going to lose a lot more than your job.” She gets impatient with his whining and calls him a “spineless gas bag”. She tells him to do as she says and they will have all the help they will need. After Emery sulks off, Blackie approaches Audrey marveling at Audrey’s state of high and refers to the fact that Audrey’s father did the same thing to herself; got her hooked on heroin.

Back at the Sheriff’s Station, Gerard is showing his line of men’s footwear to Sheriff Truman, when Gerard notices BOB’s wanted poster and becomes disoriented. The Sheriff expresses concern, but Gerard just asks that the Sheriff point him towards the men’s room. Gerard takes out a little case and explains that he has a medication.

Cut to Shelley, still in the Sheriff’s department. Sheriff Truman walks in and asks her for a statement about Leo. Agent Cooper is already present in the room. Shelley stands firm in her decision that she will not say anything against Leo. Cooper suddenly says okay, and lets her go. Shelley is surprised, but after she is gone Cooper explains to a puzzled Truman, that he smells insurance money, “Shelley didn’t dream this up herself.”

Cut to Gerard in the Sheriff Station men’s room. He is struggling in the stall to inject himself with a blue liquid. He almost gets it into his leg, but it is too late, he seems to change. He comes out of the stall more composed and says out loud, looking around, “BOB, I know you’re here. I’m after you now.”

Now at the Great Northern at the elevator. Cooper exits the elevator appearing a little exasperated after having ridden with high school band musicians and giggling teenagers. As he passes by a table a curious Asian man takes interest in Cooper and watches him. Cooper approaches Ben, asking Ben if he’s heard anything from Audrey. Ben says no, but says Audrey has gone missing before, to which Cooper reminds him about the recent deaths and attempted murders in the town. Ben starts to implies that there is something more to Cooper’s urgent need to know about Audrey. He insinuates that Cooper is carrying a torch for Audrey. While Cooper admits to caring greatly for Audrey, he claims to have nothing but the best intentions in his feelings for Audrey. Ben doesn’t buy it and walks away, Cooper clearly exasperated at Ben’s callous attitude. The Asian man is still watching Cooper.

Back at One Eyed Jacks, Audrey is on a bed waking up. Jean Renault begins feeding her caramels which she hungrily eats. He explains that it is sugar that she needs. He tells her his name then injects her with more heroin.

Still at Jacks we cut to a still security camera image of Cooper in his tuxedo at Jacks the night of the undercover job. Emery identifies Cooper to Blackie and Jean enters. Nancy, Blackie’s sister is there with Jean. Nancy and Blackie clearly hate each other. Jean explains his plans of getting One Eyed Jacks from Ben and getting revenge against Cooper, because he believes Cooper is responsible for his two brothers’ deaths. He asks Emery to bring Cooper to him. Emery explains Ben probably can. Jean sends Emery to get the video of Audrey. Blackie wants Nancy gone, but Jean refuses. He also explains that Audrey must not live, because she knows too much.

Back at the Sheriff Station, Truman is on the phone with Pete, when he hangs up, Cooper enters with coffee and doughnuts. Truman explains to Cooper that Josie called Pete and that she will be home tomorrow afternoon. Cooper says great, and to bring her in. Truman asks that he can see Josie alone first, he is convinced she is innocent of any wrongdoing. Cooper is a little concerned saying that they can’t let personal feelings become involved in the case. Truman is persistant, and Cooper relents easily saying to go ahead and talk to Josie before bringing her in. Hawk enters. He explains that there is a vacant lot next to the Palmer house, and next to that a white house all boarded up without a name on the mailbox. County is working on a title search as well as gas and electric. They won’t know anything until the morning at the earliest. Truman asks Hawk if he has seen Gerard. Cooper becomes alarmed and surprised that the one-armed man has been there. He reminds them of the dream in which the one-armed man knew BOB. Truman explains how Gerard fell ill and went to the men’s room to take medication and hasn’t returned since. They quickly enter the rest room and discover the stall that Gerard has been in, with a gloved hand, Cooper picks up the unused syringe and repeats the Giant’s third clue, “Without chemicals he points.” He then says they have to find the one-armed man.

Cut to the hospital where Nadine’s arms are being strapped down. She is still unconscious, and Ed asks if the leather restraints are necessary. Doc Hayward explains that Nadine has already ripped two pair. He ran a blood test, and Nadine is pumped full of adrenaline. Doc suggests Ed sing to Nadine, so Hayward leaves the room and Ed sings “On Top of Old Smokey”. She begins to respond, rips the restraints and sits up agitated and clapping and chanting cheers. Ed is in shock. She wonders if Ed is there to pick her up and believes she is recovering from tonsillitis. She believes she can still make cheerleading tryouts. She states she is a Senior, “You know what they say, you’re only eighteen once!”

Still at the hospital, Cooper and Truman enter Dr. Jacoby’s room. There is a beautiful Hawaiian girl there with him, and the room is decked out Hawaiian style. Jacoby reveals the girl to be his wife, Leolani, that lives in Hawaii. Cooper and Truman ask him if he is ready to be hypnotized and he explains that yes, he has been under many times, then gives them a prepared hypnosis scene and a small shiny stone while Leolani starts a tape that has the sounds of an ocean. Cooper reads from the paper Jacoby gave him. It is a soothing description of golfing, Truman almost falls asleep, but Cooper snaps him to attention. Jacoby is under hypnosis. Cooper brings him back to the night Jacques was killed. He asks Jacoby if he can smell anything. Jacoby says yes, burnt engine oil, he can smell it at the park too. The night Jacques was killed after everyone left the room, Jacoby recalls dreaming he is at a Luau juggling coconuts, the guests all Nigerians. Leolani looks surprised, Truman amused. Cooper asks if anyone else comes to the room that night. Jacoby recalls hearing tape ripping and sounds like a dog barking. When Jacques stops moving Jacoby sees who’s holding the pillow. Cooper: “Do you see who it is?” Jacoby: “I know him!!” Fades into a panning of the forest, a shot of the night sky with the moon full, an owl hooting, then we see the owl itself.

Laura’s headstone. Donna arrives with the flower from Harold and begins talking to Laura. She apologizes for having not been there since the funeral but says that things have been strange. She asks if Laura was sleeping with Harold, “He seems pretty nice, kind of an oddball.” She says anyone can start to seem like that when you get to know them. She then gets serious, and says, “We need to talk.” She explains that she and James have gotten together, and that Laura probably knew they would anyway. “How could you be so smart about things like that, and so stupid about so much else?” She says she is mad at Laura. When Laura was alive things were fine with Donna, Laura and James, but now that Laura is gone, Donna is in love with James and things are a mess. Maddy is in town and Donna suspects something is going on between Maddy and James. She talks about how much she wanted to be strong like Laura, but look what it did to Laura. Donna becomes more angry and talks about how when Laura was alive all they did was solve Laura’s problems. Now that Laura’s dead, they are still solving Laura’s problems. “It’s almost like they didn’t bury you deep enough!” Crying.

James arrives at the Palmer house to see Maddy. He is upset and needs to talk to someone. He tells Maddy that his mother came hoe drunk again. Maddy comforts him. He tells her to hold him. When they slowly move apart it is revealed that Donna is in the house straing at them. She leaves, James chases after her, on his way out, breaking a lamp, narrowly missing a shocked Leland. When James gets outside, Donna takes off in her car. James screams her name then shouts, “Why!?!”

The streetlight changes from green to yellow to red.

Back inside the Palmer house, Leland is comforting a crying Maddy. “It’s like people think I’m Laura! And I’m not! I’m nothing like Laura!” Leland: “You just want life to be the way it was before.” He’s holding her and says, “If life could only be like those summers at Pearl Lakes. It is revealed that Cooper and Truman are standing in the living room with them. Truman has trouble saying it, but he explains that they are there to arrest Leland in the murder of Jacques Reneault.

At Harold’s apartment, there is a frantic knocking at his door. It is Donna and she is crying saying she didn’t know where else to go. She talks about her problems with James. Harold comforts her and repeats what Laura used to say, “Donna, Madonna, There’s Always Manyana.” When he goes to get her a drink, she walks over to study some flowers. She looks to her right and notices a small red book. When she opens the cover she gasps. It reads, “This is the Diary of Laura Palmer”.

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