The Orchid’s Curse

Original airdate: October 27, 1990

by Courtney Angell (Gazette Contributor)


Opening shot is the outside of the Great Northern. Inside Cooper’s room his alarm is going off. On his night table is his gun and his tape recorder which he reaches for. Cooper: “Diane, 6:42 am. (sitting up, revealing his curled up hair) Rough sleep. I dreamt I was eating a large, tasteless gumdrop. I awoke to realize I was aggressively munching on one of my air pillow silicone earplugs. Hence the tastelessness. Perhaps I should keep an eye on me after-dinner coffee consumption. (getting up) Persistent soreness in the rib area, which I am treating each morning with fifteen extra minutes of yogic discipline, after which, thankfully, the pain retreats to a cul-de-sac in a distant suburb of my conscious mind. (walks over to wall and throws pillow on floor) Going to begin today with a headstand. (Stands on head) Diane, I am now upside down. Mind becomes porous. Today’s tasks coming into focus. Objects becoming clearer. (focusing under his bed where Audrey’s note comes into focus. He gets down and picks up the note) Diane, the Giant was right, I did forget something. (Outside of envelope reads: “My Special Agent”. He opens it. Reads aloud) ‘I’ve gone North. Jack may have the answer. Love, Audrey’.” Cooper, alarmed, immediately gets up.

Cut to outside the Sheriff station, truck pulling up. Hawk comes in the station where Truman greets him. Truman jokes that he thought they’d lost Hawk. Hawk reveals that two retired school teachers live in the house next to the Palmer’s and that they have no memory of the gray haired man. He also reveals that he had to drink three pots of chamomile tea to find that out, which reminds him, he needs to be excused, and he rushes to the bathroom. As Hawk takes off, Truman reminds him to keep looking for the One-Armed Man. Lucy approaches the Sheriff, getting her coat on, and reminds him that she is on her way Tacoma to visit her sister Gwen and her husband Larry who had a baby last week. That is, Gwen had the baby, Larry is just the father. It was a boy. Lucy explains that as soon as the Can-Do temp girl arrives, Lucy will explain the phones and everything to her, but Truman assures her that everything will be fine. Lucy is nervous about leaving before the girl arrives, because sometimes the Can-Do girls can’t. As Truman pushes her out the door Cooper comes in and wishes Lucy a safe trip. After she is gone, Truman asks Cooper what the word is on their delivery that night, and Cooper says that they won’t need it, because they have the jump on the kidnappers. He smiles and says that he knows where Audrey is.

Cut to the Johnson house. Bobby is intently reading a Shooting magazine while sitting in an electric contraption that is designed to move an invalid around, while salesman Mr. Pinkle is explaining it’s benefits and attempting to adjust it. Shelley looks on. This contraption is designed to let Leo move around and even go outside and experience what he can of nature, Pinkle explains. Bobby: “Mr. Pinkle, I want my cousin Leo to have the fullest possible experience of life.” Pinkle: “Well, that’s what we’re here for.” Shelley inquires to Pinkle whether he is going to install a ramp. Pinkle says of course, (fidgeting), saying that he already has some plywood that he’ll install it tomorrow. Pinkle then repeatedly tries to get the thing started, but the motor doesn’t seem to be working. Nervously, he tries to explain that it was just working previously. Finally it jolts on and nearly jolts Bobby on to the floor. Shelley, concerned, asks if Bobby is okay. Bobby, annoyed, asks Shelley to get Pinkle a cold drink. As Pinkle requests a diet soda, Bobby pushes Pinkle against the wall, and explains that they want to keep Leo alive. Pinkle nervously explains that the insurance company doesn’t really pay them enough for adequate machines. Shelley brings Pinkle the soda, then calls Bobby into the kitchen. She tells him that Leo’s hearing is today, while Pinkle is fumbling with the equipment in the other room. Shelley expresses her worries. Bobby reminds Shelley that they are okay with an attempt to kiss her, but the sounds of a triumphant Pinkle interrupt them. Pinkle is floating above the floor in the invalid chair, and proudly proclaiming that it is working fine now. Bobby takes Shelley outside, as Pinkle suddenly begins to be jolted back and forth against the walls with no help available to him.

At the Bang Bang Bar, we cut to a gavel being banged and Judge Sternwood is calling to order the business of the day. He states that Mr. Palmer has pleaded not guilty to the charge of murder in the first degree. The defense has requested bail. We see that Mrs. Palmer and Maddy are sitting together with worried looks on their faces, and Truman, Andy and Cooper are sitting together. Andy seems to be drawing something. Toad is even there, in the background. He is eating. Ben is sitting of the to side at the bar. This pre-trial hearing is to determine the bail will be granted. The Judge addresses Prosecutor Lodwick. Lodwick states that the state moves that the defendant, Leland, be denied bail on the basis of the seriousness of the crime, the apparently pre-meditated nature of the act, and the instability of Mr. Palmer due to the death of his daughter. Sternwood addresses Truman, who is speaking for the defense. Truman says that Leland is a well-known, well-liked and respected member of the community. Truman explains that Leland’s roots go way back, that Leland’s grandfather, Joshua Palmer, brought the family to Twin Peaks more than 75 years ago. Ben looks on bored, while tossing peanuts into his mouth. Truman goes on to say that no one can know what it is like to lose a daughter the way Leland did. Truman sits. As The Judge addresses Lodwick, Andy shows his drawing to Truman, explaining that maybe the Gazette might want to publish this courtroom drawing. Truman takes a look. It is a drawing of the back of Leland’s head. Truman suggests that maybe Andy might want to draw a picture that includes faces. Andy thinks it’s a great idea. Sternwood releases Leland on his own recognizance. Leland, Maddy, and Sarah look relieeved. Leland stands, as Sternwood explains that he will require Leland to remain in town and make his whereabouts known to the Sheriff on a regular basis. Ben leaves. Sternwood asks Sid to check the calendar explaining that they will set the date for Leland’s trial. Leland looks both grateful and relieved.

Outside Harold’s apartment, we can see that he is peeking through the blinds. There is a knock at his door. It is Donna with food. he lets her in. They say hi to each other. He thanks her for the food. Harold: “So, what’s behind those deep blue eyes today?” Donna: “I’ve got a proposition for you.” She then says she will tell Harold her story for his living novel, if he will let her read Laura’s diary. Harold finds it intriguing. He agrees, but only if he can read it to Donna, but that the diary cannot physically leave the room. She agrees. He gets out a standard Mead composition notebook from the hidden panel in his bookcase, and writes Donna Hayward on the cover. He asks her to begin. She says she is from Twin Peaks and that she was born there. Her father delivered her. She then asks Harold where he is from. He looks a little surprised that she is interested. He says he grew up in Boston, actually he grew up in books. Donna leans forward seductively, “There’s things you can’t get in books.” Harold: “There are things you can’t get anywhere. But we dream they can be found in other people. (embarrassed) Continue.” Donna: “Maybe our dreams are real.” Donna grabs Laura’s diary playfully “My turn!” Harold: nervous “What are you doing?” Donna says maybe she’ll read the diary out on the lawn. Harold, pleading, asks her not to. She goes outside with the diary, asking Harold to go with her. Harold steps outside and immediately begins to react badly. he shakes and crumbles to the ground in convulsions. Donna rushes to him and apologizes, holding him. He clutches the diary to himself.

At the Bang Bang Bar, we cut to a gavel being banged and Judge Sternwood is asking that defense continues with it’s evidence while a large photo of Leo Johnson rests in a chair in his absence. The defense attorney proceeds to show charts of Leo’s EEGs in comparison to his own. He is claiming that his chart shows normal brain activity to which Lodwick objects to the use of the word “normal”. Sternwood: “He’s close enough! Objection overruled!” The defense attorney then shows Leo’s chart which shows minimal brain activity, then he hands the charts to Sid. He goes on to explain that Leo is basically braindead. Leo doesn’t even have the capacity to take the standard CST competency test. The defense attorney then states that to try Leo would be a mockery of the judiciary system. Leo would not even comprehend it. The judge then addresses Lodwick. Lodwick looks a little uncomfortable. He concedes that Leo is not in very good shape and that it may be ridiculous to make him stand trial, but a trial does more than punish the wrongdoer; it also brings a sense of justice to victims and the community. The judge looks annoyed throughout Lodwick’s speech. Lodwick goes on to say, that among the various crimes Leo is suspected of, that the murder of Laura is the sort that can wound an entire town. Lodwick begins to get more flustered and desperate to make a case to bring Leo to trial as the Judge gets more and more aggravated. As Lodwick’s voice rises, the Judge cuts him off and states that Lodwick should have a seat. He suggests they all catch their breath while he goes to deliberate. He invites Cooper and Truman to join him. At the bar, the Judge asks Sid to make them three Black Yukon Sucker Punches, and explains that he didn’t expect Lodwick to press on the murder charge. He then asks Cooper if Leo Johnson is the man. Cooper says he believes that Leo is not. Judge asks Harry if the town wants a trial or a lynching. Truman says that the town wants the right man brought to justice. Judge: “Well, they don’t need a circus. This poor bastard seems to be a head of cabbage.” Sid passes out the drinks. Judge asks Cooper of his thoughts, and Cooper says he feels the killer will eventually be apprehended. The judge warns, as he lifts his drink, that you have to watch the drinks, they sneak up on you. After The Judge and Truman take a drink, we cut to Shelley sitting in the courtroom looking forlornly at the floor. The judge says he is going to declare Leo Johnson to be not competent to stand trial and that Leo should be shipped home. He then asks Truman to tell Shelley this. As Truman goes off to perform this task, the Judge asks Cooper how long he has been here. Cooper answers twelve days. Truman approaches Shelley and quietly tells her the judges plans. She seems mildly happy about it as Truman tells her that Leo is coming home. The judge advises Cooper to keep his eye on the woods. Judge: “The woods are wondrous here. But strange.” Truman leaves Shelley as she says thanks. She sighs as he leaves, still a look of concern on her face.

At Big Ed’s Gas Farm, James approaches to the door as Nadine and Ed come in. Nadine stares at James. He asks her if he can get anything. Nadine asks him who he is. He questions it at first, but then Ed gives him a look. As James begins to walk away, Nadine stops him and declares that he goes to the high school. James admits this. Nadine giggles: “It took me a second, you’re not in any of my classes.” Ed tells her she should sit down and that he should get her a drink. Nadine says she will get it and bounces out of the room. On her way out, she stops, and asks Ed where Mom and Dad are. Ed, flustered, says they are out of town. Nadine accepts this and continues out of the room singing. James looks at Ed. Ed explains that Doc Hayward says to roll with the punches. James asks as to whether Ed has thought about taking her to see Dr. Jacoby. Ed explains that Jacoby is in Hawaii recovering from the heart attack. A loud noise comes form the kitchen, and to James’s and Ed’s amazement, Nadine comes in holding the refrigerator door. Nadine: “It just came right off!!” and thrusts the door up powerfully in her hand, as James and Ed stare.

At the Great Northern. Benjamin enters his office holding a briefcase as his phone is ringing. He looks at his watch. His secretary is saying on the intercom that Mr. Tojimara is here. Benjamin asks, “Mr. who”? The small Asian man with long black hair, sunglasses and facial hair that was watching Ben previously comes in to the office with an assistant and sits in a chair across from Ben. Ben is a little taken aback by the boldness, and asks if the man has an appointment. The man speaks in a gravely voice and explains that he represents an Asian investment firm. He goes on to say that they have a superior offer for the Ghostwood project. The assistant digs in his pocket. The assistant hands a folder to Tojimara, as Tojimara explains that he has commitment letters from Tokyo banks. He says they are prepared to move immediately. Ben states that this is all very interesting and motions to excuse them, as he has an important business call he is expecting in a few minutes. Tojimara interrupts, saying he has prospects, Ben says maybe some other time. Tojimara says he also has taste and flings a cashier’s check for five million dollars at Ben. Ben immediately perks up.

Cut to Hank walking down the halls, still in the Great Northern. Bobby seems to be watching him from behind. Bobby then jumps out of view, and Cooper appears, walking down the hall. Cooper is testing his duck call while walking. Hank begins to enter Ben’s office from another door, but stops and back off when he sees that Ben is with Tojimara. Ben is seeing them out the door, while telling them he will have his people look into this. He extends his arm to shake hands, but instead they all bow. Tojimara and his assistant leave, and Hank enters the office. Hank tells Ben that Cooper is on his way in, Ben hurriedly shuts Hank out of the office as the phone rings and Cooper comes in. The secretary on the phone is heard saying the this is the call from Canada. Ben points a finger at Cooper saying he pushed it pretty close. Cooper relaxes on the couch as Ben takes the call on the speaker phone. Jean is heard saying “Are you ready to play?” Cooper whispers “Audrey” to Ben. Ben says he wants to talk to his daughter. Jean says that it can wait for tonight. Jean then gives directions to a bar across the border called the Columbian. Behind that is a failed amusement park. Jean directs him to go to the merry-go-round, and leave the briefcase beside the horse with no head, at midnight, alone. As Ben says he will be sending his representative, Jean hangs up. Ben then gets the briefcase and explains that the money is in serialized denominations like Cooper asked. As Cooper reaches for the opened briefcase, Ben pulls it back and says “My daughter’s life is in your hands,” as he puts the directions in with the money and snaps the briefcase shut. Cooper grabs the briefcase without a word and begins to exit, stopping and instructing Ben to stay by a phone, then leaves. Ben looks thoughtful, then turns and lets Hank back into the room. He instructs Hank to follow Cooper and to make sure that Cooper and the money are neatly delivered. Ben: “Bring Audrey back.” Hank: “Cooper’s not bringing her back?” Ben: “Cooper isn’t coming back.” Ben asks that if Hank can manage it, to bring back Audrey and the briefcase. After Hank leaves, Ben goes to his desk and pulls out the cashier’s check for five million and proclaims to himself that that is a good day’s work.

Cut to outside the Palmer house. Inside, Maddy and Donna are making plans to steal Laura’s secret diary from Harold. Donna tells Maddy that once she is in Harold’s apartment to go to the bookcase and that there is a doohickey to pull and a secret shelf comes out. Laura’s diary is in there. Maddy says that this is scary. Maddy asks how Donna is going to get Harold outside, Donna says not outside, just out of the front room. Donna will signal Maddy with the flashlight through the window and the front door will be open. Donna brushes her hair. Maddy says she thought Donna liked Harold. Donna looks thoughtful and says she does.

One Eyed Jacks. Blackie is adjusting a contraption on Jean’s forearm that thrusts a knife out. Jean explains that when Cooper hands him the briefcase, the knife will stab Cooper. Jean demonstrates by piercing a strawberry. Blackie takes the strawberry and begins to eat it asking about Ben. Jean explains that Ben will give up control of Jacks, and it will belong to Blackie. Blackie wonders with his daughter dead? Jean: “You know, you love a good steak, but you don’t want to know hoe it got on your plate.” He tells her she must be serious about her business. Blackie asks how Jean is going to do the girl. Jean motions to the tray of heroin paraphernalia. Blackie snags some heroin while Jean’s back is turned. Nancy enters, and after glaring at Blackie answers Jean’s inquiry as to whether Audrey is asleep. Nancy answers that Audrey is in dreamland. Blackie leaves. Jean stretches out on a recliner and motions for Nancy to come to him. Nancy wonders about Blackie and says she has waited long enough. Jean lifts Nancy’s skirt and pulls out a knife strapped to her leg, and says they will have their fun tonight. He plays around with Nancy and they kiss.

At the Sheriff’s station, Andy is not doing too well with handling the front desk. There are post-it notes all over the place, including stuck to his chest. He picks up the phone and calls for his test results. The secretary asks which test this is in reference to. He is embarrassed and whispers it is about his semen analysis. She does not hear him. He repeats his name louder and she realizes who it is. She explains that what he had was oligo-spermia, and that he no longer has it, in fact, according to the doctor, there are not just three men on a fishing trip, but they’re a whole damn town. She then needs to hang up, and when he hangs up the phone, he shouts “I’m a whole damn town!!” Truman passing be, notices, and Andy explains that he is a whole damn town. Truman smiles and continues on. Andy shouts in pride.

Still at the Sheriff’s station, Truman enters his office where Cooper is sitting. Cooper looks at Truman inquiringly after hearing Andy shout. Truman says don’t ask. Truman then asks where were we. Cooper is referring to a drawn layout of Jacks. Truman asks if one unmarked spot is Blackie’s office. Cooper says they’ll find out when they get there. Hawk knocks and enters holding a plastic bag, and Cooper covers up the layout. Hawk says that the One-Armed Man is staying at the Robin’s Nest motel on Highway 9, and nobody has seen him for at least a day and a half. The room at the motel looks lived-in. Hawk holds up the bag and says he found it. He says it’s the same drug as last time, and that it has a weird, deep smell. Truman takes the bag and smells it. Cooper says they are still waiting on Albert’s analysis, and congratulates Hawk for his good work. Truman abruptly tells Hawk they’ll see him in the morning. Hawk is suspicious that he is not being let in on something, and leaves. Cooper and Truman resume going over the plans for that night. Cooper explains that they will approach through the woods to the rear door. Inside there are a set of stairs leading down to the working rooms. Cooper’s guess is that is where Audrey is being held. Truman asks what kind of muscle they have. Cooper says there are a couple of floor men in the casino, probably more in the back. Truman rises and says, “Let’s go get her.” Cooper grabs the plans and they leave the office. Cooper says goodnight to Andy. Truman says he’ll see Andy in the morning and tells him he’s doing a good job. Andy appears flustered and searching for something on the desk. He finds a piece of paper that read “Gwen and Larry (206) 555-1666,” and another number partially covered. He picks up the phone and dials the number. An abortion clinic answers. Andy hangs up in a panic. Andy: “Oh my God!” Traffic lights. At the Double R Diner, James is sitting at the counter. Maddy walks in and orders a cup of coffee to go. James says hi to her. She says hi back and specifies she wants a large cup. James asks Maddy if she has seen Donna today. She says no, has he seen her? He says no, and asks what is with the coffee. Maddy explains that it is for her Uncle. James asks, isn’t there coffee at home? Maddy says she can’t talk now, she needs to go. He asks where she is going. She says home and says bye to him. She takes her coffee and leaves. He looks thoughtful for a second, lays down some change and leaves as well. Outside Harold’s apartment. Maddy is looking through the bushes holding a cup of coffee waiting for Donna’s signal. Inside Harold’s apartment, Donna is sitting nervously. Harold is writing the date and that it is the second session in his Donna notebook. She starts out “Dear Diary,” and looks embarrassed. She then explains that this is from a long time ago and asks if that’s okay. Harold nods yes. Donna: “I was about thirteen years old. Fourteen maybe. Me and Laura put on our tightest, shortest skirts. Too tight. (smiling) But she talked me into it. We were going to the Roadhouse to meet boys. Their names are Josh, Rick, and Tim. They’re about twenty years old. (pulls out a cigarette) And they’re nice to us. (lights it) And they make us feel like we’re older. Rick asks if we want to go party, and Laura says yes. And all of the sudden I feel this knot building up in my stomach. But when Laura gets in the truck with Rick, I go anyway. To a stream in the woods. Full moon, I think. It’s pale and light out. (stands up and begins to twirl around seductively) Laura starts to dance around the boys. She begins to move her hips back and forth (does this as she is speaking). Rick starts to clap, and Tim doesn’t do anything, he just watches. Somehow that makes me angry. So I say, ‘Let’s go skinny dipping’. Then we take off our clothes. I know the boys are watching. Laura starts to kiss Josh and Rick. I don’t know what to do, so I swim away. I feel like I wanna run but I don’t. Tim swims up to me. (closes her eyes) Kisses my hand. And then me. I can still feel that kiss (runs her fingers over her mouth).His lips are warm and sweet. My heart jumps. He’s talking to me but I can’t hear him. Only the kiss. (tears in eyes) I never saw him again. That was the first time I ever fell in love. (sits down and smiles) That’s all.” Harold says that was beautiful. A shot of her cigarette shows the ash falling to the floor.

Outside the trees are blowing around.

Outside Jack’s Cooper and Truman are creeping slowly towards the rear door. They are dressed in black. They stop and observe a man with his back to them smoking a cigarette. Truman says, “I got him,” and approaches the man. An owl hoots, and Cooper stares up at the owl. Truman taps the man on the shoulder, and when the man turns, Truman grabs his crotch and shoves a ball in the man’s mouth and puts tape over it. He then uses the man’s head to break open the double doors. The man falls to the ground passed out. Truman and Cooper enter Jack’s. They drag the man in and shut the doors. At the bottom of the stairs a sign reads “Future Tiberian Baths- Pardon Our Mess”. Cooper and Truman come through the door at the top of the stairs and descend the stairs. Cooper pulls out the layout. He leads Truman in the right direction. They continue down the hall, and pause to listen to a woman making noises. they realize it isn’t Audrey and move on. Cooper tells Truman to wait there and goes off in another direction. Cooper comes back from a dead end. They continue on. They stop in front of Blackie’s office. Truman motions Cooper to stay back and peeks in. He can see Jean and Blackie through the doors, their backs turned to him, discussing something. He motions to Cooper that there are two people in there. Cooper asks if Audrey is in there, Truman shakes his head no. Cooper goes on down the hall while Truman stays there observing. Inside Blackie’s office, Blackie is saying it’s not such a bad way to go, all things considered, as Jean prepares a needle. Jean agrees that it’s beautiful. He asks if Audrey is alone. Blackie says that Nancy is with her. Blackie then asks Jean what Nancy does for him that she can’t. Jean says Nancy is something new, then stops Blackie before she throws a drink in his face.

A shot of the moon.

Maddy is still outside Harold’s apartment. Inside, Harold is telling Donna about orchids as she observes them through a magnifying glass. They are in the plant room. She says they are beautiful and delicate. Harold makes some more references about plant sex. Donna says it’s romantic. They kiss. He stops suddenly and excuses himself. When he is gone, Donna goes to the front room and flashes the flashlight toward Maddy. Maddy runs towards Harold’s apartment.

At Jack’s, Cooper is going down the hall. He enters a room where Nancy appears. He says hi, and asks her to take him to Audrey Horne, while grabbing her arm and pulling it behind her back. Nancy, in pain, says she doesn’t think that Audrey is available. Cooper says let’s double check. They enter a room, Cooper still holding Nancy. Cooper sees Audrey tied up on a bed, unconscious. He throws Nancy down and shuts the door. He approaches Audrey. Nancy says it’s not her idea. She is standing at the foot of the bed. She goes on to say that the people that did this are monsters. Cooper tells her to shut up, and observes in a mirror behind Nancy, that she is taking the knife from it’s holster on her leg, and approaching him from behind. Audrey comes to slowly. She says, “My prayers,” when she recognizes Cooper, and he says that he is going to take her out of there. He grabs Nancy’s arm, just as she is about to stab him from behind. He throws her against a wall and punches her in the stomach, and as she falls to the floor, he picks up Audrey and leaves the room. Truman is still observing Jean and Blackie, and they seem to be arguing. Jean then kisses Blackie, to which she gladly responds, and he stabs her. She falls to the floor, with him still kissing her. Truman gets out his gun. Jean sees Truman outside the door, and gets his gun out of his jacket, and begins to shoot through the glass. Truman dodges the bullets, and when he looks back in, Jean is gone, Blackie laying there dead. Cooper comes around the corner with Audrey. Truman motions for him to stop, then motions for them to go. They reach the bottom of the stairs, where they face a man with a gun pointed at them. He orders Truman to drop his gun. Truman does so. He orders them to turn around. Suddenly, the man falls. When Cooper and Truman turn to see, the man has a knife in his back. Hawk appears at the stairs saying, good thing they couldn’t keep a secret. They all take off, Hawk grabbing his knife out of the man’s back. When they leave through the woods, we can see Hawk was watching them. He is talking into a cell phone to Ben. he reports that there has been gunfire and that Cooper and Truman are leaving with his daughter. Jean appears behind him holding a knife to his neck. Jean wonders who it is, and pulls out Hank’s wallet. The wallet reveals Hank to be Prosecutor Lodwick.

At Harold’s apartment, with him still out of the room, Donna is motioning through the glass at Maddy to show her where on the bookcase the secret shelf is. Maddy is having trouble. Harold enters the plant room, and scares Donna. He brings her a flower. Maddy releases the catch and it makes a loud noise. Harold and Donna both turn to the noise. Maddy digs frantically for the diary, and finds it, standing up. Harold sees through the glass what Maddy is doing. Donna tells Harold he doesn’t understand. He picks up a floral cultivator, which resembles a small hand-held rake. Donna and Harold both emerge through the separate doors of the plant room into the living room. Donna runs towards Maddy screaming her name. Harold grabs Donna and pushes her towards Maddy, cornering them. Harold: “Are you looking for secrets?!” Maddy and Donna are holding each other, terrified. Harold: “Is that what all this is about? Well maybe I can help you. (he holds up the tool) Do you know what the ultimate secret is? You want to know? Laura did. The secret of knowing you killed you.” He takes the cultivator and scrapes it against his face, blood pours. Maddy screams and buries her head into Donna, they’re both shaking.

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